One Hot Crazy Summer

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It was one hot crazy summer. I was 23 years old. Sex and partying was my fun and life at the time. Dusk to dawn I used to stay up with friends and boyfriends. I could not ask for anything more.

I went over to my sister’s house (Susana). Susana was married at the time to this person Charles. She got married young at the age 18. Susana had her difficulties with this person, but her man knew how to have fun at times. He threw some wicked parties.

I had asked my boyfriend Tracy if he would like to go with me to see my sister and her husband. He looked at me and said,

“No Leanne I am staying home.”

“You always stay home, sit on that couch, and watch TV,” I said to him, with an angry look on my face.

“Leanne I am tired of living a life of drinking and parting. I rather stay here and enjoy what is on TV.”

“Fine be that way Tracy.”

“To each there own,” I said,

I walked out the door slamming it closed. Getting into my car, I drove to my sister’s house. Tracy was on my mind while I was driving. He has been acting different towards me lately and I have no clue why. I must be boring to him.

Our sex life was “Okay” nothing to brag about though. Sometimes I wish we had more adventures together in bed wise.

I turned off into my sister’s road and headed up the hill. Wondering whom all was going to be there. I pulled up in her drive way and saw Bobby, Mike, Charles, Susana and Pat sitting on the picnic table. I got out of the car and headed toward them.

“Hello Leanne” said, Susana

“Hey sis how is everyone tonight?”

They all answered at once saying there were doing great.

“Leanne where’s Tracy tonight?”

“Home on the couch again.”

They all laughed. “Yes sis, he is home once again and I did not come here to talk about him. I came here to have fun with you people so lets drop it.”

“Oh Leanne is getting upset.” Said, Charles.

“Everyone let her have some fun. Don’t talk about Tracy no more to her.”

“Thanks Charles,” I said.

He threw me a beer and I popped the top. I started to drink it down.

“Hey sis put on some tunes.”

“Okay Leanne, what you want to hear?”

“Sis you know what I want to hear. I screamed the word maiden. Everyone laughed.”

“Leanne that is all what you seemed to listen to.”

They all started to laugh at me again.

“I know,” I said, “but without maiden then the party is nothing. I started to laugh.”

Sis started to put on Infinite Dreams my favorite song from maiden. I started to sing. Everyone went quiet and Bobby screamed out.

“Go Leanne go”

I started to laugh at him. Bobby was in my band long ago when I was 19 years old. We had some great times together and he loved hearing me sing. He once told me he could listen to me sing from morning to night. I told him yeah in your dreams I can do that. I love talking and being with Bobby he used to make me feel alive inside.

I started to drink increasingly. We were all having a blast of a time.

I notice Pat has been checking me out through the whole night. I was wearing tight ass jeans and a pink half shirt that showed my belly. My cleavage you could see plain as day.

My breasts are huge. I some times wish I did not have big knockers. That is the first thing the men seem to look at when I was around.

Pat I noticed was starring at them as I was leaning over. He came over to me and started to talk to me. I looked at him and said,

“Out of all the years coming over to my sisters, now you want to talk to me.”

“Leanne I do not say much to anyone,” he said.

I laughed and said, “Well what brought you over to talk to me now?”

“My big breasts that you been eyeing on half the night?”

“Leanne I have to admit they are lovely.”

“Thank you,” I said

I turned away and watched Bobby and Charles play cards. Bobby was losing of course. Charles always seems to win. I think he cheats at times, but I do not put my nose in their game playing. I heard Bobby say “Okay by the time I leave here tonight I am going to win a damn game.”

I laughed and told Bobby,

“When the earth is frozen over then that is when you will win.”

He laughed and said,

“Shut up Leanne”

Pat was quiet. I looked at him and started to talk to him. I did not want to be too rude to him. He was nice and answered me in a shy but exciting way. He asked me about my boyfriend and I told him there was not much to say about him. I wanted to drop it. I had enough talk about him for one night. I was still angry that he did not want to come here with me.

My sister was drunker then a skunk. She went inside, went to bed, and left me out there pendik escort with the men.

I looked down at my watch and said,

“Well I have to get going it is getting late and I have to be to work tomorrow morning.”

“Oh Leanne” Bobby said.

I looked at him and said, “Baby you know I have to work in the morning”

“I will see you all again and we all can have some fun once again. Pat looked at me and said,

“Leanne could you take me home.”

I looked at Pat,


I gave Bobby a hug and a kiss, went over to Charles, and thanked him for having me over.

“Leanne we love having you here with us.”

I kissed Charles and said, “Thank you”

I got into my car and started it up. Pat got in and told me where I had to bring him. I started to pull out and I waved my hand out the window to the other two saying goodbye.

Driving down the road Pat asked me if I would like to see some nice scenery. I told him.

“Okay,” I said.

He began to tell me were to turn off. We headed down the back road. Further we went down and I noticed the road was ending.

“Leanne, keep going.”


I started to get nervous. We were in a field, but there were houses beyond. I turned and looked at him.

“Leanne stop here please.”

I stopped the car and turned off the engine.

“Get out of the car with me,” he said.

I got out and started to look around. He came over and asked me how I liked the view.

“It’s beautiful.”

He took his hands and put them on my shoulders and said,

“Leanne I been watching you all night.”

I looked at him with a smile.

“I know you have.”

He leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips. He traced his lips along the side of my mouth. My legs started to shake from the excitement running through my body. His tongue parted my lips open wider. Touching mine, I started to grab his. I then began to suck on his. I moan as his hands grabbed my ass. He started to squeeze. He then pushed me closer to him. I could feel his hard cock against my body.

“Oh yes,” I moaned

“You like” he said.

“I do,” I whispered.

I kept thinking about Tracy. I cannot believe I was letting him do the things he was doing to me when I had someone at home waiting for me. Then again, I really did not care anymore. I wanted what he was doing to me it made me feel so good and I was getting horny as hell. He hands came up to my breasts and grasp a hold of them. He then began to squeeze then gently. My nipples were on fire and getting hard from his touch. I moaned some more as he continued to caress me.

“Leanne get up on the hood,”

I looked puzzled now, but I started to get on the hood. Pat took my hand and helped me. I sat down and he took his hands and traced my buttons on my shirt. He started to unbutton them one by one. Pushing my shirt opened to reveal my breasts.

“Mmm Leanne I like your bra, light pink and lacy and your nice dark nipples showing through.”

“Oh yes,” he moaned

I started to smile.

“Pat take my bra off and look at my breasts more clearly,” I said to him with a wicked smile across my face.

He unhooked my bra. My breasts released in the open air. My head was leaned back; my eyes closed. He leans down and starts to lick one nipple. His tongue flickers all around. He then took my nipple and started to suck.

“Mmm I can tell you like what I am doing to you.”

“Oh yes,” I moaned softly

He started to move his hands to the button on my jeans, unbuttoning them and pulling the zipper down.

“Leanne lift your ass a little bit for me so I can slide your jeans down. I want to caress your pussy and make it wet.”

“Okay, but Pat how do you know that I am not wet already?”

He laughed and said,

“Leanne I bet you are semi wet but I want to make you even wetter.”

I started to lift my ass up a little bit, as he pulled my jeans down. My panties went down with my jeans. I could sense that he liked what he saw cause he had a nice smile on his face when he was looking up at me.

“Pat you must like what you see.” Even though I knew the answer already.

All the men I had loved my pussy. My pussy is shaved nicely and has a sweet aroma to it. My clit was nice and big very good for the men to suck on. How they loved to suck on her. I know Pat will enjoy himself.

He leaned down, propped my legs up, and pushed my legs open wide. At first, he started licking my pussy covering as much area as he could with his tongue.

“Oh yeah, Pat have the main course. Eat me good baby”

I was in ecstasy. His tongue came to a point. He went up the right side of my clit, then the escort pendik left. I felt the pressure rising in me faster than it had ever done before. With the point of his tongue touching the hood of my clit, he began wiggling my clit back and forth, slowly at first, and then picked up the speed. I took a deep breath just before his tongue flicked the tip of my little button…and I exploded in ecstasy. Now my voice filled the night air.

“Oh Yes that is it, Oh…fuck yes,” I screamed.

He placed the tip of his tongue right over my hole and plunged in. From the shock, I gasped for air. He rapidly wiggled his tongue side to side, up and down, in and out and in little circular motions. I thought I could never let my breath out again. Oddly enough, I did not care. I loved what he was doing to me.

At the last moment, he curved the tip of his tongue slightly forward. Like a plow, he drove his tongue from the entrance of my fuck hole to the head of my clit. Once he made contact with his target, I thought I was going to pass out. He went on to completely cover my clitoris with his mouth and tongue and began to suck on me very gently. My body began to tingle and my legs started to shake. I could feel my self-ready to explode now. Without a second longer I started to cum. I started to moan so loud.

“Oh yes” I screamed.

He never lost contact with my pussy all the time I was Cumming. I filled his mouth with my sweet juices. He laps all he could while the rest roll down my bottom of my pussy. I sat there on the hood for a second taking a deep breath.

“Pat, why don’t you slide those jeans down for me.”

It was my turn to please him as he has done for me.

“Okay baby.”

He slid his jeans down. I looked closely at him. His cock was about 8 inches long not to thick but nice raised veins running along the side of his shaft. His knob looked huge very plump I knew I would enjoy it entering my pussy. I put his cock in my hand and stroked it a couple of times while I smiled at him. I got down from the hood and started to bend down. I licked along the blue vein that ran up the side of the shaft. Pat took a deep breath as I reached the tip and flicked it with my tongue.

“Oh yes… baby!” he moans. “Suck it!”

He was getting harder and longer.

I started to lick up and down on his shaft again. Down around his balls, and over his thighs, but refusing to take his cock into my mouth yet. I can sense he could not take it any longer as he started to moan to me.

“Leanne put my cock in your mouth.”

I giggled, “Okay” Giving in to him.

In the same motion, I drive my lips down around Pat’s cock, taking the first two inches into my mouth. I continued to slide up and down his pole, stroking his thighs with my fingertips. I can feel the shivers he was having. With more pressure from my lips, more energetic laps from my tongue. I started to suck him harder and faster. I clasped his balls in my hands and squeezed lightly. His sac was full of cum waiting to be release. After a few minutes of sucking and fondling his balls, he called my name.

“Leanne,” he screamed and pulled away. “I don’t want you to make me cum.”

He told me to get back up and lean over the car. I did, as he wanted. My hands on the hood, he told me to stick my ass out good.

“You are going to get fucked good baby. I want you screaming with pleasure.”

A wicked smile crossed my face; my pussy was dripping and ready for him to enter me. He gave a gentle shove and I could feel his cock slide into my pussy just as if it belonged there all along. I could feel my pussy open wider, letting his cock get even deeper into me. He pulled out until just the tip of his cock was inside of me. Then he slowly slid his hard cock back in. My eyes rolled up I loved what he was doing to me. Now that is what I call talent, and it felt so good. I could feel my own orgasm starting to boil. He stopped for a moment while he was deep inside of me.

“What’s wrong? You aren’t stopping are you?”

“Nah just wanted to stop for a second and slow things down a little. I do not want to cum too soon. I want us to cum together. Don’t worry, I isn’t going’ anywhere.”

“Oh Okay,” I laughed.

He slowly pulled out again and stopped at the top. He knew that I expected him to take another slow stroke again, so I waited another beat and he drove me home just as hard as he could. I gave out a loud moan and my eyes were fill with tears. He pulled back out and pulled himself up towards my pussy. This allowed him to drag his veiny shaft across my clit on the way out of my pussy. He repeated the same move three or four times.

My breath started getting ragged and I could feel myself about to explode. He picked pendik escort bayan up the pace, being sure to keep up the friction on my clit. He was pounding into me just as hard and fast as he could move. My pussy began to spasm around his cock.

“Oh fuck yeah,” I screamed.

“Fuck me baby, put that cock deep in me Mmm feels so good,” as my breasts where rubbing against the hood.”

I let myself go he moans out and starts to buck wildly as he starts to pump his cum deep in to me.

His cum filled my pussy deep. He started to pull out of me and I grabbed his hips.

“Oh no you don’t. I want you to stay right there. It feels good to have a hard dick shoved up in me.”

“Yeah that may be, but it is not going to be hard long, I can already feel myself getting soft,” he said.

“Don’t worry baby, I can fix that,” I said with a sly grin on my face.

I began to squeeze my pussy muscles this forced his cum out of me. With one hand, I scooped up some cum, his, and mine and brought my fingers to my mouth. I started to lick my fingers one at a time, starting with my little finger.

“This tastes real good, Want some,” I asked.

Then I offered him the last finger with cum on it. He bent down and licked it clean, tasting our mingled juices.


“Leanne this I have to admit taste very good.”

In the meantime, I could feel him growing hard again inside my pussy. I moaned,

“Oh, that feels good!”

I began to move around him as he got another hard on. He began to pump me again pushing more cum out of me.

“I want some more cock but this time lets try something else. Just keep up what you’re doing for a minute.”

“Okay” he said with a smile.

I reached under my pussy again and scooped up some more of our juices. This time however, I smeared it across my ass. Putting two fingers in my anus.

“Mmm Leanne I can feel you push a finger or two up into your ass.”

“I want you to stick your cock in my ass, Fuck my ass like you fucked my pussy!”

He slowly pulled out of me.

“Oh yeah Leanne.”

My pussy gaped open, glistening from the friction of our furious fucking we have done before. Cum slowly oozed out of my pussy and flowed down my thighs. I started to spread my ass wide just waiting for him to enter. I just leaned forward again, he lodged the head of his dick in that inviting hole, and I nipped it with my asshole.

“Ready, baby?” he asked.

“When ever you are.” I said.

Then I gave my ass a delicious little wiggle. He pushed into my ass and it was like slipping into a glove. The ring of my ass was a little tight but that just heightened the pleasure. With every passing inch, I just moaned louder. Pat got all of his cock inside me and gave a few short pumps. I clenched my ass around his cock and he started pumping in and out. It felt so good. I grabbed my tits and started to pull on my nipples. Making them nice and hard. I then ran my one hand down to my wet pussy. My juices have been flowing down my inner thighs. I took my two fingers and started to finger fuck myself while he fucked my ass.

“Oh yeah baby finger that pussy make it cream for me.”

I started to finger my pussy harder, plugging it in there deep.

“Oh Pat, I am going to cum fuck me harder.” I screamed aloud.

He started to pump my ass deeper and harder. Faster he fucked me. My fingers still fingering my pussy. I was starting to build up my orgasm.

“Ooh, that feels good. Don’t stop, Fuck me harder!” I moaned.

“Oh yes, Leanne cum for me baby.”

That did it for me as my body started to explode. My pussy was pouring out my creamy juices. Running down my fingers. I screamed louder then the first time he fucked me.

“Oh god Leanne I am cumin.” he moaned.

He pumped his cum deep in my ass. Taking his pace to a slower movement as he slides in and out. Some of his cum dripping out of my ass as he pulled himself out.

I turned around and he leaned down and kissed me.

“You don’t have to go right away do you. I would like to talk to you for a few.” he said.

“No not right away, but soon, ok?”

“Would you like to do this again? I would like to see more of you and fuck you more if it was okay with you.”

I looked at him with a surprised look on my face and said to him.

“I think that could be arranged.”

I gave him a wink and said that I must get home before my boyfriend wonders where I am. It is getting late. He agreed and I drove him to his house and dropped him off. As I reached my house, I drove in the driveway and got out.

With a smile on my face as I walked in the door my boyfriend had asked where I have been. I told him dropping off one of my sister’s friends and I headed to the bathroom to get myself cleaned up.

Saying to myself, “don’t you want to know?” what a hot and erotic night, I had for a change. I giggled a little as I got cleaned up.

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