Our First Date

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“For our first date, I have asked my darling Liam to meet me at this particular hotel. I have already mailed him the room keycard. He has been asked to meet me here on an assignment for our first date. He will be there to meet me as his mystery lover. I have given him specific instructions. He will pull the curtains together to darken the room. He will turn off all the lights. He will undress completely, folding his clothes neatly in the closet. He will kneel at the foot of the bed. His torso and face will be upon the bed, hands folded under his forehead. He will spread his knees and legs wide open. He is facing away from the connecting door, knowing I am watching him, seeing him for the first time. He cannot see me. And he will wait for me.”

You hear me step in, quietly walking upon the carpeted floor, not saying a word. The room is totally dark now. A very thin pencil beam of light lets you know I have a tight-focus flashlight. You hear soft noises: snapping on of latex surgical gloves. I unscrew a bottle of lukewarm anal lube. Gently, my finger lubes your anus. It is tight with apprehension and with the anxiety that comes with the first time. More lube on my fingers and I gently slide one deep up your ass. In all your married years, your lovely wife never even came close to touching you there. Tonight it feels natural and easy. We have never met and yet you are happy you have let me get to know you so well.

You hear me sigh. My hand spreads your cheeks very wide. It is totally dark, yet you feel I can see everything. Your cock is throbbing, pointing down because you are kneeling and bent over, yet eager to rise up. Your testicles are engorged and almost painfully swollen. I ignore both.

First one finger, then two slide into your ass. I feel around for your prostate. When I find it, my two fingers begin to massage it. Neither too deep to overpass it, nor too shallow to give you the feeling of ass-finger-fucking you. Just simply massaging your prostate, back and forth, side to side, over and under, again and again.

You cannot restrain yourself. You desperately want to touch yourself. Your hands slide out from under your forehead and head to your cock. My free hand slaps them away and you know better now. You may not touch yourself. This is canlı bahis my massaging your prostate. And things are done the way I want. Always.

You cannot contain yourself. Without knowing when nor how nor why, you feel you are ejaculating. My free hand focuses the flashlight’s tight beam on your cock. This is always my favorite moment! But something is not quite right. There seems to be a tiny hole halfway down your penile shaft, very tiny for sure, and the ejaculate is coming out of there! I have never, ever seen that. I didn’t know a man could do that!

Fascinated, I watch for the longest time. A huge load flows lazily out. No contractions, no convulsions of your cock. Just a plain, long, continuous stream of ejaculate flowing out. My fingertips feel your prostate fluttering. I keep caressing it gently, over and over again, until it finally comes to a complete stop.

I have milked you on our very first date! I help you up on the bed and let you lie on your back. In the dark, you hear my clothes coming off and falling on the floor. I lie next to you, side by side, on our backs. You are drained and exhausted… and aroused and ready to start anew.

The room is dark, yet you are inebriated with my scent and the softness of my skin and you feel my hair brush upon your handsome face.

I turn to you, whispering softly and sensuously in the dark, “Liam, sweetheart, it is so nice to finally meet you!”

Your cock springs up again, hard and throbbing, shooting off another load of ejaculate into thin air! I leap up, flashlight in hand. Leaning over, I try to get a better look. Your cock is small, much smaller than normal, and it is hard, much harder than any man can ever get. It gently curved and topped by a half-crescent foreskin. There is no hole at the top of your lovely little tiny penis. There is, however, a tiny hole halfway down your shaft, and it is out of there that you are ejaculating! Even in the darkness with only the flashlight in hand, I can see that you have the most perfect and beautiful cock I have ever seen! I don’t touch it because I want you for later. Looking up at you, in the darkness I can feel you smile, whispering just one word of explanation for me, “Hypospadias.”

I pounce upon you, smothering your handsome face with bahis siteleri wet kisses, squirming all over your shaking body.

Your cock has now gone totally limp!

You are free!

Your sexual ability is all gone!

I too am free!

Your cock is totally flaccid!

I can be myself – with you!

I masturbate fast and furious next to you, guiding your hands in mine, racing all over me as together we tease and torment my body, explore my erogenous zones, feel my wetness flowing eagerly. My hands fondle my smallish tits, round and round and round again, feeling my nipples rise and harden, screaming to be touched. My fingers guide yours as together I squeeze my nipples. Twisting and turning and tugging on them. Harder, I pinch and squeeze them, harder, much harder. Please darling, even harder: you will be surprised how much I can take. My smallish tits feel enormous, my nipples hard as cherry pits. You try to suck on them: I push you away. Knowing you want to suck my nipples gets me even more aroused, masturbating even wilder for you.

I straddle your handsome face. My pussy, inches away from your face, exudes the sweet aroma of peaches in the summer: that is how I have been described. Parting my legs, I let you feel me so close. You raise your face to eat me. I push it back down again. It drives me wild with desire knowing you want to eat me. That desire makes me masturbate even more intensely. My fingers part my labia. You try to finger me, and again I push your fingers away. Gosh, how I am dying for you to finger me! And it makes me masturbate even faster. I want you so much! And wanting you makes me touch myself faster, deeper, harder. You are my fantasy – my fantasy come true, and yet not quite there. I don’t want you there right now. Give me a few more hours of self-pleasuring!

My fingers part my labia. In the total darkness you can sense I am pulling back the protective hood. My baby clittie leaps out! I touch it over and over again, side to side, back and forth, along the left and then the right side of its tiny shaft. My baby clittie is dancing wild with desperation. Oh my gosh, darling, I am exploding again and again, masturbating right before your very eyes. In the darkness you cannot see a thing. And that too makes me bahis şirketleri wild with desire for you.

I move forward just a bit. Your fingers touch my sloshy pussy and immediately are drenched with my wetness. Expertly, you slide your middle finger into my ass. I wince and let out a tiny moan of painful pleasure. The first penetration! More climaxes rock my body. You finger my ass deeply and expertly.

My own hands are not enough. My titties and baby clittie and pussy and G-spot all clamor for my attention. You are delighted feeling me masturbate and orgasm over you. I am screaming and moaning and yelling and racing my hands and screaming and desperately attending to all my body set on fire with desire for you. Lying back, you allow me to be myself. Only your finger deep up my ass connects you physically to me; otherwise, you are letting me be myself. Your handsome face is drenched in the wetness that flows from within me. Sweet wetness of passion and desire, an occasional squirt from within my parted labia falling upon you.

More and more, my hands race all over my shaking body. I cannot get enough nor does my body allow me to stop. Every part of me is afire, nipples and titties and baby clittie and hips and tummy and neck and ears and feet; even my toes are curling and uncurling.

In that total darkness I continue for the longest time to masturbate to my heart’s content. And after the final throes of my multiple orgasms finally quell down, I lie next to you.

It will be hours before you regain your erection. By then, I will be sound asleep in your arms. The smile on my face will say it all: my dreams are those of your hands and mine roaming my entire body. I awaken wit you riding atop me at daybreak, high up on a majestic mountain in the Rockies, repeatedly and deliciously plunging your very hard cock deep all the way up my ass just as the sun’s rays start to break the darkness of night.

They say the first date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. For me, sweetheart, it is the beginning of countless hours of masturbating together side by side. Darling, I want to show you how I do it and how good it feels. Sweetie, I want to see how you do it. I want to learn all about your lovely little tiny penis and how unique you really are! You cock is so perfect and so beautiful… show me more, please!

And I yearn deeply to share infinite anal intercourses with the handsome, virile, powerfully sexual man that cares so much about me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32