Our First Time

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We had talked about anal play before. You were curious, both about the idea of being dominated a bit in bed, and of an amped-up orgasm. I was curious too, about what it felt like to be on the giving end, plus about just how much you’d enjoy getting pegged. I liked the idea of seeing just how vocal and turned on I could get you, just how blissed out and well fucked you could be.

You were self-conscious about it, just a little. Thinking I might think you less of a man, or possibly be grossed out? I reassured you I thought it was a great idea; why waste an entire avenue of pleasure, especially if we could do it together!

You tried some solo play first, and actually got yourself off with just a prostate stimulator, but you found the experience to be a little weak on its own. Masturbating with a toy in, however, was an enjoyable boost to the experience, you told me. You’d even given the toy you wanted me to use on you, a strapless strap on, a try, to make sure you liked it before we used it together.

But the thought of pegging, getting pegged by your wife, me wearing your favorite lingerie, my nails scratching down your back, kissing and touching before I eased my fingers, and then my cock, into you? That held a little more appeal to you. And to me.

We picked a day where we had hours to ourselves. Why rush a first time? No pressing work projects, no major worries, just us.

I dressed up a bit for you, knowing I’d likely stay mostly clothed the whole time. I chose a lacy black bodysuit, black stockings, and of course, the strapless strap-on you’d picked out. Red lipstick, a little blush, winged eyeliner, and I was ready. A little nervous, to be honest, but ready. I’d been on the receiving end of any amount of penetrative sex, but never a giver. I just hoped I’d make you feel good, as good as you could make me feel when we fucked.

I got ready in the master bath, then joined you in the bedroom. You were already naked, laying back on the bed and slowly stroking your half-hard cock. I had butterflies in my stomach, excited to try something new with you.

“Looking forward to this?” I asked. I wanted to offer you an out if you’d changed your mind, wanted to try some other time.

“Definitely,” you replied, grinning at me. “You sure you want to do this?”

“God yes,” I purred, as I crawled onto the bed and melted into your arms.

We kissed and fondled each other for a while, exploring the familiar favorite spots that made us both moan. I broke away from you before we got too carried away and devolved into a ravenous fuck, instead of the festivities we’d planned.

I grabbed the lube and toy from the bedside pendik escort table, and squeezed some lube into my hand. I left the bottle and the toy in a handy spot on the bed. I wanted the toy handy so I didn’t have to disrupt things too much later on, and the lube near at hand as well, since more is more when anal and lube are concerned.

“Lie on your back, I want to kiss you while I finger you.”

You looked so charming, with the desire and nervousness fighting each other behind your eyes. Sweet. I hovered over you and smiled, before kissing you deeply. I trailed my nails down your chest and belly, before starting to stroke your already hard cock. I stroked you how you like, running my thumb over the underside of your head at the end of each stroke.

I kept kissing you, nibbling your lower lip as I nudged my way between your legs with my hand. I traced your hole, enjoying the taste of your moan. Once you were slick with lube, I pushed a finger in, slowly, slowly, slowly. Even though you weren’t a stranger to anal play, I wanted you relaxed and ready.

I felt for your prostate as I fingered you, biting your neck at the same time. I couldn’t entirely tell by feel where it was, but I could tell by your moans where my finger felt best, so I used your vocal enjoyment as my guide.

“Touch yourself, stroke yourself,” I whispered into your neck right near your ear, knowing it would give you shivers. God it was hot feeling you respond to my finger.

I pulled out my single finger and added lube to it, plus another. I didn’t want things to get sloppy, but who needs dry sex if slick, warm, and wet is an option? I pushed two fingers into you, past the first and then second ring of muscle, hearing you grunt, this time with discomfort.

“Okay?” I asked, pulling back to look you in the eyes. I didn’t remove my fingers, but I didn’t push them further, either.

“It’s…a little uncomfortable. But don’t stop. It’ll pass.”

“You sure?”

“I’m sure,” you said, and so I bent back down to kiss you, gently pushing further, until my fingers were buried in you. I gently stretched your hole by spreading them, while working to find the spot that had brought on moans before. Your hesitation in our kiss, your mild grimace, eventually dissolved into hissing pleasure once I found your spot again. I worked my fingers in a thrusting motion, mimicking what I’d do with my cock.

I found myself wishing you didn’t find dirty talk so distracting, as it would’ve been fun to describe what I was going to do with you, but I wanted to make sure you didn’t get distracted. I leaned back onto my knees, pushing them behind your thighs tuzla escort like you’d done for me hundreds, thousands of times, right before we’d fuck. I’d chosen missionary for our first time so I could see your face, make sure you were enjoying yourself. And, if I’m being honest, so I could enjoy how you looked as you were enjoying yourself.

I pulled my fingers out, quickly returning to your hole with three fingers to make space for the toy I would be using soon. I gently pushed your hand away from your cock, taking over in stroking you, and watching you feel your way through this. Clearly, it was working for you, which brought a smile to my face.

“What’s funny?” you gasped, noting my smile.

“Nothing’s funny, I’m glad you’re feeling good.”

“You okay? I feel selfish,” you started to say, a little worry showing on your face. My smile grew and I sped up stroking your cock, not answering your question in words, but in action. Part of me wanted to climb right onto your hard cock and ride you until I was screaming, a big part of me. Not the time, I had to remind myself. You just looked so fucking hot, spread out for me, hard and willing and needy and mine. I’d need to take the reins a little more often, I thought.

Keeping my fingers buried in you, I leaned over and grabbed the toy. It took a little maneuvering to undo the clips on my bodysuit one-handed, then insert my end of the toy into my soaked, slick pussy, but I managed it without too much fumbling, and only one awkward giggle on my part.

The toy fit nicely into me, and hit right around my g-spot, which was a pleasant surprise. I managed to wrangle the lube open again, and slicked my toy cock with it.

“Not bad, for a newbie,” you grinned up at me, enjoying my fumbles. “Not so easy, is it?”

“Yours isn’t detachable!” I retorted, snapping the lube shut decisively and angling my cock to your hole. I removed my fingers, quickly setting the toy at your hole before it had a chance to close completely. I wiped that hand on the towel you’d sensibly put down beforehand, and gently pushed in while resuming stroking with my now moderately cleaner hand.

You winced a bit, even with the fingering as prep, so I kept my pace slow at first. I hitched my hips to push in, pulled back, in, back, slowly, slowly, building a rhythm. Your face changed from determination and gritted teeth to a softer, more abandoned face of pleasure as I pushed deeper. Finally, I was all the way in, so I could start fucking you in earnest.

It took a little more coordination than I’d expected, but the jerkiness in my thrusts smoothed out after a bit. Didn’t hurt that the toy hooked right kartal escort on my g-spot, and gave me a heck of a shiver with each pull back to set up the next thrust. I moaned then, both at the pull on my pussy, and at your obvious enjoyment, your moans and curses and little whimpers. I used my forward momentum with each thrust to push your cock through my hand, hoping to bring you closer to orgasm through the dual stimulation.

“Do you…do you want anything different?” I managed to gasp out, wanting to make sure the angles were all good for you.

“God no, god…fuck…fffffffuuuuuuckkkkk,” you groaned, your eyes closed and head thrown back. We’d have to try this in different positions, it was too much fun watching you like this.

I could tell you were close, but I kept my pace up to stretch out the enjoyment a little, bring a little intensity to the build up of your orgasm. It was so sexy, watching you lose control like this, come undone in a new way.

I sped up my hips and hands a bit, grunting a little as I thrust faster, determined to make you come, make you tip over the edge.

“Come for me, please, I want you to, come for me,” I repeated, over and over, matching the rhythm I used to fuck you. As I thrust into you, building you toward release, your moans became more and more insistent.

You screwed your eyes, hitched your hips up to thrust a little into my hand as I fucked you, and came hard, in three separate, groaning spurts. You shot your load all the way up your chest to your shoulder, helped along by my thrusts.

Smiling as I slowed my thrusts, I waited until your cock stopped twitching to pull out. I removed the toy from my soaking pussy, then bent down to suck the last bit of cum from the tip of your cock. I wanted to hear you groan one last time, and you rewarded me with a beautiful one. I licked my way up your chest, tasting the salty little splatters of cum wherever I found them, then nestled into your shoulder, with your arm around me.

Your hand traced up my arm to settle over my shoulder, pulling me in even closer as we cuddled. You were still breathing hard, and I could feel your heart pounding from your orgasm.

“What…what about you?” you breathed out. I giggled.

“What about me?”

“You can’t have come from that, did you?”

“No, love, but that’s all right. We have time, catch your breath, no rush,” I smiled, tracing my fingers over your chest, tickling your chest hair a bit. Honestly, I wanted you to completely destroy me, fuck me until I couldn’t stand, but we did have time, and I wanted you to enjoy a little afterglow before the next round.

“Did you like it?” I asked.

“A little weird at first, I’ll admit. But once you got that toy into me, and really started thrusting? It was good. Really, really good.”


Not bad for a first time. Not bad at all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32