Party of 3 Pt. 02

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The slow acoustic strumming of the guitar like a warm blanket all around me. I love my job, contrary to my annoyance about being called in on my night off, but who can turn down double pay? I certainly can’t.

The Cellar is a small, intimate bar in Downtown Nashville where aspiring singers and songwriters come to test their material. It varies from night to night but generally, the talent is spot on. Tonight is one of those nights. The gentleman on stage is young… Maybe 22 or 23 and he’s been making eyes at me all night. I, obviously, make them right back. Oh yes, he’d be a fun one to spend an evening with… Especially if he’s as good with his fingers as his guitar playing displays..

I carry a tray of drinks over to a table to the right of the stage and I immediately feel like I’m interrupting… The couple that ordered the round of drinks are in the middle of a very heated kiss. Her long bright red hair falls down her back in loose curls… The man is strong looking… His muscles curling and flexing as he tangles his fist in her hair. It’s heady and erotic to witness. I can’t stop watching. It’s almost like my very own show. Porn at that. I squeeze my thighs together to ease the ache that’s been present all evening.

The man must sense my presence because he untangles himself from his date and clears his throat.. I do the same, placing the drinks on their table… “Two seven and sevens, and a shot of whiskey each… My kind of people”.. I say, trying to lighten the electric mood.

The women’s bright green eyes meet mine. They are so stunning that I’m nearly thrown for a loop… Her lips painted a dark nude color. Her breasts are spilling out of the top of her dress and I want to touch them. To kiss the swell… God I need to get off. This is just getting out of hand.

“Thank you…” She extends the sentence, clearly wanting to know my name…

“Bella… You can call me Bella” My voice strong despite the war my body is fighting as we speak.

“Beautiful name. I’m Scarlett… This is my husband, casino siteleri Ryder…” My eyes move to the fine specimen of a man to her left… Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Those fucking eyes. Blue. Dark. Intoxicating. His hair, dark brown and mussed up perfectly. He’s wearing a black t shirt that hugs each and every muscle… A tattoo peaks out from under the sleeve. I part my lips in an effort to keep from panting when he extends his hand to shake mine…

“Bella… It’s a pleasure”… That southern twang in his deep voice sends a jolt straight to my clit. Great. Now I’ll have to finish my shift with soaked panties. The intensity between them is nearly visible. The way they are constantly touching even when they are speaking to me. His hand on the back of her neck, thumb brushing her jawline… Her hands on his arms.. his leg… Fuck.

“Nice to meet you both…” Shifting nervously on my feet. “Well if you need anything, just let me know. Enjoy the show. The talent here is INCREDIBLE tonight.” My words clearly have double meaning as I take them in one last time before I scurry away, hiding behind the wall to the left of the stage. Resting back against it, my place my hands over my face, my cheeks are warm, undoubtedly pink and flushed. What in the hell was THAT? I’m known for being the biggest flirt in the room but I can’t manage to keep it together in front of what is easily the SEXIEST couple I’ve ever SEEN? I bet the sex they have is EXPLOSIVE.

I peak from behind the wall and look their way… He’s whispering something to her… Her lip caught between her teeth. She looks like she’s squirming. My nipples pebble beneath my top. I fight the urge to squeeze and twist them right here. She flashes her perfect teeth as she giggles… And he meets her with a smile. Licking my lips, I watch as his hand disappears beneath the table and within a few moments, her lips form a soft “O”. I nearly moan aloud… Imagining him doing that to me… Me doing that to her… I wonder how wet she gets? Is she bare or does she keep her hair canlı casino neatly trimmed? How big is his cock? Does he know how to use it? I bet he’s rough in bed… Slamming into her from behind with everything he has until her sweet pussy conv —

“Bella?!”… I jump, startled by my bosses voice as he shouts to get my attention, pulling me from my fantasy.

“Oh! Sorry! I just… Have a headache… I was taking a second. Sorry.” I turn from the erotic feature and face Bryan as he speaks again.. “You should have told me you didn’t feel well. I could have called someone else in.”

“And pay them my overtime? No way” patting his shoulder. “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry”.

“Well, if it gets worse, tell me and you can go home. Don’t force too much on yourself.”

“Yes, Daddy…” I say teasing him. He wiggles his eyebrows before he retorts, “My boyfriend calls me that”..

“Don’t get me all hot and bothered now, Bryan, I’ve got work to do” smiling at him.

“I’ll keep my smoking hot sex life to myself then. Table 3 needs refills… Go go go”… He disappears like a gay whirlwind.

I turn back toward the seating area and the table that once housed my threesome fantasy now sits vacant. Well shit. I guess that was fun while it lasted. I shake off the arousal and go to work table 3…

After tending to my tables, I disappear into the hallway that houses the bathrooms… and of course, the line for the women’s is 20 people deep. Needing just a quick splash of water on my face and a lip gloss touch up, I slip into the small men’s restroom, locking the door behind me.

I make my way to the sink and instantly know I’m not alone when I hear a sound coming from the lone stall in the far corner… Clothes rustling… A zipper… and then a female gasp… “Ahhh. God!”.. the voice says, CLEARLY trying to stay quiet but unable to.

“Shhhh baby…” A man speaks through grunts… I can hear the wet sounds of sex beginning to echo off the walls.. They must have been so preoccupied that they didn’t kaçak casino hear me come in…

“Ohhhh fuck, Ryder… God yesssss” His name is like a lightning bolt to my core. It’s them. They’re FUCKING 3 feet away from me. It’s like my body is working on auto pilot… I move closer to the stall… I’m unable to see them… But damn can I hear them. I cover my mouth in both shock and as a precaution… It’s taking a valiant effort to not sigh in absolute pleasure just at their SOUND.

“Your pussy feels so good, Scar. So wet. So tight. Mine. All fucking mine”… My hands are shaking… I physically NEED to come or I won’t be able to function.. Gripping the wall with one hand, the other snaking into the front of my pants and into my panties, I discover just how wet I am. Does this make me a pervert? Honestly, I don’t care if it does… I know what I need and I need this.

“More… More…” Scarlett’s voice sighs… I circle my clit with my two middle fingers… My hips beginning to rock and circle. What is he doing to her? Is he Taking her from behind or is her back against the wall with her legs around him?

“Fuuuuuckkkk baby. Keep Squeezing me with your pussy like that.. feels so fucking good”… I have to cover my mouth again to keep from moaning right along with Scarlett.

“Ohhh fuck, Ry… You’re making me come” Her voice squeaks at the end… And he growls in response… “Come for me… Yes… God damn come for me… I’m coming with you”… I nod as if he’s talking to me… My fingers rocking furiously against my swollen, throbbing mass of nerves between my legs.

The next few moments are like that of an out of body experience… I hear them reach the climax of their tryst and it’s enough to send me spiraling into the most intense orgasm of my life… We are coming in unison… All 3 of us… And I can’t stop. I nearly black out… My chest is heaving… Heart Racing… I’m in such a state of euphoria that I don’t realize I’ve been caught with my hands in my pants (literally) until I’m met with her beautiful green eyes.

“Shit.. umm… I’m… I’m sorry…” I scramble away… Nearly falling as I do. I have to catch myself against the counter. Clumsily, I turn the lock… And bolt, not bothering to turn back when I hear them calling my name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32