Phone Tease

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Okay, I didn’t preface my other two stories so I’ll take the opportunity now. Those of you who’ve read my stories probably know that I don’t like describing the couple. I figured that most things read by people are colored by the readers’ experiences and imagination, why not just give that part to them? They can imagine themselves or someone they like as the person.

Anyway, to the two wonderful people that responded to my stories and sending me a note, thank you. 🙂

Well, that’s it. I hope to hear from you. And thank you for voting. Enjoy!

* * * * *

“Hello” he said as he picked up the phone.

“Hey baby,” the sultry female voice replied, “What’re you doing?”

He leaned back in his chair and extended his legs. Crossing his ankles, he chuckled into the phone.

“I’m at work, working.” he said.

“Mmm.. too bad.” she purred.

His curiosity piqued, he asked, “Oh? Why? What are you doing?”

“I’m sitting here in my office.” she teased in her whispering sultry voice.

He turned his head to look out of his office door. He noticed his secretary had already gone to lunch and hardly anyone walked by.

“What are you doing sitting in your office?” he asked.

He heard some sort of movement as she answered.

“Well, I’m pulling off my panties now.”

He sat up straight, pushing the phone closer to his ear.

“What are you wearing?” he asked, trying to visualize her.

“Less than before.” she laughed, “Well, let’s see. I’m wearing my silk shirt, a nice short skirt and a pair of heels.”

“What else?” he asked, feeling his blood flow with excitement.

“Why nothing else, of course.”

His eyebrows rose as he asked next, “Nothing else?”

“I was wearing a bra before I took it off as I dialed your number.”

“Where is the bra now?” he asked, thinking furiously for something to say.

“It’s in my desk drawer.” she asked, a slight tone of amusement creeping in.

“Where would you like me to put my used pair of panties?” she teased.

“Oh, save that for me, baby.” he found himself saying, in an almost husky voice.

“Mmm, you like that?”

“Yes, very much.”

“You know what else you’d like?” again, she purred as she asked.

“What else?” he answered, wishing he had closed his office door.

“I’m stroking my pussy.” she said.

“How are you stroking yourself?”

“I’m using two fingers. I’m sliding them along the center of my pussy.”

“Mmm. Sounds really good.”

“It feels really good. You know what else?” she asked.

He found himself leaning forward as she asked the question. His elbows on his desk, his right hand holding the phone to his ear. His right hand rested on his lap.

“I’m stroking my pussy with my two fingers, imagining it was your cock.”

“I wish it was my cock.” he replied honostly.

“I could feel your cock stroking the entrance to my pussy. Almost entering, but not quite.” she continued, “Babe?”

“Yes?” he asked.

“Are you hard?”

He closed his eyes. Yes, of course he was. Who wouldn’t be? He can just imagine her, sitting there in her office. Her panties off, her skirt hiked up. He can almost see her fingers moving along the folds of her vagina.

“Yes, more hard than I could imagine from a phone call.”

“Good. Because now I’m moving my fingers in to my pussy slightly.” she said. “I want to feel your cock doing it to me.”

“Oh believe me, babe, I want to be doing it.” he said earnestly.

“Mmm.. You are. My fingers, sliding to my knuckles. Mmm.. I can hardly stop myself from moving.”

“Yes, move your fingers for me. Move them deeper into you.” he instructed.

He imagined her there, legs spread. He can almost smell her excitement. He can definitely feel her moving her fingers.

“Mmm.. yeah, is this deep enough?” she asked.

“No.” he answered, “Deeper.”

“Mmph.” was the reply from the phone.

He listened to her movements through the phone. He envisioned her, moving her fingers deeper into her pussy. Past her knuckles, her fingers must be working. He heard through the phone her chair creaking somewhat.

“Mmph!” came again from the phone.

“Yes.” he whispered into the phone.

“You’re cock is spreading me so wide.” she said.

“Is my cock filling you up?”

“Oh” she said between heavy breathes, “yes.”

“Do you like the feel of my cock stroking in and out of your pussy?” he asked.

“Mmph. Ye.. mmph.. yes.”

“Do you want to feel me go faster?” he asked.

“Please.” she strained to say.

“Then let me go faster.” he said.

“And deeper.” he added.

“Ohh.” he heard.

He saw her, thrusting her fingers deeper and faster into her pussy. He could almost smell her juices. He could almost taste it.

“Mmm, I’m guessing your close.” he stated.

“Yesss..” she said.

“Do you know how much I want to taste your juices?”

“Ohhh..” she half moaned.

“Do you know how much I want to lick your juices off your fingers?”

“Mmph.” she moaned.

“I want to suck eryaman gerçek escort numaları them off your fingers. To taste the sweetness flowing out of your pleasure.”

“Mmph. Yess.”

“After every drop is licked and sucked off your fingers, I want to spread your pussy lips and taste your juices directly from you.”

“Oh yes, I’m close.”

“I want to run my tongue along your pussy. I want to feel your juices flowing down along my tongue and into my mouth.”

He heard her chair squeaking nonstop now. He heard her breathing. He waited for her to imagine his tongue licking off the juices from her pussy.

“Yes, like that.” he said, “Exactly like that. I want your juices. I need your juice to flow into my mouth.”

“Oh.” she said, “oh.. oh..oh.”

“I would keep licking and licking as long as you give me your juices.”

“Oh..oh..oh” she kept saying.

“Please let me taste your juices. Please let it flow into my mouth.” he urged.

“Mmph! mmm..yesss…”

“Oh, and I smell your sweet fragrance too. Your juices and the fragrance of your excitement has me so hard.”

“Don’t stop..” she whispered.

“Oh no, I won’t stop licking because I expect to taste you any second now. Won’t I?”

“Yes” she whispered quietly.

“Then let me taste you. Give me your juices!”

“OOOoohhh…” she started to moan into the phone.

“Yes, do it for me. Do it quietly onto my tongue and into my mouth!”

“Mmphhhh!” she said.

He heard her rocking and her voice seemed to have faded slightly. He knew she was moving and her concentration based solely on her pleasure. He knew he wanted to taste her.

“That was so unfair.” She said heavily.

“What was?” he asked.

“I wanted to get you hard, horny and frustrated.”

He laughed.

“Oh but you did.” He answered.

“Okay, I’ll call you back and do something about your hard cock.”

“You’d better.”

She called him again about an hour later. She told him what she wanted to do to him and with him.

He listened to her. He found himself stroking his cock through his pants.

They stopped just shy of, this time. Both frustrated. Both wanting more.

She called him again about an hour after that.

She described what she would do.

He described what he’d do.

Again, they stopped just shy.

He felt it keenly. He was so hard, so excited that if she was anywhere near his office he would probably drag her in and do her on the table. He wouldn’t care if he left the office door open. Actually, he was afraid of brushing against anyone as he stepped into the elevator.

She was in a constant state of arousal. The first call was nice but it backfired on her. As she said to him, she wanted him to get excited and lose control. She wanted to hear him stroking himself as she described what she was doing to herself. She kept thinking of the things they both described as she got home.

She walked to her bedroom and quickly got undressed. She was about to head towards the bathroom when the phone rang.

She sat on the bed and picked up the phone.

“Hello.” she said.

“You know what I’m thinking of?” he asked.

“No, I don’t know what you’re thinking of.” she replied.

“I’m thinking of your skin. Of how smooth it is. Of how much I want to kiss every inch of your skin.”

She smiled to herself.

“How convient.” she said as she leaned back onto her pillow, “I just happen to be naked. Where are you?”

“I’m walking down the street.”

“Oh close are you?” she asked.

“I’m so hard and horny that if I bump into anything, I’m afraid I’m going to explode.”

She laughed and said, “No, I mean how close are you to my place?”

“I’m a couple of minutes away.” he answered.

She lifted her legs and bent them at the knees. She spread her legs apart.

“Oh, so tell me what else would you do?”

“I would start with your feet. I’d kiss them and tease them with my tongue. Then I’d move up your leg. Kissing and licking slowly up it.”

She closed her eyes and imagined him doing just that. She could see his tongue moving along her skin. She could almost feel his lips travelling along her leg.

She shivered slightly and wanted to hear more.

“Then, as I reach your knee, I would move my kisses around from your knee towards your inner thigh.”

“Mmm,” she said, “I hope that isn’t all.”

“Oh no, that wouldn’t be all. I’d slowly lick and kiss my way up your inner thigh. Oh, I’d make sure I’d kiss very wetly along your skin. I would stop just shy of your pussy.”

“Tease.” she stated.

“Only giving back.” he said.

“Go on.”

“Hang up the phone and lay back. I home and I’m coming towards the bedroom.”

She smiled to herself and hung up the phone. She shifted and laid back. She waited like that for him. She kept her eyes towards the entrance to the bedroom.

He walked in, shutting off his cell phone. He tossed the phone to the ground and grabbed at his own clothing. He was out of them sincan escort faster than he could believe.

She watched as he walked towards her. His nakedness making her desire for him flare up even more. She stared at his hardness. She licked her lips, almost opening her mouth in anticipation.

He leaned forward and kissed her. His hands cupped her face as he kissed her. His mind raced, his body ached. He wasn’t sure how long he was kissing her and didn’t care. He felt her tongue dancing with his. He felt her soft lips against his.

She sighed against his mouth as they began to kiss. Their desire so peaked began to rise again with that one kiss. She reached up with one hand and touched his hard cock. She felt it jerk slightly as she touched it.

She held him wrapped in her hand. She could feel him, thick and hard. She started to move her hand slowly up and down.

He realized then, that she had her hand on his cock. It registered in the back of his mind and it came screaming forward, warning him that he was too close for that.

He pulled back from the kiss and reached down to take her hand away from his throbbing, aching cock.

She looked up at him as he lifted her hand and kissed it. She watched as he climbed onto the bed.

He laid on his side and looked into her face. He studied every curve and angel of her face. He looked deeply into her eyes and felt himself drawn towards her.

So he leaned forward again, kissing her. Kissing her deeply. He reached over with his hands and placed his fingers on her raised leg. Slowly, he ran his fingertips up and down her inner thigh. His tongue danced with her’s. His lips pressed against her’s.

She closed her eyes as his lips touched her lips. She felt his mouth open and she responded by opening her mouth. She felt his fingers gliding along the skin of her inner thigh. She felt the heat coming from her pussy. She felt the heat more keenly when his fingertips stopped just shy of her pussy.

She felt something else then. Pressed against her hip, his cock throbbed. She felt his entire body leaning against her body.

They continued to kiss for a while. Her tongue reaching into his mouth, teasing his tongue. Then his tongue would slide into her mouth, exploring her tongue.

His fingers continued to run along, up and down her inner thigh. He would trace his fingers so close to her pussy that he felt her hips move forward, trying to get his fingers.

She felt his lips and tongue leave her mouth then. She opened her eyes to find him lower his head over her breast. She felt his hot breath on her skin and closed her eyes again.

His mouth closed over her nipple and he heard her sigh. He pulled her nipple into his mouth a couple of times and let go. He left the wet nipple alone as his tongue started to circle small circles along her skin on her breasts. His breathing would warm and cool her nipple as his tongue danced and circled close to her nipple.

She felt her nipple trapped in his mouth. It excited her to feel his mouth pulling at her nipple. She felt even more excited and shocked when he released her nipple and the cool air quickly seizing her wet nipple. A shiver went through her as he started to lick around her nipple, over her breast.

She also felt his cock. Oh how wonderful his hard cock felt throbbing against her naked skin. She found herself moving her leg against his movements.

He teased her breast with his tongue for a while, making sure to only lightly touch the sides of her nipple. Then slowly he traced a wet trail towards her other breast but he paused. He moved slightly, causing his hard cock to shift from the side of her leg to nearly ontop of leg.

She felt his cock. It was hot, hard and throbbing against her leg. She didn’t realize how hard until he shifted and it laid practically on top of her leg, her lap. She tried to concentrate on his tongue as he continued to move his tongue across towards her other breast, but it pulsed. His cock pulsed hotly on her lap and thigh. She felt it throbbing, a slow sensual and very erotic tapping of him on her leg. She shifted her leg to let his entire cock lay flat on her thigh.

She shivered as she felt his mouth take in her nipple. She felt her hips moving slightly then, her body’s reaction to his cock and his hips moving against her leg. She could imagine his hard, thick cock entering her. She imagined as she felt his mouth sucking her nipple in and out of his mouth. She could almost feel it as his cock slid along her naked skin. The way it moved along her skin, throbbing and hard. The way the heat from his cock almost burn her thighs in the cool air.

She wanted him then. She wanted him more than anything right now. She moved her hands to his butt.

He felt her hands on his butt. He felt her squeeze and that made his cock seem to harden even more. His mouth worked on her nipple, sucking and teasing it with his tongue tip. He made sure to let go of her nipple every now and again. He knew the cool air would tease her nipple even without batıkent escort him touching it. He would move to the other breast and tease her until he took that nipple in his mouth.

Again he would tease with his sucking mouth and flicking tongue. He knew he was teasing her by not going anywhere near her pussy. He felt her area by his stomach. It was hot, as hot as his cock felt against her cool skin. He wanted to take her there, but he wanted more to tease her. To show her he can tease her just as well if not better.

His thoughts were interrupted as he felt one of her hands move from his butt between their bodies. He felt her hand grab at his cock.

Yes, he thought. He knew she wanted him. He loved the way her hand felt on his cock, the way she touched him. He felt her tugging him, tugging him towards her hot and hopefully wet pussy.

He let go of her nipple with a moan. He didn’t move to the other breast this time. He just looked at her as she tried to move his cock towards her pussy.

She opened her eyes when he had stopped sucking on her nipple. She had expected him to move to her other nipple. Her other nipple was aching for his lips. Aching and hard for his wet and warm mouth.

She saw him looking at her. She watched as he propped himself up with one hand. She felt his cock pressing against her thigh as his body shifted weight. Her eyes involuntarily closed and a moan escaped her lips. Yes, she thought. Her hand felt his cock throbbing thickly. She tugged again, trying to help him to her.

She felt his hand on her hand and she opened her eyes. She felt her hand being guided away from his cock. Yes, he’s going to enter me now, she thought. She saw him leaning forward towards her and she turned her head to meet his kiss.

She felt his lips on the side of her face. The cool air cold around her quickly drying nipples now, making them even more sensitive. She closed her eyes as she felt his cock moving as his hips moved slowly, rubbing against her upper thigh.

She felt her hand pressed against the bed above her head. She enjoyed it. Enjoyed the feel of his lips kissing her neck. The feel of his hand, holding her arm against the bed. Most of all, she enjoyed the feel of his cock, moving against her skin. Throbbing against her thigh. She shivered, wanting to feel more of his cock. Wanting to share in the heat of it inside her.

She shifted her legs, spreading them a little more. His cock seemed to move up, towards her upper inner thigh.

He heard her moan as she moved her legs. His cock moved and slid towards her upper inner thigh. He felt the urge to plunge right in, but he fought hard against that. He shifted his weight again, holding more of it with the hand pinning her arm to the bed.

His mouth worked harder on her neck, sucking and nibbling with bits of teeth. Tasting the skin of her neck and even strands of her hair as he moved about the side of her neck.

He heard her breathing, heavy and full of sensual desire. His other hand took her remaining hand that was on his butt and guided her above her head.

She felt the teeth and she gasped aloud. His lips sucked on her neck as his teeth barely grazed her skin. His cock was so close. So hard against her. She moved her hips, trying to get him to get closer. Closer so she could plunge herself onto his cock.

She felt his hands holding her arms above her head. She moved her hands slightly, trying to get loose to grab his ass and thrust him into her.

He held onto her hands as she tried to move them free. His mouth took her earlobe in and he sucked. His tongue teased her earlobe as his mouth pulled and released her earlobe.

She felt his mouth tugging her earlobe. Moving her ear in and out of his mouth. His breath heavy and hot against her air and neck. She felt his cock throbbing and moving. She felt his hips pushing against her thigh. She felt her own desire pushing her hips in time with his. She was frustrated with not having him in her. So close. So hard.

She shivered as she tried to move her body down. Down so that his cock could be closer. His hands still trapping her arms.

“Fuck me.” she moaned.

He moved his hardness closer.

She moaned as she felt his throbbing cock move. She pushed her hips up and spread her legs a little more.

She felt it. So close, it was so close to touching the folds of her vagina. So hot. So thick.

“Now,” she moaned again, “Fuck me now.”

She felt him shift, his hands moved slightly until his arms pinned her arms to the bed.

He moved his hips forward and placed his hard throbbing cock ontop of her pussy. He heard her gasp. He placed his weight ontop of her. He felt the urge again. To pull his cock and let it slip to her entrance and then to push in. But he fought the urge. He let his cock stay ontop of her.

She felt it. She felt her entire body move. Her hips moved, angling her pussy up. Her legs were pushed apart by his body sliding ontop of her and between her legs. His mouth worked on her neck now. Sucking again. Pulling at her skin.

She felt his hard cock, laying at her entrance. She felt her pussy contract and release. She felt his hardness throbbing against her clit. Against the folds of her vagina. She wanted her pussy to suck him in. Taking his cock in its wonderous entirety.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32