Picking Up Ms. Darcy

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“5:05 pm, okay I’ve got this!” exclaimed Melissa.

The plane was scheduled to land at 5:30 pm and Ms. Darcy wouldn’t be at the doors until at least 5:45 pm. With only a 30 min drive to the airport on a good day Melissa was sure she’d make it on time as she raced out of the front door of Ms. Darcy’s elegant mansion. It’s been 2 years since Melissa graduated from Northeastern University in Massachusetts with a degree in public relations. How she ever ended up as a full-time assistant to the realty legend Sarah Darcy she will never understand. Melissa dreamed of working for a large corporation like Boeing or another Fortune 500 company, but as luck would have it Lark Realty was hiring and swooped her up as soon as she stepped foot out of the graduation hall. Now she picks up dry cleaning and lattes like an ordinary personal assistant. The position was supposed to be corporate liaison to the board of realtors, but Ms Darcy had bigger plans for her.

After punching the numbers into the garage key pad the door began to slowly open, adding to Melissa’s stress level, until an oversized two car garage with a convertible Ferrari and a much more sophisticated black Bentley came into view. Melissa jumped into the Bentley and sped out of the driveway. Breathing hard from the stress and work to get the house in order, Melissa gave out a long sigh knowing that things were gonna work out even if it was down to the last minute.

“I need some relaxing music!” Melissa exhaled, as she searched the dashboard for the radio.

The car was magnificent. Two leather seats in the front and two in the back with as much room as a minivan inside. There were also more buttons and knobs that she knew what to do with! After searching for a few seconds, she saw a knob that looked promising. Melissa twisted the knob and as if from a secret agent movie, a small panel flowed out of the dashboard right before her eyes. There must have been 25 different buttons with a word under each one.

“Grocery store, mall, clothes shopping, farmers market,” she read aloud, “these must be autonomous driving options like the new tech companies are testing out!”

Searching through the buttons she finally found one that said AIRPORT. “There it is!” she squealed, anticipating a most comfortable 30 minutes to the airport.

She pressed the button on the keypad and just as before, it slid away back into the dashboard. Just then, two arm rests on either side of her seat lifted up offering their assistance. “I have got to get me a job where I can afford one of these!” she excitedly said.

Melissa felt the wheel start to take control of the car, so she released her grip and rested her tired arms on the armrests. Within a fraction of a second claps sprung out and enclosed her wrists to the arm rests.

“What the hell!” she yelled, while yanking at the restraints.

Her canlı bahis arms had been locked into place. Just then the seat began to move backwards and recline, while at the same time a footrest extended out from beneath the bottom of the seat pushing its way under Melissa’s feet. Similar straps flung around her ankles incapacitating her limbs.

“Shit,” shouted Melissa, “what kind of car straps down the rider in the autopilot mode?”

Confusion began to fill her mind as to what was actually happening to her. At this point the seat was fully reclined and her legs were straight in from of her as if she were lying in bed. Struggling to free herself Melissa threw her head back against the head rest, and just like her arms and ankles, a soft strap flung around her neck further restricting any movements she made.

“Somethings wrong!” said Melissa, as the car had just made her it’s prisoner.

Lying there tied down to the car seat the vehicle drove along as if nothing were wrong, but there was something wrong. This car was driving itself with the driver strapped down like a crazy person in a hospital bed. As she began thinking about how she was going to get out of this the windows darkened, and she heard small humming noises coming from all around her. She knew whatever they were they were close to her body. The hair on her arms raised just as she felt her jeans being pulled at by tiny clamps from all different angles. The noise turned from a soft humming to a higher pitched whine. Frantic to escape Melissa twisted and rolled, but to no avail. Her jeans were ripped off into several pieces leaving her shocked!

“My jeans!” She screamed, while lying there in her underwear.

The noise continued as she felt her shirt now being pulled tight and then cut right off her body. Next were her shoes that got yanked off along with her socks. Down to only her underwear, she felt what seemed to be tiny claws carefully pulling at her lace panties, and with little effort, they were ripped off just like her top and bottoms. The same thing happened to her bralette. All she could feel now were the straps holding her in place and the cool leather seat beneath her body.

Lying there completely naked she thought how incredibly insane this whole situation had become. The car was literally taking her for a ride now.

It didn’t end there. The seat began to shift towards the center of the car. After finding its place in the center, Melissa’s legs started to spread apart forcing her to be spread eagle. Her legs were then pushed backwards bending at the knees as if at the gynecologist. Then everything stopped.

“Thankfully the windows are dark!” Melissa said, thinking about the awkward position she was now in.

Another humming noise began making Melissa question as to what else there was to take from her. She felt her hair getting bahis siteleri tugged at then released from the ponytail that it was in. “Okay I guess my hair was not to this cars liking either!” she scoffed.

After a couple seconds an icy feeling made her yelp as a cold liquid was sprayed onto her nether regions.

“Ahhhhh!” she squealed, feeling completely drenched down there. The humming began again, and she sensed that there was something else rising between her spread legs. In front of her face on the ceiling words appeared that said RELAX AND BREATHE.

“Oh shit, what does that mean!” she shakily said, with nothing but ideas of being poked and prodded by needles and other terrifying objects.

The humming eased but that’s when she felt the pressure of something at her backdoor.

A round object the width of a broom handle gently forced it way into Melissa’s ass with oscillating motions and a reluctance to ease back. “This has to be why I needed to breathe!” exclaimed Melissa.

The pressure increased even more now. Melissa began to brace for the worse never having had something forced into her ass before let alone anal sex, but there was nothing she could do. Luckily, she realized that she had just been sprayed with lubricant making this unreal moment a little more bearable. The pain was getting bad from the object being pushed into her ass. Her sphincter muscles fought back causing Melissa to gasp but just as the pain peaked it was as if Melissa’s body accepted the object and it slid its way in the rest of the length with ease. Feeling relieved of the pain was great but there was now a new kind of pain and it felt kinky!

Feeling sort of turned on Melissa began to blush thinking of how wrong this whole situation was. The humming began again, and she felt a second pressure now right at the opening of her vagina. Whatever the object was felt much bigger, like the size of a cucumber. Again, the words flashed in front of her face RELAX AND BREATHE.

“Well there is no fighting this now!” she said, accepting another intrusion.

The second object pushed and oscillated like the first and also hurt like the first object, but once past the stretching and forcing of Melissa’s entrance muscles, slid right in. All 8 inches!

“Good thing I’ve had practice with my rabbit vibrator!” she said almost gloating.

Lastly another small object fit its way snuggly between Melissa’s labia and rested on her clitoris. She felt completely penetrated now and not to mention full. Across the ceiling a final word appeared that said, ENJOY!

Within a second, the ass plug and dildo began to vibrate intensely. The flushness returned to Melissa’s face as she resigned herself to what was happening to her in her boss’s car. Probably never in a million years would Sarah Darcy have guessed that her car toy would be pleasuring bahis şirketleri someone other than herself.

The dildo began to extract as the ass plug deepened inside of her then both changed direction on a dime. Melissa began to inadvertently buck at the hips as the sensations grew. A swoon escaped from Melissa’s mouth and just then her clit began to receive its own vibrations varying in intensity. This was a feeling like nothing she ever experienced as she was laying there now enjoying the apparatus she was attached to.

The pumping and extracting became more vigorous as did the vibration levels leading Melissa to have the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

“Oh god yes!” moaned Melissa, along with her heavy breathing.

The machine must have sensed the orgasm as the vibration levels and pumping slowed down. Now pumping at a slower pace, the ass plug and dildo began pumping with each other in sync making Melissa feel completely full then leaving her almost empty multiple times before leading her to another huge orgasm. Finally, the ass plug went all the way in while the dildo stopped then curved up into the g-spot and the clit vibrator increased pressure against the clit. Again, the dildo started going in then out rubbing nicely against the g-spot, while the clit vibrator ebbed and flowed with vibrations bringing Melissa to have one final explosive orgasm!

Out of breath and whimpering softly she remained lying in the chair. “Oh, I hope this car is soundproof!” Melissa whined, while trying to catch her breathe realizing then that she had been moaning and gasping the whole time.

The plug and dildo retreated along with the clit vibrator which felt almost as shocking as when they were forced in her initially. Melissa let out a final satisfying sigh as the chair was closing her legs back together and swinging her arms far above her head as if doing a yoga sun salutation.

Melissa lied there in a daze not noticing that a classic filigree dress was slid down her body and tightened by a zipper up her spine all while a silk thong was slid up her legs and rested softly between her cheeks. High heels were strapped to her feet and her hair was pulled into a tight bun on the top of her hair.

The car chair was now repositioning Melissa into the normal seating position as it pulled up to the airport pickup lane swinging the door open and tipping Melissa out onto the sidewalk. She Stumbled to try and stay upright in her new heels just then realizing that she was now in an entirely new outfit. Tightly fitting on the upper half of Melissa body, the dress exaggerated her cleavage and showed off her fit shoulders. The lower half carefully fell across every curve of her butt cheeks and stopped mid-thigh. Gaining her ground Melissa looked forward and there was Ms. Darcy standing, arms folded, with a grin the size of Texas on her face.

“Took the Bentley, did you?” She jokingly asked while still smirking.

A guilty smile fell across Melissa’s face as she embarrassedly laughed while still trying to process what just happened to her.

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