Plans for the Evening

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As he looked through his closet, he quickly vetoed the white Armani suit with any number of his pastel silk shirts. He also promptly considered and dismissed one of his personally favorite all-black ensembles.

They all literally screamed “too Los Angeles.”

Sergio had decided that he shouldn’t go for one of his more obvious or patented looks with tonight’s appointment.

She’s from New York, he thought, I’ll go for the relaxed, art dealer-club owner look.

He smiled as he picked out buttery-soft black leather jeans and a deep blue silk shirt.

Yes, this should do the trick, he thought as he laughed softly at his own pun. Deep blue always contrasted nicely against his long raven locks and olive skin.

Draping the clothes across his bed, he began untying his gray silk kimono. Sergio thought that his asking Lena to pick him up at his place in her rental car would make her feel a bit more in control of the situation. Make her less skittish, since she had sounded mildly terrified over the phone the previous day.

She wasn’t his typical client. She wasn’t a Beverly Hills matron accustomed to being waited on hand and foot or whatever her choice of anatomy she was paying to have attention paid to. Nor was she a lusty, jet-setting supermodel in need of stud servicing who was simply too busy doing back-to-back photo shoots that she had to schedule her sex. From what her friend Abby had told Sergio, Magdalena was not someone who simply wanted a man who would tolerate her more demanding or less traditional sensual needs.

The client tonight was a librarian. She had been shrewdly investing her money for several years and having been on the right side of both the recent bullish and bearish markets had made her investment choices flourish handsomely. She had just quit her job in a big corporate law library to open up her own bed and breakfast on the East Coast and to finally enjoy some of her hard-earned money. She had decided to come to California for an extended vacation before she hit the ground full-speed running her new business. She was staying with some friends and when talk of her recent lack of male companionship came up, her best friend, Abby, insisted that she truly pamper herself with only the best.

Abby had warned Sergio that her friend had never been with a professional before and told him the thought seemed strangely titillating to Magdalena.

So, after much goading by her beloved best buddy, Lena had given in. After all, Abby had treated herself to an entire weekend with Sergio when she’d finally attained the impressive position of Dean of her university before the age of 40.

After slipping into the leather pants and on the verge of buttoning his shirt, Sergio’s thoughts of which shoes to wear were interrupted by the sound of his door chimes. He eyed his watch.

It’s early. Can’t be her.

He called out from his bedroom, “Venti… it’s open.”

As the front door opened, he peeked his head out past the bedroom threshold and was presented with…

…not whom he had expected.

His mouth went a bit dry.

Dio mio! What a shame this isn’t my date! This was certainly no librarian.

Dark brown hair with hints of red to it hung in long, layered waves past her shoulders, framing a face with strange but intriguing golden yet pale green eyes and the softest looking lips he thought he’d ever seen. And a body that would have driven Botticelli, Degas, and Rubens to obsessively paint her form. She looked like a real woman, not at all like so many of his plastic Barbie clients with newer and newer parts each time he met with them.

This was a woman like the women back in his hometown of Sorrento. Where women had big hips to have babies with and big breasts to feed babies and taunt men with. She had shapely legs that he could already imagine spreading wide to welcome him. Those small hands clutching at his shoulders. If he could have his wish… it would be those delicate ankles kept in those strappy sandals she was wearing and feeling them rest on the small of his back as he drove himself into her heated contours.

He felt his face flush a bit as he realized that he was fantasizing about making love to her. Dio mio, he thought, I haven’t daydreamed about women since I was a teenager!

He slowly walked towards her in the foyer and swallowed hard, trying to moisten his throat enough to speak.

“Signorina, can I help you?” he asked politely, one dark eyebrow shooting up in sexy curiosity.

She stopped looking around the foyer, trying not to gawk openly at the various weapons along the walls. It was obvious they belonged to a serious collector – they were museum quality antiques, very old and very well-maintained.

This can’t be the right place – this is a gigolo’s pad?!

But once she heard that deeply accented voice and turned her eyes to gaze at its origin… once her attention landed on him, all she could manage for a moment was to simply stare with her mouth open.

Oh eryaman gerçek escort numaları my god! He’s so beautiful, he probably takes longer to get ready for a date than I do! This was such a bad bad BAD idea! I’m gonna kill Abby for talking me into this!

Mentally, she shook herself, forcing herself to speak.

“Uhm… hi there, are you Sergio?”

“Why, yes, yes I am. And you would be?”

She pouted a little, which pushed her temptingly full lower lip out even further than usual, thinking to herself, how could he have already forgotten my name or our ‘date’ so quickly? Does constant sex cause senility? Ha, like I’d ever get to find out!

“I’m Lena… Magdalena Galarza, Abby’s friend? We have a date… or an appointment… or whatever you call it. Remember?”

Sergio’s eyes widened and Lena didn’t know if it was out of surprise or horror.

“Dio mio! You’re Magdalena the librarian?!”

Running her hands through her long, layered auburn hair with a bit of anxiety, she wished she hadn’t left her purse in the car, as it would’ve given her something to clutch. Nervously, she glanced down at her three-quarter sleeved red knit dress. It clung to her abundant curves, but not obscenely so. It certainly didn’t make her look like she was trying to emulate all those L.A. waifs she’d been seeing left and right since she’d arrived in town, most of them looked like they dressed only in underwear.

However, his reaction to her was making the little bit of confidence she had mustered to get here dwindle away very quickly. She continued to seriously debate with herself if this had been a smart way to treat herself after all. Suddenly, her idea of being pampered at the Canyon Spa with daily facials and massages and yoga seemed a lot less trying on her ego than this situation.

“Uhm… yeah… I’m ‘the librarian’.” She licked her lips nervously, as she cast her tawny hazel eyes downward in apparent embarrassment.

What the hell was I thinking wearing this outfit? He must think I’m out of my mind trying to dress sexy for him.

Sergio licked his own lips, realizing in hindsight how his behavior had set the two of them off on the wrong foot. But he was also thrilled to know that this was in fact his date for the evening!

He bowed slightly, in an effort to apologize as well as to adjust himself slightly without her knowledge. “Miss Galarza, please forgive me. You are quite a bit early and as you can see I’m not yet ready. You caught me off guard.”

His gesture softened her awkward stance somewhat and she slowly met his gaze. “Yes, I realize I’m rather early, but traffic was surprisingly light tonight, go figure. I can go wait in the car until you’re ready.”

“No, no, no…Miss Galarza, you stay right here and make yourself comfortable. Just please be careful of my carpet.”

Lena’s feet gingerly stepped off the sparkling white carpet onto the marble tile floor as her head buzzed with conflicting voices as she observed the almost godlike man in her sights.

Good goddess, this man is fucking gorgeous!

Such a magnificent head of hair. Dark, glossy curls that called out to be caressed and clutched. Perfectly groomed beard that set off a stunning smile. What she could see of his torso from his open shirt and the way his pants fit him… well, to say the man seemed to groom and perfect every part of his body would be the understatement of the year.

Girl, this was a really bad idea.

His chest and abs were beautifully defined with muscle without being bulky. And just the faintest hint of a goody trail right above where his pants buttoned.

I really should just turn and leave… but why aren’t my feet listening!?

The leather against his thighs draped and flexed over the hidden parts of his physique, making it very difficult for Lena to tear her eyes away from the earthbound god in front of her.

Look at that tawny skin, those teeth! Those strong shoulders, that powerful chest.

Those dark chocolate eyes, oh my, you could drown in them and die happy!

Sergio decided to be honest and raised his hands away from his body in surrender as he spoke, “I must confess you are not what I expected.”

Lena’s face fell as a slight gasp escaped her lips. She knew she wasn’t model material, but how the hell did Abby describe her to him?! To Lena, it was obvious that he was disappointed in the company that he would have for the evening.

Again, realizing his faux pas a little too late, Sergio noted how Lena’s eyes began to shine with unshed tears. He quickly approached her and grasped her small hands within the warmth of his large palms.

He spoke softly, “Please, Miss Galar-… I mean, Lena… bella… don’t cry. I meant I was very pleasantly surprised, not the opposite.”

She turned her face down and away from his intense gaze. Feeling annoyed at her own reaction, she tried to speak haughtily to disguise her hurt. “What does it matter what I think? I’m paying you to keep me company sincan escort and to do as I like… it shouldn’t matter if I’m not what you expected.”

He could see that even though she was petite, she was proud, as he stared at the top of her head, mentally willing her to look up at him as he spoke. “Please understand. I made the silly presumption of the stereotypical librarian. You know… glasses, hair pulled back severely, the sensible shoes. Plus your name has a very old fashioned tone to it. I knew you were young, but the image came to me unbidden as we arranged our meeting.”

Lena still wouldn’t look at him. This whole scenario was difficult enough for her without feeling awkward and inadequate.

Sergio released one of Lena’s hands and softly caressed her cheek with strong, elegant fingers. “If only you knew what went through my mind when you first came through my door. I was regretting my previous plans because I wanted to get to know you better and not the frumpy librarian I had in my mind’s eye.”

Lena sniffled slightly. “You’re just saying that to try and save my feelings.”

Sergio smiled as he tugged at her chin softly until she would look up at him. “You speak of feelings? Bella, why don’t you feel this?” He gently took one of her hands and slowly drew it down between their bodies, past the lush silk of his shirt, past his warm bare skin, down to where she could feel the growing hardness beneath the supple lambskin he wore.

Lena’s eyes widened as Sergio leaned towards her ear and whispered gruffly, “Now tell me… bella, does that feel like someone who’s just trying to save your feelings?”

A slight shudder ran through Lena’s body as Sergio’s words slowly caressed her ear, much like her own hand caressed him. She felt his silky beard brush against her jaw as he kept his face close to hers, awaiting her answer.

She stuttered softly, “I- I guess… uhhh… I guess it… was all an… an… an honest mistake.”

He pulled away slightly and brushed a soft kiss onto her lips, his full lower lip lingering just a beat longer than the rest of him. “I normally let the lady decide all the plans of the evening, but may I ask a favor of you?”

Lena looked deep into his brown eyes, her limbs feeling deliciously heavy as though she were swimming in molasses, with every attempt at movement a huge effort. She could barely form words anymore, so she simply murmured, “Hmmm?”

He maintained a gentle grip on both her hands, keeping them pressed against the heated skin of his exposed chest, as he whispered huskily into her ear, “Would you have a problem with us… ehm… having… a little taste of… dessert here before we head out to dinner?”

He tenderly bit into the cords in her neck before continuing his plea, making her body shudder in response. He was quickly becoming addicted to her body’s reactions to his actions. He spoke in an almost gruff tone, “Otherwise I fear I will make a fool of myself in public and ravish you before we get to the third course.”

Lena poorly fought off the enveloping scent of Sergio’s warm skin around her, sinking slowly against his chest. “Mmmm… you’re the expert here. I humbly… defer to your expertise… *sigh*… on this topic.”

Sergio began to walk them slowly backwards from the foyer towards his bedroom, never releasing Lena’s hands, only stopping occasionally to nibble on her neck or to plant more teasing kisses upon her supple lips while she stroked his beard and caressed his chest.

Lena vaguely thought to herself, I’ll have to get a hold of a phone at some point tonight and ask Abby how much damage a weekend with Sergio would be!

Lena continued to caress Sergio’s bared chest, reveling in the feel of his velvety warm skin encasing the hard muscles beneath. She had never thought that just simply touching someone could feel so sinfully good. As Sergio released her hands, she splayed her fingers across his pecs, trying to touch as much of him as possible, while he continued to play and kiss along the length of the tendons of her neck.

She couldn’t decide what she liked more… the soft chafing of his beard… the insistence of his plush lips at her collar bones… or his heated breath dancing across her sensitive neck.

Hell, I like it all and I want more!

Sergio swept his large hands into her thick hair, tugging her head back, and pinning her where she stood with his sable brown gaze. Her breath caught in her throat as he slowly but steadily brought his face forward, without allowing her to advance towards him. His lazy progress belied the intense twinkle in his eyes. Lena stiffened, unable to suppress the involuntary tensing of her body’s muscles as the sweeping sensation of breathless, almost terrified anticipation engulfed her.

Lena’s eyelids fluttered as she mentally fought with herself on whether or not she could bear to keep her eyes open to view the oncoming onslaught. Again, as before, he brushed her lips so softly with his own she almost wasn’t sure if he’d made batıkent escort contact. But it didn’t matter. It still had the same effect on her – that slight sensation of delicious panic quickly replaced by that drowsy, almost drunken state.

Sergio tugged softly at her hair, and kissed her again, harder this time, with purpose. Delicious pressure descended on Lena as his warm lips pressed against hers and his beard chafed softly against her chin. He slowly tilted his head to one side, caressing his nose against hers and suddenly there was the most perfect connection between them as their lips slanted and contoured in sensual alignment.

They both moaned in unison.

The shared moan broke the spell on Lena’s extremities and she finally raised her hands to rest on Sergio’s bare hips while she suckled on his lower lip. Just as he had tugged on her hair, she slid her fingers through the belt loops of his low-slung pants and pulled his body towards hers, leaving no space between them as his trim hips pressed against her lushness.

One of Sergio’s hands slid from her hair, draping itself along the contours of her back until it rested on the fullest part of her lush ass. His other hand soon joined the other, sensuously kneading her bottom, further conforming her body to his, bringing their hips and thighs together, flush.

Lena took advantage of Sergio’s pause to step on tip-toe and fasten her own lips to the side of his neck. She’d been quite taken by the strong tendons there when she first saw him saunter into the foyer. Everything about him was beautiful yet masculine, right down to his divinely shaped feet.

As she applied gentle suction below his ear, Sergio gave a low groan as he clutched her to his chest and muttered, “Ay, madonna… me va marcar como un toro!”

Heady with the satisfaction of making Sergio lose some of his professional cool, Lena licked at his earlobe and murmured playfully, “Oh Sergio, I’d never mar such a stunning physique with a hickey. I’d never brand you like a prize bull… at least not where everyone else could see it.”

She teasingly nipped at him as he pulled away slightly with a surprised grin on his face and he asked, “You speak Italian?”

“Si, bello, parlo un po’ di italiano.”

His large hands stroked her lush hips as he murmured, “I think this is going to be an evening where I enjoy myself as much as the client does.” He had finally maneuvered them into his bedroom where he sat on the edge of the king-size bed and gazed up at her.

She smiled sadly down at him as one of her hands twirled a stray curl of his raven hair around her finger. “Sergio, you don’t have to spread it on so thick. Honestly.”

“Honestly?” He shook his head at her, his dark eyes sparkling dangerously as his hands tugged her closer to him. “You don’t want to know about what I honestly want to do to you.”

She swallowed hard, feeling like a mouse cornered by a hungry cat. Honestly, his accent was doing things to her… including making her stutter.

“I-I d-d-don’t?”

“Bella, honestly… for starters… I want to bury my face between your breasts.”

She bit her lip to stop from laughing as her hands rose up to cradle his face. “Sergio, you’re crazy.” In the next instant, she bent over just enough and snuggled his face against the fabric draping across her breasts. Sergio moaned and mumbled something, but Lena couldn’t understand it.

“Hey,” she giggled, “quit that.” She squirmed about as his warm breath flowed through the light fabric of her dress and heated her skin,”That tickles!”

He eagerly began tugging at the sleeves of her dress, pulling them down and away from her arms, so that the jersey dress now only covered her from the waist down. He gazed almost drunkenly at her red lace bra as he muttered in Italian.

Lena blushed deeply as she mentally translated his words… something along the lines of him feasting on her.

Almost as if he were worshipping in a temple to a statue of a goddess, he slowly raised his dark, muscular arms upwards, draping his long fingers along the length of her shoulders, taking in the softness of her skin. Sergio’s hands slid down Lena’s smooth arms until his fingers entwined with hers as he pulled her towards him so that she tumbled onto him, his strength and her weight bringing them onto the bed.

She gasped aloud with surprise, only to sigh with delight as she felt his beard press into the valley between her breasts. He nuzzled each breast, nipping and kissing them through the soft lace as his hands slid up her silky smooth back to undo the clasp of her bra. With her straddling him, her arms and legs on each side of him, he had all the freedom in the world to make love to her breasts.

Tossing the bra aside, he took one breast in each hand, softly dragging his thumbs across the supple skin he encountered, avoiding her nipples at first. Sighing at this first intimate touch, unhindered by cloth, Lena’s body shuddered as she enjoyed the sensation of him softly cradling her.

She felt a trail of hot wetness starting at the under-swell of one breast as he slowly placed wet kisses against the tender skin. Sergio’s tongue peeked out of his mouth and found one pale pink nipple. He latched his lips onto it and suckled it as his hands massaged both lush mounds.

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