Pool Side Lust

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I had been head at security at a gated community for some time. Every day without fail at 2pm, Chrissy would pull into the huge protected entranceway to the community and shoed her beautiful playful smile and wave as she drove past. It was always the highlight of my day seeing her long wavy blonde hair blowing softly in the wind as she cruised past in her convertible Jag.

I guessed she was one of those trophy wives some of the rich businessmen in the community had and liked to show off to their friends. She looked about thirty-five years old.

By her daily routines I judged that her hubby worked while she shopped and stayed in shape at the local gym.

“Hey sexy!” she said one day as she pulled up.

“Hey,” I said trying to look cool.

“Listen,” she whispered from her car. “It’s real hot out today and I kind of feel sorry for you out in this heat. Why don’t you come over for a dip in the pool after your shift?”

“Thank you. You know what I would love too. It’s Chrissy right?

“Yes,” she said slowly. “You remembered.”

“Of course did!” I said excitedly. “Hey but I don’t have a swim suit.”

“That’s ok, you might not need one,” she giggled.

With that she drove off. Her hair was flowing behind her. I had an hour to before my shift finished and it was all I could do not to unzip and tug one off right there. (Its not like I haven’t done it there before.)

After work I pulled into her beautiful home and parked in the driveway. Her house was well hidden from the rest of the properties on the street with thick tress surrounding it.

“Hey cutie,” she called from the upstairs window. “The pools out back. I’ll be down in a minute. There is a swimsuit for you in the change room.”

I wandered around back and saw the quiet picturesque pool and yard. It was still hot out and I was anxious to get out of my uniform so I went immediately to the change rooms. As I passed her lounge chair I noticed an open erotic novel laying face up on the chair with a half empty bottle of wine and a two full glasses. There was a bottle of massage oil lying on its side. Wait a minute I thought. I became even more aroused with the thought that Chrissy might have the same thing on her mind.

It was warm in the small change room as I peeled off my shirt exposing the upper half of my slim yet athletic body. I noticed the black men’s swimsuit on the chair. It was tiny and it was a thong!

I stripped out of the rest of my clothes staring at this tiny thing when I noticed through the window that Chrissy had come out of the house. She had a tiny sundress on that exposed her long succulent thighs. It was so short it barely covered her high upper thighs. It was cut low and her offered a teasing view of her ample cleavage.

How am I going to get that bathing suit on I thought to myself? I looked down my naked body; my cock was long and semi-hard in front of me, begging to be touched. It took a few seconds longer than normal but somehow I fit it in there. It looked funny with it hanging there semi-hard and tucked in. I looked in the mirror admiring myself. I smiled and thought that i did look good. I like to stay in shape/ I do have a slim hard athletic looking body.

I headed out the door walking confidently.

“Glass of wine?” she offered in her outstretched hand.

I thanked her and took a big swig.

She was staring at me lustfully, batting her eyes. “You know I love a man in uniform,” she said.

“I have heard that before from women,” I smiled trying to act cool.

“Really!” she giggled. “Out of uniform is much better isn’t it?” With that she started looking up and down my body. She gulped down her glass of wine and poured another. As she did so she bent over and showed me a small glimpse up her skirt. Walking toward me while still downing her wine she leaned forward she trailed a finger down my chest twirling my nipple once as she spoke.

“Nice body and you look so good in this suit.” Her hungry eyes transfixed on the bulging material.

I looked down with her noticing the full outline of the mushroom head of my cock straining to be released.

“Hey I just got a new swim suit today. The kind that hubby wouldn’t want me to wear. Here help me untie this sundress and I’ll show you.

I reached around her neck slowly untying the strings as our eyes gazed deeply into the others. The dress fell to the floor as she twirled around showing herself. Her body was wrapped in an extremely tiny bikini yet hung loosely barely holding all of the curves of her body under it.

“Very nice,” I said sounding excited. “Wow!”

“Thank you. Your so sweet.” She twirled her body around once slowly for me too see, swaying her hips seductively. Her full voluptuous body looked perfect. Not plump but not to thin either. Her bikini top was tied at the back by these delicate eryaman escort bayan straps that strained under the weight of her full natural breasts. Her round bubbly butt was spilling out of the half thong back of her bottoms.

“So where is your husband today?” I had to ask. My heart was racing.

“Far away on the other side of the country. His business as usual,” she said this slowly while letting her gaze follow my potent solid slender body. Up and down her eyes moved and widened as she stared at my almost naked body. The look of pure wanting lust she possessed took away my worry that my cock was visibly throbbing under my swimsuit. I just knew I was going to fuck her.

“Would you mind rubbing some of this tanning oil on me?” she asked. Handing me a large bottle.

She lay down on her tummy on the unfolded deck chair. I stared at her perfect ass jiggling as she moved

“You have a very nice body Chrissy. Full yet firm and perfectly shaped.” I took it all in.

I heard her take a deep breath that she liked my words. Immediately I let a small drop of oil bead out. Then another. She twitched slowly as then got used to it.

More beading drips slowly followed as I began quickly tracing her back with a light stream of oil. My eyes never left at her round full ass that was spilling out of her bathing suit.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “I love being all slippery with oil. Go ahead and use lots of it honey.”

I completely soaked her back in it and began to massage it in with my strong hands. Moving lower I drenched her full thighs that were pressed together. Starting at her feet I slowly massaged upward on her legs. Wrapping my hands around each one. When I reached her thighs I took a deep breath as I squeezed and rolled them in my strong hands. I made up my hand I had to go higher.

My hands were soaked with oil and I slid them up over the sides of her round cheeks pushing some of her suit towards her butt crack. More of her round flesh spilled out.

“Oh yes! Make sure you get all of me all slick!” her voice sounded excited.

My hands pressed firmly and soothed the oil in. I let some drip over her swimsuit, which was now riding up her like a thong, then down across her upper thighs, which were starting to spread.

Mmmm,” she moaned, “You know this lotion is edible. Blueberry flavor. Do you like blueberries?” She began to turn over and lay on her back. “Now my front sweetie.”

The look of lust in her eyes was overwhelming and I hungrily dosed the front of her body with the slick oil. My hands ran up her outer legs as my eyes returned her thirsty stare.

“Help me out of this bikini I don’t like tan lines,” She lifted up on her arms her mouth inches from my cock that was begging to be freed.

“If I had known your cock was so big I would have bought you a new one too. My husband has just a little one and yours looks very uncomfortable in his suit,” she said so bluntly.

“It is rather uncomfortable,” I said as I undid the strings at the back of her top.

Her large full natural breasts immediately fell out of them. Her hard nipples pointed out straight into the air. She whipped away her top, and then shook her body letting her tits flop slowly back and forth.

“Do you like?” before I could respond she blurted out. “See little blueberry nipples.” Her nipple were small yet very stiff.”

“Wow!” was all I could say.

“Now lets oil you up Colin”

She stood up slowly letting her hard nipples brush against my chest. Out of instinct I pulled her wet body against mine. We looked deep into each other’s eyes, knowing what pleasure was soon to come.

She pulled away splashing some more oil on her tits then lubed my chest up good. I left my hands at my sides letting her have full control. I could tell she wanted this her way.

Her hands continued running all over chest and abs. My own fingers started her titty massage focusing on her already erect nipples. I gently pinched them and tugged them a little harder letting them slip and slide across my greasy hands.

She continued to soak my body as she then bent down in front of me. She slid her hands up my legs as she smiled at my bulging cock. She rubbed some more oil on her hands and grasped my naked butt cheeks. Her big soft lips glistened against her slippery tongue as she licked them. She pulled me closer to her mouth grasping the back of my thong.

“I think these should come off and let this big hard cock free,” she purred.

She tugged the tight thong slowly down over my ass then reached around to the front and very slowly started pulling it down. My cock escaped the elastic waistband almost with a snap. It bounced up and down under its hard blood-filled weight like her diving board was going to do if I got her where I wanted her.

Her lips moistened against her sliding tongue etimesgut escort when her eyes fixated on springing cock.

“This lotion is completely safe to take in your mouth,” she giggled as she started dribbling some over my hard cock.

“God I wish my husband had a cock like this. I can’t believe how hard you are honey.”

“Your one of the sexiest women I have ever seen half naked. It’s all your fault,” I laughed back.

She dribbled more lotion over it, still without touching it as her hands found there way back to my firm ass cheeks and really dug in squeezing. I could tell then that she really wanted me and I took some slow deep breaths knowing what was to come.

“Let me rub this in.” she said as she stood up in front of me. She was staring at my cock still not taking her eyes off it.

I stepped out of the rest of my bathing suit as she began to massage the oil in. Her hands touched lightly at first up my inner thighs then firmly grasped my balls. I spread my legs taking in a deep breath. Finally her slippery hand grasped my hard protruding cock.

“You know Colin, it’s been very a long time since I have had a good hard one like this. A real long time in fact. Can I have my way with you.”

“Only if I can have my way with you, ” I said pawing at her tits some more.

She leaned forward and deeply french kissed my mouth with both her hands glued to my cock. She broke the kiss and led me to the lounge chair.

“You lay back, I have an idea,” she motioned to the chair.

I laid back my hard cock pointing skyward. I looked up as she stepped over me standing. She spread her legs and showed me the soaking wet lips of her pussy right above my head. She looked so horny as her bikini bottoms rode up between her pussy lips a bit. She undid the strings on her bikini and it fell apart. She quickly tossed it aside. Her pussy was very nice and clean looking. She was shaved around her moist lips, with a little tuft of hair at the front. My tongue licked my lips as I reached up grabbing her fleshy ass cheeks. I pulled them lower which told her I wanted her to squat. Her wet pussy slowly sank to my waiting tongue.

It slid and gently tickled around her wet lips. She tasted wonderful. My tongue swirled around her lips finally teasing a bit inside. I started flicking it slowly against her budding clit. She let out a long slow breath

“Yes!” she squeaked out between her lustful deep breathing.

Together our wet mouths found their places. My lips wrapped around her clit as I sucked it gently in. I felt her warm hot wet mouth finally clasp around the head of my hot standing cock. I let out a loud happy moan as waves of pleasure continued to shoot through me. This caused vibrations on my lips that excited her as well.

“You taste so good,” I murmured from beneath her wet pussy. My tongue now flicking across her clit as it rest between my quivering lips.

It wasn’t long before she broke away from my cock lifting her upper body off. She was really breathing hard and fast.

“I’m gonna cum!” she yelped as she took a large deep breath.

I sucked her clit in deeper as I flicked faster. Grabbing her cheeks even firmer in my hands sent her over the edge and into a convulsing orgasm.

She screamed in ecstasy. Her hand squeezed the base of my cock firmly. I couldn’t believe how quickly she had cum.

After her quick orgasm she slumped back down on my cock with her mouth. She devoured it much more hungrily than before. She nestled it between her hanging tits and took the head of it in her mouth. She clamped her thirsty lips around its head and sucked really hard. Her wet tongue quickly circled in fast brushing stokes.

We licked and sucked a little bit more with soft low moans escaping from our gasping lips.

“I have to fuck this!” she excitedly exclaimed. Suddenly she took my full size deep in her mouth hungrily sucking it in. She came up quickly gasping for air.

Peeling her body off me she turned and squatted over me.

“Let me see if I can ease this in,” she buzzed in happiness.

I laid back comfortably so I could let her use me as her wet pussy lips wrapped around the large mushroom head of my cock. She giggled having trouble fitting me in. Finally it fit between her lips and she let out a sigh. I squeezed even firmer with wanting on her ass cheeks and she began very slowly ease and sink herself around me. She pushed down further easing herself in. I pushed up and pulled her down on me. My hard long cock was finally buried deep inside her.

“Oh my god yes!” she screamed.

Her body slowly started to ride me easing every long inch out. Her moans grew louder as she began to pump slightly faster. My hands reached around and held her soaked oil soaked cheeks. I started pumping up into her and escort elvankent watched her large tits dangle in my face. Her nipples were budding little rosebuds waiting to be sucked so I latched on. I attacked them hungrily.

“I’m gonna cum again!” She yelled with my hands on her ass, my lips on her nipples and my cock slowly pumping her pussy.

Her orgasm ripped through her again as she began bouncing more frantically up and down on me. She arched her back pushing her chest to the sky and grinded me in deep. I continued pumping up into her as she calmed down a little.

She soon stood up easing my cock out with a pop. She grabbed my hand tugging a bit motioning for me to stand up.

She kissed me again and grabbed one of the lounge cushions setting it down on the top of the picnic table a few feet away. Lifting herself she sat down facing me. She leaned back and held herself up and spread her wet slippery legs. She said nothing as I approached her as her but let her eyes look up and down my body with wanting lust. They again focused on my prick as it was pointing towards her. My hands slid up her wet thighs spreading them wider and holding her full firm thighs in the air. My cock poked around her clit as our tongues met in another lustful deep kiss.

She let out a loud gasp and squeal as I guided my cock between her lips as and pushed fully in again.

She let out another squeak of happiness as I filled her back up. Grabbing her hips again I began to pump. Slowly at first, then gently quickening the pace.

Her smooth pussy swallowed my cock with each thrust. Her tits began flopping in circles as she arched her back. I gently laid her upper body down on the table.

“Oh ya fuck me!” she yelled as I began to thrust deeper.

My hands held her firmly as my cock really started to move. I began thrusting really deliberately with a slow steady rhythm yet did so very hard and intense.

Her hands began rubbing her clit.

She arched her back and came again.

I knew I was getting close and pulled my cock out not wanting to cum. It bulged and flopped and twitched in front of me. “

Lets go over there I pointed at the diving board.

We jogged over to our destination hand in hand with excitement. My cock was bouncing happily and so were her big full tits, which I sucked on as soon as we arrived

I showed her how I wanted her on the diving board. One leg on the board the other on the ground with her cheeks nice and eyes in the air. She was bent over perfectly as I entered her.

Again I had to squeeze it in. She felt really tight in this position and I certain that she was sincere in her words that she hadn’t been fucked in a long time.

My hands reached around and fondled her nipples. They were the hardest I had ever felt.

I pumped hard and fast wanting to cum but knew that she wanted to cum to. Her ass flopped against my body as my balls flipped and flopped against her. I drove in deep with her matching my every thrust. I so had to cum. She had her hand on her clit and was rubbing frantically. We fucked like this for quite awhile I had to calm down and withdrew my cock.

She let out an immediate squeak and I could tell she wanted it back. I slapped it firmly on both her cheeks before settling back in her tunnel. Reaching forward I pulled her hair a little with one hand as the other pinched her right nipple firmly.

She started cumming again really loud but this time I again forced my self to hold back. With her large floppy tits in my hand I could feel where it was I wanted to spray my load.

I pulled out as her gasps for air were just starting to subside.

She looked exhausted but happy after this orgasm and I knew I had studded well for her. Instinctively she swirled about sucking my rock hard pulsing cock in her mouth.

“I want to cum on those tits!” I was almost begging.

She lifted her mouth off and buried my cock in valley of her tits. Each of her large orbs wrapped around me and she began to pump them up and down over it. The large head would appear then disappear between her fleshy mounds. I couldn’t hold back any longer.

Taking a step back I grabbed my cock and started to pump out the significant amount of cum that was held inside. The first spray streamed out and splattered against her left tit. The second was miss aimed as my orgasm shot through me and drenched her chin and mouth. I moaned loudly staring at her hot oil and sweat soaked body as another dose of cum hit her left nipple. For some reason, I just seemed to keep cumming and cumming. It was the largest orgasm I had ever had and her whole upper body was completely showered with my jizz.

She stood up embracing me and we kissed passionately for a long time. Both of us were breathing really hard and our hearts were still pounding. She suggested we clean off by diving in the pool.

We swam naked and free for a little bit drinking more wine. The afternoon ended with us up in her bedroom going at it again. This women was an orgasm machine and could cum endlessly it seemed. I was very happy to be the stud that she had so longed for.

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