Pre-Party Fun

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I walk into the kitchen, and see you washing the dishes. We are about to host our first party at the new house, so naturally you want everything to look perfect. So after we got dressed and ate a quick dinner of pizza, you washed the dishes with the half-hour before people were due to arrive. I walk up behind you and hold you tight to me from behind, pulling your ass into my hardening cock. This is normal for us, so you think nothing of it, other then a comment of the fact that we don’t have time for that now, and how it will have to wait. I don’t let go, however, having other ideas for the next half-hour.

I start kissing your neck softly, as my hands slide over your smooth stomach. One hand slides down the side of your right leg, and begins tracing small light circles at the bottom hem of your skirt on your thigh. I start to slowly creep my finger upwards, still making circles and kissing your neck. You look at the clock, tell me that we can’t do this right now, but I know you are just worried about the time.

I slide my other hand off your stomach and up to your firm breasts. Starting to massage them as my right hand slides further up your thigh, to your hip. My fingers begin to play with the edge of your panties, sliding under them and back out again. Meanwhile my left-hand moves back to your stomach, and under your shirt, where you feel it start to slide up to your breasts. My fingers lightly trace the edge of your bra, top and bottom, across your chest. This is where I notice that this is one of the bras I bought you for your birthday, and it is the bahis firmaları on with the clasp on front.

You feel my fingers start to play with your bra clasp, but at the same time you feel the fingers on my right hand. They are sliding under your panties at the hip again, but they are now following the panty line down to the front. My fingers run gently through your trimmed mound, getting tantalizingly closer to where you most want them to be. At that moment, you feel a coolness as I slip your bra open, my hand starts to cup and massage your left breast, rubbing it firmly in my palm.

Then, my left hand releases your breast, and my finger lightly brushes over your nipple. At the same moment, my left hand suddenly makes contact with your clit. My finger starts to slowly stroke your clit as your nipple gets lightly pinched and pulled.

I take a quick look at the clock, and realize we are down to 20 minutes before our guests arrive. I continue to rub your clit with two fingers as my left hand slides down your body and you feel my body pull away from our previous embrace. I use both hands to pull your hips back towards me, all the while, rubbing your clit, getting you hotter. I take my left hand and push down on your back, making you bend at the waist, slowly pulling your skirt up over your sexy ass.

Much to your chagrin, I pull my right hand away from your clit and slide it around to the back, as I get down on my knees. I pull the crotch of your panties to the left, giving my tongue access to your sweet pussy. I first slide my index finger kaçak iddaa on my right hand up and down the slit, seeing how wet you are. My finger is instantly drenched, telling me you are ready. However, being here, I cannot help but lick your pussy at least once. I stand, your panties still pulled to the side, and undo the fly on my khakis. I pull my now hard cock out and I move forward, rubbing the head of my cock on the entrance to your hot pussy.

You gasp suddenly as I slide into your wet cunt in one thrust. I grab your hips with both hands, pulling you back into me as I pound your cunt with my cock. I slide my left hand up under your shirt and massage and pinch you nipples, while my right hand is moving under your panties, where it finds your clit and starts to massage it in rhythm with the fucking I am giving you.

You start to tense as an orgasm approaches, and I pull out of your cunt. You then feel something else slide along your pussy, getting soaked in your juices. You realize this must be your first vibrator that I just bought you, and that we haven’t used yet. The thought of how I am going to use it is almost enough to put you over the edge, so when I begin thrusting into you again, you are right on the brink, still wondering how the vibrator will be used.

Then you feel it, that slight pressure as I start to rub your asshole with my finger. I can feel your pussy tense around my cock, getting ready to release. I take the vibrator and slide it deep into your ass. The feeling of the first thing in your ass other then my finger, while getting screwed kaçak bahis is too much and you start to cum. I continue to pump my cock into your cunt, while I shove the vibrator deep into your ass over and over, making your orgasm continue until you start begging me to stop.

The vibrator is buried deep in your ass, so I leave it there as I start to fuck you hard and fast, trying to get myself off. As I feel my orgasm approaching, you moan that you can feel how hard I am, and know that I am about to cum. As you feel my cock grow more inside you, and feel my thrusts shorten suddenly, you know I am about to cum. You then feel a sudden emptiness as I pull out of your hot pussy.

I then pull you, turning you to face me, the vibrator still deep in your ass. I then push my cock, soaked in your own juices, into your mouth. You begin to suck my dick, your tongue swirling around, hitting my sweet spot. Then, as your head is bobbling, I suddenly grab your head and pull myself deeper into your mouth. I start cumming, as you taste my cum mix with your own and swallow as much as you can.

After I finish cumming, I pull out of your mouth, and reach behind you and pull the vibrator out of your ass. You then see me walk into our room to put the vibe away, leaving you in the kitchen with a soaking pussy, a stretched ass, and a stomach full of my cum. After sliding your panties over your pussy and reclasping your bra, the doorbell rings. You quickly drink a glass of water and appear at the door at the same time as I do to answer it. Slightly flushed, we welcome in our first group of guests, passing our appearance as being due to the Thai we had for dinner. We then bring them into the living room, hoping they didn’t notice the pizza box in the kitchen, and give each other a knowing grin.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32