Pt. 08 – A Bounty of Booty

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Pt. 8 — A Plethora of Pussy, A Bounty of Booty

It’s a bit like drinking from a firehose!

This is my eighth “adults only” fiction sex story.

I strongly recommend you read all my previous stories, in order, before reading this story.

This is a work of fiction; all of my stories are.

The characters are all adults over (well over) the age of 21.

There may be some typos, if so, please forgive me. I AM HUMAN.

Please enjoy!

* * * * *

Sunday afternoon after a weekend spent with Natalie and Charlene

I needed a break from all my sex partners, not that I was complaining, because I am not, but I needed to get some perspective, so driving home from my studio that Sunday afternoon, I decided to visit my folks.

Thinking about what I was headed into for the upcoming week, I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get away like I had hoped.

But I would make it work somehow; if even for a night.

After my fuck-filled weekend with Natalie and Charlene, I actually fell asleep (literally, crawling up the stairs in my two story condo and climbing into my bed fully dressed) at about two in the afternoon on Sunday, only to be awakened by a ringing front doorbell. I was sound asleep but whoever was trying to get my attention was patient but persistent.

It was Leeann aka The Boss Lady, standing in the afternoon sun with a couple of bags of groceries.

She wanted to surprise me and cook me dinner.

Well, she did surprise me.

I silently thanked God that no other ladies were with me and that the place was spotless; the maid had been there on Friday afternoon and cleaned the place from top to bottom, including putting clean sheets on the beds.

One look at me and Leeann took me upstairs by the hand, undressed me and herself, then pulled me into the steaming hot shower where she proceeded to clean me from head to toe, leaving no inch of my skin untouched by her magical fingers.

I was tired, and soon clean, but my body, my cock, despite being worked pretty hard over the weekend by Charlene and Natalie, responded to her playful touches and after drying me off and putting me into bed as I watched her dry herself off, she sat on the bed and slowly stroked my already hard cock until a drop of dew appeared out of my slit.

Shifting her body so she was kneeling between my widespread thighs, she looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes.

Her tight hand was firmly gripping the base of my cock and the perfectly manicured fingers on her left hand gently teased my tight sack.

The only thing missing from this picture was her mouth, tongue and lips on my cock…

“That’s what I was waiting for!” she giggled as she lowered her head, extended her tongue and lapped up the pearly precum causing me to groan.

Then she lowered her head a bit further to engulf my entire my cock and proceeded to put her oral skills to the best possible use: pleasuring me.

God bless this blonde MILF; she’d come a long way to improving her fellatio techniques and I was the lucky student to benefit from her higher education.

In no time, with her lips planted at the base of my cock, her tongue hard at work and she swallowing to tease my cockhead placed just inside her throat, I came with a groan and a thrust of my hips as I exploded into her throat.

Blast after blast went into her willing oral cavity, each accompanied by a groan of pure animal lust.

I drained into her oral cavity and she teased my softening cock with her tongue and lips, not letting a single drop of baby batter hit the clean sheets.

Leeann proudly showed me her mouth filled with cum, and then making sure that I saw what she was doing, she swallowed my baby batter with a single gulp, no gagging or retching for this swallower!

She got off the bed, pulled the covers over me and said, “I’ll wake you in an hour. Sleep well lover.”

First, she kissed me on the cheek, and then she closed the drapes, turned off the lights, closed the door behind her and headed downstairs to the kitchen.

I woke up to a warm naked female body next to me and I smelled something delicious cooking for dinner.

My cock was hard and buried between two taut butt cheeks.

My arms were surrounding the upper body of a soft female who was wearing a very sexy fragrance, and my hands were holding a pair of very ample breasts.

Leeann had slipped into bed with me after she started on dinner.

She was warm and being naked next to her was natural.

It felt safe, it felt great.

When she moved her fantastic ass, it felt even better.

In combination with my playing with her remarkable and hefty tits, I was rested, revved up and ready to go another round with Mrs. MILF.

A guy could get used to this I told myself as she pulled the covers off of both of us, and lifted her right leg, allowing me access to her steaming pussy; I pushed my turgid cock into her and playtime continued with lots of laughs to our mutual orgasmic conclusion.

I repeated the thought when we had dinner an escort ankara hour later.

Leeann wore the shortest, smallest, sexiest apron I’d ever seen, and nothing else, and she insisted that I wear only a tee shirt; socks were optional.

You can imagine what we had for dessert.

* * * * *

We spent the night together, still naked and horny, wrapped up in each other.

I was up early, heading to my weekly Monday morning basketball game.

God bless her, Leeann got up, and pulled on some of the tightest black spandex leggings I’d ever seen on a female, threw on a sports bra and a tee shirt that didn’t quite cover her ass, and we went to the gym together.

I knew she would turn heads with that outfit on even at that early hour and she did.

On the way home she told me that two guys hit on her, but she brushed them off with “My boyfriend is playing basketball this morning. Maybe you should meet him?”

Then she turned to me and asked, “How do you feel about being my boyfriend?”

I smiled and replied back to her “I’m fine with that sweetie.”

* * * * *

We spent the day at my condo.

I did my day job upstairs in my office and Leeann did a very deep cleaning in all the rooms, starting with the kitchen.

Still wearing her workout gear, she took several trips to the store for cleaning supplies and went out and grabbed us lunch.

After lunch she ran out to The Container Store and brought back a bunch of large storage plastic bins.

She was still hard at work on the first floor when I came downstairs.

Out on the patio she had stacked all kinds of stuff that she wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep or toss, or maybe donate to a charity.

Leeann sent me to the grocery store with a list for dinner while she packed up the stuff on the patio.

She’d finished the first floor, but she still wanted to work on the second floor, the patio, and the garage.

She confessed to me while we were in the tub and I was shaving her pussy, that she found that cleaning the house was therapeutic.

* * * * *

Over dinner we talked, and it was a good talk.

Leeann was hairless below her eyebrows and was wearing nothing but one of my extra-large tee shirts.

It covered about half of her ass, allowing me plenty of nice views, both front and back.

She liked teasing me and getting a rise out of me.

My tee shirt covered my torso to my waist, leaving me fully exposed.

I was having trouble keeping my hands off of her.

I especially liked rubbing her ass.

Leeann loved my hands on her body.

“You’re the only man I’ve been with since I was married to my husband 26 years ago. I teased you this morning about being my boyfriend because right now I need one, for my own sanity. I hope you don’t mind.”

I replied “I don’t mind at all. I’m flattered.”

“I trust you Rick, both personally and professionally.”

“I feel the same Leeann.”

“I need to ask you a big favor and its okay with me if you say no.”

“What is it?”

She smiled and then she blurted out “I need for you to run my company.”

I smiled back, asking, “For how long?” wondering what it would take time wise.

Leeann replied “When all this trouble surfaced, I called my sister down in LA and asked her if she was open to taking a two-week cruise going anywhere. Tomorrow afternoon I am flying to LA for a few days and the cruise leaves on Sunday from Long Beach.”

“How will this work?”

“The Board of Directors, me, has already appointed you President effective tonight at midnight. All I need for you to do tomorrow is to quickly visit the bank to get you on the signature card and then at lunchtime we are gathering the employees together where you will be introduced. At the same time, I will let everyone know that my husband and son are no longer working at the company. And that you’re in charge. And that your decisions are final.”

“What were you thinking of paying me?”

Leeann laughed.

“I’ll pay you $10,000 a month to start. If you can turn the place around, I’ll give you twenty percent of the reduced costs plus twenty percent of any increases in revenue. And, of course, you have access to a very liberal fringe benefit package.”

Leeann stood up, smiling, and lifted up the tee shirt she had on, displaying for me her quite ample and firm breasts.

Her nipples were hard and at attention.

I could almost smell her feminine fragrance as she parted her legs so I could see her bare pussy … I knew she was already moist.

Her eyes never left mine, but mine were roving all over her glorious body as she moved from side to side and her breasts very gently swayed.

“See anything you like, Mister Company President?”

I was hard as a rock.

We didn’t make it to the bedroom.

* * * * *

I called in to Caltrans and requested a few personal days off.

I had no idea how long I was going to be at Leeann’s business, but I was all caught up with my day job work.

The place was bigger physically than I expected it to be and etlik evi olan escortlar had more employees than I thought it should for its revenue.

Leeann left for the airport at 1pm and by 1:30pm I was reviewing the list Leeann had given to me of the employees that were going to be fired.

I added to that list over the next 24 hours.

I raised prices by five percent across the board later that afternoon.

I called in all the employees that had been servicing the large accounts that the Leeann’s ex had stolen from the company and told them that unless they had a damn good reason for not having gone to Leeann when they found out what her husband was doing, I was not only going to fire them; I was going to have charges filed for theft and for stealing trade secrets.

I had them all clock out and told them to come back tomorrow with an answer.

If they were not here by 7am, I would consider them having resigned and therefore not eligible for unemployment.

My final reminder was “Be sure and tell your wife exactly what you did.”

(All showed up. I fired them anyway and told them all to go apply for unemployment. Plus, they all received checks for unused vacation time).

I cancelled all remaining company credit cards.

If someone called from the road and needed money, we wired transferred it to them on an app.

Hotel reservations were cancelled, if someone needed a room we went to Priceline and got the cheapest one we could find.

Hilton was out, Holiday Inn was just fine. Motel 6 was my first choice, if there was one nearby.

Individuals with company cars were given 24 hours to return those vehicles to the company parking lot.

We’d be paying mileage going forward.

All accounts were cancelled with all office supply companies.

I contacted the utilities and requested price reductions and facility audits to find more savings.

I requested all checking account statements be mailed to my outside office and all records for the last year were to be packed up and sent to my office at the studio.

Half an hour later six security guards showed up. Every employee except one was escorted from their desk to the time clock to the parking lot. They were told to return the next morning at 10am. The lone employee, someone Leeann said I could trust, was assigned to answer the phones and take messages.

Five minutes later, my IT vendor showed up and they started on a project that took all night, finding the loopholes and crap in the computer system. They found all kinds of things on the computers.

(At seven the next morning they handed me a list of employees to be fired for company policy and procedure violations. I had these employees sit at their desk (the computers had been removed) while I took my sweet time and fired them one by one, having them escorted out the door past their fearful, tearful, colleagues).

At the same time, at a nearby hotel, my new HR manager (referred by someone I knew and hired after a five minute phone call) was interviewing for a number of vacant positions created by the mass terminations.

I had the temp agencies send as many people as they could find.

I didn’t like to fire people, but I wasn’t there to be Mister Nice Guy.

What I was doing should have been done a long time ago.

Cleaning house.

Getting rid of the deadwood.

Firing those who were stealing time and money from the company that employed them.

Leeann didn’t want to do; her husband didn’t give a shit, so she hired me.

She was going to be getting a big invoice from me when she got back.

* * * * *

Also that second day, about 10 am, I had a couple of the wives of the guys I fired call me up and request to see me.

I agreed to see them, separately, of course, and found them to be very nice and apologetic about what their husbands had one.

I was impressed by their sincerity. I inquired about their skills and found both ladies would be an asset to the company.

I offered them both jobs; both balked because they were taking care of the children. They were stay at home moms.

I explained that their husbands were not likely to find work anytime soon, because the minute a potential employer called here looking for a reference and inquiring why they suddenly left the business, after being employed for years, the job opportunity was going to disappear until I changed what I was going to say about them.

When I offered to pay each lady ten percent more than their fired husbands made, they both accepted, and it turned out to be one of the best decisions I could have made.

When the wives got home, they both told their husbands “You’re babysitting from now on!”

I also put into place a policy of everyone, from me on down, wearing a company uniform every day of the workweek.

I wasn’t interested in seeing anyone’s ass crack.

* * * * *

I hadn’t told Leeann what I was going to do beyond taking care of the people on her list to be fired.

We didn’t speak for her entire vacation, demetevler genç escortlar but she would text me once a night and ask how I was.

I always responded “All is well. Your boyfriend misses you especially at bedtime. Have fun and much, love, The Company President.”

* * * * *

Leeann left me with a mess and of course, the company got sued by a few disgruntled ex-employees.

None of the cases had any merit and we countersued quickly.

Being accused of stealing trade secrets always scared the shit out of a defendant.

It was a civil matter that might make it over the hump to being a criminal matter.

I learned very early on in my law school days that anyone can sue anyone for any reason or no reason at all.

Each case against Leeann’s company was quickly settled for a penny on the dollar, and not a cent more.

* * * * *

So, Leeann left on Tuesday afternoon and I had an appointment already on my calendar: the weekly romp with Sally, the divorced lady who was dating a girl but enjoyed a dick once a week. Her preference was my hard cock every Tuesday night while her daughter was at her ex-husband’s house and the girlfriend was doing … whatever.

It was Sally’s night to play, and she lived for it.

I was a bit late arriving at my photo studio, but I had texted Sally the pass code on the alarm and she brought dinner and two nice bottles of red wine.

* * * * *

Once again, Sally had dolled herself up and looked quite beautiful and needless to say, arousing.

She greeted me with a kiss for a long-lost lover and I responded by pulling her body into my hard on so that she could feel the tool of her choosing.

When our lips parted, she asked me softly “Will you just hold me, please?” and I pulled her into me again and she sort of melted into my arms.

Not to be crude, but her tits felt great against my chest and she slowly started to grind on my erection.

“I’ve been waiting since last Wednesday morning for this moment” she whispered to me.

I didn’t want to lead her on but what was I going to do, spoil the moment? … so I replied, “Me too.”

* * * * *

She wanted more pictures, professional ones, so we soon checked off that item.

We had dinner, a delightful conversation about everything but work.

I felt a real kinship with her, and I think she felt the same about me.

That night with Sally we didn’t fuck because she didn’t want it hard and fast, instead we did it slow and sweet.

We made love, and both of us knew exactly what we were doing.

My parents used to play a song from the Moody Blues that had a lyric “…give just a little bit more, take a little bit less from each other tonight …”

Where our previous session had been a fuck fest filled with screaming orgasms, as many as I could get out of Sally, to fully satisfy her, this night was different.

She wanted to be held, she wanted to be loved, and she wanted to be wanted.

I was much more than a hard cock for her…

* * * * *

I have no idea how much we slept that Tuesday night.

If I had to guess I would have said not more than a couple of hours.

She used me; I used her, neither one of us cared.

That was a line out of a Bob Seeger song and it sure applied.

In the morning, in the dark bedroom, I planted a final load into Sally and literally shit, showered, shaved and split to get back to start my second day at Leeann’s business.

Sally handed me an envelope and when I asked her what it was, she replied “It’s a business proposal. Read it and let’s talk.”

We kissed and well, I left, and she knew the way out.

She had told me in the midst of one of love making sessions that she had her Board of Directors meetings on Wednesday nights, and she liked to work the stress out the night before.

Ergo, the Tuesday night “fuck fest” with yours truly.

Or “love-in” to coin a phrase from the 60’s.

Driving through Starbucks I read her letter.

Sally wanted me to become the General Counsel for her nonprofit for a fee of $7,500 a month.

All of the sudden I wondered what the fuck I was doing working at Caltrans.

* * * * *

Wednesday night I was very tired, as you might imagine.

I’d been fucking, licking, eating, kissing and getting blown when I should have been resting and sleeping.

It was another long day at Leeann’s business; I got there before 7am and left 12 hours later.

I hate to eat junk food, but I made an exception and drove through In n Out and picked up a double-double; two huge orders of fries and a chocolate shake.

My plan was to sit in front of my television, watch an action flick for as long as I could and then hit the sheets.

My plan worked perfectly until about 8:15pm.

I was in the middle of an old movie where Clint Eastwood blows dirt bags and scumbags into dust when my cell phone rang.

I was quite surprised and had forgotten all about the beautiful bride from the wedding!

Back from her honeymoon she was calling to set up a time for some very special pictures to be taken by me.

Meaning, hot, clothing off pictures.

I assumed these were for her husband.

We didn’t know one another at all, but she knew she could trust me, and we set a time for her to come by the studio late Thursday afternoon.

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