Q Caught by Workman

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Whilst driving back through France from our holiday. We stopped off to take some pictures at a horse racing track near Forge-les-Eaux.

We had taken some pictures at this location the year before. These were very well received on a number of web sites and we filmed ourselves fucking with the horse track as a background and posted the video captures.

Once gain we entered into the track via the back way and this is the story of what happened.

We walked in and took a few pics overlooking the track just with Q with her tits out. Since our last visit someone had built a garden area on the edge of the track near the woods surrounding the track.

Q stripped off and posed for a few pictures sat on a stone bench and we took some more on a picnic bench at both places Q used her dildo for posing with, not really fucking herself with it at this time.

We noticed that a new cabin had been built close by and I wandered over to see if we could take pics alongside it. Lo and behold it was unlocked. It was a little like the place bahis firmaları Goldilocks found.

Inside it had a range of furniture and had been made quite homely a little stool painted blue with matching chairs and table. Q posed round the table for a few pictures again using her dildo as a prop.

Mounted on the wall at each end of the cabin was a couple of stuffed animal heads and we took a few shots with those. Q had to stand on the furniture so I could get the right camera angles.

Q by now was feeling quite horny. So she laid down on the settee and began slowly fucking herself with the dildo. I carried on taking pictures as Q made herself cum quite quickly.

By now I was getting a bit horny as well. As Q fucked her very juicy cunt it was making loud sucking noises.

Q was urging me to put the camera on video mode and stand it on the table and come and fuck her.

I took another pic or two planning to set the camera to video, stand it on the table and then strip off and fuck Q with the camera capturing the action. kaçak iddaa

Just as I took the last pic Q said “FUCK” really loudly. .

When Q cums, it’s usually, “ARGHHHHH” so I thought she was having an extra massive orgasm. But NO!! She had seen a guy walk up behind me.

He stepped into the cabin. Q still with the dildo up her cunt, legs spread, cum dripping onto the settee.

I never heard him walk up behind me. He was dressed in typical French maintenance workers clothes, red hi vis vest and yellow hi vis trousers. He was aged about 47 or 48.

I expected the guy to:

a) Ask to watch.

b) Watch and wank.

c) Ask for a blow job

d) Ask if he could fuck Q.

None of these things actually happened.

Instead he looked around as if we had stolen something or vandalised the place. Then he started shouting angrily in French. He was very angry.

Q pulled the dildo out of her cunt and stood up dildo in hand. I thought she was going to use it to defend herself.

The guy told us to leave the kaçak bahis hut. Q had to walk 30 yards outside naked, dildo in hand to where she had left her clothes on the stone bench. The guy following her closely.

I tried to snap a picture of him and Q as we walked over to collect Q’s clothes but he was just off camera sadly.

Q put her coat on and carried the rest of her clothes in her arms as he escorted us back to the busy main road and our vehicle. We got in the vehicle and I was backing out onto the road when a maintenance lorry pulled in behind, it had three other guys in it.

As we drove off the guy got into the lorry.

I think they must have seen us parked in the entrance as they drove up the road, dropped the guy off and driven the couple of miles to the roundabout to turn round to come back down.

Q quickly recovered and laughed and asked if I caught it all on video.

Another 30 seconds or so and the video would have been running and we could have asked someone to translate his ranting.

I wondered later what would have happened, if it had been a different guy from the lorry who had found us and would the outcome have been hornier.

Maybe all of them would have watched and wanted to join in.

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