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She double-checked the camper door to confirm that it was locked, the last thing we wanted was to have the grandkids barge in on us. We needed to fuck in a bad way! We barely get to spend any time together since they moved in. Then she opened her wrap revealing her glorious tits—she had me practically drooling, parading around shaking her big melons for me. I’m a boob man, although I didn’t know it till I met her. There has always been something about her big tits—I find them extremely attractive, and get a raging hard-on when she jiggles them around for me.

I was pitching a major tent in my shorts marveling at her willingness to entertain me! I couldn’t stop staring at the large areolas and hard nipples that she so proudly posed for me.

I quickly dropped my shorts and laid back on the bed brandishing my cock for her—It wasn’t that big, about 5-6 inches most the time, depending on how turned-on I was—right now I’m pretty aroused, hell I’m probably 7″ and thick kızılay escort as hell, poking straight up in the air waiting for her to slide her hot pussy down my pole! She was in possession of a really tight cunt, it’d be a squeeze sliding down this big pole!

Fuck, I hope I didn’t cum as soon as she stabbed herself on my hard cock. I was already leaking pre-cum—not just a little! Maybe I should eat her out first, make her cum and then pound her pussy till I cum—yeah, right, I’d just squirt all over the bed the second I tasted her sweet pussy. And if I managed to hold it long enough to eat her to climax I’m sure I’d cum on the first stroke in her sloppy pussy. Whatever, time was short with these kids around, no time to change the game plan now. We just needed to do it, cum what may!

She didn’t waste any time climbing on top of me. As she mounted me, she reached for my cock and steered it toward her looming pussy. I had to tense every muscle in my body to etlik escort keep from spewing my load all over her plump pussy before I even penetrated her hungry pussy. It was ecstasy when I finally felt the hot wetness of her cunt swallowing up my hard cock! It was a tight fit just as I expected, but with all the anticipation her pussy was sloppy wet-She slid her hole down my pole. I was impressed with myself, I was able to hold my load while bury my rod to the balls.

She started slowly riding my cock up and down, her tits swinging in my face—I knew exactly what she wanted, needed, couldn’t wait for me to do. I reached up and fondled her tits and played with her nipples while she fucked me. Her pace quickened! If she keeps this up I’ll fill her cunt with cum sooner than I hoped!

I slid my hands around her full hips and met her motion with thrust of my own while starting to lick and suck her nipples. Her pussy felt so slick and so hot, I couldn’t demetevler escort wait to spew my load. But instead, I slipped out of her on the upstroke knowing she really loved rubbing her clit up and down my cock—she was quick to take advantage of my not so accidental slipping out. With my cock flat against my belly she planted her plump pussy lips around my girth and began her cameltoe slide—sliding her clit up and down the length of my stiff rod! We were both on our way now to a huge climax!

She started picking up the pace even more, stroking my cock faster and faster between her hungry, plump pussy lips, that’s usually my que to cum, and that’s exactly what I did—I shot my load of cum all over her hairy patch, her swollen clit, and her hot pussy lips! Her que couldn’t have come soon enough, I couldn’t hold it anymore! It was a huge load and like clockwork she moaned “OH God!” And seemed to go into slow motion and shudder as she slowly mixed our juices. Back and forth she slowly slide with her puffy lips on both sides of my shaft, and squirting her pussy juice all over us, the sound was a loud squishing noise.

The bed was soaked, we were drenched! Another quickie well done.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32