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They had been wasting the day, shopping, eating, teasing each other. It had been perfect. Now it was late, the other shoppers long gone home. But they had one more errand. The bookstore. She needed a magazine and a latte; he wanted the latest in a series that had finally been published. He parked the truck, turning to her before they got out. She leaned into the kiss, her tongue dancing around his, playful. He sucked her tongue in, making her moan, back in her chest in that way he craved. His fingers played up her thighs, felt her legs part. He slipped under the elastic, his fingers wet at once with her. On the tiny bench seat she twisted, turned to him to give him access. Her hips pushed up, wanting it deeper. He obliged, smiling around the kiss. He pulled back, sliding the damp fabric down, off her legs. He got to her knees. She reached out at once, trying to stop him.

“No…sweetie, no…not… NOW” She whispered.

“YES…yes, baby…now, you know you want to, c’mon, gimme, Lauren please baby…please, for me” He whispered back in her ear.

He rubbed the fabric, thrilled at how wet she already was. He lightly stroked her clit, the tiny knot now hard. She relented, she always did when she heard him in her ear. His voice swam in her head when they were like this, never silent, always a low murmur. He had caught her with his voice and words, now she craved them when they were alone, inside each other. He pulled once more, felt her feet kick as the panties came off finally. He pocketed them. They stepped out, the air warm in summer, her sundress cooler now, her legs hotter.

The store was almost empty. A few students were sitting at the coffee bar, drinking and studying. Their quiet laughter buzzed in the café. When they entered the store they slid apart like many couples, each looking to find their own satisfaction. She walked idly, not really reading the titles that scrolled by. She loved the solemnity of a bookstore, the quiet way that one asked a question as if in a library. The coffee was great here also. She picked up a new novel that she had heard a review of, leaning against the stack as she flipped pages. She has started to lose herself in the first chapter when she could feel heat on her neck, his weight shifting behind her. His head poked over her shoulder, resting there.

“Anything good?” he asked.

“I can’t tell yet, but it has my interest.” She replied. She bit off the next words as his hand slid to her ass, cupping her cheeks, squeezing.

“STOP” she said as quietly and forcefully as she could.

“Stop? Me? Stop what honey?…this you mean?”

His fingers slid under her hem, then inside her with practiced ease. She wet instantly when she ankara escort bayan felt him playing with her ass, but this, being fucked like this in a store with people? She trembled as she wanted him to stop, and go deeper, faster.

“Please…no baby…no” she hissed.

As quickly as he started, his fingers slipped out. He did trail them down her thigh, making her shiver at her own arousal. He kissed her neck lightly then went away, fingers tapping on book backs as he walked. She narrowed her eyes as he slithered off, sure that he had that smug grin on his face. She wanted him to come back and finish now that she was empty. She looked around then, nervous that she had been spotted. Her heart slowed down, realizing that she was safe, no one the wiser.

She was in Gardening now, alone again. She was engrossed in a book on flowers when she felt him again. The same hand again sliding across her butt, then fingers darting inside, only now he pushed deep. As before she was wet at the first touch, but now it was hotter, more intense. She was not as nervous, and that first touch had started an itch in her. She wanted him to go farther. She bit her lip, tension growing as he simply placed them in her, not moving at all. He pretended to not notice her right foot sliding up and down her ankle, frustration building with each second of teasing.

He loved watching how her knuckles got white as she gripped the book tightly. She would not give in and ask for it, not yet. He knew her body and responses, every muscle and nerve ending. From practice he could tell just by her breathing pattern that the one finger swirling inside was driving her mad. Her pride tried to keep her quiet, but the heat in her core won out. The groan that leaked from her was his prize for now. Before she could even protest he was gone again. When she saw him again he was in Transportation, a book on Zepplins seemingly engrossing him.

‘God damn you fucker… come back, do it again’ she thought.

She tried to push it away, thought about planning her own teasing revenge when they got home. She knew him also, wanted to make him as hard as she was wet, then STOP. Tit for tat. She smiled at how he would look the sound of his begging of ‘please, more, please’, how she would remind him of her needs tonight. This time she never heard him till he spun her around, crushing his lips to hers quickly, pulling her into him. The touch she felt in her was raw, needy, pumping fast under her dress. She fell on his shoulder after the kiss broke, humping now as she felt a crest building. She felt his hard outline pressed against her thigh.

‘At least he’s as hot as I am’ she thought. She pushed back as discreetly elvankent escort as she could, her breathing shallow, like she had forgotten how. ‘Just there, yes…there, circles, just like that’.

Then…,nothing. She almost screamed when he pulled out again, a few seconds from release. She wanted to slap the smile off his face, after she was through fucking him dry.

She fumed when he pecked her lips, his feet almost skipping this time as they parted. She had been close, so close and now she wandered aisles of words like she was drugged.

Nothing interested her except the throbbing between her legs. She glanced around to see again that no one was watching. Then she saw her. Long straight brown hair and a slim build. A mythology text gripped in her left hand. She was across the aisle again. She was sure that this girl had been near at his last maddening touch as well. She tried to look at her but the girl broke eye contact as soon as Lauren looked up. She felt herself blush crimson, sure now that she had been watched. That image hung in her mind, of this meek looking girl watching her hips move as her lover slid his fingers in and out. She wondered how much she had seen, how long had she been watching?

Now it was a game of tag, only now with three players hiding in the aisles. In History he stood behind her again, his two fingers inside, then another from his free hand in her mouth. Satisfied he was wet enough it went in also, but in her ass. She felt her knees go weak at that, both tiny opening stretched as her hummed in her ear. He cooed at her, told her that she was his beauty, his baby, that after tonight she would never be able to come here without thinking about this. She considered that. When she was here in every section she would think that she could smell it, her sex, her scent. She would close her eyes, picture herself leaning over, ass out, wet fingers clinging inside as he played her. That image alone sent her reeling, knowing that others were going to stand right here, in this spot. They would hold books and conversations where just a few hours ago she had been fucked, never realizing it. She smiled and threw her hips at him harder, swiveling to corkscrew him in deeper, push her closer.

In, out, in, out. A slow drumbeat that kept her on edge, but never set her free. She felt her chin was wet, realized that she had been panting too hard again. Her voyeur friend was in Biography, peering over the edge as slyly as she could, her eyes no longer looking away when they met.

She started to revel in her singular audience. Once when he broke away again she walked past her friend, a wiggle evident when she turned. The girl blushed, etlik escort bayan realized that she had been spotted as well. Getting bolder she stood directly across the next time, staring openly as each woman swayed hips in time, one feeling a lover, the other wishing that she had the nerve to do it. Lauren wanted to sit with her for some reason, talk with her like an old friend, feeling like they were sharing in this somehow.

Lauren was now in Short Fiction, an anthology of erotica in her hands. ‘Bad choice’ she thought, too close in subject to just stand here and read, too many images already fighting for space. She wondered what a writer would make of this moment, her game with him, her little friend’s eyes watching. Both women waited for it to start again. He walked openly to her this time, no sneaking up. She held his eyes, daring him to do it again, finish this time. He had that silly smirk again. She loved it even as it irritated her. He simply pushed her back against the stack now, gliding inside again. She opened to him, her gaze darting to her companion. She watched the girl’s mouth part, her lips shiny. She could tell that she was rubbing her own mound through her jeans, a silent partner in their ménage. He fucked her faster this time, wanting to make her come, feel her knees go out. She had her hand on the back of his neck holding on, just at the edge.

Then she saw it, the girl’s lips mouthing to her. She fought to concentrate, focus even as her mind fogged with swelling desire. She bit her lip again, then made out the words.

“Do it…Come…Do it…Come … come… DO IT” was the silent message.

That did it; she fell apart inside, her teeth biting her lip painfully as she stifled her scream. She buried her face in his chest, eyes wet as tears rolled down in release. He held her through the waves, stroking her hair, her back.

He whispered ‘Love you, thank you, baby, love you…’

When she stopped shaking she asked him to go get the magazine she had wanted. She would meet him out front, she needed to go freshen up. She wound her way to the restroom, studying her face in the mirror. ‘God, such a bad girl, a lovely wicked girl’ she thought. Her makeup was a little runny, her hands shaking as she washed her face. The water was cool, the contrast to the heat between her legs wonderful. She heard a low moan from a stall. She went over softly, and looking down saw the girl’s shoes, her jeans pooled at her ankles. Lauren leaned back against the sink, waiting for her to finish. When the girl came out she was startled to see she was not alone, her face red. Lauren walked to her, and without asking, and with no fear, kissed her cheek once, smiled at her, and walked out.

She slid into the truck. She leaned over, kissing him as she grabbed his still hard cock through his jeans. They shook, giggling at what they had just done…

She pulled away and leaned to his ear, “Paybacks gonna be a bitch baby.”

“Promise?” he asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32