Red Hot

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She pulled into the parking lot of the motel. His car was already there. She found a parking spot and waited for a minute. Her cell phone rang and she picked up the call.

“Hey there” his voice came over the phone, “is your erotic mind ready to drive me wild?”

“My mind and something else,” she laughed. “I’m here in the parking lot, what room are you in”

“117” was his reply.

She quickly found the room and went inside. He was laying across the bed totally naked with a hard-on that was throbbing hot.

He looked at her in amazement. He thought he knew who she was, but sometimes like now, he wondered if he would ever really know her

She wrote erotica as a hobby, her occupation was much more subdued, she spent her days working in the health care profession. No one would ever guess what ran through her mind as she tended to her job. Nor would they guess by looking at her what her “other” life was like. Her hair was cut short, fashionable but easy to care for, deep blue eyes, a round body, with nice breasts for a woman of a mature age. In general she looked like the average person you would meet at the grocery store. She could be your neighbor, your child’s teacher, the clerk at Wal-mart.

In the next few seconds she was about to transform from an ordinary woman to a vixen who would satisfy his every desire. He hoped he would do the same for her. They were both married, to someone else. Their respective spouses just did not have the same sex drive that they did.

She leaned over his naked body and kissed him. Her tongue parting his lips and snaking into his mouth. His arms encircled her and he pulled her down on the bed with him, turning her on her back so that he controlled the kiss. His hand pulled her blouse up out of her skirt. Quickly he slide his hand underneath on her clothing and touched the lace of her bra. He pinched her nipple through the bra and was rewarded with a low moan from her throat.

He unbuttoned her escort sincan blouse and pulled it off of her. He bra was white lace. He could see her pink nipples standing out and put his mouth to one sucking on it through the fabric. He pulled at her skirt, it slide down her legs and wound up in a pile on the floor. She had thigh high stockings on. No garter belt, she told him that she didn’t think they were becoming on a woman of her size. Looking at her stockinged legs, feet still encased in the black pumps she wore, he thought that she just might have a point there. The stockings ended at mid thigh and from there to her bra she was totally naked.

He parted her legs and looked at her pussy. Red hairs curled all around the lips covering her mound but not able to hide the tip of her clit that poked out between her pussy lips. He loved looking at her. Just the sight of her red hairs, pink pussy lips and her parting her legs for him to see her turned him on beyond belief.

“MMMMmm you look good enough to eat” he said.

“Well I wouldn’t want you to feel like you can’t sample the menu.” she laughed.

His head went between her legs and his tongue licked at her slit. Up and down, sometimes he let the tip of his tongue dart inside of her. His hands held her legs apart and he was using only his tongue to eat her sweet pussy. It was like lapping honey from a spoon. It wasn’t long until her hips were moving pushing more and more of her pusssy in his face. He sat up a bit, positioning his body to keep her legs wide apart for him. He slid one finger inside of her and began rolling it in tiny circles. He heard her gasp as he changed the movement to an in and out pumping, fucking her with his finger. She was so wet, he could see the drops of moisture on her. He put two more fingers inside of her and continued to thrust in and out of her. His mouth and lips tightened around her clit and he began sucking on it, like it was a tiny cock.

He felt her ankara escort body start to buck underneath him, her moans becoming louder, until he heard her say “Now darlin’ now, I’m cumming”. Her love juiced pouted out of her pussy and he licked them up not missing a single drop. Sipping from her body the fluids that her passion released.

“I want to fuck you, now baby.” he breathed into her ear.

He helped her roll onto her stomach, dragging her down so that her pussy was accessible to him from the rear. She still had the stockings and heels on and his hands rubbed her ass as he took in the view. He could smell her cum, as he reached down to get some in his had to rub on her ass.

His hand went next to his own cock. The head swollen, the shaft throbbing, his balls aching for release. He held it in his hand stroking a few times, though he was already plenty hard enough for penetration. Slowly he entered her open pussy. He heard her moans and his own sounds of delight joined in. He began to pump into her just a slow steady rhythm. Her pussy pulled him in, she was so tight and hot that it felt as if he had slipped his cock inside a smooth leather glove. Again he looked down at her ass, his cock buried deep within her pussy. He pulled all the way out of her and with one thrust entered her asshole with his cock. A couple of thrusts in her ass and then back again to her pussy.

Her body shook with orgasm after orgasm as he fucked both of her holes at the same time. Now deep in her ass, he knew she had to have cum six times while he fucked her, he found his own release. Hot milky white cum filled her ass as he shot into her. He cried out in relief and joy as his cum flooded her body. Then collapsed on top of her as he was totally spent.

It must have been a couple hours later when he awoke. He knew that they had both drifted off to sleep after their lovemaking. He felt her gentle hands on his cock, warm wash cloth and soap as she washed him clean. etimesgut escort bayan Her hands caressed his balls, fondling them gently as she cleaned him. Putting the wash cloth down she climbed over him so that she had no trouble in reaching his cock or balls with her mouth. He felt her slide a pillow underneath his hips and knew that she could now reach his asshole as well. He closed his eyes.

“Suck me darlin, I love it when you do that”, he said to her.

She said nothing at all her tongue already at work in his asshole. One hand on his balls, one hand on his cock, and her tongue up his ass. His cock was as hard as a rock again. He felt her tongue glide over his balls. Her mouth taking them in one at a time. So warm, so good, his body completely relaxed into hers, as he enjoyed the sensations she was giving to his body. Her hands crawled up his chest rubbing his nipples.

Her hand was stroking his cock, while her tongue moved in tiny flickers under it’s swollen head. She sucked the head into her mouth her tongue moving along the shaft now. More and more of his cock was in her mouth until it was buried to the hilt in her throat.

He couldn’t help it he began to move his hip, fucking her mouth. She took him, every inch. He could feel the cum boiling in his balls.

“I’m going to cum baby,” he gasped, “can I cum in your mouth?”

Again no answer just a continuance of her mouth on his cock. His body stiffened and he released into her. Her mouth was slightly open and he could see his cum dripping down her chin. His legs were weak from the intensity of his cum and he was shocked to suddenly find her on top of him.

She opened her mouth slightly and he could see the white liquid still in her mouth. Her lips moved to his and her kiss deepened. Her tongue slipped between his lips and he tasted his cum and her kisses. He moaned and in doing so opened his mouth wider. She deepened her kisses transferring his cum from her mouth to his then back again.

Soon he began returning her kisses, they had ingested his cum together. He liked the sensation. Once again he pulled her to his body, holding her close and lightly touching her hair until sleep overtook them both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32