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It has been a particularly crappy day and all I want to do is go home. In the car listening to the radio I begin to feel a bit horny. I’m a bit surprised by this; it’s been a long time since I felt the need to fuck and even longer since I had had a man to do it with.

I walk threw the front door and go immediately to the bedroom, shedding my clothes as I go. I lay down on the bed and begin running my fingers over my clit gently, bringing them down to stick a couple into my pussy, then back up to roll my bud in between my thumb and forefinger. As my twiddling makes me hungry for more I began to rub faster and harder, instead of two fingers I place all four in my cunt fucking myself as deep as I can. I began to moan loudly, closing my eyes as I feel an orgasm rock my body.

I move my other hand down and rub my clit as the fingers of the other work feverishly in my tightening pussy. My head spins as wave after wave of the welcomed orgasm hits me, my body shakes violently as I feel my juices shot out onto my fingers. As I calm down I pull my wet fingers from my cunt and bring them to my lips licking off my own cream. The taste makes my pussy ache for more and I get up to retrieve my toy.

The toy was an extremely long, thick dildo. I really enjoy being completely filled up. This dildo was 13 inches long and as big bahis firmaları around as a man’s arm. I almost came looking at it. I continued to rub my clit, harder now, holding the dildo in my free hand. I stared at its size, and imagined how great it was going to fill when I jammed its length into my dripping snatch. While I continue to finger my throbbing, wet cunt I started sucking the head of the gigantic dildo.

I began to imagine the man that would be attached to such a tool. He was huge, a brute. He was too big and strong to be gentle, so he would slam his huge fuck stick into my mouth, without regard to my pain. I started pushing the huge rubber cock into my mouth, my lips aching, trying to fit around it. My throat burned as I forced it so deep down that my eyes watered, and I gagged. But this brute wouldn’t have stopped so neither did I. I fucked my own mouth violently with the huge cock, taking a full 10 inches of it into my mouth. I couldn’t breath, even through my nose, because the huge stick took up too much room. I could feel the skin of my neck tighten as the thickness of the cock pushed my throat out towards it.

Then I imagined that the stupid hulk that was so violently fucking my face quickly yanked his rod out and shoved it into my pussy. He had no respect for me, he just ran this member deep into kaçak iddaa my pussy. The dildo was so long that it moved my womb against my stomach, and then all of my insides up towards my lungs. I couldn’t breath; my pussy was aching, so full that I had to spread my legs as far as I could to allow for movement.

I rubbed my clit hard with my other hand while I shoved the last inches of the huge toy into my soaked pussy. I pinched and ground at it with my fingers and hand. I started working the dildo fast and hard into my cunt, taking it from side to side, and abusing my fuck hole until it gave to the full length and width of the toy cock.

With my snatch stretched over it I began to move my hips to the rhythm of my hand, pumping them up and down, my ass lifting off the bed as an orgasm began to build deep with in me.

My body tenses as my cream began to flow out, making the toy almost to slippery to hold on to. I scream out, writhing and shaking under the spell of the tremendous orgasm that has overtook me. I began to calm down leaving the massive cock inside my pussy, feeling my walls spasming around it. I rub my still sensitive clit, liking the way my body twitches with each stroke of my fingers.

Finally taking the toy from my cunt, I begin to once again slide it up and down my slit taking it all the way kaçak bahis to tease my ass. I know that there is no way that I could ever get the dick up into my tight little asshole but just to put pressure on it with the toy makes me hot again.

I move sitting up on my knees, placing the cock down on the bed. I come down, my toy firmly sitting in between my legs, snuggled up against my twat. I bring my fingers to my mouth and spit on them, making sure that they are nice and wet, then reaching behind me I gently push one finger into my ass. Slowly I begin to move my finger in and out of my puckered hole as my hips move in rhythm dragging my snatch across the cock.

My ass loosens enough for a second finger and hurriedly I push it in, fucking myself harder. All images of the harsh man I had before disappear; I am trapped in my own world of pleasure, soaring high on the sensations that I am giving myself. My ass tightens around my fingers as I begin to cum again.

I throw the toy away from me, bringing my unused hand to my loose pussy hole and I shove my fist as deep inside of me as I can. I fuck myself fast and hard both hands working feverishly to bring myself to great heights of orgasm. My juices shoot from me soaking me hands, legs, and sheets, the bed shakes violently as I yell out my ecstasy. My legs give out and I collapse onto the bed, pulling my hands away from me I turn over onto my back.

I bring my fingers up to my lips cleaning my cum cream off them all as I think of how perfectly the night ended after such a crappy day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32