Rest and Relaxation

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Seven months into my third tour in Iraq I got to take some leave. I needed it, as a flight medic I was continuously seeing horrors and I think I was close to burn out. Since I had nowhere I had to be for two weeks, I wanted to spend some time in solitude. I had a woman friend who lived in the north that I kept in contact with, whose family had a cabin in the woods by a lake. That’s exactly what I wanted, peace and quiet, trees and cool country air. What I got was all that and a bit extra. I met Candy while she was working where I was stationed and we became good friends. The entire time I knew her she was in a relationship and I never really saw her as a woman, just a friend. Don’t let the name fool you, she was a tomboy and a country girl at heart. After travelling for well over a day, I was tired and needed a shower and was getting anxious waiting for her to pick me up at the airport. Besides that, I was extremely horny. I hadn’t been with a woman in over seven months, and while I put it out of my head over there, seeing all the attractive women in the airport, I began to feel the urge I had been repressing. My plan was to hang out at the cabin for a few days and then do some travelling and take care of my urges. Little was I to know they would be taken care of sooner than expected.

She didn’t keep me waiting for long. Candy had the same car from when I last saw her several years ago and I spotted it immediately. I could not have been hard to spot, being a short guy in ACU’s and a big bag next to him. As she got out to greet me, I noticed that she seemed unchanged from the last time I met her. Same shoulder length dirty blond hair pulled back in a pony tail, same style of dress- t shirt and faded slightly tight jeans and sneakers. We exchanged greetings and gave each other big friendly hugs, me adding a kiss to her cheek as I had done many times before. As we held each other tight, a thought crossed my mind, a reminder really. Her serious boyfriend had dumped her about two months ago. As we loaded my bags in her car and got in, I began seeing her as a woman, not just a friend.

As we chatted while she drove to her apartment, I took in her body. I’ve seen it many times before, but through different eyes. Her green eyes darted between the traffic and me. She had thin lips, a nice round face which contained no make up but appeared clean and fresh. Her neck seemed proportional to her stout body. Though she didn’t look it, she was a workout fiend, as her family had a propensity to get fat. Her arms lacked definition, but they looked thick with muscle, as he knew from before. The swell of her breasts wasn’t impressive, decent sized B-cups. She had a slight paunch to her belly when sitting, but she kept it in check. Her legs looked like they did- strong but thick. I smirked to myself thinking, she’s doable, I know, I’m a dog, a very typical, horny male. For the first time, Candy caused a stirring in my well endowed crotch. To be honest, almost any woman would get a similar reaction as it had been a long time since I had sex and just over a month since I’d even masturbated. The busy schedule and lack of privacy did not allow me to adequately take care of my build up, leaving me with a very full ball sac ready to explode.

Finally arriving at her apartment, I followed her up the steps, my eyes glued to her firm, fleshy buttocks encased in skin hugging jeans. This view is not new to me, even as friends I was always aware of her full ass and took every chance to check it out. It could be described as a “booty” and always filled out her outfits, be it jeans, spandex or running shorts. The twin globes were as round as a couple of playground balls and jutted out from her hips and would have been really impressive if she didn’t have her slight love handles. In my new attitude towards her, I couldn’t wait to get a hold of it.

Inside her apartment, she continued to jabber on as I set down my bags. Having been travelling for the past couple of days, I was in desperate need for a shower and told her so. I took off my ACU top and she noticed I had on an Under armor shirt. I told her it felt like a rubber band gently wrapped around me, meaning I didn’t like it. I offered to let her try it on and she agreed. I stripped it off in front of her; she’d seen my chest before, smooth and strong, tapering into my flat waist. She grabbed it and began pulling off her own bulky t-shirt. Yeah, I did want to get her naked, but it was my habit to turn around.

“It’s ok, I got my sports bra on,” she said upon seeing me turn. I smiled and said ok. Maybe she was having similar thoughts as me. She never did that before. I kept staring as she pulled off her shirt. The sports bra held her breasts in tight and squeezed her flesh as it was soft. Pulling the Under armor shirt on, it was meant to be skin hugging and, I have to admit, did not do her any good. She said as much and whipped it off. I announced I was going to shower and she said she’d cook up some steaks.

In the shower, I was luxuriating sincan escort bayan in the little things I had been missing while I was in Iraq. Constant hot water, not having to where shower shoes and privacy never felt better. It perked me up, in more ways than one. The pure enjoyment was causing my member to swell to its well above average size. Good thing that never happened in the communal showers! It slid easily in my hands, and I would have continued if the hot water had not gone away. I guess I can’t have everything. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I had to go back out to get my fresh clothes. Yes, I deliberately didn’t bring them in with me. My cock hadn’t fully deflated and was slightly noticeable from under the towel. I grabbed my stuff but stopped, facing the kitchen.

“Ran out of hot water Candy, you need a hand with anything?” She turned and said she was doing all right; all the while her eyes were scanning my body. It felt good to be seen as a man again. Blood began filling, causing my member to actually move under the towel. I saw that she noticed it, and we both turned at the same time to go back to what we were doing.

Dressed and seated, I enjoyed my first delicious steak and baked potato in over seven months. During and afterwards, she continued talking about her job, her National Guard unit, her family. Readers, I sort of tuned her out, both from being tired and just watching her mouth work the meat. I agreed when she suggested we leave for the cabin tonight instead of tomorrow morning. We were seated very close to each other on her sofa. Softly, I whispered how grateful I was for this and we hugged. I held her close to me for a bit, finally feeling relaxed and safe, her arms felt comforting around me. We squeezed each other tight. Releasing slightly, I decided to take a chance. I looked into her eyes and saw acceptance. I kissed her. Willingly she kissed back. Not a friendly peck as in the past, we kissed as a newfound couple, hungry, aching lips connecting, pulling on each other. Our mouths opening for tongues to slither around. Obviously, she had similar ideas as me. As we continued to kiss passionately, I twisted over her so that she was between my legs, her neck craned up to keep contact with me. I gave a quick shudder as I felt her hands lightly grasp the backs of my legs. At last, we broke our kiss and gulped in air.

“I hope you didn’t mind, I just couldn’t help myself,” I said. She was grinning ear to ear. “I’ve wanted to do that for a long time,” I told her, but it wasn’t really the truth.

“Oh, it’s fine,” she said through her smile.

“You ok with it,” I asked, wanting some feedback, though the way she returned my kisses was proof enough. I straightened my arms on the couch to keep her in focus.

“Oh yeah, kinda bit horny now,” she answered. I could feel my erection push into my pants. Looking down, I said I felt the same way. I watched as her eyes traced down, took in the large bulge then started a little laugh.

“Yeah, I can see,” she said through her laughter. I knew her well enough to differentiate her normal laugh she used now compared to her funny laugh. “We should get going; it’s a bit of a drive.” I gave her one more peck on the neck and stood up.

The drive to her cabin was much longer than I expected. Most of the trip I was in and out of napping as I was very tired. We reached it early in the morning and even though I was tired, I could feel the fresh, unspoiled air I desired so much. I couldn’t tell much as it was very dark, but she guided me up the stairs to her room. Earlier in our talks and emails after she told me of her break up, she readily agreed that we would be sharing the same bed, though we had never done that before. Without actually mentioning anything specifically, she understood how messed up I was and why I had asked to stay at the cabin, her being there only added to the aid. I sat my things on a bunk bed outside her room, stripped to boxers and a shirt; it was chilly, and climbed into bed. Though the light was off, I noticed she was not pulling on shorts as she had in the past before I succumbed to the bed’s comforting softness and drifted into sleep.

The sun shining through the window in her room woke me. It took my brain a few seconds to remember where I was at. Finally gaining my focus back, I looked around the room. It was very bare, just a couple hunting prints, real wood paneling and simple drapes over the window that did not block out the sunshine, meaning I wouldn’t sleep very late. Turning over, I saw Candy still sleeping. The sheets were pink and the comforter was rather girly for her normal tomboy image. Pushing them back, I realized I had a throbbing morning erection, something I hadn’t had in quite some time. As the covers were pulled back, I noticed Candy lying on her side. Her shirt was rumpled and pulled up to expose the small of her back and her panties. Nothing special, they were white with pink hearts and covered her full, voluptuous derriere. eryaman escort On my side, the head of my massive cock was mere inches from her backside. As if knowing a pussy was so close, my dick seemed to throb even harder.

Not wanting to rush things, I got up and moved away, letting my sexual hunger calm down. As I suspected, it was a hunting cabin full of simple beds, some work tables and a long dining table with chairs. After getting up herself, she made me a very American breakfast, which I wolfed down happily. After giving me a tour of the camp, she let me alone to wander and enjoy the solitude. I won’t burden you readers with my own inner turmoils and troubles, I’m writing to excite you and not to psychoanalyze myself.

That evening a couple of her male cousins dropped by from fishing and we ate fresh fish and fried potatoes (she wasn’t much into cooking vegetables). Afterwards, we proceeded to get drunk. The beer was cheap but the relaxed feeling, combined with the peaceful location, did much for my harangued nerves and I was feeling no pain. Throughout, I never gave up a chance to gaze upon her fine, voluptuous ass in her tight jeans, my mind now seeing her as a desirable woman instead of a friend. While we didn’t openly flirt around her cousins, there were some implied undertones. Being a lightweight from my extended time without drinking, I headed upstairs while they were just finishing up.

I was sitting on a couch, just staring at nothing, when Candy came up, wavering slightly from the beer. She plopped down next to me, intimately close, and said how glad she was to be up here and that I was here too.

“Hon, I’m a bit drunk,” she announced.

“Me too,” I replied. For a minute we just stared at each other. My lips were aching to kiss her again, and the increasing bulge in my jeans was a clue that I wanted to do more. That was not the only clue to our burning desire for sex; for the first time, I saw her nipples poking through her bra and shirt and knew it wasn’t just from the chilly night. Slowly, our heads moved together until we were almost touching. She started giggling, and then broke into laughter. Feeling its affect, I joined her. However, at the end of our joyous laughter, we were again locked in an embrace. Our hungry mouths found each other. The beer fueled our passions and relaxed our inhibitions a bit. Our kissing grew hotter and hotter by the minute! Not satisfied with just her mouth and tongue (she wasn’t a very aggressive kisser but followed my lead well), I moved over her jaw to her neck. As she moaned to my intimate kissing, licking and nibbling of her sensitive neck and earlobes, my hands pulled her close and found themselves caressing her firm butt. And firm it was! She threw one leg over mine and I caressed her outer thigh. That too was firm but thick from her workouts. Part of me wanted to take her right then and there, while another part of me said to wait until she was sober. My mind wrestled with both until it decided to wait, as I was very tired and new I wouldn’t be at my best.

I can’t tell you how long we stayed on the couch or who actually decided it was time for bed. While she headed for her bedroom, I went to take a piss, which took me several minutes to calm my raging erection to calm down. She was almost asleep when I climbed into bed and we spent a few more minutes kissing, though I kept a sheet between us. I did ensure that my inflated cock rubbed her. One of the last things she mumbled before we drifted off to sleep was how horny she was.

The next morning I was awoken again by the sun streaming through the window. I usually am not afflicted with hangovers and even though I drank quite a few beers after a long hiatus, I still did not sustain a hangover. As I lay there in bed, with a woman next to me, my dreams, not good ones, quickly faded away as I became aware of my surroundings. As yesterday, I had a thick, throbbing cock pushing against my underwear. Rolling to face Candy, who seemed to be a heavy sleeper, I moved the sheets to look at her again. This time I was rewarded with a slightly better view. It did nothing to deter my rampant erection. Her shirt was pulled up, exposing most of her back, which seemed so smooth. Her panties, now white with red hearts, had been pulled low on her hips and exposed the very top of her ass crack. I wanted to just slide my finger down it. Better yet, the rear of her panties had scrunched up, exposing a generous portion of butt cheek! The same firm ass that I had caressed last night was now almost visible to me! I want to fuck her! I wanted nothing more than to make sweet, passionate, sweaty love to a woman I only so recently regarded as friend! Wait, I told myself, the time had to be right. Getting out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom, huge cock pointing the way, to pee and shower.

In the shower, I once again reveled in its pressured hot water and solitude. My bloated balls, swollen from a lack of use, wanted to explode and I even stroked myself for a bit. etimesgut bayan escort For some reason, it takes me a very long time to ejaculate from masturbation and I didn’t want to waste the hot water for her shower. I’m such a nice guy.

By the time I calmed down, finished up and got dressed, I heard her rising. I walked back to her room and sat next to her on the bed. I gave her a peck on her thin lips and wished her a good morning. While she did have a bit of a headache, her country background and propensity for beer drinking did not cause her to suffer in the morning. We chatted and hugged for a bit until she got up showered and dressed.

This morning was similar to yesterday with a hearty, if not healthy, breakfast and more wandering around the woods and lake. For some time we collected firewood and I even told her some of my problems, but just a gloss over, I wasn’t ready to talk too much in detail. When I was alone, I spent some time thinking of Candy. It was obvious she shared similar feelings of me as I did of her. Our talks contained more innuendo, there was more touching involved and our kisses were more deliberate and sensual. I decided to let things play out and not force anything. I knew that I would be a rebound for her. As for me, I understood the healing power of sex when it is desired by both parties, I wanted this to happen, but it had to be mutual. I didn’t have to wait long.

During lunch, she asked if I wanted to join her to get more groceries and I agreed. We both wanted to change clothes, as we were both dirty from gathering wood and roaming the woods, and headed upstairs. My spare clothes were just outside her bedroom so I followed her all the way to her room. Without closing her door, she began stripping off her soiled shirt and bra. Why she took it off, I’ll never know; she didn’t do it seductively, just as naturally as she would have had I not been there. As my shirt came over my head, I was looking right at her as her pear shaped breasts came into view. Her nipples were only slightly erect and I noticed she had rather small areola. It happened so fast, I didn’t have time to turn away even if I wanted to.

“Men, you’re all the same,” she said after noticing me stare and started giggling.

“Like you don’t look,” I responded smiling. Sensing it was ok, I didn’t give her time to respond before sliding my shorts and drawers down to my ankles exposing my thick flaccid dick for her to see. I was right, as she lowered her eyes to lock onto my manhood. Sensing the presence of a desirable, near naked woman, my cock began to thicken and lengthen. The spongy head ballooned as blood filled it, inching its way closer to her. She just stared as it grew to its entire 8 ½” length. It’s single; nonseeing eye was looking straight at her face, daring her to succumb to its need for release. I could tell she was impressed by her facial expression and open mouth. Even I was impressed by how rapidly it expanded without a single bit of encouragement. We stayed that way for a minute. Reading her face, I could see desire and confusion, along with the fascination of its above average size. Not wanting to push it, I started laughing and got dressed, as did she. It took some effort, but by the time we were back in her car and driving, my cock deflated, though not completely, I could feel that it was more fleshed out than normal and made sure it was noticeable. I caught her a few times checking out my crotch, and I kept a hand comfortably settled high up on her upper thigh.

In the grocery store, I would occasionally run my hand over her firm rump when nobody was looking and we both played at pinching each other on our arms torso and butts. While I felt relaxed and comfortable, I could still feel my balls churning up even more seed to add pressure and increase my need to cum. It didn’t help much as we ran into one of her mom’s friends in the parking lot. I had both hands full of groceries and as they chatted, I did what most normal guys do, checked the woman out. Talk about a hot older woman! Her yoga pants did nothing to conceal her very firm and shapely ass, while her red hair could not pull me away from her large bosom. Her breasts stretched her thin top very tight. I really can’t say I like one part of a woman’s anatomy over another, but I did wish they were mounted on Candy, that was my dick thinking. Speaking of which, the monster was growing in my pants as we stood there. Having changed, I neglected to put on underwear, my growing cock pushed its way down my left leg, the head noticeably pushing against the material. With the groceries held in both my hands, I could not adjust, nor did I care to. A big smile broke on the older woman’s face as she saw the lump in my pants. When Candy realized what was happening, she smiled broadly and said we should be going now. The older woman’s parting words caused my heated balls to throb even more as she told Candy to take care of me.

The trip back was the same, but now I was thicker than before, it wasn’t going away as easily. After parking, I pulled her to me and we kissed deeply for several minutes. I could feel her hand nervously touch my knee but stayed there. Ending it with a kiss to her forehead we got out and put the groceries away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32