Reunion with the Twins

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Every year for as long as I can remember growing up, our family always traveled to our annual family reunion. I hadn’t attended the last couple of years because I was involved in sports so I decided to go this year. This year’s reunion was to be held at My Uncle Dave’s place in South Carolina. Uncle Dave had an awesome ranch. He raised horses for a living and my cousins, Dawn and Debbie were great at riding. Little did I know that I would find out that horses weren’t the only thing they were good at riding. Our reunion always coincided with the July 4th holiday. Uncle Dave had plenty of space for most of the family as he had built a bunkhouse with several rooms. We arrived on a Saturday with plans to stay the week. The ride to Uncle Dave’s took about 5 hours from where we lived and we arrived about 1 in the afternoon. After Uncle Dave got us settled in at the bunkhouse, I wandered over to the stables where Dawn and Debbie were. The twins were giving a couple of horses a bath as I arrived.

“Need any help?” I asked.

“Sure, we can always use an extra pair of hands around here.” Dawn said with a smile.

“So how was the trip down? Asked Deb.

“It was alright, nothing out of the ordinary.” I replied.

“Well, will try and make your stay here a memorable one, won’t we Dawn,” said Deb.

And with that, they proceeded to hose me down with the water hose. We wrestled for the hose and I was able to spray both of them enough that their t-shirts were soaked. They weren’t wearing a bra so I had pendik escort a nice view of their tits with nipples protruding as large as day.

“Now look what you’ve done, we’re soaked.” says Deb.

“I kind of like the wet t-shirt look myself.” I replied.

“I bet you do. So, what do you think? asked Deb.

“Think about what?” I asked.

“Out tits, do you think we have nice ones? asked Deb.

“From what I can see, you both have very nice tits.”

“Thanks. We try and take care of ourselves as much as possible. All the lifting we do around here helps us to keep them firm. Plus we do a lot of push-ups and sit-ups at night before we go to bed.” Deb replied.

“And since we live out in the middle of nowhere, we’re able to do all the nude sunbathing we want. No tan lines, see.”

The girls both took off their shirts to display the most beautiful pair of tits that I had ever seen in person.

“Don’t worry, Mom and Dad don’t mind us being naked. We do a lot of our chores this way. I hope you don’t mind? ” Dawn said.

“Not at all. It’s just that…”

“I know, we figured seeing us like this would get you aroused abit. We can see that your manhood is firm and ready to break out of those shorts of yours. Listen, we’re nudists most of the time around here, even Mom and Dad. So we know it will take some getting used to,” said Dawn.

“When the rest of the family arrives later in the week, we’ll dress for the occasion, but until then, we want to be as casual around here as escort pendik possible.” explained Deb.

“So I think it’s time that we get acquainted.” said Dawn.

And with that Dawn and Deb took off their shorts. Neither girl was wearing any underwear. Except for their work boots and socks, they were as naked as you could get. Being identical twins, you couldn’t tell them apart. They wore their hair the same way and dressed the same way most of the time. But they were different when it came to there pussy.

“Deb and I usually work around here like this. I know that it would be hard for you to tell us apart so we devised a way for you to distinguish us. Mom and Dad have had problems in the past telling us apart, so Mom came up with the idea that one of us shave. I like the shaved look, so you can always know me by my shaved pussy.” explained Dawn.

“OK Rob, it’s your turn. Lets see what you got cuz.”

And with that Dawn and Deb came over and unsnapped my shorts and pulled them down. Then they removed my boxers to reveal my rock solid manhood.

“Very nice Rob. You have a beautiful cock.” said Dawn.

“Don’t worry about the hard-on. We’re used to seeing Dad that way a lot. It comes with the territory.” Deb said.

“ You have two options. If you really need to relieve yourself, don’t mind us. We enjoy watching Dad jerk off all the time. Actually, we usually masturbate at least once a day ourselves. It helps to relieve the sexual tension. And I’m sure you masturbate at home on occasion pendik escort bayan yourself. Or if you’d like, just ask one of us and we’d be glad to jerk you off,” explained Dawn.

“ We’re both virgins, so sexual intercourse is out. But, we do enjoy oral stimulation. And we’d be honored if you would help us out in that way while you were here,” said Deb.

“ Yes, I masturbate at home and yes I’d be glad to help you with oral pleasures, but right now I feel like my cock is ready to explode from all this stimulation,” I said.

“Then lets take care of the problem right now,” says Deb.

Deb kneeled down in front of me and engulfed my cock with her mouth. She started sucking on it with such suction that I exploded in her mouth in no time.

“I’m cumming Deb.”

“Give her everything you got Rob, fuck her mouth,”Dawn quipped.

“Ahhhh….suck my load out…..take it all.”

And with that Deb swallowed every last drop of cum from my cock.

“Ummm… not bad. You had quite the load. Now me and Dawn are going to take care of business before we get back to work.”

And with that said, Dawn and Deb laid back on a bail of hay and masturbated as I watched with utter amazement. Both came very intensely. Afterwards we all had to pee and I asked where the bathroom was.

“Rob, you go wherever you are. Bathroom is in the house, but most of the time, we’re either out here or in the field. We go wherever we’re at. Come on.” Deb explained.

And with that they walked over to a stall, spread their pussy lips and proceeded to pee. I walked over to where they were and joined in. I had never seen a girl pee standing up, didn’t think it was possible. After today, I was beginning to think anything is possible.

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