Robin and Alicia Ch. 04

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I didn’t see either of them for another several years, until I was visiting Robin’s town for work. Paul, her husband, was still a friend of mine, so I wanted to see them for a while when I was there. And of course I wanted to see if I could get any more of her pussy. Let’s not kid ourselves, the reunion had been one of the hottest weekends of my life, and I jerked myself off to her every night for weeks afterwards, and continued to fantasize about it for months more. I would be fucking other girls and imagine it was Robin or Alicia I had my dick in. Partly it was the married thing, which was hot and dangerous, and made me feel both dirty and like a hot property, if these girls were willing to cheat on their husbands for me; partly it was just that they were so damn willing to go for broke, sexually—I felt like they didn’t hold anything back.

Alicia and her husband lived in the same town as Paul and Robin, but her husband Ted and I had drifted apart a bit more, so I didn’t really have an excuse to see her. So I would have to content myself with just popping a nut inside Robin—which would be fine with me! It had been a while, and she had two kids of her own now, so I was wondering what effect it had had on her body.

When I arrived at their house, Robin was out at the kids’ soccer games, where she was refereeing, so I hung out with Paul and had a good time. We had fun bullshitting about this and that, although obviously the whole time all I could think about was getting in his wife’s pants. The craziest part was when he started talking about her, and said that she had been getting pretty wild in bed lately. I was a little surprised he even brought it up; he got a lot more specific about the details than I’d ever heard about anyone’s wife before—talking about how she licked his balls and let him cum on her tits. Then he brought up how he was so impressed with how hot she still was, even after a couple kids—she kept in shape, her tits hadn’t sagged, her ass was still tight as ever. Good to hear, I thought. But, this was the kicker—he asked me, “Didn’t I think so?”

Well, I said, I had to agree, based on what I remembered of her, and from the pictures in the house, that yes, she was a pretty fine looking wife. I was obviously not going to point out that I could describe the inside of her vagina in minute detail, and that I had in fact been hoping that she was still as hot as I remembered.

“I mean,” he said, “I just can’t believe how lucky I am to get to fuck her. I mean, wouldn’t you want to do her?”

“Uh,” I said. “Suuuuure. Of course I’d like to fuck your wife. What the hell are you talking about?”

“Well shit man, I mean obviously I’m talking about if we weren’t married.”

Of course, I could only think, “dude, that’s exactly what I’m here to do, and I’ve already done it in every position imaginable.” It was obvious that she had been extra horny as she looked forward to my visit, and that’s why he had been getting extra pussy.

Robin strode through the door right then, with her kids following her. She looked just as hot as he described, wearing a tight black and white striped referee shirt made out of that cheesy nylon fabric, which did nothing to hide her fabulous tits, and a pair of damn tight and damn short black shorts. Apparently she reffed older kids’ games while her kids played in the younger league. I can only imagine the older kids were jerking the shit off of themselves when she came to ref their games. How could they even pay attention to the game?

“See what I’m talking about?” Paul whispered to me, conspiratorially.

“You’re right dude, now that I see her, I would definitely fuck her. How about tonight?” I stage-whispered back as a “joke,” and he smiled.

“Sure, go for it!” he said with a smile.

“What are you boys talking about?” Robin asked, but we answered that it was nothing, and she went to her room to change out of her erotik film izle uniform. When she came out, she was wearing a tight white button-up shirt made out of a slightly see-through fabric, which reminded me of that lab coat so many years ago, and which showed off her tits nicely as well. Apparently, she just couldn’t wear a shirt that didn’t make her tits look good. Amazingly, they still had the perkiness of an 18-year-old’s rack, despite the fact that she was now twice that age. She wore a short plaid skirt that showed off her athletic legs. Basically, in the course of a few minutes, she had transformed from hot referee to super-hot Catholic school girl—except she was actually a mom of two kids! Clearly, she was putting on a show for my benefit, and I appreciated the hell out of it.

But nothing happened between us during the day. I just got my jollies by watching her prance around in that skirt all day. Once or twice, she would face away from me and pretend to need to pick something up. She would bend over, stiff-legged, to do it, letting her skirt rise up in the process, and giving me a peek at her thong-wearing ass! But those peeks were all I was getting; she clearly wanted to make sure Paul didn’t know what was going on. It was only at night, when we were about to go to sleep, that she passed me a note! It was like we were school kids. “2AM,” it said, “in the bathroom.” No fucking problem! I can go without a little sleep if I get me some hot tail!

So I woke up at the assigned time, and quietly snuck into the bathroom. A few minutes later, in came Robin, wearing a sheer, see-through nightgown that went only halfway down her thighs. Her nipples showed clearly through the fabric, but I couldn’t see her pubic hair, which surprised me–until I realized why, when she flipped up the front of the gown with a grin, showing me her newly-shaved cunt!

“Jeezus Christ, let me at you,” I whispered, and moved closer to kiss her. I grabbed her bouncing tits with no subtlety at all. It’s hard to resist a temptation like that. “Are you sure he’s not going to wake up?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” she said, “but I do know that I need your cock more than I’m worried about his sleeping habits.”

“Well then,” I said, “where do you want it?”

She answered me by kneeling down and plopping my cock in-between her tits. “I’ve been practicing,” she said, and proceeded to give me the best tit job ever. I had been stunned by Alicia’s skills before, but now Robin blew her away. Those tits were just so damn firm and sweet-looking, they held my cock in between their luscious globes like a vice covered with chamois. It felt like I was caught in a pair of pneumatic pistons, but with the texture of velvet. Her tongue sneaked down for the occasional lick on my cock head, further stimulating me.

“I’ve been fucking Paul with these tits every week, perfecting my craft, so that when I saw you again, you’d never want anybody else’s tits wrapped around your cock but mine,” she said. “I want to be the be-all end-all of titty-fucking for you. I want you to dream about my tits around you cock for the rest of your life.”

Clearly she had reached her goals! I was ready to burst in just a minute of this amazing application of breasts to cock, and told her so, at which point she immediately released me from her tits and enveloped my cock in her mouth. She had apparently been practicing this too, because she had no trouble taking me in; her nose was against my stomach in less than a second as my thick dick went straight past her tonsils and down her gullet. I started blasting out thick streams of cum straight down her esophagus, filling her stomach like a cow fills a jug of milk. Her lips, cheeks, tongue, and throat performed an almost magical massage on my cock, milking all the cum out.

She finally pulled off, saying “Mmmm, that was tasty.”

“Sorry I went off so early,” I said.

“Nonsense,” film izle she said, “I wanted to get that first one out quick, so you don’t go too fast for the next round. I’ve been dreaming about being your tit-fuck lover, but that’s only part of my fantasy for tonight. I want you to be a marathon man for what I have in mind.”

“You got it,” I said, my cock stiffening as I watched this married woman swish my copious mass of cum around in her mouth with her tongue. “Where do you want me?”

“Oh, I want you right here,” she said, as she stood up and turned around, spreading her ass cheeks apart with her hands. “Right in my teeny tiny heinie.”

Goddamn. If I wasn’t hard before, I was like adamantium now. Fucking Alicia’s ass had been great, but Robin had a grand-champion ass, shaped by years of running. It was tight, taut and curvy—just a fucking masterpiece. Was she seriously offering for me to stick my dick in it?

I wanted to give her a way out. “Um, are you sure about this? As I remember, you were pretty sure about NOT doing it last time.”

“I know, but here’s the thing—ever since that day, I’ve been killing myself about not doing it. I’ve been fantasizing about it, desiring it—and doing it to myself so I could be ready the next time the opportunity presented itself.”

“Oh.” Swallow. “Doing it to yourself?”

“John, if I’ve been practicing hard at titty-fucking, it’s noting compared to what I’ve been doing with my butt! I’ve been fucking myself in the ass with dildoes, carrots, broom handles, cucumbers…whatever I’ve had around. But now I want a real, live cock, like the one I’ve been dreaming about for years.”

Holy fucking shit. She just took things to a whole new level.

“Woah. So, uh, I hate to bring this up, but why haven’t you been doing it with Paul, if you want it so much?”

“I will. But you have first dibs. You deserve it, for making me realize what an ass-slut I am. He can have my ass, starting after you leave.”

Well, shit, time to step up to the plate then. I guess in a way I wasn’t fucking Paul over, I was providing him with new opportunities himself—heck, he should thank me!

“Alright Robin, you got it.”

I moved up to her, and she braced herself against the wall and towel rack. It occurred to me that this was the second time I had fucked someone surreptitiously in the bathroom—first Alicia, all those years ago, and now Robin. But, there would be time for philosophical considerations of how history repeats itself later on. Right now, my cock had other things to think about, like how to get past the gates of that sphincter! I put the head of my saliva-covered rod right up to her hole, and she sighed. It’s a great feeling, the way the tip of your cock feels when it’s just barely nestled in against the minute divot of a butthole. Then I rammed in, and she groaned a groan from the depths of the earth.

Hot damn.

Now, fucking Alicia’s ass had been fun. I mean, Robin had been licking my balls at the same time—hell, it was great. But Robin’s ass? This was a whole new ball game. I mean, first of all I don’t care how much she had been practicing on her own—this was one tight ass. Maybe she was just naturally tight, maybe all that practice had included a lot of muscle-building or something—she sure was a fitness nut and it wouldn’t surprise me. I got about halfway in on my first stroke, so it’s not like it was Fort Knox, but we are talking major fucking tight. It was like a fist was grasping my shaft as hard as possible. How the fuck did she get a cucumber in there? Once I got in, I wasn’t sure I would be able to move. I tried thrusting back and forth a bit, and honestly for the first ten seconds or so, I didn’t go anywhere.

“Ugn. Uhn,” she moaned. Her body was tense and stiff. Robin, who had clearly been looking forward to this, was not necessarily enjoying it so much in reality.

But I frankly wasn’t seks filmi izle going to let her enjoyment, or lack of enjoyment, or her sleeping husband 10 feet away, stop me now. Hell, I had no control any more anyway—my dick was now the commander in the field.

So I put some more effort into it, and soon I managed to break out of my frozen position, and pulled out a bit, then managed to push in a little more. Within a few more minutes, I had bottomed out, my balls were smacking the lips of her cunt, and she was able to relax and get into it again. Her groans of pain gave way to groans of pleasure. My balls were getting wet from the juices dripping out of her pussy. And me? I was in high heaven. I couldn’t believe I was in her ass. Fuck. FUCK.

“Do you like this, do you like having my cock in your married ass?” I almost taunted her.

“Yes, yes, give me that fucking cock,” she grunted, unable to say more.

“Goddamn. Yes. Whose fucking asshole is this?”

“Oh god, its your fucking asshole! My asshole belongs to you. Fuck me. Make me your whore. Make me your ass whore,” she moaned.

I sure as shit was going to. I was gaining momentum now, fucking her in long hard strokes, my cock feeling a full head of steam and nowhere near cumming. She had wanted a marathon man, and she was going to get one. This was the fucking life. I reached around her body and held onto those awesome tits of hers, which were swinging wildly back and forth. After about twenty minutes, my legs were shaking from the effort, and she had amazingly come twice, twitching furiously around my cock. I could tell she was getting exhausted. Ass-fucking yourself with some vegetables doesn’t prepare you for the onslaught of a real cock that has made up its mind that its going nowhere until it sucks every ounce of enjoyment it can out of the situation. I wanted to change things up, so I pulled out.

“Wha…what are you doing,” she moaned.

“Just wait, I’m not done yet.”

I flipped her over on her back, onto the cold bathroom floor, and flipped her legs up into the air, pushing her knees back up by her ears.

“Oh Jesus Christ, I’m not a kid any more,” she said, “What kind of flexibility do you think…”

“If you’re not a kid, then don’t dress like a schoolgirl and give me ideas,” I said fiercely, and rammed my thick cock back up her butt again. Any consideration of her flexibility went out the window. This was awesome. I loved just seeing my shaft get swallowed up in her tiny hole, and now I could get a better view of her amazing tits and her cute, ecstatic face. She still had that innocent look that she had way back in college, except now it was wracked with an anal orgasm and had cum dripping from its lips. I had my fingers up her cunt, and was whaling away at her shitter. Her breath was coming in short spurts and her eyes kept rolling around in their sockets. That did it.

I started to come, and blasted off an enormous series of spurts up her colon. “You want me to come on your face?” I grunted.

“Oh god,” she said, “I do—but it’s too hard to clean off. I want you to just fill my asshole with your come.”

I was glad to. After about three more minutes, the last of my sperm drained out of my cock hole and into her shitter, and I pulled out and leaned back against the cabinet. What a fucking night!

“Oh god,” she said quietly. “Well, I think that’ll do it for me for now.” She pulled herself up and sat on the toilet, her whole body shaking, as she let my cum drain out of her asshole. “I hope you don’t mind this rather indelicate moment,” she said, “but after all it is your cum.”

“No,” I laughed, “no problem. So you don’t think he’s going to wonder why your ass smells like cum?”

“No, I’ll just shower right away in the morning,” she said. “I always get up first. So off to bed with you, and I’ll see you in the morning. I’ve got a special present for you tomorrow!”

What? God, what could be better? Hell, even just seeing her sitting there naked on the toilet was pretty nice. But she wouldn’t give me any more hints, no matter what I said, so I crept back to bed, my cock very satisfied.

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