Secret of the Park

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18-year-old Triana dabbed a bit of her favorite perfume oil on her wrists and rubbed them together. The house was silent; her parents slept soundly in the next room. She opened her bedroom door and softly closed it behind her. With slow, steady steps, she moved past the noisy spots of the hallway and passed through the dining room to the front door.

Very slowly she unlocked the deadbolt, covering it with her free hand in an attempt to muffle the loud click it made. She paused to listen for a moment before opening the door. It tended to stick a little, making it difficult to open quietly.

Triana quickly ducked outside into the waiting night air. She pulled the door closed behind her only enough to make it appear closed at first glance. It made re-entry much simpler. She ran across the yard, her soft steps barely making a sound on the dew-covered ground. The nearly full moon provided just enough light for her to see by.

She tried to walk as quietly as possible up the road to the spot she had arranged to meet Lucas. When she arrived, he was not there. She waited for several minutes pacing and wondering if he was going to make it.

As she started on her way back, having waited for ten minutes and deciding that he wasn’t going to show, she saw headlights appear then vanish. She turned and hurried back to the spot. Lucas was stepping from the car as she approached.

Triana was very relieved to see that it really was him. The embraced tightly and indulged in a passionate kiss. Each was very happy to see the other. Lucas took her hand and led her to his car, opening the door for her. He drove a short distance to a small park. Triana began to tickle his sides and stomach playfully as he turned off the car.

“You better stop that or I might bite.” He said playfully.

“Yes,” Triana replied seductively as she continued to tickle him, “but I bite back.”

Lucas growled seductively and pounced her, playfully nipping at her shoulder and the side of her neck. His hands found her perky breasts and began to massage them gently. Triana’s nipples responded quickly to the attention and were soon like little pebble beneath bostancı escort bayan her bra.

She moaned softly and nipped the side of Lucas’s neck. With her tongue she skillfully traced a line from his shoulder to his earlobe, pausing to gently suck on it. Lucas was barely able to contain the moan that gathered in his throat as Triana teased him.

He managed to stop her briefly in order to get out of the car and beckon for her to follow. Triana followed him willingly through the park to a small deck-like structure on the edge of a pond. Lit candles were waiting for them. A soft blanket was spread out on the floor of the deck. Lucas guided Triana to the blanket and made her sit. He then sat down, facing her.

With one hand on each side of his face, Triana pulled Lucas into a deep kiss. Their tongues danced together for a few moments. He could feel his penis begin to swell and throb, aching against the restraints of the leather pants he wore. He rubbed his hands over Triana’s breasts again, making her moan softly.

Her hands roamed over his chest and started to lift his shirt. Lucas paused briefly to remove it. Triana smiled and ran her fingernails lightly over his bare flesh. He lifted her shirt, forcing her to lift her arms to allow him to completely remove it. With a flick of his hand, he opened the front clasp of her bra.

He bent his head down and suckled on her left nipple, cupping her right breast in his hand. His tongue flicked at the tiny pebble of flesh making her moan again. The heat was beginning to build between Triana’s legs. She could feel her juices start to drip.

She moved her hands lower and teased Lucas’s hard organ through the pants, making him gasp at the touch. Slowly she unbuttoned his pants and opened them. Pulling it free, she began to stroke his hard penis. Up and down she moved over its entire length, teasing his balls when she got to the bottom. A small white droplet formed at the tip, which she gathered onto her finger and licked seductively.

Lucas unbuttoned her shorts and ran his finger around the edges of her moist panties. Savoring the heat and wetness, he ümraniye escort pulled and edge to the side and played with her swollen lips. Triana’s clit was not left alone for long as Lucas slowly rubbed it with his thumb.

Triana raised herself onto her knees and pushed her jeans down. Sitting back down, she removed them completely and added them to the growing pile of clothing. Taking her cue, Lucas did the same, taking his boxers with the pants.

He continued to tease Triana’s wet pussy, making her writhe and squirm. He removed her panties and laid her back, using the pile of clothes as a pillow for her. With a single finger, he went back to teasing her hot lips and tiny, hard bud. Gently, he inserted two fingers into her, slowly moving them in and out. They were quickly covered with her juices.

Triana moved her hips to meet his fingers as they moved within her. She could feel her orgasm start to build as he rubbed her clit with his thumb. Lucas noticed and stopped teasing her. He licked her juices from his fingers and smiled devilishly.

Triana reached out her hand and found his hard penis, teasing it again. Her hand moved up and down in a slow, steady rhythm, squeezing it gently. Her pace increased and his breathing quickened. She played with his balls, making him release a moan.

Lucas leaned down and kissed her, then started to suck on her breast again. He massaged the other gently. Triana continued to stroke his penis, taking the droplets that formed and spreading them over the tip.

Lucas was about to explode and moved her hand away. He wasn’t quite ready yet. He parted Triana’s knees and began to play with her pussy again. Moving down a little, he looked into her eyes and started to tease her clit with his skilled tongue.

Darting in and out, his tongue lapped at her juices. Triana’s hips bucked from the sensations. Her orgasm was building again. Lucas’s tongue continued to massage her clit, making her moan over and over.

Once again, just before she went over the edge, he stopped and turned his attentions to her breasts. Each one was massaged gently as the nipples were skillfully toyed escort kartal with.

“Take me now!” Triana demanded as she moaned.

Still teasing her, Lucas rubbed the head of his penis against her clit, then over her slit, parting the lips. He entered just a little, only to pull out and rub her clit with the tip. Triana couldn’t take much more.

In one sudden move, Lucas fully entered her, moaning as her hot, wet pussy gripped him. Slowly, he began to move in and out, removing himself almost entirely then plunging back inside. Triana moved to match his pace.

Her legs locked around his waist to help him fill her, her hips moving in the same rhythm. Lucas leaned down and nipped the side of her neck, making her gasp and moan. He quickened his pace.

Sliding in and out, faster and faster, he reached up and played with her nipples. His balls smacked her firm behind as he pounded into her. Triana felt herself building for the third time. She gasped as each thrust pushed her closer to the edge.

Lucas began to quiver and near his climax. With one final thrust, he exploded into her. As he filled her with his hot cum, Triana exploded with her own waves of pleasure.

The waves passed through her, exhausting her. Lucas collapsed on top of her, spent as well. He kissed her deeply, then moved to her side. They lay there for a few moment to catch their breath. They both wished that the night would last forever, but Triana knew that she needed to be home before one of her parents noticed.

Lucas helped her to sit up and kissed her cheek as he reached for their clothes. They quickly dressed and headed back the car. He opened the door for her and closed it behind her once she was settled. The drive back to her house was quick.

Triana took Lucas’s face in her hands and kissed him passionately, her tongue dancing with his. Reluctantly, she stepped out of the car.

“I shall see you again soon, my love.” She said.

“Yes, you will.” He replied

She closed the door and waited for him to drive away before making her way back into the house. She firmly shut the door behind her and locked it. Removing her shoes, she tiptoed back to her bedroom.

Her parents still slept soundly and she got back in safely. Thinking about her night, she undressed and put her nightshirt on. Climbing into bed, she fell asleep thinking about what might happen the next time she sees Lucas.

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