Seducing My Brother…

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Double Penetration

It’s wrong to be in love with your brother. I am not sure if it is even called love. Lust is a better word. It started when I was 15. I went into his room looking for a book I had no doubt that he took from me. I picked through strewn clothes and tossed aside items (as is true with all guy’s rooms) when I stepped past the partially open bathroom door. It was a good time to go looking, as he was in the shower, but when I glanced into the room I saw him through the blurred glass of the shower door. I looked for only a second—maybe less—turned red and ran out. But the thought of his blurred naked body never left me. More accurately it was the dark region between his legs with the blur of skin dangling between.

Everything changed there I suppose and so now I am 19 and he is 22. He moved to the city to go to school and I wound up moving in with him to cut costs for college. It was very innocent—at least I told myself it was. Most of the time I never thought about anything: just the occasional trip to the beach or when I knew he was showering. Then the thoughts would creep in and my mind would begin to wander. I dated guys and even “experimented” with a couple girls at some parties, but it never amounted to much and I always came back to tell him about it.

One particular night I found myself a little drunk and angry at a certain boy. I told my brother about it in tears and wound up in his arms asleep. He was in a white T-shirt and boxers (I caught him going to bed), and when I snuggled up to him, my mind went from teary about the boy to curious about the boxers. Weird I know. So I woke up in his arms and did a little prodding with my fingers: Just little gestures over the edges of cloth just to see what might “swing loose.”

My finger caught something as it slid under that handy hole in the crotch and my heart jumped. It was there and if I was not mistaken it was not completely limp. To my disappointment he woke up almost immediately, made no comment to my looking and told me that he was going to bed. I made no attempt to go with him—of course he would think I was crazy. But desire had begun to take control and with desire comes determination and scheming.

I came home a few days later to find him on the couch with his girlfriend Tiffany. She was cute and I liked her. She had great lips, nice skin and cute artsy glasses that I was never sure if she really needed or not. The strange thing is I was never jealous of her. I had a good place in Eric’s life and that’s why I say it isn’t love exactly. They were making out when I came in, laughed then went back at it almost as soon as I was down the hall. But something curious happened: I knew Tiffany watched me leave as Eric kissed her neck. I mean, I was wearing a fun tight top and my hot jeans and then it hit me. Was she checking me out?

A plan started to form. One that started with a phone call that led to Tiffany coming over when my brother was at work. I told her I was frustrated with school and just needed to sit in our hot tub and talk. She was over in 20 minutes. I wore a blue tank top with my bikini underneath and some short shorts. She brought her suit and some wine just to take the edge off.

Now she was really cute. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail and she just had a little make up on. She had a great body. I noticed when we climbed into the hot tub that her boobs were huge. They bulged out the side of her little top and I wondered if they were real. I mean she had a narrow little waste, a great butt and nice legs. A little too porn star-like to be natural.

“Are those real?” I asked pointing at her tits. We were three glasses of wine in so inhibitions were fading.

She blushed, “Yes they are. I usually wear something more modest to rein them in, but I figured it was just us girls you know.”

I slid a little closer to her. Her eyes were a little glazed and she was smiling. “This is a little weird, but can I touch them? Seriously I think they are fake.”

She swallowed and looked at me. She was blushing and I could submissive cuckolds porno see she was a little nervous. “Um…yeah you can.”

I touched her left breast with my fingers and she leaned toward me. I rubbed around the top of her suit as gently as I could. I could see her nipple grow hard and goose bumps formed all over her. I did my best to cup her boob in my hand and squeezed it softly. She giggled a little and I was going to move my hand away but she held it by the wrist to keep it where it was. I felt myself getting excited. So I grabbed a bit firmer then grabbed the other one with my other hand. She slid closer to me. I felt the skin of her legs brush against mine.

I was rubbing both her large boobs with my hands and just staring at them. Then I looked up at her face and said, “Um…I really want to…”

I didn’t finish what I was saying and slid her top down revealing her large boobs and firm excited nipples. I leaned forward and took her left breast in my mouth. I licked it over and over. She moaned at my caress, so I went to her other one and did the same thing. Her large boob wobbled as I licked it. I nibbled on her nipple then started to suck it. She stroked my hair with her hands and moaned as I sucked harder and harder.

Soon she wrapped her legs around me and I was going back and forth between her big tits sucking and stroking them. She took a deep breath and then completely surprised me: she slid her hand into the water and started rubbing my pussy. I was already really tingly and this drove me crazy. After a couple rubs, she had forced my suit aside and began to finger me. She knew exactly how to touch me and I sucked on her tits like crazy just enjoying them in my mouth and her hand against me.

I continued to bite on her tits as I pushed a hand against her pussy. She was wet and I started on her the same way she was on me. I couldn’t keep it up with my mouth full so I let it pop from my lips and I looked at her with lust while we fingered each other. She bucked her hips against my hand and we squirmed in the tube, rubbing each others clits and moaning. Finally I stood up and led her from the tub into my room. I was careful to leave the door open and the wet footprints through the house would piss off my brother enough to investigate.

I climbed on the bed, and Tiffany pushed me to my back then stuck her mouth on my pussy. I knew she had done it before because she knew how to suck my clit and finger me until I came. I had both my legs in the air as she sucked and licked me. I tore my swimsuit top off and did my best move with her expert mouth. I had my eyes closed and I called out as I came again from her tongue. I opened my eyes to see my brother standing at the doorway watching us.

I said nothing to Tiffany, but kept squirming looking up at him with lust. He swallowed and hesitated. I mean here his sister was getting her pussy devoured by his girlfriend. He took a step forward and then another. I grabbed Tiffany’s head and ground my hips against her mouth. I pulled her so her ass was in the air. My brother stared at me and stepped toward us. I nodded to him, my body was burning from Tiffany and I knew it was gonna happen.

He pulled his pants down and I saw his beautiful cock. It was completely straight and hard. I wondered how long he had been watching us and if it could get any bigger. He looked right at me, then grabbed Tiffany’s ass, got on his knees and drove his dick in from behind.

“Oh shit,” she said, looking up from my pussy—her face covered in my wetness and a couple of pubes. She looked back at him, “Eric…”

“Shut up and eat my sister out,” he said in a commanding voice. He grabbed her hair and pushed her head hard against my crotch.

It only took a few seconds and I came again. I looked right at him as he pumped her from behind, bit my lower lip and groaned. “Oh fuck…” I yelled as Tiffany screamed from his wonderful cock driving into her.

I pushed her head back from my soaking sex parties porno pussy. I slid back to the headboard with my legs open for him to see me. She looked up at me. Her mouth was red from so much work and her huge tits jiggled with each pump. He grabbed her hair and fucked her harder.

“Do you like my brother’s cock?” I asked Tiffany. Her tits were slapping against her so loudly and she was grunting.

“Oh yes…” she said.

I looked up at Eric and he was looking at me. I slid a finger into my pussy and rubbed myself as he watched. Her body was slapping his, but his eyes never let my body. I rubbed my clit in front of him until I came again. I arched my back and pushed my little tits in the air so aroused as he watched me. He gave Tiffany two solid pumps then pulled out of her.

His dick was large and glossy from all her juice. She fell to her side and lay there, she had one or two orgasms, I didn’t know and I didn’t care. He held his cock in one hand; the head was almost purple he held it so tightly.

I slid on the bed next to Tiffany and let my legs hang off. He looked at me with lust but he did not move. I grabbed the head of his cock and pulled him toward me so I could suck it. For four years I had imagined and fantasized about sucking his cock. As soon as it was in my mouth all my desire was unleashed. I moaned and sucked the juice off, he moved his hand and I took as much of it as I could. I sucked it as slowly and as firmly as I could. I sucked as I pulled back until just that perfect mushroom head was in my mouth. I ran my tongue over it and sucked it until he grunted then drove it back into my mouth. I wanted all of it. I wanted to take it all in, but it was too big. I sucked it so hard my mouth was dry and I started to gag as it drove against my throat.

I took it out of my mouth and sucked his balls: each one—and very slowly and deliberately looking up at him so he knew I had wanted his balls in my mouth since I was old enough for sex. I licked up and down his shaft and jerked it then groaned at the rock hard feeling of it in my hand. I couldn’t let go. I sucked the head again, nibbling it with my teeth and then taking it all the way in. He grabbed my head and started to thrust, at first very gently and lovingly. But he knew it wasn’t about that. He sped up and fucked my face until the slamming of his cock against my throat made it hard to breath. I jerked my head back from his dick. His hand was firmly in my hair, not ready to give my mouth a rest.

“Get on the bed and lie on your back,” Tiffany said. She was watching us and rubbing herself.

We both looked at her. I wasn’t sure what to think…was our moment done? Was he going to freak out?

“She can’t breathe that way you are doing it Eric. Let her lay back in the bed with her head hanging off.” She said looking over us both with lust.

I quickly slipped onto the bed and hung my head over. He walked toward me holding his cock in his hand. I pushed his hand aside and took it into my mouth. He pushed it in as far as he could and I sucked it all the way down and back. I could breath and he could push it in farther. His balls jostled against my face as he began to thrust. He grabbed both my tits and fucked my face vigorously.

Soon Tiffany was back on my pussy with her mouth and I was sucking Eric’s entire cock. Each time his balls slapped me I felt like I was going to cum. Small orgasms came as he rammed my mouth, shifted positions, fucked again then let me suck his balls. All I wanted was to drink his cum. But he wouldn’t let me. He would stop, slap my face with his dick, dip his sack in my mouth then fuck my mouth again. At first I was frustrated. Then I knew he was enjoying this as much as I was.

Finally he pulled his cock back and said, “Tiffany I want to fuck my sister. I want to fuck her while you watch.”

I rolled over to my tummy then sat up. Eric stared at me with desire and lust. His look was so intense, so I stared back at him. Tiffany spankbang porno slid to the edge of the bed and watched as he pushed me on my back and thrust his cock into me. I bent both my legs and did my best to push my crotch toward him.

“Oh shit…” he murmured staring into my eyes as his cock went all the way into me.

I looked down at his crotch and the base of his cock against my pussy. I grabbed his ass with both of my hands and leaned back more. “Can you get more in?” I asked almost out of breath. I pulled on his ass and he pushed more. I felt him shift and lurch inside of me and his balls pressed against me. I had his whole cock in my body. “Now fuck me.” I said to him in a grunt.

He pulled back and then pumped. The whole length of his cock was out and then back in. I moaned at the sight as I stared down. That was all it took, he began to fuck me harder and harder. I clutched his ass and he clutched at my body and fucked. It was like my pussy fit his cock perfectly and as his pace became a furious mashing against me I came loudly and moaned at each push. I wanted it…I wanted his cum. I started telling him. “Cum…cum in me…cum…fuck Eric…cum.” Each pump forcing the words out of my mouth.

He yanked his dick out of me, turned me over and thrust into me from behind. I watched as Tiffany masturbated watching him fuck me forcefully. I gripped the bed as he tugged back at my hips and fucked me. He grabbed my shoulders and drove his cock deep into me and stopped, holding it there as deep as anything had ever been. He didn’t want to cum yet. “Please…Eric…I need it…fuck me…” He thrust again so deep and stopped.

He grunted and then pulled me back until I was sitting on his lap and he was on the floor. I rode him with my back to him, driving his perfect dick into me. I stared at Tiffany as he fucked me. She was on the edge of the bed, licking one of her own massive tits. Her pussy was swollen and juice ran down her legs.

We couldn’t keep the pace like that and he pushed me off of him. I rolled to face him, pushed him back then climbed on top, forcing his cock in my pussy again. I glared at him and slapped his face. “I am gonna grind this cum out of you!” I started fucking him again, gripping his body with my knees and dropping my self against his long hard shaft. He grunted and moaned, grabbed my ass with both hands and fucked me. I stared into his eyes and gripped his chest demanding his cum with each jerk. I reached back and grabbed his balls. They felt huge and swollen to me. I screamed at him, “Eric…give me your cum. Cum in me!”

He pushed me off of him. “You want this?” He said in almost a trance. My body was burning. I was ready to do anything. I was shaking. He held his dick and jammed it against my face. I sucked it then looked up.

“Yes,” I said sucking it more.

He yanked my head back then thrust into my mouth. Fucking my face so hard that all I could hear was the sound of it in my mouth and Tiffany cumming behind us. He yanked his cock from my lips. White liquid was there as well as all of my saliva. It wasn’t his cum though. Just the stuff that came before. I grabbed at it and he caught my wrist then pulled me up and pushed me onto the bed. I rolled to my stomach and he jammed his cock into me again from behind.

“Please…” I was crying. I wanted it so bad.

He thrust into me. He grabbed my hair and started fucking me. I let my arms go to the side and stuck me ass up and my chest down so he could grab me and have his way. He fucked me hard and deep. Faster and faster he drove into me until I was crying out and my hips gyrated and bucked from yet another orgasm. Then it happened.

“Fuck….” He said loudly and then just held the word in his mouth as he his thrusting sped up and then he began to shake. His cock plunged in and out of me and I felt the warmth of his warm cum shooting into me and spilling out over my legs. He kept thrusting, again and again shaking and moaning each time. Finally he gave a series of fast pumps and then stopped. His dick still deep inside of me. I felt his warmth against me and running all over my legs.

Tiffany sat and looked at us while he put his arms around me from behind and kept his dick in me. I couldn’t move. I just wanted to stay like this.

Tiffany finally said, “All this…just to seduce your brother?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32