Shared Girlfriend Pt. 03

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Shane swore his heart could be heard pounding in his chest as he brought his new girlfriend into his bedroom. The two had just started dating, but Shane had been pursuing her for a while. Her name was Hannah. She was 23 years old, a bit younger than Shane’s crowd, a fact that was no concern to him. It was no secret why he was initially attracted to her, not just because of her youth but her exceptional beauty. She stood about 5’2″ but often wore high heels, which would bring her to about 5’5″ most of the time. She had a slender frame complimented well with her large breasts and round ass. Her creamy flesh contrasted beautifully with her shoulder-length dark hair and dark eyes. Tonight she wore a black dress that showcased more cleavage than was probably appropriate for their dinner date (not that Shane minded, of course) and her usual high heels, black to match her dress.

Hannah and Shane, who stood about 6’1″ and was in his early 30s, had discussed taking their physical relationship slowly. Shane had seen how that approach had worked well for his friend (more on him later). However, tonight had been a breaking point where Hannah and Shane needed to have each other, and so there they were in Shane’s bedroom.

The two embraced and then began to kiss, only for a moment though as Hannah soon began to drop to the ground, running her hands against Shane’s chest and stomach before getting to her knees and working Shane’s zipper. Shane had fantasized about being with this woman for a long time, and now she was pulling his cock out of his pants, making for quite a surreal moment for Shane. Hannah was equally excited, as the more she had gotten to know Shane, the more she desired to get to this point. She grinned as she pushed Shane’s pants and boxers away, allowing her to take his dick in her hand. She was pleased to see it was already very hard for her before she even put her eyes on it.

“Looks like someone’s happy to see me,” Hannah smiled, beginning to stroke Shane’s cock. Shane could only moan in response as his girlfriend’s hand slid up and down his shaft. Next, Hannah took Shane in her mouth and began to suck him.

“Shit, that feels so good, Hannah,” Shane muttered as he pushed Hannah’s hair out of her face while her head bobbed back and forth, taking more and more of Shane’s cock into her mouth with each passing moment. Before long, Hannah was blowing Shane at a rapid pace, taking a break every couple moments to catch her breath while she feverishly beat him off until she took him back in past her lips.

“Oh my gosh, I need to fuck you!” Shane exclaimed, unable to hold it together any longer. Watching his gorgeous new girlfriend suck him off and the pleasure she administered put Shane over the edge. He reached down to pick Hannah up by her shoulders and immediately began to get her out of that dress, which fell in a heap on the floor. The two made out as clothes hit the floor until Shane was naked and Hannah was in only her high heels. She was about to take the shoes off when Shane stopped her. “No, leave those on.”

Hannah smiled, “OK,” she responded, allowing Shane to gently push her onto the bed. Still smiling, Hannah scooted backward up the bed and then lay her head on the pillows, lifting her legs up and spreading them, not needing words to beckon her boyfriend closer.

Shane stumbled as he climbed into bed with Hannah. He hadn’t been this excited in a long time. He got on top of her while she kept her legs out and spread, reaching down with her hand to help guide Shane’s dick into her opening. Hannah moaned as her pussy eased open to accept the head of Shane’s cock, which pushed deeper inside her, making Hannah’s vagina take inch after inch of Shane’s penis until his balls rested on his taint.

“Fuck, that feels so good, Hannah!” Shane moaned.

“Yes it does!” Hannah responded before putting one hand on Shane’s neck, the other on his shoulder and pulling him down on top of her so that her boobs pressed against his chest. The two kissed, and Hannah wrapped her legs around Shane’s waist as Shane, at long last, began to thrust in and out of his hot girlfriend.

“Oh Hannah!” he moaned as he pumped into her pussy at a steady pace right out of the gate. Hannah’s pussy was so wet with anticipation that Shane hardly had to begin slowly at all.

“Mm, yes, fuck me!” Hannah cried, inundated in pleasure as her boyfriend pounded her. For the next several moments, the bed creaked beneath them and their sweat mingled together as Shane stay on top of Hannah and nailed her pussy, harder and faster as time went on. Hannah’s nails stayed secured in Shane’s flesh while her legs alternated between wrapping around Shane and kicking out as he drilled her.

About halfway through their intercourse, they rolled over so that Hannah was on top, riding Shane’s cock expertly while her boobs swung in his face as she leaned over him. Hannah slid up and down Shane’s cock while Shane held her hips, Hannah’s hands on either side of etimesgut bayan escortlar Shane’s head. Hannah began slowly and deliberately but was soon riding him hard and fast, brining both of the closer and closer to an orgasm.

“Oh my gosh!” Hannah cried. “I’m cumming on your cock!”

“Fuck!” Shane responded. Hannah’s announcement made it impossible for Shane to hold off any longer. “I’m cumming too!” The two of them came almost in unison, Hannah’s pussy tightening on Shane’s cock, which spewed cum deep inside her as pleasure racked both of them. As Hannah came down from her climax, she collapsed on top of Shane, who pumped into Hannah a couple more times to squeeze out the last few drops of cum into her now relaxed vagina.

“That was fun!” Hannah said as she got of Shane and lay beside him, his cum immediately starting to leak out of her pussy.

“It sure was,” Shane said. “We’ll have to do that more often.” And they did. For the next week, Shane and Hannah fucked daily – sometimes more than once in a day. And while the sex left nothing to be desired on its own, soon Shane began to crave something that he had done with other women in the past and was something that Hannah definitely fit the bill for: double penetration.

Shane and his friend Jason had double-teamed a few girls over the past couple years. It started with Jason’s cute secretary at the time. Then there was a girl they picked up at a bar. About a year ago they had a short-lived but hot tryst with a girl who lived near Jason. Most recently it had been Jason’s still current girlfriend, Lisa. In fact, Lisa and Jason were getting really serious, which was part of the reason the threesomes had tapered off. As Jason and Lisa got more involved, there just wasn’t the same time and opportunity for it, not that they had excluded the possibility completely.

Shane had little doubt that Hannah would go for the idea of a threesome. If Shane was going to double-team a girl with anyone, it was going to be Jason. Not only would Shane have not known where to begin to find another guy, it seemed only right, since Jason had already shared his girlfriend with Shane, and it was kind of Jason’s and Shane’s thing. About a couple weeks after Shane’s first time with Hannah, he was hanging out with Jason, and the two were talking about their girls. Shane had no qualms bringing up what he had been thinking about.

“I want to double-penetrate Hannah,” Shane said.

“Naturally,” Jason replied. “She’s a worthy candidate for it, for sure.”

“Do you want to do it?” Shane said. Jason should have seen the proposition coming, but for some reason he didn’t. He was conflicted. He absolutely wanted to be the guy Shane could count on for a threesome, and it wasn’t like he didn’t think Hannah was hot enough for him to do it with the two of them. The conflict was Lisa. Jason really cared about her and wanted to see this relationship through, and he couldn’t imagine having sex with another girl, even if it was simply to help out his friend, was a good idea to maintain Lisa’s trust.

Jason explained his thoughts to Shane, who understood completely. “You could always ask Lisa,” Shane said. “She’s a really cool girl. I think she’ll understand what’s going on and that she has nothing to worry about. After all, you and I did it to her a bunch of times.”

“I think you’re right,” Jason said. “She just gets in her head sometimes, so even if I ask, she says no, and that’s that, she’ll still be thinking about why I would want to do that with another girl. I don’t know if it’s worth the risk.”

“I get it, man.” Shane said. “Don’t worry about it.” Neither Shane nor Jason were able to take that last piece of Shane’s advice. Both of them knew a devil’s threesome was the most fun anyone could have, and neither of them had done it in a while. After the first time they team-fucked Lisa, the three of them continued to have threesomes pretty frequently for a few months. Now it had been quite some time since the last one. Jason never stopped thinking about doing it again with Lisa, but they never talked about it. Shane, on the other hand, desperately wanted to do it with Hannah, and he knew if it wasn’t with Jason, it wasn’t going to happen. Shane knew his only course of action, and probably the best course anyway, was for Shane to approach Lisa with the proposition.

A couple nights later, the four of them were hanging out. Jason and Lisa were still getting to know Hannah, but they liked what they had seen so far, and Hannah thought Jason and Lisa were a lot of fun and couldn’t get over how pretty Lisa was. Shane waited for an opportunity to bring up the topic on his mind to Lisa. At last, while Hannah was in the bathroom and Jason had gone to get some information on something they were looking to maybe do, Shane took his chance.

“Things are going really well with Hannah,” he said to Lisa.

“That’s great!” Lisa replied. “I’m so happy for you. She’s a sweetheart etimesgut seksi escortlar and so pretty.”

“You know,” he said, “I remember how Jason and I broke you in when you two started dating, and I really want to do the same thing with Hannah.”

“Oh,” Lisa said, not expecting the topic of group sex to surface, especially so quickly. “Go for it, I say.”

“Well, I don’t know,” Shane said. “The only guy I’d do that with is Jason.” Lisa immediately felt uncomfortable and wasn’t even sure why. “I asked him, and I don’t think he wants to do it because he doesn’t want to mess things up with you.”

“Huh,” was all Lisa said. Her thoughts were swirling in her mind before she could formulate a better response. As she sorted through her thoughts, Jason was on his way back, and Hannah would not be far behind. “I’ll text you,” she said just before Jason walked up.

Shane was OK with how that exchange went. He eagerly awaited Lisa’s text, which didn’t come until the following afternoon. Lisa, like Jason, felt conflicted. She had difficulty parsing her emotions. Part of her thought there was no way she wanted her boyfriend having sex with another girl, but she knew it wasn’t that simple. Lisa had enjoyed the threesomes with Shane and Jason, and Hannah deserved to have the same experience. Jason was as loyal to her as any guy she had ever met, so she wasn’t worried that Jason would want to leave her for Hannah or anything. It just wasn’t a normal thing to have happen, but neither had her own threesomes been. When she boiled it all down, she realized that there was indeed some jealousy at the heart of her discomfort over the idea, but the jealousy was not for Jason’s affection. It was for Hannah’s position.

Like Shane and Jason, Lisa had noticed how the threesomes weren’t happening anymore. She figured it was part of the evolution of her relationship with Jason and that they had outgrown group sex. None of them talked about it, so no one really knew why the interest seemingly tapered for all three of them. And now the guys were talking about double-teaming Hannah when they hadn’t done it even once with Lisa in months. At that realization, Lisa knew how to respond to Shane.

“I have no problem with you and Jay fucking Hannah together,” she started. “My only condition is that you do it with me again first. I think that would be fair.”

Shane was initially delighted at Lisa’s response. Not only did he get the green light for his friend and him to double-up on Hannah, he was excited by the idea of doing the same with Lisa again. Lisa was a blast in bed with them, and while he hadn’t thought about it much since dating Hannah, he still missed those hot threesomes. However, it then sunk in that Shane was now in the position Jason had just been freed from: how would his girlfriend feel about his fucking another girl, even though it was group sex with the girl’s boyfriend? The only difference now was Shane knew his girlfriend was getting a fair trade.

“Let me know when and where!” Shane responded. He had every intention to run the idea by Hannah. However, the relationship was so new that he just couldn’t get himself to do it. It was worth the gamble.

Shane and Lisa decided to surprise Jason, since Shane made it clear to Lisa that Jason was still very much into the idea of double-teaming her, a fact that made Lisa even more comfortable with the proposition. They set aside a night, and that day Lisa told Jason she was going out with some girlfriends. In reality, she was going to Shane’s apartment, where Jason would be going to hang out with Shane while Lisa was out. In fact, Lisa was already there when Jason got there, but Shane led Jason to the living room and turned the TV volume up pretty loud so Lisa could use the bathroom and bedroom to prepare with Jason’s being none the wiser. There was a hockey game on, so it wasn’t hard to keep Jason distracted.

Lisa put on red lingerie that she actually struggled to keep over her tits. The top hung just above her belly button and matched her thong. She put on high heels that exposed most of her feet and were a copper color. Once she was ready, she lit some candles in Shane’s room and texted Shane that she was ready. Upon receiving the text, Shane told Jason there was something in his room that Jason would definitely want to see. Fortunately, the game was in intermission; otherwise, Jason probably would have made them wait, since he didn’t know his half-naked girlfriend was waiting on the bed.

“Oh, hey!” Jason exclaimed, not at all expecting the thing Shane wanted to show him to be his own girlfriend dressed in heels and lingerie. “I thought you were out with your friends tonight?”

“You two are my friends,” Lisa said as she lay with her legs out on the bed, propping herself up on one arm. “And right now, I want both of you.”

“Lisa!” Jason said, still adjusting to the situation. “I didn’t know you were still into this!”

“I never stopped bayan sincan escort being into it!” she replied.

“Neither did I.”

“Then what are you waiting for?”

“That’s a good question,” Shane said, taking his shirt off and getting ready to join Lisa in the bed.

“I thought . . .,” Jason trailed off, remembering Shane’s proposition to double-team Hannah, and yet here they were with Lisa.

“Satisfy me first,” Lisa said, “and then you’re free to join Shane with Hannah,” Lisa filled in the blanks for her boyfriend. “Fair swap.”

“Works for me,” Shane said, now in the bed with Lisa. “Work for you, Jay?”

“Hell yes,” Jason said, pulling his own clothes off now as he joined Shane and Lisa in the bed. With a young, athletic man on either side of her for the first time in what felt like ages, Lisa giggled with delight. Soon the boys’ hands were running up and down her whole body as Jason kissed his girlfriend. Next, lingerie flew through the air onto the floor at the foot of the bed, followed by Lisa’s thong, and the lovely Italian woman was laid on her back while the guys knelt on either side of her head to begin. Lisa smiled, her eyes widening at the sight of those two big cocks hanging over her face. She took one in each hand and began to stroke them, pulling the tips toward her mouth and sticking her tongue out to first take turns licking the tip of each one.

“Oh baby, that feels so good,” Jason moaned.

“And looks so hot,” Shane said as he observed the hot, naked girl stroking and licking two cocks. She then lifted her head up and began to suck on them, starting with Jason and then Shane, now slowly stroking their bases as she alternated between blowing them.

“Mmm, Lisa, baby,” Jason moaned, running his hand through Lisa’s hair with one hand and squeezing her right breast with his other.

“Put them both in your mouth,” Shane suggested, holding Lisa’s head up with one hand while following Jason’s lead by putting his other hand on Lisa’s available boob.

“Mmhmm!” Lisa voiced seductively, opening wide and pressing the two tips together, licking them at the same time first before working them past her lips.

“Gosh, you’re so hot!” Jason exclaimed.

“I missed this,” Shane added.

“Me too,” Lisa said, but her words were muffled by the dicks in her mouth. She proceeded to suck on both tips at the same time for about a minute before she pulled them out and demanded, “Both of you fuck me!”

The trio rearranged. Lisa was on her hands and knees between Shane and Jason, Jason at her head and Shane at her tail. Holding Lisa’s hair back, Jason slipped his cock back into Lisa’s mouth, now able to sheath his whole length past her lips. Meanwhile, Shane held onto Lisa’s hips and, for the first time in months, slid inside the slender, sexy 30-year-old.

“Mmm!” Lisa moaned, mouth full of her boyfriend’s cock while her boyfriend’s friend began to fuck her from behind. The men split-roast the pretty girl on Shane’s bed as Lisa looked up at her boyfriend with those deep brown eyes. Lisa’s body shifted back and forth between Shane and Jason like a slinky, her gorgeous breasts swaying as the guys fucked either end of her in unison.

After a couple minutes, Jason pulled his prick out of Lisa’s mouth, and Lisa gasped for air, catching her breath while Shane continued to steadily smack against her ass as he slammed in and out of her pussy. Jason continued to hold back Lisa’s long, dark brown hair, which she had straightened for his occasion. Jason reveled in the sight of his hot girlfriend in front of him, naked and rocking back and forth as she moaned from taking their friend’s stiff fucking. At last, Jason voiced what they were all thinking: “Ready for double penetration?”

“I was hoping you’d say that!” Lisa said.

“Fuck yeah!” Shane said, finally pulling out of Lisa and smacking her sexy ass as he did. The three of them repositioned again, Shane on his back on the mattress, and Lisa getting right back in the same position she had been in, on her hands and knees. Shane slipped his cock right back into Lisa’s pussy while Jason shuffled up behind them. Shane reached up to help Jason out by spreading Lisa’s ass wide. All Jason had to do was steady his cock with one hand and guide the tip into Lisa’s asshole while he held onto Lisa’s thigh for support.

“Oh! Yeah!” Lisa moaned as she felt her boyfriend’s cock penetrate her ass for the first time in too long.

“Oh man!” Shane exclaimed, feeling his buddy’s cock slide in right beside where his own penis was firmly stuffed.

“Take that, you sexy girl!” Jason said as he sank more and more of his cock into Lisa until both he and Shane were fully double-stuffing her.

“Fuck me!” Lisa cried. “Come on!” Without a word, Shane and Jason got right to it, alternating thrusts into Lisa, sawing in and out of her ass and pussy. “Oh, that’s it!” Lisa moaned. Though it had been months since their last sex sandwich, the boys hadn’t lost their touch in the least. They took turns penetrating Lisa, deftly pumping in when the other pulled out, always keeping one cock inside the gorgeous Italian until the other one sank back in. They were in full motion in mere minutes, everyone having outstanding fun.

“Ooooh!” Lisa moaned, “I’m cumming!”

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