Sharon Takes Me from Behind

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A fairly recent email exchange with my friend Sharon, a happily-married 49-year old from Arkansas.

James: Greetings All well your end?

Sharon: Yes, thank you. And yours?

James: Still terribly horny

Sharon: Anything I could do to help you out with that?

James: You tell me…I’ve no idea, Sharon

Sharon: You’re at work, right? Would you like to meet me in the men’s room?

James: I’m wearing a clean white shirt, blue slim suit, pink tie, I’m feeling quite respectable, businesslike. What is it that you’re proposing to do there?

Sharon: You sound delicious. I’m thinking of that video you made, wearing a very professional-looking suit, unzipping your pants, offering me a drink of something. A rather salty, thick something. I think we should meet in the men’s room so we can discuss your “condition”. That terribly horniness from which you’re suffering. And I’m craving a thick, salty drink. Care to use my mouth as a cunt, darling?

James: I’d also like to further pursue the issue we touched on late yesterday. So we’re in the cubicle, you’re wearing a long coat, I can’t see what you’ve got on underneath. You kiss me, more passionately than usual. You seem quite dominant today. You order me to face the other way, towards the cistern. You tell me to pull down my trousers so they are around my ankles, and then my boxer shorts. J

Sharon: Ah, yes. Thanks to your subtle hints, I now know another way I could surprise you while I’m behind you. First I’ll use my tongue, inserting it as far as I can up your tight little forbidden hole, then a finger or two, but then the surprise comes. I have a toy I’d like to share with you. Back there.

James: Two?! I don’t know if I could take two, Mrs Smith. I’ll need some convincing. And toy? Toy?! What do you mean, miss?! Oh God, your tongue feels so amazing there, the way you’re licking around my arse, occasionally flicking, then pushing it inside.

Sharon: I’ll play it by ear, darling. I’ll start with one very well lubed finger and gauge your reaction. If I hear any indication of pleasure on your part, I will proceed with two fingers. And I have a certain perfectly-sized dildo I’d love to use on you. Very gently, of course. But something tells me you’d love it. May I?

James: My hands on the walls, the cubicle walls, My head bowed, leaning forward, allowing you to push your slippery finger up my arsehole. Gasping. My dick sticking out with excitement, leaking pre-cum. You pushing in and out, slowly at first, then speeding it up, whispering under your breath at how you want to make me your bitchboy. I gasp again, telling you how I fucking love it, how I want more, God, more please…please Mrs Smith.

Sharon: I have this delicious image of you being at my mercy, the pre-cum leaking such that there’s a long shiny strand hanging from the end of your cock, and my mouth is watering, wanting to lick it, take it for myself, not letting that sweet substance go to waste. My own cunt is dripping, slickness running down my thighs, as I’m behind you, my right hand on the back of your neck feeling your body quiver in pleasure at my violation of you. I’m particularly turned on hearing your gasps and barely stifled moans & your begging for more. I’ll give you more, my beautiful blond English bitchboy. And you’re bahis firmaları so polite, saying please. That appeals to my refined Southern upbringing.

James: My trousers and boxers around my ankles. Suit jacket hanging off the back of the door. You, still wearing your respectable coat, with your hand on my small white backside, finger up to the last knuckle in my anus. Sawing in and out. “Please,” I say. “I can take it quite easily. Do it faster. Please, mistress?” I’m breathing hard, my cock pulsating and throbbing. “Please could you fill me up more, open me up and violate me further?” I’m gasping as I say this, between ragged breaths.

Sharon: Of course I will oblige, happy to be pleasing my beautiful boy. Do you think you could handle a third finger? I’m loving the image of three of my well-manicured fingers probing your perfect slim ass, driving you to the edge and back. Three very slippery fingers it is, then.

James: You show me your three fingers, all manicured with red nail varnish, slick with some kind of lube, you show me how long and wide they are, putting them in front of my face. And then you put your hand behind me, out of sight, and order me to adopt the appropriate position, and lightly slap my arse. And then slowly push them in, together, so wide that I can feel myself stretched, almost painfully, awkwardly, it feels difficult at first. We can hear a toilet flushing just eight metres away, and the sound of footsteps. I try not to gasp as you slowly push all three fingertips into my arsehole, which is slowly dilating, giving way, allowing your entrance.

Sharon: Your sounds of pleasure are almost more than I can bear. I have a fleeting wish for a cock of my own so I could withdraw the fingers and assfuck you properly, filling you with my cum, one hand on the back of your neck, the other reaching around to your twitching, leaking cock, you filling my hand with a big, hot load of seed as I fill your ass with my own.

James: In that case, Mrs XXXX, perhaps it’s time for you to do what you have to do. You know what I mean, mistress. How is my hole looking? Is it nicely lubed, and gaping? Am I ready, mistress?

Sharon: I know exactly what you mean, boy. Yes, it is time for that. I have concealed the harness beneath my conservative outfit and now throw open my coat. You crane your neck to see my outfit. My big tits are sticking out from above a black rubber corset, underneath I’m wearing my stocking and suspenders, and my strap-on dildo. It is five inches long in thick dark rubber. You are looking over your shoulder in some trepidation. This is getting more fun by the minute. Your precious little hole is looking rather gently violated by my fingering. Pink, very well-lubed, gaping but still nice and tight. I’m about to make it gape some more. I’m going to fuck you in your ass, James. Are you ready?

James: Make sure it’s properly greased, all slippery, I want it to slide in nice and smooth, to fill me without too much pain. What do you say, Sharon, as you put it on? I want to know what you tell me, how you phrase it. I’m used to being the master, not the slut. This is a strange and unusual position to find myself in, an older woman – 15 years older – about to take me from behind. In the arse. I hear someone else entering the gents and hope they kaçak iddaa can’t hear what we’re doing.

Sharon: Of course I will make sure it’s perfectly slick. I’m stroking my rubber cock, enjoying the feeling of it in my hand. As you lean against the wall with your back to me, I lean over and softly whisper in your ear, “My beautiful boy, I’m about to fuck you in your tight little ass. Are you ready?” I can’t resist gently nibbling on your earlobe after I inform you of my intentions. I feel an involuntary shiver pass through your entire body. That’s my answer. I secure the rubber cock in my harness, making sure it’s completely slippery thanks to the tube of Astroglide I also added to my handbag this morning. I nudge your tight little opening with the tip of my cock and you shiver again. You are a feast for my senses. I run my hands through your soft hair, down your neck, your shoulders, around your slim waist, briefly touching your engorged meat. I then grip your left hip with my left hand and slowly, gently guide my cock into you, inch by inch, until I’m buried to the hilt in you.

I keep still for a few seconds, allowing you to become more comfortable with being so filled. I then grip both your slim hips with my hands, loving the feeling, because I adore it when you do the same to me. The feeling of your hands firmly gripping my wide hips while you’re buried in me is one of my favorite sensations. You own me and I can really feel it when you do that.I start slowly sawing that cock in and out of your ass and you are trying so hard to keep quiet – imagine the scandal if those men who are coming and going knew what was happening in their midst. You whisper for me to fuck you harder, faster. I quietly ask, “Are you sure, James? Do you feel you’re ready for me to fuck you good and proper?” You turn your head to look back at me. You’re biting your lip as you shake your head yes. So I grip your hips a little more firmly and start to fuck you in earnest. Just like you do me when our positions are reversed. I’m wishing so hard that this cock I was wearing was real.

James: Your fingers felt big up me, all three of them. This feels even bigger, almost unbearable. I lean forward, my face inches from the tank, in a submissive position. It takes you a while to get it up me, into me. I’m biting my lip, it’s so fucking huge. But I know that I want it, and that I want to please you. You’re holding my neck and head, not unkindly, as you force it into me. I know it feels amazing rubbing against your cunt lips. And I know you love the sight of my hole opening up, stretching, to take the width of your toy. It stings. But I love it. I feel so very dirty, so nasty. I’m grunting and moaning and begging for more, all the time trying to keep my voice down but knowing that I’m about to shoot my load all over the floor of the cubicle, with your length up me. Your bitchboy. Your property. Taking it for you. Letting mistress have her fun for a change. You’re pumping me, changing the speed from slow to fast, really getting off on how my body is shaking as you push in and out. I look over my shoulder and see your face, intent on buggering me, watch your big boobs swinging in rhythm with your thrusts.

Sharon: I’m trying to decide whether to reach around and take your length in hand and jack you off to kaçak bahis provide you release or allow you to spurt all over yourself from the sheer pleasure and intense sensation of me pounding you in your ass. And yes, I certainly am getting off on being the top for once, the feeling of fucking you, of taking you, dominating you. You’re as beautiful as a sub as you are as a top. Amazing. With one hand I’m rubbing my nipples, I just love that feeling. The pressure on my clit and cunt is so intense that I feel that wave of orgasm, I throw my head back and thrust into you even faster as I start to cum. It’s a real struggle not to scream as I cum, so very hard.

James: I don’t think I deserve to be touched, mistress. I think you should just pound me inside until I spasm, uncontrollably, and my cock releases all that lovely spunk on to the toilet seat and on to the floor. I want you to slap my arse, quite hard, making pink marks with your hand as you bring me to orgasm. I know that you’ve already come once but I think you will be there again soon, given the excitement of the scenario, knowing how multi-orgasmic you are. You’re not bad at dominating, either, are you?

Sharon: As you wish, boy. I’ll allow you to cum without your aching cock even being touched. Make a mess, see if I care?! And I will most certainly administer a few firm slaps to your lovely pale bottom to facilitate your cumming. Now take my thick plastic prick up your ass, bitchboy.

James: It’s only a few minutes later that I feel that uncontrollable feeling in my balls, know that I’m about to spurt, and start to spray seed, white cum, all over the toilet bowl and the floor. Spurt after spurt. You are groaning again, I think you are on your second orgasm. You come to a shuddering halt, your hand on my neck, and slowly withdraw your toy from my arse. I turn around, and you let me kiss your nipples, your flushed neck, your mouth. But you are not finished in showing who is the boss. You order me to lie on the cubicle floor and tell me you want to now sit on my face, so you can rub your arsehole and cunt on to my mouth. My willing mouth.

Sharon: You’re a very thoughtful bitchboy, aren’t you, thinking of your mistress’s pleasure. I do appreciate that. Yes, I want you to sit on the floor, either flat on your bottom or with your knees tucked under you so your mouth is even with my pussy. I want you to lick my slit, suck my big swollen clit until I spasm in your face, putting my hand on the back of your head and pulling your face deeper into my snatch. You have a very talented mouth, boy. I shall have to remember that.

James: Yes, on my knees. Obediently. Watching you push your wet cunt into my face, holding my head, almost suffocating me with your wet lips and thick pubic hair. A feast of cunt. You’re rubbing against me, gripping me hard, so that I almost suffocate as you begin to spasm on my mouth and lips, your third orgasm in succession. Your tool is still strapped around your waist, all slick with lube, I’m licking between and under your straps, your pussy is so wet and slippery, I occasionally move my mouth to lick your dick, to suck it, showing you who is boss, demonstrating your superiority, that I’m just a bitchboy for you – at least for now – and put my tongue right up your cunt and listen to you cum with your hands holding my head hard. You spurt, you actually squirt, this time, which is unusual for you, and your liquid is sprayed out over my nose and mouth and chin. And I just drink, lapping it up. Obedient. For now.

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