She Proved Her Point

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“When you really make love to a woman, when she’s under you and you are looking in to her eyes as your penis penetrates into her insides brushing and massaging and stretching and probing her most delicate and sensual parts… Your penis, an instrument with the exact correct texture and vibration to make such a capricious and willful creature, as a woman, stay still and become indoctrinated… When your penis gives her these sensations that are so intensely pleasurable that instead of talking about the topics that females will constantly talk about, she makes these little primitive noises. Ahhhhh. Ahhhhh. Ahhh. Oooo. Ahhh. This demonstrates that her primitive nature has completely subsumed her rational nature. You have cracked the shell of the ego and released the primal animal woman inside.

“When you have accomplished this act of love and delicate penetration towards a woman, the balance of power in the relationship is forever flipped towards your side. In fact, there is no more balance. The primal energy of a woman. Loves you. And whatever the woman’s ego feels when it reforms, you have already interacted with her primal true self. The Ahhhh. Ahhhhh. Ooooo. Self.

“She will love you unquestionably and irrationally. Nothing can release her until that shell is broken again.

“Every time you thrust in when she looks up she sees you looking in to her giving and taking pleasure. Controlling and managing her hormones and sensations. There is no woman that can go through a passionate slow encounter of love and not come out of it helplessly obsessed if not in love.

“She can deny it, she can try to forget it in the arms of another man, but nevertheless, something has happened. For this reason alone, I recommend that you all are very sparing in your love making. Try not to overwhelm a woman with too much passion. Dull the senses, use condoms, don’t last too long, etc. Without a condom, without a man with some restraint, to make love is to Make Love. To really make love to a woman unless you truly as a man have already committed to loving this women, is completely unethical and dangerous for the woman. Caution!”

It was this very thesis that I was explaining to my friends one evening at the local bar, with my typical erudite aire of excellence, when a girl that was listening, interrupted, and said, “You are so full of it. You are probably even a virgin.”

We all had a laugh including myself at her spirited response.

And then I looked into her eyes and said who is it that you love and smiled with perhaps a bit of a smirk. A thing I felt bad for doing it, immediately. I like to think of myself as being above petty cruelty and altercations. But she had interrupted with the intent of destroying my story and so I thoughtlessly reacted.

She said, “Wouldn’t you like to know.” And walked off.

The evening went on with nothing of note happening and no more thought paid towards this girl.

However, the next night when I once again was at the bar, this time unaccompanied by my friends, I noticed the girl come in, and she immediately caught my eyes, and she kept them and walked over. She said, “Hi, I’m sorry that I overreacted to your story. I probably shouldn’t’ve even been eavesdropping…”

“Oh that’s quite alright. I believe it was I that was rude, in any case. Allow me to apologize and offer you a drink.”

“A beer for me and two shots of vodka for my friend,” she said with a confident smile.

“Thank you.”

We discussed ourselves and where we lived and such small pleasantries erotik film izle for a while when she broke away from the conversation and said, “By the way, you are really wrong about your theory. Perhaps not completely wrong but still wrong about the most important things.”

“How so?” I asked, ever ready to improve my understanding of the human condition.

“Well,” She smiled, “for one thing it has nothing to do with the penis or the woman or the man.”

“It? What?”

“Well, for example you, could be made to love just as intensely as that girl over there. You could be indoctrinated just as easily in fact by any girl, if she only thought enough of you to bother.”

I smiled, “Ah yes, I am certainly one that appreciates the efforts of a talented girlfriend. That’s for certain. But do you really think it’s the same? When a man cums he is released and releases. Nature has made it so that when a woman orgasms she is preparing for a long term commitment for a family and for a child.”

“I think you are wrong.”

“Why?” I asked.

“I don’t think that there’s anything that I could tell you that would make you agree with me. You are in love with the concept of the power of your sex over mine. Your mind is closed.”

“Closed to what?”

“Well for example, what about lesbians. They fall in love, too.”

I smiled now, “Well this just proves my point more. Even a woman can press those buttons with a prosthetic device.”

She smiled a bit exasperated as people are prone to be by me, “You still don’t get it. I am almost ready to show you just because you are so clueless.”

“Get what?”

“Get anything”

“Oh please” I said. I took her generality as an admission that she was wrong.

She seemed a bit aggravated now. “Come with me.”


She said, “Please don’t talk. I’m going to teach you a little lesson.”

I was about to talk and she shushed me and I just followed her sort of enjoying her hand holding my arm. Enjoying those fingers which seemed pretty strong for such a petite and, yes, cute kind of girl. I followed. She seemed somewhat intelligent for a girl and was certainly passionate in her debate, if not eloquent.

We went to the parking lot. She took me to the door of her car and opened it and pushed me in and said, “Sit.”

She drove me home to her apartment. Every time I tried saying anything she just said, “Shhhh.”

We reached her apartment I sat down. She said, “Take off you clothes.”

I tried saying, “what?” but she just shushed me again. And so, ever willing to serve the fairer sex, I stripped naked. She then grabbed my wrist again and led me to her bedroom. She sat me down and said, “Please don’t say anything, if you want me to show you that you are wrong. If you say something you can just leave and continue to live in your chauvinistic fantasy world without ever knowing what I will teach you. Don’t even nod, just sit.”

I sat, she then took some ropes from under the bed that were attached to the legs of the bed and ordered, “Lie back and spread your arms and legs.” I listened.

She took each of my wrists first and tied them down. She then took my legs and tied them down.

Here I was, ever the removed character. I just watched her with a look of an adventurer visiting a primitive tribe. What was she up to…

She left for a minute to the restroom and returned. She said, sit on this, and placed a pillow under my butt.

She touched me on the leg gently showing me that she was nice and that film izle she wasn’t going to be violent, no doubt. Ah, this was nice. She was going to show me how she could be good enough in bed that I would love her, nice.

Before long I was aroused and she crawled up to the bed and started kissing my body my chest in particular. She nibbled on my nipples and pressed and rubbed them. Her hands were quite good. She then kissed her way up to my neck and then finally to my mouth. What an intense probing kisser she was as her hands once again rubbed and pressed my chest and nipples. And then I left something a bit hard between her legs on my thigh. I thought nothing of it. I was enjoying kissing her so much.

She stopped and removed her shirt. A beautiful girl naked on top of me with my hands restrained. How I would’ve loved to touch her.

She loomed over me with her beautiful chest above my face and her beautiful face looking down. She waited for a few moments to let it sink in that I was tied down and couldn’t touch her, whereas she was sitting on my chest looming over me with her beautiful body. She then went back to kissing me all along my body including a little peck on my now very sensitive and hard penis. Her hands caressed my legs too though and my butt. She didn’t kiss or suck my penis much.

But, her hands had found my butt and my balls and her breath and fingers worked me over. Her fingers squeezed and ran over my butt and it felt so intense that I had to close my eyes and clench them and hold my breath. Then her hot breath was all around and her fingers touched me near my butt between my legs. How can I say this. Her fingers were getting very intimate with my nether region. They felt good. A very kinky girl, this was. Nice.

She removed her pants as she was on her stomach manipulating and stimulating me. And then she started crawling back upwards. And then I felt unmistakably what could only be a dildo touching around my body. What did she have in mind? I wondered. She kissed her way up to my chest yet again and nibbled and tweaked my nipples quite proficiently till they felt as good as my penis ever could.

And then she kissed her way up yet again, only this time, I could feel that rather long and probing plastic appendage snaking around between my legs and it was very cold and very wet and very slimy. She kissed my neck now but one of her hands was down below pointing her prosthetic device and directing it. Underneath and towards me. Yes, I knew what she had in mind. Hmmm, I thought. Did she believe that she was a man? Wait and see I figured, wait and see.

She continued to kiss me, now the head of that mysterious plastic snake pressed firmly or not so firmly up the bottom of my digestive track. Feeling me and pushing me but not entering me. She was just happy to kiss a bit and to grope and massage my body. But at the same time the penis was there. It was insistent. As she kissed and penetrated my mouth, the penis crept upwards. Slid upwards. I was entirely hard and this is certainly a region with many nerve endings. Entirely satisfactory.

But at a certain point it could go in no more. I am straight and am not at all experienced in these matters. Sure a girl has touched my butt in the past. But this was a dildo. It was larger. It in fact hurt.

It hurt badly. I complained, “Ow, it hurts. Stop.”

“Okay,” she smiled.

She kissed me then deeply. She was had been minutely adjusting her penis to my track. Then she raised herself up with her hands in that position resembling seks filmi izle missionary.

Then she looked into my eyes. And she slowly pushed the penis into me.

I groaned, “Stop.” She stopped. She just left it there pushing around me. It could go no farther in. It hurt so badly. But at the same time there was this attraction. It felt good. But it could not go in. I sort of picked up my hips a bit to help the aim of it. She pushed in again. I screamed, “Stop.”

“If you want me to stop, why are you helping me get it in.”

I didn’t know the answer.

It was stretching me but gave no headway. The nerve ending had never experienced this before. I could feel my penis twitching from the tightness of that region. She stopped and looked down at me right through me. I was at the same time taking breaks from her gaze. And slowly twitching my body. She didn’t even bother to move she just looked and that look brought chills down my back.

The she retreated, only to reenter. This process repeated. And although her entrance was curtailed by my overly tight and unaccommodating sphincter, she seemed happy to survey and master the territory that was hers to patrol.

I realized I could just cum from this. But, I realized as well that I would give her no such satisfaction.

I would meet her gaze. I looked at her and when I saw her penetrating eyes, they brought still more chills do my body. I once again had to look away I didn’t want to cum and I couldn’t look at her. I looked to the side.

She pushed in harder. I groaned. She stood still just looking at me. And then my anus just somehow changed it’s mind and sucked that dildo straight in past the sphincter and the pain went away and it just felt good. It was very sudden. She smiled a she felt it finally go in that final inch.

She then for the first time pushed in for real. I was surprised and groaned. And it wasn’t that twitchy sort of teasing feeling. This was serious, it was. If that part of my body could groan it did. It was being stretched. I was making little noises. I had to just see if she was still looking at me and so I looked up again and as soon as I saw her eyes I felt it in my stomach and she pulled out as I was looking and then I was trapped. I could not look away. Trapped in her eyes. And she stopped again and I couldn’t move. A dear caught in headlights. Impaled enraptured with pleasure. Unable to move. Stiff like a board.

She went in and out and I then was moaning and screeching and after my howl I would look up and be caught by her eyes. It must’ve hurt I thought but it didn’t. It just felt good. I could not believe it. My ass felt so good. She did this continuously but I did not cum. The earlier twitchiness was gone and now I just had the intensely dull pleasure. But as good as it felt, I could not cum. How could I without using my penis, I thought. Then she brought her head lower to me and said, “You are mine, you little slut. I own you. Can’t you feel it. Look at me.” And she looked into my eyes and thrust inwards and outwards. As I moaned without breaking the stare. I moaned into her.

“You are my bitch.” She then did it harder and I moaned louder. I suppose it hurt but it also felt good in this weird way. The entire region was a sexual organ. Then she slowed down and whispered, “Yes I’m fucking you and good.” I didn’t say anything, afraid to not follow her instructions. “You are mine.” She then thrust deeply, in such a way that I could feel that I was on the verge of cumming. She somehow knew it. She just grabbed my face and penetrated me very steadily and solidly her stomach also pressing my penis. She looked into my eyes as I came. One spasm after the next, those eyes penetrated into me. I could feel them probing into me so deep and unknown.

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