She Wants a Real Cowboy Pt. 08

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Sebastian (22 yrs.) is ranked number

1 in the “Professional Bull Riding” (PBR). He stands at 5’11” who looks like a thin pole. He’s one-strong cowboy though who is ready for the, “Unleash the Beast” rodeo event. He drew the bull, “Tender-Foot” for his first ride. He’s the only cowboy who rode this bull last season.

Elise (20 yrs.) is a local rodeo beauty queen (35-24-30) who has dark-red hair. She wears a white cowboy hat that matches the western shirt. Her tight wrangler jeans are tucked into cowboy boots. The queen, “banner sash” hangs over the shoulder.

Elise sits inside the arena box with other beauty queens. She searches for Sebastian whom she follows on his, “Instagram” website page. All of his shirtless photos show off those 6-pack abdominals. He likes to wear those basketball shorts with his cock dangling underneath.

She’s excited as Sebastian climbs on, “Tender-Foot” inside of the bucking shoot. The bull is set loose who jumps high and wild. Sebastian is thrown after 10 seconds who is flipped back into the bucking shoot. His helmet hits an inside rail who drops onto his left shoulder. He rolls over to stand up on his cowboy boots. He earns, “zero points” who doesn’t make it to the second round.

It’s the second day of the bull riding event. Sebastion sits in the bleachers wearing a black cowboy hat, wrangler jeans and cowboy boots. His fingers unbutton the western shirt and the right-hand rubs the left shoulder.

Elise walks up to him and asks, “How’s your shoulder Sebastian?”

He looks up at her, “Hi, I gotta bruise.”

She bahis firmaları says, “I’m Elise. Does it hurt?”

He answers, “It’s just sore Elise.”

She asks, “Can I rub your shoulder?”

He’s surprised, “Why…, miss rodeo queen. You hardly know me.”

Elise smiles and opens his shirt to look for the bruise. He lets her do it. Both of her hands gently rub his shoulder and Sebastian closes his eyes.

He whispers, “That feels good.”

Later that night inside of Sebastian’s Ford truck. Both him and Elise are on the passenger side with the door closed. The small ceiling light is turned on as fog steams up the windows. Both of his hands are tied to the window rack with her banner sash. The western shirt is unbuttoned with his 6-pack abs showing. His boxer shorts and wrangler jeans are pulled down to the cowboy boots.

His eyes are closed with the mouth dropped open. Elise still wears her cowboy hat. She leans over with both of her hands tightly squeezing his 8-inch cock. Her wet lips cover his engorged cock-tip. The tongue has been licking his tip for some time.

He jerks his head, “Uh-Ahhhhh.. Uhhhhh.. Ahhhh.. W-Work… Little-Sebastian.”

Her tongue moves to the right side of his tip and licks hard.

His hands yank on the sash, “Right-There… Right-There… Uhh-Ahhh.. Uhhhh.. Uh… Ahhhhh.”

Both of her hands keep gripping his shaft as she enjoys the licks.

He replies, “Uh-Fuck… Ahhh-Fuck… Lick-It… Lick-It-Good.”

Her mouth lifts off of his cock-tip.

She whispers, “Are you close Sebastian?”

He kaçak iddaa breathes, “Y-Yeah… I’m gonna.. Cum.”

She says, “My Ex-boyfriend… Calls me a whore.”

He asks, “H-He does?”

Her wet lips cover his cock-tip and she starts licking again.

He breathes, “Are you a… Whore?”

She lifts off of his cock again and answers, “Only if you call me one – at the hotel.”

He says, “Oh-Okay… I will.”

Her wet lips clamp over the cock-tip and the tongue licks more.

Sebastian begins fucking her mouth. She drops the hands from around his shaft.

Thrust-Thrust-Thrust-Thrust…. His thickness pushes into her wet mouth.

He explodes, “Gawd-Gawd.. Uh-Ahhhhhhhhhh… Uhhhhhhhh… Ahhhhh-Fuck… You-Made-Me-Cum-Fast.”

30 minutes later inside of the hotel room. The curtains are closed. One lamp-light is turned on. A computer laptop sits open on the table. It plays bull riding on the ESPN website. The volume isn’t on.

Shirts, jeans, underwear and socks are piled up on one chair. Belts and buckles fall over cowboy boots under that chair. His cowboy hat sits on the floor near the bed.

Sebastian and Elise are naked on top of the bed. They’re both in the missionary position. She lays on her back with the dark-red hair hanging loose. Her legs are spread open with knees bent. He’s wearing her cowboy hat and leaning over in between those legs. Both of his hands are placed on the bed near the sides of her waist.

He looks down at his fat cock that’s buried inside of her thick-red bush. He’s only 5-inches deep as kaçak bahis his, “shaft-veins” throb. He’s been pushing inside fast and hard. Not all the way in because she’s tight.

He grunts, “You’re a filthy whore… Aren’t you?… A filthy whore.!!”


She replies, “Yes-Yes-Unnnhh-Unhh-Unnnnhh.!”


Her titties jiggle wildly.

She screams, “Yes-Yes-Yes-Y-Yessss..!!”

He says, “You-Nasty-Whore.. Nasty-Fucking-Whore.!!”


Elise jerks her head back and forth.

She says, “Yes.. Gawd-Yes.. Y-Yes.. Yessss.!!”

Sebastian smiles down at his shaft pushing in and pulling out.

He grunts, “Fuck… You’re-One-Tight… Whore… Whore.!!”


She replies, “Uh-Unh..Unnh-Unnnhh..Damn-You.”

He closes his eyes and pushes inside a few more times.

He grunts, “I’m Cumming… I’m Cumming… You-Fucking-whore.!!”

His body stops and he explodes, “Uh-Uhh-Gawwwwwdd.. Guh-awwwwdd.. Ahhhhhhhh… Fucking-Gawd.!!”

His cock stays inside of her as she leans up. They kiss deeply.

Sebastian says, “Fuck… I never cum this fast.”

Elise replies, “Because you like fucking whores.”

He smiles.

His thick shaft pulls out of her slowly.

The next morning. There’s a knock on the door. A woman yells, “Cleaning Lady.!!”

Sebastian wakes up quickly and throws over the bed covers. He climbs off and his naked body staggers toward the door. He opens it to a crack.

He says, “Give me a few minutes.”

The door closes and he walks back to grab his boxer shorts. He slips them on and notices, “red hickey’s” all over his abdominals.

He laughs, “You fucking whore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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