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Big Tits

Hi readers! This is Saima Saleem here. My story started when I was 22. I was married to Noman Saleem at the age of 18. Our marriage was a typical Pakistani arranged marriage. It was very good up until the four years of marriage. After my son Kashif was born, our sex life became nonexistent. I was very horny and nobody could say that I was not attractive anymore. I was still a ravishing babe with typical Sub continental features and boobs that were bigger than my body frame. Yet Noman seemed to have lost interest in me.

That was the year of 1992. Noman looked after his garments business here in Lahore, Pakistan. Noman and I had moved in a separate house from his family home in the Village. He had always liked it in the City because unlike his parents, he was educated. His family still lived in a village few miles away from Lahore. His younger sister Nabila had followed the footsteps of her brother and was enrolled in the Punjab University here in Lahore. His other sibling were still young and studying in the village school.

Now as time passing by I was getting more and more frustrated. It would be months after Noman had any inclination of fucking me and even when he did, he was detached and distant. He just did his thing and went to sleep. Leaving me even more frustrated. In the earlier days of our marriage, we used to have really kinky sex. At that time, Sex was a very taboo subject in Pakistan. Even with your spouse, you were not expected to be doing anything but missionary position in dim or no light. There was absolutely no concept of oral sex. While anal sex, while being recognized, was strictly out of bounds. In the later years, Internet pornography escalated the sexual awareness in our country but still it is a big Taboo to talk about it.

But fortunately, VHS had arrived in Pakistan long before, and so did the porn tapes (all imported of course), but their exposure was really limited. Luckily Noman was one of the few lucky ones who had discovered the source of sex tapes and was a regular porn viewer. So naturally, when he got married, he tried a lot of kinky stuff with me. We had plenty of Oral Sex and we occasionally tried anal sex too. I loved all of it. But as soon as I got pregnant, in the second year of marriage, it was all over for me.

I was so frustrated that I was thinking of finding some grounds for a divorce (If you are wondering, sexual dissatisfaction is not grounds of divorce here in our country).

But then one day, I got a hint that made me suspicious that Noman was having an affair. I had no way of telling who he was sleeping with, but now I knew that he was not taking weekly trips of two to three days for business. That explained why he was not interested in me.

I suppose I should’ve been mad, but instead, I was happy. Noman had unknowingly, given me freedom to fulfill my emptiness. I had instantly decided that if he can do it so can I. I decided that I will have an affair of my own.

But it was not going to be easy. It’s not like a western country where I could just walk into a bar and let a guy pick me up. In Pakistan, women’s freedom is very limited. Especially for a housewife like me. If she goes out, people take notice. If she tries to get naughty with another guy, people take notice. She so much as talks to a stranger and people are noticing. For a middle class Pakistani woman, it is near to impossible to hide an affair.

I began to ponder the question. How was I going to be able to do this? Who could I fool around with and still be able to keep it a secret? I found nothing for few weeks. Then an insane idea came that changed my world. It was as unrealistic as my other options, but it had a different kind of risk. I decided to go along. I planned to sleep with my own brother.

I asked Noman that I wanted to take Kashif to my parent’s house for a few days. Although they also lived in Lahore, they lived almost at an hour’s drive. Noman did not raise any objections to it and the next morning, he drove me there. My family was delighted to see me. I had last visited them on Eid and it was 6 months ago.

My father, mother and two brothers all greeted me at home. My father Zia Askari was a school teacher. My mother Najma was a housewife. Both of them were at the graceful age of 40 and I really loved them. My two brothers were younger than me. Aziz was 20 and studying in University for B.A. My younger brother was Niaz. He was 18 at that time and was in his college (Equivalent to High school Senior in the West).

But during that visit, my point of interest was Aziz. I began to pay attention to his carnal features. He was about 6 feet tall. He was a football (soccer) player in University and that can give you an idea of his athletic features. Like all our family, he had dark hair and dark brown eyes. His face became the pivot of my attention and all I could think of was to make him take me.

Let me further enlighten you that how much of a risk I was going to take. In our part of country, sexual infidelity is a punishable family stroke porno offense. It is even a bigger crime if the culprit is handed to the fundamental religious factions. Then there is also a very popular penalty in our culture. It’s called ‘Honor Killing’. It means that if a couple is found guilty of Adultery, the family of the culprits Murders them! Usually brothers are more prone to kill their sisters in the name of honor. So if my plan did not pan out, my brothers could murder me in cold blood.

So why did I not take a simpler option of choosing a less risky person to have an affair with? Well, my clever brain gave me the Idea. It was that the real mistake while committing a crime is getting caught. So why should I chose any guy who could spill the beans and make me a culprit. In a male dominated society, I would be a sitting duck. The guy could even get away with it saying that I seduced him and he is willing to TAUBA (repent). But there is no TAUBA for a woman in this crime. So what could I do to make the other party as much venerable as myself? Well in our society, BHENCHOD (Sister-fucker) is a well know curse. I thought, in practicality, being a BEHNCHOD is as much as a crime as an Adulterous whore.

So the idea was that I manage to get him to sleep with me, I would have more leverage on him than he would have on me. But if he got angry at the proposition? Well, even then I thought, I would have a better chance than of making the proposition to stranger who could rat me out. Now that I think of it, I could’ve seduced any guy on the planet to sleep with me and he would’ve been too glad to rat me out. But then, I never knew the power of my sexuality. Women in Pakistan are never raised to be proud of themselves as sexual beings. We cover our bodies and lower our gaze and are usually ashamed of our sexuality. I decided to go ahead with the plan to seduce my brother.

I had chosen the time wisely. Mom and dad had to go to a wedding in the Village. They’d be away for a week. Niaz had his college and he was much keener for paying cricket with his friends in the afternoon that to stay home with his sister. While Aziz was on his term break and was free. My parents, before leaving, made him cancel all his plans and take care of me and Kashif during the week. I can’t say that he was excited to be stuck with me, but he was really not annoyed by my presence either. We had always been friendly and always had a great time together.

At dinner, we all got to chat and caught up on the events in each other’s life. After dinner mother and I chatted for a couple of hours, gossiping about everything. Then I fed Kashif and put him to sleep and then fell on my cot to sleep. I was tired so much because before coming here, I had to keep a few things prepared for Noman so that he’ll have no trouble during the week that I was gone. I slept as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I was woken up early in the morning by my mother for Morning Prayer. Don’t judge me because no matter how deviant my sexual life has made me practically, I am still a religious person.

After the prayers, Mom and dad began to get ready to leave. The best time to travel here is early morning. So they left even before sunrise. I prepared breakfast for my brothers. After breakfast, Niaz left for college. I was finally alone with Aziz. I was getting a bit nervous, but soon as I looked at Aziz’s face, I remembered why I chose him for this. He was my closest friend in the world. I used to share everything with him. That thought instantly put me at ease. He asked what my plans were for the day. “Getting fucked by you in all holes on every surface of this house” was what I wanted to say, but I said that I did not have anything in particular in mind. He said that we should probably watch TV. I liked the idea and we sat on the Sofa in the TV Room. I had already began to throw my cards. Pakistani women almost always wear loose baggy trousers called SHALWAR and Long Lose shirts called QAMEEZ. Men also Wear Shalwar Kameez but of course the Design of theirs is different. But basically the structure and covering area is the same. We ladies also keep our head covered with a DUPATTA that not only covers our hair but also is used to cover the collar of the shirt so that no part of the cleavage is visible.

I had casually let my dupatta slip off of my chest and my ample cleavage was in full display. I felt him notice but he was too embraced to say or do anything about it. He switched on the TV and began to change the channels. We had Satellite TV (also called Dish Antenna TV and was very popular in those days) which showed many international and Indian channels. Many channels had a much liberal censorships than Pakistan National TV so we could encounter very spicy stuff. That was exactly what I was hoping for. Aziz tried to watch a football match but I told him to change the channel. The TV remote had its battery cover broken so sometime when you jerked it, its batteries fell out. That little trick of female taxi porno fate helped me a lot that day. While browsing the channels, we reached a channel on which a very sexy Bollywood song was being played.

The scene we saw was: the heroine who was wearing a very sexy Saree had her midriff exposed and the hero was kissing her bellybutton. Aziz was very embarrassed at the scene and he hurriedly pointed the remote to change the channel. But at that moment, his quick movement caused that batteries to fall off. It was a very comical scene watching Aziz to desperately trying to put the batteries back on the remote while the naughty scene underwent on the screen. Finally he changed the channel and took a long breath. I could see his face was gone red and he was breathing heavily. I said a silent prayer and took the lead. I said, “Relax Aziz. What happened? Why are you so embarrassed?”

Not making eye contact he mumbled, “Because there was dirty stuff on TV.”

I faked a laugh and said, “You silly boy. That is not dirty. That is the kind of stuff a husband and wife do after they get married. Don’t you know that?”

“Yes. . . I do . . . But that’s not the kind of stuff you watch with your family.”

“Well, Noman has no problem watching dirty stuff with me. By the way if this is dirty, wait till you see Noman’s cassette collection.”

“Errr . . do you mean, it is dirtier than that?”

“Yes of course, they show all things husband and wife do.”

“Even. . . . Sex???”

“Of course, what else? Haven’t you seen any of it?”

He was too embarrassed to reply to that. By this point I had realized that I had won this game. I knew I had total control over this. So, I pressed the point, “Come on. You can tell me. You are almost of the age of marriage and you know nothing about sex? You can talk to me. I’m am your best friend remember.” Saying this I got closer to him and placed my hand on his shoulder. I was positioned so that my ample cleavage was in his direct view. He did not avert his eyes and I smiled at another success.

Finally he spoke, “I saw some pictures.”

“hmmmm . . . .Pictures? That is not enough. What do you expect to learn from just pictures? I think you should see the films. They are very informative. Plus you don’t have a wife yet so you can watch and masturbate to it. Don’t tell me you don’t even know what masturbation is.”

“I do know but I think it is not allowed. . . “

“Oh come on who said that? It is perfectly normal. Noman still masturbates. Sometime in front of me too. It’s okay.”

I could’ve sworn that I saw a movement in the crotch area of his Sharlwar Kameez. But the lose fabric was not giving away much.

“But how baji (urdu word for elder sister) . . . I mean where will I find one.”

One more success for me. I smiled and said, “Let me think . . . I think we are in luck. I brought the VCP from home so that we could watch a few movies while I was here. But now that I think of it, last night before coming here Noman was watching THAT film on it. I think the cassette is still in the VCP. Let me get it”

I hurriedly got up and took the VCP from my room. Of course the cassette of porno was in it because I had planted it there. On my return I found that Aziz was still pretty embarrassed and was hoping that I might be joking but as soon as he saw the VCP, he got the answer. He slowly got up and started to plug the VCP. I made myself comfortable on the sofa and took the remote of the VCP in my hand. He came and shyly sat beside me. I pressed play and the scene played in which a man was fucking a girl doggy style and her big boobs were dangling madly. I was also turned on by that scene. I looked at the expressions on Aziz’s face. He was awestruck. He was so stunned that he did not notice that he had a full Bonner and his clothes were tenting at the crotch. I let him watch the scene for few moments. Then the camera zoomed in on the pussy. I pressed pause and asked, “Look Aziz this is a woman’s Vagina.”

He nodded faintly in acknowledgement. I continued, “Of course this woman’s Vagina is much stretched. A virgin girl’s pussy is very much smaller and tighter. In fact there is layer of skin that has to be broken to have sex. So you should be very gentle with a girl when you are doing it for the first time.”

I pressed play again and the scene progressed. After a few minutes of doggy style. The man lied down on the ground and the woman sat on his face and then they assumed 69 position. Aziz gasped with surprise at this. Perhaps, he never had heard of oral sex and the demonstration was quiet shocking for him.

With his eyes glued to the screen he asked, “Baji . . . is using the mouth allowed?”

“Of course it is dear. We do this position all the time. But in our case usually I’m the one on the bottom.” Which was lie because we had never tried 69. But I said that to add the dramatic effect. It worked because his tenting pole gave another twitch at this information. female agent porno

It was the time for the next move. I said pointing towards his lap, “Hey little brother, your Penis is hard. I think you should stroke it or it may start to pain.”

He was even more embarrassed now and tried to hide his erection. But I said in an emphasizing manner, “No, No, silly boy don’t hide it. Ignoring an erection can cause many health problems. You should always have sex when you get hard. Otherwise you should at least masturbate.”

He began to get up and said, “Okay I’m going to the bathroom.”

I had to think of something. By now I was really becoming bold. So I said, “Yes, you can go to the bathroom but I’m feeling very bad, it is your first time and I think you should do it in front of me”

“What? I can’t do that?”

“Why not?”

“Because . . .”

“Oh come on like I haven’t seen you naked before you are my baby brother, remember?”

“But Baji . . .”

“No buts! I’ll have to see what you are doing. Or I’ll be very worried.”

He sat back down on sofa but he was still far from ready to masturbate in front of me.

I said, “I know it’s hard for you to be naked before me. So I have an Idea. I was going to feed milk to Kashif, but since we have this situation, I’ll feed him in front of you so you’ll also see my body. It’s only fair.”

He made a very stupid expression at that and before he could say anything, in one quick motion I yanked of my Qameez and my big melons were at full display. My heart was pounding furiously and my pussy was oozing juices. But I was maintaining a very casual expression. Not that I needed to, because Aziz was too weak to resist the view of by magnificent boobs. He tried to say something but no sound came out. I sat down on the sofa and said, “Be quick brother. Kashif is going to wake up any minute now and I’ll have to feed him, so please get this over with.”

He was in shock but with trembling hands, he began to untie the knot of his trousers. Then he stood up, eyes still fixed at my boobs, and let the Shalwar fall to the floor. I could still see nothing because the long Kameez was still draping over his penis. It was evident from his face that he was more intrigued than embarrassed now and he was now stroking his dick under the fabric of his Qameez.

It took me all my self-control to stop reaching into my Shalwar and finger my wet pussy. But keeping my demeanor, I said, “Come on Aziz, show it to me, please. You need to be doing it right.”

Looked at me, this time not on my boobs, but into my eyes. I could read the raw lust and packed up sexuality in those beautiful eyes. For a moment I was afraid that he could read the same feelings in my eyes too but then I thought that we were past the point of no return already. Let him guess my intentions. He finally took a deep breath and yanked his Qameez up and over his head, throwing it away.

Oh my. . .

The first sight of his magnificent cock sent a chill through my body. His lovely dick was almost the same size of my husband but it was darker in color. He looked at me as if were asking for my opinion.

I said, “Go on. Stroke it. Move your hand up and down and don’t stop until jizz comes out of it.”

But he kept staring at me. Without bilking and without averting his eyes. Then he spoke and his words were music to my ears, “So that’s it Baji?”

“What do you mean Aziz?”

“You can drop that act now. We both know that this is not about my education. I also happen to know that you have stopped breast feeding Kashif for a couple of months now. So why don’t you go ahead and do what you really want to do.”

I could not believe my ears. “Are you . . . sure? Are you really okay with that?” I asked nervously.

“Sure baji, who would give away a chance to have sex with a beautiful girl like you?”

GOD . . . could it really be happening? I decided that it was no time for asking any more questions. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He held my face in his hands and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth and accepted his tongue inside. Our bodies, as if naturally, adapted into a rhythm and I literally could see sparks flying around me. The sensuality of that kiss was far more than anything sexual I had done in my whole life.

I felt one of his hands finding my boobs. He began to message them gently and pinched the nipples. I also got the idea of using my hands so I reached down and grabbed his love stick. It was so hot as if he had a fever. I began to stroke it but there was not enough room because it was pressing into my belly. I could not let such an erection to be wasted on a hand job. So I broke the kiss and told him to sit on the Sofa. I then kneeled in front of him, wasting no time to take his dick in my mouth. It was not tasteless. I could tell that he hadn’t bathed in the morning and the sweaty musk of his balls was overwhelming my nostrils. But I was not at all grossed out. I had learnt a long time ago with Noman that when I was turned on, NOTHING will be offending or disturbing to me as long as it was sexual.

I was a really good mouth and Noman could never get enough of the blowjobs. In fact it was all we did when I was menstruating. So by then, I had had a lot of practice of pleasuring a man with my mouth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32