Siblings with Benefits Samhain

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Note from the Author: A couple of quick notes about this story;

1st off you are probably reading this a couple of days after Halloween. This was supposed to go up last week but a family emergency took me out of town. It was a lot of work and figured better late than never.

Next- as I said this is a stand alone story if you have never read a chapter of SWB you should still be able to enjoy this.

For the people following SWB- As I said it is stand alone, however for the continuity of SWB this takes place 5 years before Megan’s current visit to RI and although it has nothing to do with the current series does provide a look at Megan’s new life in Chicago after she finally wins the battle with drugs.

For those of you who are very into the romantic emotional bond of M/M this story is quite different as they share with others in this. Keep in mind that Megan has not been sober that long and spent years damaging her relationship with Mark, they do not have the same bond they do now in the present although it is getting there.

This story is much different from my other work. I have had many people complain to much story not enough sex. SWB is very story driven however this story is an all out sex fest so all you stroker’s never let it be said I can’t deliver.

One last note. SWB is pretty much novel length, and is tough going to write as everything has to fit. This stand alone is extremely long because it is completely self indulgent and was an absolute blast to write I hope you enjoy it. And lets face it at the end of the day, could I really have a story featuring two practicing Satanists and not do something for Halloween? Enjoy and as always Thanks for the support Lovecraft68. P.s. this did not mess with my SWB schedule Ch 20 should be up within a day of this.


A wave of excitement went through me as the voice over the intercom announced that flight 386 from Providence had just landed and the passengers would be exiting soon. I stood up from where I had been sitting looking through an art magazine, and quickly started to make my way over to the gate to wait for my brother Mark, whom I hadn’t seen since back in July. Knowing I had a couple of minute ,I ducked into the ladies room and gave myself a brief once over in the mirror.

It was Halloween, and I had fully dressed the part; going with the all out goth appearance I usually reserved for the clubs and my art exhibits. I had straightened my normally curly jet black hair, so that it now hung down to my waist, and besides my deep red lipstick the only make up I was wearing was heavy black eye shadow and eye liner which served to further accentuate my Ivory -or as I liked to think of it at this time of year- ghostly complexion. The dark eye makeup also called attention to one of if not my best feature; my all but transparent crystal blue eyes.

I stepped back from the mirror so I could get a good look at the rest of what would be greeting my brother as he got off the plane. Despite it being the end of October in Chicago the temperature was still in the low fifties so I didn’t have to bundle myself up too much. I was wearing a black leather shirt that although long sleeved, the outsides had no material and were laced together with leather straps through metal hooks.

The front was the same; the left and right sides laced together with enough space that the inside portion of my tits were showing, the material just covering my pierced nipples. The shirt continued all the way down like that exposing my stomach and the silver chain that hung from my navel. The long black skirt I was wearing went all the way down to my ankles. However the slits on both sides ran almost all the way up to my hips showing off the knee high black boots and quite a bit of my creamy white thighs.

All in all I thought my brother would like what he was seeing especially since he hadn’t seen me dress like this in awhile. I turned and practically skipped out of the bathroom. There were so many reasons to be excited tonight! Besides the fact that it had been months since I had seen Mark, this was the first time he had come down here since January, and so much had changed since then and all for the better! The last time Mark had been down here I had still been living with Betty, and had been working as a waitress while I tried to get myself going in the local art scene.

Two months after he left I ran into a guy named Royce at an NA meeting who was a former art dealer, and after a year of abstinence was just starting to get some of his clients back. We got to talking and he agreed to show some of my paintings, if when they sold he would get a percentage and the right to represent me. I had agreed and within a month he had three of my paintings hanging at the local Goth club “The Black Flame”. By month’s end I received a phone call from him that one had sold for $2,000.

From there things really started falling into place. As it turned out Abigail Lefay the owner of the Black Flame knew my brother from monsters of cock porno not only the occult circuit but was a member of some type of exclusive S&M club that my brother was also belonged to. Once Mark called her and she met with me, Abigail began really pushing my painting, and in the last eight months I had sold close to two dozen.

The last sale which was for a cool $10,000 also got me featured in a couple of local magazines where I was touted as “An up and coming artist whose dark visions could put Bosch to shame.”. I had since quit waitressing and was now painting full time. At the moment I was doing a series of paintings based on the works of Edgar Allen Poe for a collector who was not only going to pay $5,000 a pop but had given me a $15,000 down payment.

That money, along with another $15,000 I had been able to save, went towards the down payment of the condo I had just moved into three months ago. Due to my checkered past and the fact that the bank was a little iffy about considering painting a steady income, Mark, who was in the middle of a big case and couldn’t come down, got on the phone with the bank and co-signed for me. For the first time in my life not only was I financially self supporting but had a beautiful place to live that was all mine!

The thought that not only was I picking up my brother, but that we would be going back to my place, and of course to my bed was enough to get me wet as I stood there in the middle of at least a dozen others waiting for the passengers to get off the plane. Of course that was another if not the biggest thing I was excited about, Mark was coming to Chicago. Back in Rhode Island people knew we were brother and sister, and between it being a small state and Mark having some public notoriety there we had to be careful.

Not down here however. When I had first moved here a little over a year ago, it had occurred to me that seeing it was a new start, and no one other than Betty knew me, I decided not to tell anyone I had a brother. Now when Mark came down here we could go to dinner, dancing, to the clubs and pretty much paw all over each other. To the friends I had made down here Mark was a former lover from back home who I still hooked up with; a friend with benefits. I have to say that it turned me on to no end to see the reactions of my friends when they met my beautiful little brother.

Mostly what I got was why the hell would I leave him? Gorgeous, built, and a six figure a year attorney. I simply shrugged and had said neither of us wanted to settle down. None of my friends had a problem believing that as the only thing that continued to plague me now as it had done in my past was the inability to stay in a relationship.

In my year and a half down here, I had started out with Betty, who honestly I knew wouldn’t work out but we were comfortable together, and we kept each other out of trouble. I had then spent five months dating an architect named Kevin, who I had high enough hopes for that I moved in with him after two of those months, but in the end it had been the same old story; Kevin was sweet, romantic and caring. I, on the other hand? Well second verse same as the first, as I was told that I was distant, unreachable and even cold. After that there was a couple of dates here and there and even a couple of months toying with a twenty year old college student named Brian, who literally worshipped me, but that had been purely sexual on my part and when I saw him falling I ended it immediately.

I pushed those thoughts aside, in the grand scheme of things being unable to find that special someone wasn’t the be all end all. Right now what mattered most was that I was sober, independent, and experiencing my first taste of what I hoped would be continued success. Even my relationship with my parents was getting much better. They hadn’t been happy with the move but when I saw them back in July things had gone better than they had in years. Mom of course had always tried to be close to me. I was the one who out of shame and guilt had pulled away.

Now however I called her two to three times a week and loved chatting away about life back at home and my new life here. Even Dad, who had really distanced himself from me as I had descended further and further into drugs, had gone out of his way to try to mend things between us. Of course the only drawback to living out here was that I hardly ever got to see my brother anymore. Mark had been disappointed about me coming here, but he knew it was for the best. I had needed a clean start and as always my brother was all about me getting what I needed.

That, of course was the best reason of all to be excited; as I had been thinking about my brother and that hard cock and soft tongue of his every day for the last month. Ever since he had called and said he was coming down I had been masturbating to the thought of him like it was a sporting event. What was going to make our reunion even more spectacular tonight was naught america porno there was another reason for Mark’s visit besides paying a conjugal visit to his hot big sister and her lonely pussy.

Tonight was Halloween, The feast of Samhain, and there was to be a celebration at the Black Flame in the honor of this most holy of days. To the everyday poser The Black Flame was a goth club where people who liked to dress the part and pretend they understood the lifestyle came to dance and play. However what most of those pretenders weren’t aware of was that The club had three levels, theirs which was the club proper was on the first floor.

In the basement was the second level where the hardcore S&M crowd went. This level had its own entrance, and on any given night there was everything from whipping demonstrations to live sex shows. These people were the real deal however even they didn’t know about the third level which was located in a sub cellar that had been discovered when the club was built. This was the true heart of the club.

Abigail Lefay was a certified high priestess of the church of Satan and was the descendent of a long line of witches. Every Friday night she held Black mass, and on other nights would have special masses where things happened that sometimes were best not spoken of. I myself have to admit that I was not as hardcore as she was, but had attended some of the sex magic ceremonies as Abigail always made sure there was an abundance of very sweet young girls there whose sole job it was to please the ranking members of Abigail’s little cult.

Not that my brother wouldn’t have come for the ceremony anyways, but Abigail had invited him personally and wanted him to be part of the “show”. I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant but Mark had warned me that our “rule” of never being with anyone if we were together at the time might have to be bent tonight. Surprisingly that comment had excited me more than it had bothered me.

I mean my brother was a true master of women who had bedded every type of woman from 18 year old coed’s to forty something Ceo’s, to a blond supermodel named Victoria Redding who hailed from new York and was yet another member of this “group” that my brother wouldn’t even tell me that much about. So in the end it’s not like we were exclusive by any means, and what was one more? I also felt that it bothered me less because now that I was sober and in control of myself I had been getting my share as well. I still did have some issues here and there with men, but for the most part I was no longer that scared little girl who was afraid to let a guy fuck her, or that desperate strung out mess who would sell herself for a fix, fucking anyone who had either drugs or the money to get them.

I shook my head on that last note, and as my therapist had taught me, I began to focus on the positives things in my life. As if to prove that she was right just at that moment the single best thing in my life appeared at the top of the escalator, and was making his way down. I went over to the gate and waved to get his attention. Mark saw me, and to cool to wave flashed me that killer smile that made my thighs weak from twenty feet away.

To say Mark looked good was like saying the sun was hot, the word just not doing him justice. Mark had caught his flight straight from work and although he had ditched his tie and jacket was wearing a pair of grey slacks and a tight black dress shirt that showed off his wide shoulders and broad chest. His thick black hair, was slicked back and he was clean shaven showing off his high cheek bones and flawlessly smooth even features, my brother had spent his entire life being called “pretty boy” and although it pissed him off it fit to a T; my little brother truly was beautiful.

The fact that he looked ju like his older sister may have something to do with the fact I thought he was pretty as well, as with the exception of his slightly olive skin tone and our eye color our resemblance was undeniable. Speaking of his eyes I couldn’t see them at the moment as they were covered by a pair of sun glasses that I have no doubt cost hundreds of dollars.

Mark reached the landing, and I all but ran up to greet him. As I got there Mark dropped his bag, and removing his sunglasses put his arms out to me. I leapt into those arms leaving my feet and throwing my arms around his neck squeezed him tight. Mark wrapped his arms around my waist and holding me to him whispered in my ear;

“Damn I miss holding you Meg.”

“And I miss you holding me.” I replied.

I let my arms drop from his neck, and as my brother put me down I immediately took advantage of the fact that we could be open here, and reaching up and grabbing the sides of his face pulled his head down to me and gave him a long lingering kiss. Mark sighed into my mouth as he put his arms around me and kissed me back. At first we kissed hard; each of us showing how badly we had missed the others lips, we then nubiles porn slowed down to a softer more playful kiss our tongues teasing in and out of each other’s mouths.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say it was a turn on; standing in the middle of O’Hare airport making out with my brother in full view of dozens of people. As we kissed I heard someone remark; “Get a room for God’s sakes!” I pulled away laughing feeling like a teenager. Mark was smiling and grabbing my shoulders held me back from him and shaking his head said;

“Sis you look fucking incredible!”

“Thank you!” I said smiling even harder.

Mark nodded then his smile fading a bit leaned over and putting his arm around me said softly in my ear;

“Really my sister, you don’t know how good it feels to see you like this.”

I felt my eyes begin to fill up with tears. I knew exactly what he meant; all those years and all the things I had done to myself. My brother had seen me at my absolute worst, and had somehow still loved me. I could only imagine how much it had hurt him. Now hearing how happy he sounded made me feel as if I was finally giving him back something by being his sister again, rather than the emotional drain on him I had been for years.

I hugged him back and whispered in his ear;

“I wouldn’t be here without you little brother.”

Mark pulled back and shrugged.

“I did what I could.” He said simply.

“You did a little more than that Mark.” I told him. “Like saving my life.”

“You saved your life sis.” He answered. “You’re the only one that could. I just helped that’s all.”

Before I could reply Mark waved his hand.

“But you know enough of that bullshit, the past is the past sis and all that matters now is that we are going to have one hell of a time tonight!”

Mark smiled again, and as he did I looked into his amazing multi colored eyes; at the moment they were a combination of greenish gold with just a hint of brown thrown in. In my entire life I had never seen another pair of eyes like his. I smiled back at him and nodded.

“Your right Mark all that matters is now.”

Taking his hand I giggled like a young girl and said;

“You ready to come see my place little brother?”

“Your place,” Mark repeated. “I can’t wait,” He paused, then with a serious look on his face said;

“Only one thing though.”

“What’s that?” I asked concerned.

Mark leaned over, and after kissing my cheek said quietly in my ear;

“You’re going to have to start by showing me the bedroom or I’m going to end up fucking you on the floor.”

I laughed;

“You are smooth my brother!”

Twenty minutes later, I pulled my black infinity into the parking garage of my condo complex, and as we got out of the car I couldn’t believe how excited I was to be bringing Mark to my place. We entered the condo, and after Mark put his bag down, I took him by the hand and led him through the living room talking excitedly about the deal I had gotten on the furniture and where I had gotten some of the paintings I had on the walls.

From the living room I went to take him into the spare bedroom which I had set up as a studio. I had just opened the door, when Mark pulled me out of the doorway by my hand, and as I turned towards him reached out, and grabbing my chin looked me in the eye and said;

“Did you think I was kidding Megan? I haven’t tasted my big sister’s pussy in months, no offense, but fuck your furniture.”

“Well when you put it that way I… hey!!!” I exclaimed as reaching down and swinging his arm under my legs he put his other one behind my waist and lifted me off my feet.

“Which way?”

I laughed, and pointed down the other end of the hallway. Before turning that way Mark leaned down and kissed me, I put my arm around his neck and held his face to mine turning his quick kiss into a long passionate one as he held me in his arms. Mark slid his lips from mine and bending his head down buried his face between my tits kissing the inside of the left one. Using my freehand, I undid the top two hooks and pulled the top of the shirt aside exposing my pretty pink nipple.

I moaned as Mark sucked it into his mouth, then letting it go playfully flicked his tongue across the barbell piercing. Mark made a soft whimpering sound as he did, telling me just how much he had missed his big sisters perfectly shaped titties.

“The bedroom,” I moaned out. “Now please.”

Mark carried me quickly down the hallway, and as I reached out and turned the knob kicked open the door, and for the first of what I hoped would be many times my brother carried me into my bedroom, and laid me down on my bed. Mark began to unbutton his shirt but I sat up, and pushing his hands away did it for him. My hands were trembling with excitement as I slid his shirt over his shoulders exposing his powerful chest, six pack stomach and the two massive full sleeve tattoo’s that covered his muscular arms.

It was Mark’s turn to moan, as I leaned forward and started sucking on his left nipple. I felt my pussy begin to drip as I thought about the next thing I would be sucking. As I switched off and started tonguing Mark’s right nipple, my hands reached dow,n and after undoing his belt unsnapped his pants and slowly pulled his zipper down.

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