Simple Pleasures

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Big Dick

I lay on the bed with my feet slightly apart and my hands behind my head. Cooler air breezed over me making the hairs on my legs stand up. I knew Jenny had left the bathroom where she’d promised to wait and entered the room.

I instantly felt the blush of embarrassment heating my cheeks at the thought that she was seeing me naked. For a moment I feared I’d been set up, made a fool of. I considered pulling the blindfold away but I held to my promise.

“Oh my.” She whispered.

I took comfort that she sounded pleased with what she saw and resolved to keep to my bargain.

By now my groin was burning and my cock ached with its hardness. I could feel its involuntary twitches as it pointed skyward, dancing its own private ballet for Jennys attention.

I wriggled my arse against bed and stretched my toes in an attempt to ease my growing need. I desperately wanted to rub my knob, to feed its hunger. More importantly I wanted Jenny to ease my agitation.

The bed bounced as she climbed on and knelt beside me. I prayed she would rub against me, that she would grab my tool and work it. I already wanted to shoot my load. I wanted to pin her to the bed and fuck her right now, almost happy to forgo this silly little game or any build up. That male desperation which sometimes demands we let loose our seed at the first hint of pussy was clawing at my brain.

But that wasn’t what I’d agreed to in my drunken discussion in the bar earlier. In my desire to fuck this woman I’d promised to be a toy. To lay blindfolded and let her tease me. To let her do anything she wanted to me.


The gasp escaped my lips as warm breath blew over my crown. She was close. Pretty green eyes staring at my manhood, studying it. And with them, those soft lips just inches away.

“…So big. And straight.”

I’d had enough of waiting now.

“Please. Touch me.”

“Aww. Are you getting deperate?”

“Fuck yes.”

Another, more purposeful blast of hot breath and I felt my cock bounce as though trying to escape my body and reach for that warm moist mouth all on its own.

Fingers finally brushed against my leg. Just above my knee. They teased the hairs sending waves of pleasure and want through my nerves before a palm closed down and slid around to my inner thigh.

My legs spread wider to accommodate her as she slowly stoked her hand up and down. It was driving me wild, but all I wanted was my cock attended to. Suck it, wank it, I didn’t mind. Just ease my agony.

“Oh fuck.”


“Fuck yes.”

It was, but, my cock was on fire. I would have pushed her to the bed and entered her there and then if I hadn’t agreed to this charade. Too many drinks and a childish game of dare.

Her hand moved higher and fingers reached out to tickle at my ball bag where it stretched tight at the base of my swollen cock.


Thats good.”

It was good. But it did nothing to quell the raging fire.

Jenny lay across my leg and squeezed my balls.

“Aw fuck yes.”

I jerked with excitement Jenny was naked. That was her tits I could feel against my thigh. Firm as I’d always imagined. Warm bare flesh. Heightened senses picked out a hardened nipple as it brushed over my skin. This was really happening.

“Uhh, yeah.”

She started with long slow licks from the base up, then back down. Each time she gave my crown a little tease with her tongue.

“Aw bahis firmaları fuck.

Just do it please.”

I needed her lips. I needed the warmth inside her mouth. I needed her to blow me. To make me cum.

“Be patient.

I’m in control remember. You have to accept what I choose to do.”

“I can’t. I need to fuck. I need to cum.”

I couldn’t really believe my own desperation But it was honest. My heart rate was going mad and my cock felt as though it would explode.

“Don’t you dare.

Not until I say so.

I’m the boss.”

Her hands spread out over my belly reaching up to my chest and finally she took my cock in her mouth.

“Ahh. Fucking hell.”

My breathing rate soared as soft lips made a O shape around my throbbing crown, then slowly sliding down my shaft.

“Oh fuck yes.”

I banged my head back into the pillow and reached upwards, gripping the headboard. I wanted to grab Jenny. To squeeze her tits or to push her legs wide. But I kept to the game. Only she was allowed to see or touch until she said so.

My crown slid along the roof of her mouth, pushed up by a tongue with the same pressure as those fantastic lips.

Now my hips were tensing, involuntarily trying to fuck her mouth, but her weight kept me in place. I was at her mercy, accepting, as she deep throated me and licked at my balls with her tongue.

My whole body was on fire, a glorious sensation of ecstasy that sent my mind into a swirl. Only the heat in my groin mattered. That one throbbing pressure which threatened to tear my cock along its length.

The alcohol had lost its effect on my brain and thoughts came freely. Still devoid of sight under the blindfold I pictured Jenny as I knew her.

Christ, she was my manager. She ran the store where we worked. Always dressed impeccably in a dark trouser suit. And here I was, just one of her Department Supervisors with my cock buried deep in her throat in a hotel room. All this had come about from a group night out and too much drink. The others had gone home but we’d ended up booking a room.

I was trying to distract myself, determined to last by asking myself how we would be able to face each other at work after this. How I keep this secret from my colleagues

‘I dare you.’ I’d said to a throwaway comment about coming to my room.

‘Only if you do as I say.’ She’d replied.

Five minutes later I’d agreed to lay naked on the bed with a blindfold while my manager had free range to do as she liked to my body.


I cried out again. My attention was back where it belonged as Jenny began a precision attack on my crown. Firm precise movements that reached only down to my rolled back foreskin as a tongue swirled around my smooth superheated tip. My shaft was gripped by a hand that followed her mouth with long gently twisting stokes. Her other hand rubbed at my balls with the same unvarying speed.

Everything remained constant. Her pressure, the length of her stroke, the speed. All accompanied by a low moan from deep in her throat. Only the pressure and heat in my groin changed, rising with an inevitable consistency at each downward pass of her bobbing head.


She held my tip with her lips and tickled at its tiny slit with her tongue while her hand continued to wank me.

My seed tore up my shaft like fire and burst forth, covering her tongue and lips. Warm sticky cum in kaçak iddaa my superiors mouth. Unbelievable but delightful. A fantasy cone true.


My head lulled on the pillow as my whole body weakened. Every ounce of energy drained to feed the monster between my legs.

Again, almost as powerful. Cum leaked and lubricated her hand. Small squelches invaded my hearing as I clenched the muscles in my arse and thighs. A third load powered out of my tip as my cock reached deep into her throat. I sensed her swallow to avoid choking.

I relaxed, letting the moment of pleasure wash over me. pleased that I had satisfied that irresistible need but also disappointed that it was over.

As I gasped to catch my breath, Jenny let my softening meat go free and maneuvered herself until she was sitting aside my chest. Thank you That was fantastic.” I spluttered.

Fingers pulled away the blindfold and I stared up at Jenny. Her dark shoulder length hair and smooth pretty face were so familiar. The strength that she portrayed at work had softened. She was even more fuckable if that was possible.

And now I saw her tits. Small firm mounds that sat high on her ribcage with dark hard nipples that just cried out to be sucked. Below them a flat stomach and slim waist, then a sight that made me harden with a ferocity that belied my recent orgasm.

Smooth, thighs sat either side of my chest. They travelled back to where they ended in wide hips and there in the center of my vision a neatly trimmed dark bush of pubic hair. Tiny droplets glistened, betraying the wetness that leaked from a just visible slit under her tiny forest.

“Was it good?”

“Fuck yes.” I answered with my eyes drawn back to her smiling face.

“All those handover meetings. I bet you never thought that one day I’d be giving you a blowjob.”

“No. can’t say I did.”

“Did you ever think about it? Me sucking you off?”

She had that look of mischief I’d seen in the bar earlier, just before she’d told me I had to present myself to her naked on a bed. For a brief moment I felt the return of my embarrassment But then I looked down at her pussy where it sat less than six inches from my face and the feeling passed.

“Every fucking day.” I answered.

She stared down at me, studying me. I felt like a tiny insect staring up at some giant beast that held me mesmerized At forty two I was ten years older than this woman but her position made me her junior. In a complete role reversal to what I was used to, I felt like a child.

“Good.” She finally answered.

“Don’t think I don’t know how you all talk about me. I know you look when I walk by.”

I gave a nervous laugh knowing it was true. We did talk about her. Not one of us hadn’t said something along the lines of how we’d like to fuck her over the desk.

“But now you can thank me properly for making it happen for you.”

My hands were reaching to her tits as she lifted her pussy over my face I breathed in her sent, a mixture of fresh wet pussy and perfume. It was glorious.

My lips met her labia and I kissed it, then licked at the soft delicate flesh of her most private place. Her short pubic hairs brushed against my face and I pushed my tongue between her flaps. Sweet nectar wetted my lips and lubricated my movements over her silk purse. I pushed my tongue deeper, exploring every fold of warm flesh as I uncovered it.

“Ooh. That’s lovely.

Keep kaçak bahis doing that.”

She needn’t have worried. I had no intention of stopping. Jenny tasted like heaven.

My tongue reached into neck of her tight tunnel as she ground her sex into my face. All I could smell and taste was woman. Sweet, glorious, sopping wet woman. I loved it. And so did my cock that now rose as high above my groin as it had at that first touch.

Jenny must have sensed it as a hand went back behind her and gently played with my crown. I squirmed, desperate to eat more of her. I’d unhooded her little magic love button now and proceeded to circle it with the tip of my tongue.


She was rubbing herself just in front of my eyes. Her fingers vying for the same spot I had my attention focused on.

I closed my teeth around her nub, squeezing it proud so I could flick it with my tongue.

“Oh my God.”

Her chest was heaving under my hands as I kneaded her little breasts. Two firm mounds that fitted into my palms with precision.

“Oh. Don’t…


Her words were lost to gasps for air as I nipped her swollen button and attacked it with a rough tongue.



She was close. Her body had fallen forward onto her hands for support. Her pussy was dripping its juices into my mouth and she grunted with every intake of breath.

“Stop. Stop.” She cried out.

I relented, wondering if I’d done something wrong.

“Fuck me.”

Jenny was climbing off, moving to present her arse to me as she braced herself against the headboard.

I didn’t need telling twice. A moment later I was on my knees gripping her hips. My cock pushed deep into her wet accommodating pussy in one swift movement.

“Uhhh.” She shuddered.

My hips smacked against her full rounded arse with a thwack of bare flesh. An arse I had so many times admired without her knowledge.

“Fuck me. Just fuck me.”

Now it was Jenny pleading for her release. I hammered her. In and out with long firm strokes.


I obliged Faster and harder. Ramming her pussy like a jack hammer, pulling her hips back into me with fingers that dug into her flesh. I straightened my back, thrusting my groin forward as if I could possibly penetrate her deeper.

“Don’t stop.

Fuck me hard.” She was screaming it now.

I kept going, snatching breaths on each thrust and giving in any pretense of controlling my own rising heat.

“Aw fuck.”

Jenny shuddered. Her back arched and my cock felt as if she would snap it off if she twisted any lower.

“I can’t…”

I was done. My energy was about to desert me as my cock went on autopilot and launched the final contents of my sack deep inside her lovely hot tunnel. I sensed it tighten, gripping and squeezing my cock.

Jenny screamed with delight and lost her rhythm as a powerful orgasm ripped through her body.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

I hoped the room next door was unoccupied as it would have been impossible for her cries not to have been heard.

I fell away as she twisted away from me and rolled onto her back. I was spent, gasping for breaths as my heart pounded in my ears. Jennys convulsions told me all I needed to know. I’d popped her cherry just as successfully as she had dried my nuts.

I watched as my manager gave her last few twitches and admired her reddened vulva. A mixture of our juices twinkled in the room lights where it hung trapped in her fur.

Then I closed my eyes in exhaustion. I was done for tonight. But I resolved it wouldn’t be the last time I fucked my superior to oblivion.

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