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I was washing my hair, and as I rinsed, I stole a glance toward the opening in the wall. It was darkened, which meant that something, or someone, was blocking the light. Arousal struck me instantly at the thought of a voyeur invading my privacy.

The peephole is located where the showerhead came through the wall. The opening was well oversized, and a metal trim ring usually covered it. If pulled downward, exposing the hole, however, a decent view was offered of the interior of the shower stall.

The backside of the wall was within the attic, easily accessed from the adjacent bedroom, which in those old farmhouses was no more than an enlarged dormer.

My sister occupied that bedroom, and we often ‘invited’ voyeurism by intentionally removing the trim ring. Sis—actually short for her real name, Sissy—had invited her friend Emily to stay the night. I was just starting my first job after graduation. They were both a year ahead of me.

Continuing casually, I rinsed my body slowly and completely, stroking my entire body with the fresh water as it spewed from the showerhead. I finished my shower and toweled. As I left the stall, I noted that the assumed voyeurs had left their posts.

Without combing my hair, or any other primping, I wrapped a towel about my waist and headed for her room, feigning anger. I barged in and slammed the door, catching them giggling, sitting on the floor. Sis was leaned against her bed and Emily was against the dresser. They were wearing—barely—teddy-style nightgowns with panties.

Sis was tall and tan, with long, thick auburn hair, long legs, and wonderfully shaped C cup breasts. Emily was blonde and pale, with curly hair, about a B cup, and cute. Both girls looked very nice sitting cross-legged in their attire.

The seventies were fraught with heavy eyeliner and long hair. They sported both, Emily with blue eyes and eyeliner, Sis with green eyeliner to highlight the reddish tinge of her lustrous hair.

“Can I help you with something?” Sis asked smugly.

“I was just going to ask you the same thing,” I countered.

“No, we’re fine,” she said. “I think we have everything we need here.”

“So, you don’t need to see more of this,” I said, dropping my towel.

Emily looked directly at my exposed dick, wide-eyed and agape.

Sis said “Nope. We’ve seen enough. Don’t you think, Emily?”

Emily did not respond, she just kept staring, as if she had never seen a dick up close.

“Well, maybe we’re not finished,” Sis said, smirking at Emily. “Emily, want to see more?”

Emily responded slowly, never really moving her gaze, “I, I guess, it is kind of interesting.” Her face was beginning to sport a blush.

This was going to be fun. She had brought me good one this time.

“Emily, ever see one of those hard?” Sis asked. “Show him your tits, and watch what happens.”

“What!” Emily snapped her head toward Sis, as much surprised as embarrassed.

“Show him your tits, and watch his dick get hard. It gets big.”

Emily turned back toward me, an obvious look of contemplation on her face. Temptation was winning. Very slowly, her hand reached up and pulled down one side of her top, exposing her right breast.

I already knew what was going to happen here, so seeing one tit was not going to cause me to spring into action instantly. What did help was the sight of my sister, with her knees in the air, wide apart, and her hand inside her panties, massaging her pussy.

My balls began to roil, my dick to stir.

“Both tits, girl, c’mon,” Sis urged.

Hesitantly, she reached up with her other hand and pulled down to expose the other tit. As if affirming her action to Sis, she turned to look at her, noticing her activity right away.

“What are you doing?”

“Enjoying the show. You can’t tell me you’ve never done this.”

She was flustered. “No, I mean, not…I mean, he’s watching…”

“I know. That’s the exciting part.” She reached up with her other hand and started to play with her own nipple through the nightie.

During their exchange, I had reached down and started stoking myself. Emily looked back at me, staring in disbelief.

I moved over to the other bed, opposite Sis, and sat on the edge, stroking the entire time. Emily watched as I moved, mesmerized.

“Ever play with a dick?” I asked her. She looked into my eyes and smiled, intrigue and interest written on her face. “Come over here.”

Obediently, she crawled over to me, kneeling between my legs so that her face was directly in line with my dick.

“Rub it, like you saw me do it.”

Reaching out with both hands, she took hold and started to stroke slowly.

“It’s soft. I mean, it’s hard, but the skin is soft,” she said

Sis had stripped her nightie off herself, and crawled up behind Emily to remove hers. She obviously noticed what Sis was doing, because she lifted her arms to accommodate, but seemed to not care, making no attempt to stop her or to question.

Sidling in beside street blowjobs porno her, Sis told Emily, “Let me show you something.” When Emily retracted her hands and sat back on her heels, Sis moved in and swallowed my dick. Emily watched in amazement as Sis bobbed up and down, taking me in almost completely. She turned her head slightly as she moved, holding at the base with one hand, and sliding it along the shaft as her lips moved up.

“Wanna try?” Sis asked.


Sis spent the next ten minutes or so tutoring her in the art of sucking dick. Emily caught on quickly, excited in her newfound skill.

“Ready to move on?” Sis asked her.

“To what.”


Emily was not to sure about that, but her curiosity had been aroused, along with her libido.

“I don’t know, I mean, do you think we should?”

“Of course. Why not? It’s easy, watch.”

I laid back on the bed and Sis straddled my waist on her knees. She casually reached down, placed my dick at her pussy, and slowly, yet decidedly, impaled herself.

Emily watched intently. Certainly, she had never watched as someone fucked. And Sis was selling it big time. She moved up and down, tipping her pelvis just right to feel every bit, her moaning a testimony to her pleasure.

After several minutes, she jumped up and off, sitting beside me on the bed.

“Your turn.” She grabbed her by the arm and pulled, not wanting to give her time to think.

She directed her atop me, assisting her physically and emotionally. When she was in position, Sis reached into Emily’s pussy and rubbed.

“You need to be wetter.” Sis reached down to her own pussy and slathered up her fingers, then transferred the wetness to Emily. She did this several times, between which she would rub the head of my dick along the lips of Emily’s pussy, applying the clear lubrication that was seeping from it.

“There, all set. Now, push down, it will just go in.”

Emily carefully started to bounce up and down, getting used to the sensation. It was all I could do just to wait patiently. I had a tremendous urge to drive in and satisfy myself.

I managed to behave, however, letting her control the pace. I reached up and gently began to massage her nipples, bringing a smile of approval.

Our playfulness was going nicely. Ample lubrication was spreading, her breathing was becoming ragged, and her pussy was swelling, as were her nipples.

Several times, she aligned for penetration, pushed slightly, and then backed off. When progress seemed to stall, Sis rose behind Emily and jumped onto her back, forcing her down onto my dick.

Emily let out a yelp and stopped. She sported a look that was mixture of horror and elation.

“Move slowly up and then back down again. I promise, it will feel better in a few minutes,” Sis told Emily.

Bracing her hands against my shoulders, she continued as directed. The look of uncertainty was soon replaced by one of pleasure. I let her build her own rhythm, thoroughly enjoying the ride. After many minutes, I turned us over and took control of the pace.

Sis leaned in and whispered into my ear, “Twenty six days.” Good, she is well past ovulation. I leaned into her, wrapped my arms around her shoulders, and squeezed tight. A few strokes later and I erupted, my spasms spewing come deep within her.

“No!” she cried out, struggling to throw me off. “You can’t do that!”

“Calm down,” Sis said. “You can’t get pregnant on day twenty-six.” She went on to explain, briefly, the mechanics of ovulation, tenuously reassuring her.

Once her fears were allayed, she got back to enjoying the thought of what had just happened.

“That was pretty trippy,” she announced.

“You’re not done yet,” Sis said. “Lay back.”

Sis positioned herself between her legs and aimed at her pussy with her tongue, licking her lips on the way in. I moved in along side Emily, kissing my way across her shoulders and on to her tits.

Emily’s heavy breathing was soon back, thrashing her head and slamming her fists onto the bed. Several times, I have seen Sis work a girl’s pussy. She usually winds them up pretty good.

Before long, Emily squealed out her first girl-induced orgasm, grabbing my head and pulling my hair damned near out of my head. When she eventually came back to earth, she was smiling and panting, heaped in a lazy pile on the bed.

We let her rest long enough to recover.

“All right, you two, it’s my turn,” Sis declared.

“What do I do?” Emily asked enthusiastically.

“Do what I just did to you, and whatever you think you might like yourself.”

We all repositioned, with Emily kneeling on the floor, face first into Sis’ crotch. I played with Sis’ tits, knowing just how she likes it. Indications were that Emily was doing just fine, particularly considering it was the first time she had ever played with a pussy other than her own.

Our efforts were apparently enough, student sex parties porno because soon Sis was screaming out an orgasm. She always was quite vocal and the decibels were a direct indication of her level of satisfaction. This was decent, on the ol’ Sis-o-meter. Not bad for a first-time cunniliguist.

We all snuggled on the larger bed, covered in a quilt and reveling in reflections of our encounter. Emily was in a continuous state of euphoria, trying to fathom what she had done. Sis and I smiled at each other, anticipating where we would take her next.


The next morning, as I was getting ready to head off to my weekend job, Sis came down, wrapped sexily in her robe. Her hair was mussed, her eyes naught but slits, and she was walking as if her legs had not quite caught up to her yet. All this, and she still radiated beauty like there was absolutely no way to avoid it.

“Hey, thanks for Emily,” I said.

“You owe me. Big time.”

“Name it,” I said. “What—or should I say ‘who’—is on your mind?”

“Tim,” she said.

“Consider him yours,” I replied, bowing as if in servitude.

Tim was a couple of years my senior, and was one of the linebackers on our football team. We worked at the same mill now. He had expressed interest in Sis from time to time, so this would be easy. He and I were not exactly tight, being there was two years between us, but I knew him well enough to figure I could pull this off.

I worked on Tim for a few weeks, casually mentioning Sis here and there, baiting him, and leading him on. I made some excuse for him to come over to our place and spend a few hours.

The time arrived, and he was there, looking ‘buff’, as Sis would say. She stayed out of sight at first, but as evening approached, she made an appearance, wearing a sexy outfit, and acting silly and flirtatious, as though she had been drinking.

Tim’s eyes were all over her, justifiably so. We were just finishing the task that I had used as an excuse to get him over.

“Hey, Tim, it’s getting late. Wanna just spend the night here?” I offered, as planned. “We can build a bonfire and grab a few beers from the old man’s cooler.”

With the image of Sis fresh in his mind, he accepted. He was getting into this.

My dad, for all intent and purpose, had abandoned us. My mother, God bless her, worked like a dog to pay the rent and put food on the table. Their absence from our lives, along with their disdain for each other, is what led Sis and me to become so close.

One night, during yet another of their fights, she crawled into my bed, crying and shaking. I consoled her, having myself already accepted that my father was a useless asshole, and that my mother was destined to live a life of surviving from one rotten situation to another.

The feeling of comfort I gave her grew into a dependency. We leaned on each other, her needing me sometimes just to get through to the next day, me needing her just to need me. There is nothing like a dependent to make you rise above your own troubles.

Together we vowed that we would get each other through this, that their problems would not prevent us from moving on, and becoming functional human beings.

Functional—well, maybe. Human—debatable. Beings—well, we had to start somewhere. Anything less would be to give up, and we decided one night, lying in each other’s arms, that we would see each other through this.

When puberty had eased its grip and set me unto the world, things changed. Sis had already been through the ordeal, but the largest effect that puberty has on a girl is to propel her into maturity. For a boy, however, the biggest change is a reaction to the influx of hormones—horniness.

She was lying next to me, just calmed from another episode of hysterics. I was acutely aware of her form, as never before. Everything about her that was attributable to womanhood was suddenly in the forefront of my psyche.

She had breasts. She had hips. She had legs. She had shoulders. She was soft, she had aroma, and she had what I wanted.

I held her gently, as always. This time, however, it was not kindly—it was sensual. I felt her skin for the first time. I listened to her breathing, and I felt her heart beat. I experienced her being.

Stroking her hair as I had done so many times was a suddenly a new experience. My touch moved tenderly from her tresses to the side of her face and down her cheek to her jaw. As I looked into her eyes for seemingly the first time, I leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

It was not just another brother to sister kiss. It was an eyes-closed, mouth-open, let’s exchange fluids kind of kiss. She felt it, too. Her response to my boldness was not reactionary, but passionate, relaying back to me the same intense feeling.

Her leg bent over mine, rubbing on me erotically. We pressed into each other with recklessness. My hands cradled her head, pulling her mouth to mine, letting me swallow her tongue, submissive cuckolds porno sucking the passion from her kisses.

All at once, we released, staring wantonly into the others eyes, each as confused as the other. The moment of truth, the point of no return.

“I want you,” I confessed.

“Me too.”

“We shouldn’t.”

“Screw that.”

Clothes were shed, as well as all inhibitions. We explored, we learned, we fucked.

Against all conventional thinking, we grew. Together. It was all we had.

Our sexuality grew. We were insatiable. Our learning was done in harmony. The exploration of the body was complete. When we were left wondering, we would read, and we researched. The internet was not even a notion yet, but the sixties were still fresh in the minds of many and information on the erotic and the sensual was but a dark secret away.

Emily had not a chance. She had no idea what she was facing, or what was in store for her, just like many others. Just like Tim.

We sat around the roaring flame, talking about things that guys tend to talk about. Beer had flowed, time had passed, and a stage had been set that would leave him at our mercy.

Sis came out of the house, still dressed in the scanty outfit that she had enticed him with earlier. This time, however, she was more assertive with her teasing. Tim was a bit bolder, interacting with her and encouraging her boisterous behavior. Her simulated drunkenness was more pronounced, feeding his presumptiveness toward her. She continued by egging him on, encouraging his lewdness.

When I feigned defensiveness of her honor and tried to intervene, she played her part and assailed me with accusations and revelations of contrived romantic failures and sexual misadventures.

I rose and approached her, grabbing her and wresting her to the ground. Tim was soon standing beside, undecided what to do next. Should he stand by and let events play out, or should he heed his chivalrous impulses and help her?

As we scuffled, I managed to rend her shirt, exposing bare skin, and, more importantly, a breast that was conveniently not obscured by a bra. Tim stared, shifting his interest from concern to lust.

We rolled over a couple times, and I ended up under her, pinning her with my legs around her abdomen and my arms locked under her arms and behind her neck. She was face up.

“Pull her pants off!” I yelled to Tim.

He stood for a moment, contemplating what I had said. She was breathing heavily, her chest heaving up and down, flaunting her tits invitingly before him.

“Do it!”

He did. Diving in and fending off her thrashing legs, he managed to unfasten her jeans and pull them from her.

“The panties, too,” I ordered.

Off they came.

She spewed a litany of expletives, knowing that they were more likely to induce lustful behavior, not prevent.

“Get your dick out and fuck her.”

“You sure, man?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. This bitch has been asking for it all night, and we’re going to give her what she has coming.”

As predicted, he dropped his pants and briefs, exposing his rock-hard dick. Yeah, he was into this.

He knelt between her legs and positioned himself, hesitating only briefly as she offered a feeble attempt at warding off his assault.

“Get on with it!”

“All right, all right, I’m gonna do it.”

He plunged in, not giving a second thought to her state of readiness, not realizing that if she were truly non consenting, she would not be dripping wet and swollen with anticipation.

His primeval urges impelled him, all the while an innate fear and sense of wrongdoing nagged at him. Nonetheless, he pounded at her pussy, slamming in hard and deep, releasing all inhibitions, and fulfilling desires and fantasies.

It only took a few minutes, to Sis’s chagrin, for him to come, filling her with semen—the idiot never once though of the ramifications of depositing his seed.

When he finished, his ragged breathing began to regain control, and his moral thought processes kicked in. Remorse and guilt emerged, painting his face and overtaking his senses.

I released Sis, prompting her to launch into a tirade of verbal abuse, scolding and berating, as just such a violation would warrant. She was relentless, morphing subtly into accusations, and then threats.

As Tim stood there, taking in what he knew he had coming, she moved steadily toward him, fully in control and setting the stage for the next phase.

“What the hell were you thinking!” she spewed.

“I…it was just…I’m sorry…” he stammered.

“You are in big trouble. Both of you!” she said.

“Wait a minute,” I intervened. “Hold on, don’t get carried away.”

“Too late, you two have already done that.”

“Wait, just wait,” I said. “Let’s think this through. You come down here, all slutty and shit, and wave your ass in our faces, just what do you expect?”

“I expect to be treated with respect, that’s what I expect.”

“Ok, that’s fair. But you gotta consider that we are just human, hormones, and all, you know.”

She played her part to perfection, backing off just enough to give us a shred of hope, an opportunity.

“Maybe we could work something out,” Tim offered, as if he had been in on our scheme. “You know, make it up to you somehow.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32