Sisterly Love Ch. 02

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“Mmm, what time is it?” muttered Tati, rubbing her eyes. She sat up and looked at Alex, who was still blissfully asleep, and then looked over at the clock on her dresser, which read 3:37. Then a mischievous grin appeared on her face, and she ran downstairs to the kitchen drawer. She came back into the room smiling, with lengths of cord in her hands. Tiptoeing over to Alex, still spread on the bed, she lightly but firmly applied the rope to both of Alex’s arms and legs, tying her down to the bed frame.

Still Alex remained asleep, so Tati crept onto the bed and stuck a finger inside her. This caused Alex to squeal as her eyes darted open. It was only then that she realized that she was tied down. She looked into her sister’s eyes and said, “Ooh look who likes it kinky, eh Tati?”

“Well you don’t seem to mind it either, eh sis?” Tati asked as she glanced down at Alex’s now sopping wet pussy. She proceeded to start massaging Alex’s thighs, brushing against her slit every once in a while. This drove Alex crazy, and pretty soon she started begging Tati for more.

“Oh stop teasing me already and just eat me out,” she moaned.

“You’d better be a bit nicer to me, Alex,” Tati retorted, sticking two fingers inside Alex’s snatch and then pulling them out again. “Or else I may have to punish you.”

She continued to only finger Alex intermittently, despite her continually more aroused moans and requests for more.

“Oh you are quite the slut, Alex,” said Tati. “Well I guess I’ll give you what you want, but not yet,” she said as she shifted up the bed and squatted down on Alex’s face with her legs bent. She lowered her sweet little pussy onto Alex’s mouth, who immediately began slurping up her dripping juices eagerly. As she did this, Tati grabbed her own tits, mashing them together and hardcore porno tugging at her hard, pert nipples. She then lowered herself even more onto Alex, all but cutting off her air supply. As Alex struggled to breathe and pleasure Tati at the same time, Tati started riding Alex’s face, grinding her crotch all over her nose and lips as Alex licked slit. With a final cry of pleasure, she squirted her nectar all over Alex, who could not wipe her face clean because she was still tied down.

“Oh please, Tati,” Alex begged as her crotch tingled with desire. “I need you right now.”

Tati clambered off her sister and patted Alex’s pussy, which by now was drenching the sheets under it. However, she walked past and over to her dresser. “Hey where are you going Tati?”

“Oh you’ll see,” she replied. She rummaged about for a little while, and then turned around and walked back over to Alex with something behind her back. She then got on top of Alex again, this time in a 69 position. “Lick me, bitch,” Tati whispered seductively. Alex complied, once again shoving her tongue inside of Tati’s sweet little snatch.

Alex moaned into Tati’s soaked pussy as she felt something cold and hard enter her own vagina. She looked down for a second and say Tati sticking an 8 inch pink dildo into her pussy before she went back to eating out her sister. Tati slid the entire thing into Alex’s pussy, and then began sliding it in and out. At first she went slowly, but she soon picked up the pace, and at the same time began rubbing Alex’s clit with her other hand while licking it, too. This drove Alex to the edge in no time, and she spurted all over Tati’s face as she screamed into Tati’s lower lips. However, Tati continued to fuck her sister hard and fast, as she herself had not yet cum.

Finally, hd porno she felt the familiar tingling sensation between her legs, and her hips bucked against Alex’s face as she had one of the hardest orgasms of her life. Alex slurped up as much of Tati’s juices as she could, and at the same time, she felt herself cum a second time. Her toes curled as her legs struggled involuntarily against the ropes. As they both came into each other’s mouths, they screamed in unison, riding out both their orgasms. Finally, Tati rolled off Alex and pulled out the pink dildo with a plop. She then licked the tip, and as she drew away her luscious lips, a strand of saliva mixed with Alex’s girl cum broke away. Then, she stuck it into Alex’s mouth, who proceeded to suck every last bit of juice on it, loving the taste of herself.

At last, Tati decided it was time to take off the ropes since Alex’s two powerful orgasms had kind of chaffed her ankles and wrists where she had been tied. They were now slightly pink from the rough cord, and Alex rubbed her wrists as she stood up.

“Well, I’m gonna go shower,” she said.

“Again?” Tati looked at her.

“Yeah. I kind of have your cum all over my face, my cum all over my legs, and my sweat is making me sticky all over. I’d like to wash myself before it all dries and feels even more disgusting.”

“Well I kind of like the feeling of your cum all over my face, Alex” Tati giggled, “but I guess I should shower, too.”

As Alex walked into the shower stall and turned on the warm water, Tati decided to go join her. Pushing open the sliding glass door and closing it again behind her, Tati walked over and kissed Alex as the warm water fell onto them. As they broke apart, Alex joked, “Wow you really are a little slut, Tati. I can’t believe you’re still latina fuck tour porno horny.”

“Well, it’s a good thing you can help me out then,” Tati replied as she picked up the liquid soap and squeezed it over her head, letting it drip all over Alex and herself. The drops splattered onto their breasts and ran down their bellies, and then tossing the bottle aside, they embraced each other and pushed their tits together, rubbing them around to spread the soapy water. As they rubbed their sexy bodies together, they leaned in and kissed with the water running down their faces and droplets running down their bodies. They stood their and washed each other off, groping each other gently. Tati grabbed Alex’s pert little breasts and played with them as Alex grabbed Tati’s ass cheeks, squeezing them.

Then, as Tati was sucking on Alex’s nipples, biting and nibbling at one occasionally, Alex snuck her fingers from Tati’s ass into her pussy, causing Tati to jump and squeal unexpectedly. She cupped Tati’s crotch and started finger-fucking her, making Tati start moaning as she suckled on Alex’s left nipple.

Tati decided she couldn’t take it anymore, and she pulled Alex down to the shower floor along with her. She then opened her legs and wrapped them around Alex, scissoring her and grinding her own pussy lips against Alex’s. Alex wrapped her legs around Tati as well, and they both started grinding against each other furiously, both of them moaning loudly as the pleasure built up. Finally, Tati trembled and began shaking and bucking her hips as she came hard, and this increased sensation caused Alex to cum, too, and they both screamed out. “Ohhhh yeah!” screamed Alex as Tati screamed, “Oh God, I’m cummingggg!”

After they both came, they finished washing each other and got out of the shower, each wrapping a large white towel around themselves. By now, it was evening already, as the clock read 6:04. Tati said, “I’m hungry. Let’s go make dinner,” to which Alex responded, “Me, too. Let’s go.” And they both started down the stairs and headed for the kitchen.

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