Sister’s Shower Experience

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I had always fancied my brother Densen. I never had any idea why… I just did. I liked him I think before I even liked boys in fact. Just something about him, his aura made me just feel all good inside. His presence is not the only good thing about him. He had a muscular build, due to the weight lifting he did on a regular basis. He was not a sporty type, he did not engage in football and the sort. Being so muscular he often looked out for me at school, which was a good help if I was being picked on. Few people at our school in their right minds would try and take him on, knowing that they would probably have their arse kicked, literally. He also had the features that would make most girls desire him. Model looks you could say I guess. He had dirty blonde hair from our mother, and blue eyes from our father (who sadly recently passed away). He was not exactly tall being only 5ft 10 but that did not bother him.

I however looked slightly different, a bit opposite. I got my brown hair from my father and green eyes from my mother. I liked my eyes I felt they had somewhat of a piercing, captivating ability. I was quite pretty, though not supermodel status, well nearly. You see I was a late developer, I was quite flat chested, my breasts did not really develop much, that was until I was 16. After that they started growing quite fast for no reason. They kept growing until I was 17. By that time they had grown to 36dd cup. They did not seem to sag too much, and I was very proud of my new assets and I ranked them along with my eyes as my good features. Many people were surprised I had such large beasts despite my light build. I had nice long legs, that gave czech couples porno me a height of 5ft 8 and a pussy which I shaved bare. Lastly, I had, in my opinion a rather nice round tight arse which showed off nicely when wearing jeans.

Well, with that out the way, I guess it be an idea to tell you the story that changed my life forever. A revelation came that would, make my dream come true.

It all began one the last day of college. The exams were gone, I never had to sit through another history lesson listens to Mr Hendon’s droning voice, talking about Mussolini ever again, and I could forget about the meaning of poets ideas in poetry, while Mrs Jonall tried to make it sound exciting. I was on a high, a long hot summer stretched out ahead of us, me and my friends. Well hot is not exactly true, this was English weather I am talking about. But who cares? COLLEGE IS OUT!

” I can’t believe its finally over!” I laughed at my friends.

” I know Rose!” My best friend Debbie replied. ” A whole summer ahead of fun!”

“And were finally free from that dungeon!” My other friend Gene said. Debbie, Gene, June our other friend, and myself all laughed at that.

“You are all still up for the sleepover at my house tonight?” June asked.

“HELL YEAH!” We all replied in unison.

“We just gotta go home to get some stuff from home.” Debbie said.

“I’ll get my house ready then” June said.

“See ya!” I said as I went home. I wanted to get ready early and get to June’s early.

I got home and called “I’m home! For the whole summer!” I headed up stairs and stuffed my school stuff in some czech estrogenolit porno forgotten drawer, where the books were likely to rot away. I was going to get my stuff ready for the sleepover. Firstly toiletries, some contribution of food and drink, and then a quick shower before I left.

“Damn, do you have to be home AAALLLL summer?” and familiar voice asked.

“Unfortunately I do.” I answered Densen, and I stuck a tongue out at him. We both laughed. He had been working out again evident from his sweat on his shirt. “But you can not fear me tonight” I assured him, “sleepover.”

“Oh, good” he said. “So does it feel good to know your exams are over?”

“Damn right, I’m ecstatic!” I replied. “Ah those were the days…” he sighed.

“Look, I don’t mean to break your happy memories of peeking on girls” I said ” but I need to get ready.”

He stuck a finger up at me and left.

I assembled my things in five minutes. I got crisps as agreed and some cola cans. All that was left was that shower. I grabbed some towels and headed for the bathroom.

I did not hear the shower running and as I turned the corner a sight I never thought I would see hit my eyes. My brother with a towel over his head was stepping naked out of the shower. I saw his muscular arms, firm six pack and strong legs, with a tan all over his body. But I saw his cock also. It was quite long, about 7 inches, not erect! It was large in diameter also. I was astounded. I sight I always wanted to see was suddenly before me and I could not of asked for more.

I gasped, seeing this heavenly sight. I quickly turned away back czech first video porno to my room. I was not gonna wait for my brother to flip back the towel to see me with my jaw on the floor gazing at his body. I sat on my bed, totally turned on. My pussy was wet and begging to be pleasured now. I looked at my clock. Two hours until I had to get to June’s. I decided I could satisfy my sexual frustration and still have a shower. I pulled my small jean shorts down and slowly rubbed my pussy, occasionally rubbing my clit with my thumb. Soon I entered my index finger slowly into my slick wet pussy and gave a silent gasp. So turned on now I entered my middle finger. My other hand was up my shirt, massaging my breasts tweaking my erect nipples, each breast getting equal attention. I now had 3 fingers buried in my pussy, making me gasp. My thumb flicked my clit, sending electricity through my body. Suddenly I could take it no longer and my body tensed as a blissful orgasm washed over me. I buried my screams in my pillows and twisted and turned as the orgasm took grip of my body. I slowly came back down and for about a minute basked in the afterglow of the orgasm.

Sexually satisfied I went to the shower. But upon entering the bathroom the vision of my naked brother came back to me. I entered up having another furious fingering of my pussy while the water fell on me, dripping of my breasts and nipples, and the water sending extra sensations to my pussy. I came again and let out small screams. My brother asked if I was OK and I said that the water suddenly went cold.

I exited the shower and dried myself. Grabbed my stuff said goodbye and headed to June’s. I was on a super high. School was over, I had seen my fantasy naked and now was heading to a sleepover to enjoy girl talk, a late night and a couple of movies with junk food. But little did I know that my night was about to get wild and I would be engaged in wild lesbian sex that night, with my friends.

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