Sleepwalking Ch. 06: Anything Again

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Ok Diary, I didn’t think things could get much crazier. Apparently I was wrong. Like when I last wrote to you, my brother’s boyfriend Amy had just got him to fuck me (his sister!) while I was supposedly sleepwalking. That was pretty nuts. Of course, I was also trying to come up with a plan to reveal that I knew what was going on and liked it. I did it!

I need to tell you about letting them know that I knew.

Grant had stuck his cock in my pussy while Amy watched. He’d blown his load all over it and Amy had cleaned me up, but they didn’t know I knew. I really wanted them to. I wanted to be a willing participant.

The more I tried to plan what came next though, the harder it became. I was being too fancy, trying to come up with an intricate plan. I over-thought it. In the end, the answer was simplicity.


I woke up in Grant’s bed. Amy had been sleeping over. I was naked, my pussy was as wet as it always was when I’d been aroused while sleepwalking, but there was no sign of Grant and Amy. I climbed out of bed, pulled one of Grant’s t-shirts from his closet and slipped it on. I found them curled up together in my bed, still sleeping. Grant was facing the wall and Amy facing his back with my quilt gathered to her and scrunched in front. It left her back and bum bare and I took a few moments to enjoy just how gorgeous she looked.

The sound of my door opening disturbed their sleep enough to wake them. Amy woke first, turning toward me and stretching lazily. The quilt didn’t quite come with her as she rolled and her right breast and half her body was left exposed. It was delicious.

As her eyes focussed on me standing in the doorway, I apologised for waking her.

‘Its ok,’ she smiled. My eyes flicked to her breast again. It was instinctual rather than planned and sadly it alerted Amy to her exposure. Almost lazily she pulled the quilt over herself and ruined my view. It was such a tease! She hadn’t snatched it though. She hadn’t reacted in the way I’d expect someone who’d just been found semi naked by their lover’s sister to react. Her pulling on the quilt woke Grant though. He rolled onto his back to see what was going on. I couldn’t help but note the impression his morning wood made against the thin quilt.

‘So um, how did this happen?’ I asked.

‘You came into Grant’s room,’ Amy replied, her eyes flicking between my face and my body. She kept looking at the way my long nipples stood out against my brother’s t-shirt.


‘Yeah it was pretty funny. You came in naked and got into bed next to me,’ Amy laughed. ‘Grant was a bit freaked out and insisted that we come and take your bed. I think he was afraid you might try and fuck me in your sleep.’

I blushed at the frankness of her discussion.

‘Yeah, well I can see how that would have been a bit awkward,’ I laughed in response.

‘Maybe awkward,’ Amy replied mischievously, her eyes twinkling. She left whatever else she may have said unspoken. Grant elbowed her in response and I didn’t pursue it, promising to give them time to sort themselves out while I went and cooked some breakfast.

I wondered what had really happened. I stood cooking bacon and eggs, acutely aware of the state of my pussy when I’d woken. I knew that they’d had fun with me and it opened the door for what I had decided should be my approach. I was going to do what I did to Grant. Go in there, pretend to be asleep and then ‘wake up’ at the right moment.

I had to wait another week for the right opportunity though. Amy wasn’t sleeping over until the next weekend. I built my desire by teasing Grant, trying hard to get him to fuck me when Amy wasn’t there. At one point I put on my old school dress without any underwear on, bent over the kitchen table in front of him and begged him to fuck me. I know from some of the porn he watches that school uniforms turn him on, but he turned out to be an immovable force. He didn’t even touch me! Bastard.

I masturbated frequently. I even did it on the couch while we were both watching TV. He still resisted and I didn’t allow myself to cum. I just keep stoking my desire and going to bed frustrated. I think I wanted Amy to come around again more than Grant did!

I was like a caged animal on Saturday, waiting desperately for her to arrive. Grant was so lackadaisical that it was infuriating. In the end I went shopping to pass the afternoon. Of course with what I had on my mind I ended up at Victoria’s Secret and bought some new, very skimpy underwear. I was so horny that if some random bloke had stepped into my change room I would have jumped him.

Amy had arrived when I returned home and I hugged her enthusiastically, telling her how much I’d been looking forward to having my ‘pseudo-sister’ over again. Then Grant pissed me right off by telling me that the two of them were going out for dinner and then on to a club. Amy was nice enough to ask me along, but I could tell from Grant’s body language that it was the last thing that he wanted. türbanlı porno I let them go and settled in to watch a movie. ARGH!

I was left alone and frustrated in the house. I watched porn, I masturbated, I almost crawled up the walls. I didn’t cum. Eventually I got so bored that I went into Grant’s room and went through Amy’s bag. It was a massive invasion of privacy, but I was beyond rational thought. I found the thong that she’d stuffed in to put on the next day. I put it on. I pulled it nice and tight against my over-stimulated pussy and went to bed, setting my alarm for 4am.

I hated it when I woke to the phone buzzing under my pillow. When I realised why though, I smiled in the dark. I crept from my bed and went into Grant’s room, pausing only long enough to assume my sleepwalking persona.

I walked into the room quietly and climbed into bed, glad to see that the side I always climbed in was the same side that Amy slept. I snuggled up to her and grabbed her tit. God it felt awesome. It was so full and firm in my hand. The contrast to my own tiny tits was amazing. It was easily the biggest breast I’d ever fondled (Not that I’d played with that many). I didn’t get carried away though. I wanted to. I wanted to squeeze and pinch and pull and do everything, but I just held it. I could feel her breathing slowly resume as I relaxed and did no more. Clearly getting into bed had woken her and now she was relaxing until she was sure that I was asleep. I felt her roll toward me, shifting on the bed. She moved onto her back then turned toward me slightly. It took my hand off her tit, but I didn’t have a lot of choice. I felt her fingers gently caressing my face and then her lips brushed against mine. Her tongue slipped between, them kissing me. It took all the self-control I’d ever assembled not to passionately indulge myself by further returning it. Her fingers sought out my nipples and pussy, slipping inside the thong to play with me.

The bed shifted again.

‘Amy?’ I heard Grant whisper.

‘Yeah,’ Amy answered, her fingers stilling.

‘Is Nikki in here again?’

‘Yes,’ Amy replied, her voice a little throaty with desire.

‘Having fun?’

‘A little.’ Amy sounded almost sheepish in her response; caught playing with her boyfriend’s sister.

‘Do I get to join in?’

‘Of course!’

The bed moved again and Amy sighed pleasurably. Grant had moved close to spoon her from behind. I felt his hand close over my tit and he joined in with the finger games.

‘Are you going to fuck her properly tonight? Are you going to cum in your sister’s beautiful little pussy?’ Amy asked.

‘Yes,’ Grant replied. My heart skipped a happy little beat. The two of them played with my body, enjoying it and each other as they prepared me for the part where Grant would fuck me. I didn’t have to wait too long. They soon had me naked and splayed out on the bed. Grant loomed over me, his cock thrusting between my pussy lips.

His rock hard erection slid in and out of my pussy with long smooth strokes and Amy played with my tits. I loved it. Every now and then Amy would demand that Grant pull his cock out of me and slide it into her mouth so that she could taste me on him, a combination of brother and sister. Then she moved us all. She had Grant pull me down the bed until my legs hung off the end. It was so hard to play at being asleep through that. My body automatically wanted to tense up, but I willed myself not to.

When I was positioned to their satisfaction, Amy climbed over the top of me so that her bum was pointed toward the end of the bed. She had Grant stand there and slide his cock inside her, then pull it out and kneel to slip it inside me. Back and forth, combining our juices, dipping in one then the other. Then she sucked him clean again.

‘I want you to put it in my pussy then in your sister’s mouth,’ I heard Amy whisper. A minute later I felt Grant’s cock probing at my lips. I could smell Amy all over him. I parted my lips to savour the taste. As Grant worked his cock into my mouth I felt Amy between my legs, licking me. I was super wet. She kept at it for a bit before telling Grant that it was time that he filled me.

I was moved back up the bed and Grant fucked me. He moved quicker than he had before, but not as hard as he liked to fuck me when I was awake. He pumped me until he exploded. A gorgeous, warm sticky load of cum flooded my insides.

Amy was watching from beside me, playing with my nipple.

‘I hope you’re going to lick it out of me Amy,’ I said quietly.

She screamed. Grant fell off the bed.

‘You’re awake?’ Amy gasped. It was dark and I couldn’t see her face. I wish I could have seen her expression though.

‘I am, and I need an orgasm really bad, so hurry up and finish me off.’

‘You want me to?’ she asked, sounding confused. Clearly her head was spinning as she tried to come to grips with the situation.

‘Yes, hurry up.’

‘Grant?’ she said, turning to türk porno see what his reaction would be.

‘Fine by me,’ he replied.

‘Fuck.’ Amy said, starting to regain her equilibrium. She wasn’t moving so I rolled toward her, pushing her down on the bed to kiss her. My tongue seemed to kick start her again and she responded passionately. It was a lovely extended kiss but I wanted her between my legs. I pushed up above her and told her to eat me. Happily for me, she willingly did so. It felt so fucking awesome. Grant’s girlfriend was eating his cum from my pussy! She alternated between teasing and working at my clit to just dipping her tongue between my lips and slurping at the cum that seeped from within.

‘That’s so fucking hot,’ Grant said as he watched.

‘Fuck her Grant. Fuck her while she eats me,’ I demanded of him. Grant moved close enough to my head that I could take his semi-erect cock between my lips.

‘Get me hard first,’ he told me. I took him in my mouth and let him slide his cock back and forth over my tongue. His cock quickly swelled back to life. When he was hard enough, he moved again so that he was kneeling behind Amy. He shoved his cock in her pussy and started driving it in and out. Amy moaned gleefully as she continued to lick me.

In my already excited state, the sight of my brother hammering his girlfriend from behind as she licked me set me off. I squealed and screamed as Amy brought on my orgasm. I grabbed her head and pulled it from my pussy as she tried to keep licking me. I couldn’t take it. Instead I let her lay with her head on my mound, listening to the sounds of Grant fucking her. For once I could see what was happening. I wasn’t left wondering what it would look like.

When I’d recovered enough, I told Amy to get up onto the bed doggy-style with Grant fucking her from behind. I slithered my way beneath them so that Amy and I were positioned for a 69. I was so close to my brother’s cock sliding in and out of her pussy. It was awesome. I licked at Amy’s clit or sucked on Grant’s balls as the desire took me, the whole time watching their lovemaking. Amy teased my pussy with her tongue and fingers and soon Grant was again crying out. He emptied his balls into her pussy, his cock pulsing with each release. When he was done he pulled out and Amy went to move from her position. I held her in place with my hands on her butt, pulling her down toward my face. As Grant’s cum oozed from within her, I lifted my head and held my tongue out so that I could catch it. I licked and slurped as his white gooey mess dripped from her pussy, teasing her clit between gobs of cum.

Amy loved it.

‘Holy fuck,’ she said when we’d rearranged ourselves and all cuddled into bed together.

‘Have you been awake every time?’ she asked me. I told her honestly that I hadn’t. I let her and Grant know just how involved or uninvolved I’d been through the course of their exploring me.

‘What surprises me more is that you’re so ok with it all, I mean, you’re dating a guy that fucks his sister. That’s pretty out there.’

‘Well it sure as fuck surprised me I was ok with it,’ Amy laughed. ‘I mean, there was that bit of me that just said, ‘it’s biology’ when he was hard at seeing you naked and I knew that the last thing I should do was encourage him. For some weird reason though, the thought of it just made me fucking horny and I wanted to see more.’

‘You have no idea how good it is for me that you are ok with it,’ I said. ‘I was getting so fucking frustrated listening to you two go at it like rabbits all the time. I hope you’ll let me join in again sometimes.’

‘Shit, if you’re ok I’m ok,’ Amy smiled back at me. Grant kept quiet through the exchange, but at the point that it was agreed that this wasn’t just a one-time thing, he truly beamed with happiness.

I briefed Amy on the arrangement that Grant and I had come to before she’d been on the scene. The one where if he wanted to fuck me he just had to ask and he could do what ever I agreed to.

‘Oh man, that’s a pretty sweet deal,’ Amy said, looking at him. ‘I’m surprised I got a look in at all!’

‘Oh come one, as if he could resist you,’ I replied, my eyes travelling over her body.

She blushed at the compliment. I told Amy that I’d be happy to offer her the same arrangement. Any time she wanted to use me, she just had to say the word. Even if she just wanted to see Grant use me that was ok too.

‘So like if I wanted to see him blow his load all over your face right now?’

‘Try me,’ I replied.

‘Hang on, what if I can’t?’ Grant protested, though it wasn’t exactly the most forceful objection.

‘Try,’ Amy told him. ‘Or maybe you won’t get to cum at all tomorrow.’

‘Ooh, mean,’ he accused her.

‘Stick your cock in your sister’s mouth.’

Grant sighed dramatically and then moved so that I could suck his cock. I happily sucked him deep inside and swirled my tongue around his flaccid cock. It wasn’t long at all türkçe alt yazı porno until I could feel him swelling again.

‘I love seeing this,’ Amy enthused. ‘It’s just so fucking hot knowing your cock is in your sister’s mouth!’

‘You’re so fucking kinky,’ he said to her before moaning as I gave him a particularly good suck. My mouth worked slowly up and down his shaft, tongue teasing as I did so. Amy moved behind me. She held my head with one hand and then put her other around behind Grant’s butt. She pushed my head toward his cock and pulled him toward me, making him thrust deep into my throat. She held me there until I gagged. I gasped, took a deep breath and then she made me do it again. She kept up a running commentary about how hot we were making her. She shifted her hand from Grant’s butt to my tit. She pulled and twisted it, working my nipple extra hard. It was fucking awesome.

‘Fuck her face Grant. Grab her head and fuck it hard,’ she demanded, her voice oozing lust. Grant did as he was told, putting one hand on either side of my head and thrusting. I relaxed my mouth and let him have his way. He jammed his cock in and out of my mouth, the speed of his thrusts increasing with urgency as his orgasm approached. Amy abused my nipples. I cried out with pleasure, moaning around the cock hammering at my throat.

‘Cum on your sister’s face Grant, spray her with it,’ Amy was demanding. ‘I want to see your gooey seed all over your sister’s gorgeous face. I want to lick it off her!’

Grant pulled his cock from my mouth. He was panting with effort and his cock was an iron-hard missile. He grabbed it with one hand, aimed it at my face and pumped. He cried out as it erupted. I quickly closed my eyes as his cum sprayed over my face. It hit me on the forehead and ran down my nose. I felt it on my cheek as well and opened my mouth to get some on my tongue. I hadn’t even started to open my eyes when I felt Amy push me back down on the bed. Then her mouth was all over my face. She licked and sucked and slurped, cleaning my brother’s cum from my face.

Her tongue speared between my lips and she kissed me, sharing my brother’s seed with me.

‘Fuck you two are perverted,’ Grant laughed.

‘Us two?’ Amy laughed. ‘I think you two are the perverted ones. I’m not related to either of you.’

‘Yeah, but I bet you wish you were,’ I teased her.

‘Oh God yes,’ Amy responded.


So that was how I finally achieved what I wanted. It was out in the open. And we loved it. Amy started staying around more than she had before. Trips back to her own house were about getting a new set of clothes so that she could spend more time with us. It wasn’t all that long before she had more of her clothes at our apartment than she did at home.

Like when Grant and I had first moved in, we didn’t share a bed. Grant and Amy did, but I kept to my own room. I sleepwalked occasionally and if they found me anywhere compromising, they took great delight in taking advantage of me. I would wake to find myself naked, covered or filled with cum, or just plain wet. Then they’d tell me what they’d done to me the next morning. It was always a turn-on.

Amy certainly took to the idea of using my body whenever she wanted. Sometimes it would be to watch Grant use me, sometimes both of them. Some times she just used me herself. I had mentioned that I was having a day off work one day without thinking anything of it. She and Grant both went off to College for the day and I sat down to catch up on the latest season of True Blood. Wearing just my pyjamas, I had a packet of cookies; a coffee and no plan to do anything more than indulge myself.

I had just started the fourth episode when someone knocked on the door. Annoyed, I paused the DVD and went to see who it was, expecting to give a salesman a blast.

‘Hey there,’ Amy said, grinning at me as I pulled the door open roughly.

‘Amy!’ I said lamely.

‘The one and only. Sorry, I forgot my key and Grant has classes for the rest of the day.’

‘No problem. I didn’t expect you back, I thought you had classes too.’ I stood aside and then closed the door behind her, following her to the little kitchen.

‘I ditched. I managed to sit through two classes before the thought of you alone in the apartment was too much to bear.’

‘Really? Why?’

‘Because I want to fuck you. She reached into her handbag and pulled out a strap on dildo. I want to fuck you with this.’

‘Oh,’ I grinned. ‘Well damn.’

She put the toy on the table along with her handbag and took me in her arms, crushing her breasts against me and kissing me. I kissed her back with the same passion that she put into the kiss. It was hot. Her hands roamed my body, enjoying the fact that my pyjamas gave ready and easy access. I didn’t miss the opportunity either, my hands sliding up under her t-shirt to release the clasp on her bra. I never tired of getting to play with her tits and wasn’t going to make an exception this time.

The kiss broke apart and we paused, breathing heavily and grinning at each other like lovesick teens who’ve just shared their first lesbian kiss.

‘Can I ask something that might sound a little crazy just now?’

‘Sure,’ Amy replied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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