Slow Day at Work but Exciting Night

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It was a slow day at work with little to no customers through the door, this usually leads to me thinking about my bbw fiancée at home waiting for me.

My fiancée is tall and so she does not look her size at all.

So, during the afternoon I was sending erotic text messages to her and she was sending similar back.

After work, I went home and picked up my fiancée as we had to pick up few bits from supermarket, while at same time thinking what we were going do once we got back home.

Once we got home and put away shopping we retired to our room. She was in black leggings which I love as they hug her sexy round ass and thick thighs. She has a black strappy top on too which she wears to bed. This top does struggle to keep her ample 40FF boobs from escaping. She is laying on the bed slightly on her side, this makes her boobs look even bigger! I am lying next to her but the other way around so me head near her feet. I got a view up her thick sexy legs right up to her round hips and bum. This view has of course got my cock as hard as rock in my boxers.

She tugs at my boxers and simply says “get your kit off”. Well you don’t need tell me twice and my boxers are off as are her leggings.

I bahis firmaları love her thick thighs and round hips, now they are exposed for my enjoyment.

I position myself next to her on all fours with my head down between her opened legs. I run the palm of my hand up and down her slot a few times, this resulted in her bucking a few times and closing her legs gripping my hand tight against her pussy.

She released her grip again and I kissed the cute mount above her pussy. I ran two fingers up and down the slot of her pussy gently tickling the surface then sliding two fingers in her slot to find her clit. I tease her clit while at same time set about kissing her inner thighs and the mound. I love the soft skin of her thighs and even gently bite her now and then while I kiss her inner thighs.

I then tried something else and slid my fingers further down her slot to her opening which was a little wet now. I slide in my first two fingers while my thumb rubbed her clit. Sliding these fingers in and out of her was making her very wet. I enjoy playing with my fiancée almost as much as sex with her. We then decided to try some durex tingle lube on my fingers as I worked her pussy. I kaçak iddaa went back to running my fingers over her clit and as she moaned and grunted I knew would not be long before she came. It did not take long until she came which resulted in her pulling her legs in and up towards her belly as she rolled to one side slightly. This of course trapping my hand inside her now extremely wet pussy. My mischievous side came out and I wiggled my fingers inside her pussy which made her convulse as her pussy was now quite sensitive after just cumming. She pulled my hand away from between her legs.

She then motioned for me to get on top her, but not before putting some more tingle lube on my hard cock. After apply the lube I positioned myself between her legs and gazed upon her wet pussy before me with her pubic hairs glistening with her own sexual juices. This was just making my hard cock ache even more. So, I they lay upon her, kissing her neck as I slide my cock up and down her slot then back down to find the opening. Because she is very wet the head goes in quite easy. The rest is tight and takes 3 or 4 thrusts before she takes the entire length on my penis shaft. She takes all of it and I feel the dampness kaçak bahis of her pussy as my balls touch her wet slot and my stomach touches her wet mound.

The feeling of her wet slippery yet very tight pussy around my cock makes it extremely hard not to cum quickly inside her. With each thrust inside her a wet squelchy sound could be heard from her pussy and I could feel my balls getting wetter each time they hit the bottom of her pussy and her round ass. The inside of her pussy felt so good as the head of my cock thrust up and down the inside of her tunnel I took everything I could find to hold back from shooting my load but it did not work for more than a few minutes and I cum so hard inside her that my whole body twitched with each stream I pumped into her. Three or four times my body twitched as each time a stream of fluid was pumped as deep as I could into her.

I lay on top her beautiful sexy body for a few moments before she feels liquids escaping.

The bit nobody ever talks about, the clean-up. I get up from on top her and am kneeling between her legs. Her mount and pussy are soaked and her pubic hair glistens with her fluids and some of my semen leaking from her slot. I clean her up with some tissues and clean up my now softening cock too.

This was one of the best make out sessions we had in a while.

She wants a repeat of last night tonight and who am I to turn down a beautiful woman!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32