Snowbound Love Ch. 02

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I never planned to make this a two part story but I’ve decided to continue it since I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback for the first part. This is for everyone who wanted a sequel. I would recommend reading the first one to understand what’s going on and this is the very end of this story.


When the warm beams of light gently broke through the window, it basked the two contented intertwined siblings in a soft light that slowly awoke them. Justin stretched and as he slowly opened his eyes he felt a gentle weight on his chest and looked down to see his beautiful sister lying against his naked chest. A small smile spread across his face as he ran his fingers through her hair and felt her gently stir. Rebecca slowly opened her eyes and stared into her brother’s deep hazel eyes.

“Mmm Morning lover,” She said softly and gently kissed his chest.

“Morning to you too,” He said softly back and ran his hands down her back.

“That was really wonderful last night brother,” Rebecca said making no attempt to move or get up.

“Yeah it was. Would you like me to make breakfast?” Justin said as he started to get up, and getting no resistance from Rebecca he went to the kitchen.

Rebecca slowly faded back to sleep as the scent of bacon and sausage started to fill the air. After Justin had set the full plates on the table he went over and shook his sister awake and helped her to the table as she shrugged off the sleep that wanted to keep her body where it was before. Breakfast was uneventful besides the mild glances at each other’s still naked bodies’ only inches from each other. As they finished their breakfast, Justin looked out the window and saw that snow was half way up the window then looked back at Rebecca.

“There is no way we can go anywhere today until the snow has melted. So you’re stuck here with me for today,” He said with a grin on his face.

Becca pressed her firm breasts against his back as she draped her arms over his shoulders and rested her head on her forearm, “Oh I ever wonder what we will do all by ourselves for a whole a day,” She said with a smile on her face.

Justin held on to her hand and took her to the couch where they cuddled by the fire with their bodies interlocked against each other. As they cuddled on the couch the snow had returned in very light flakes that softly frosted the windows in the early afternoon. Justin’s hands softly cradled Rebecca’s firm breast as his fingers gently caressed her nipples. Rebecca let out a soft moan and leaned her head back and kissed her brother’s stubbly chin as he kept playing with her ever hardening nipples. As his sister kept moaning his cock grew ever harder until she felt it pressing against her lower back.

“Looks like someone is horny,” She said with heavy arousal in her voice as she slowly grinded her lower back against his cock.

“Of course I am, you’re sitting here just bagging to be taken.” He said softly in her ear as he moaned and continued to play with her nipple.

Rebecca moaned and leaned her head forward then got up with a smile and quickly grabbed her clothes and ran inside the bathroom and locked the door. Justin couldn’t believe that his sister had just teased him like that and just left him completely high and dry; he had figured that after last night he would have no problem getting her to do anything but he never weighed that hidden devious side of his sister. He waited on the couch for his sister to come out of the bathroom for czech couples porno a good five minutes before he sighed and got up and went to his room to get dressed. When he finished getting dressed his sister was waiting outside his door in a pair of gray sweats and a zipper hoodie. Justin gave her an evil glare and walked past her. Rebecca followed after him with a big smile on her face.

“And what’s that look for?” she asked her brother as he stopped at the frig and got out a coke.

“You know damn well what, you little minx.” He said as he opened his coke and without taking his eyes off her he sipped his coke.

Rebecca grinned and grabbed his cock quickly then let go. Justin gasped and coughed on the coke that was left in his mouth and stared in shock at his sister who had a big grin on her face. He set the coke on the counter and pulled his sister to him and kissed her on the lips deeply. She smiled as she felt his tongue dart against her lips and just pulled her head back and wagged her finger. Justin’s mouth dropped open, his sister who had instigated the sex last night was now telling him no; he just couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Wha…What do you mean no?” he asked still shocked.

Rebecca smiled and backed up, “What part of no do you not comprehend little brother?”

“Well the no part…cause last night you where all over me.” Justin looked down and decided that sadly it had been a onetime thing.

“Oh calm down little brother, I’m just having fun with you.” She said softly and slowly stroked his cock through his jeans.

Justin moaned softly and pushed his earlier thoughts out of his head as she continued to stoke his cock. She continued to stroke him as she felt him getting harder and harder, she smiled and just stopped suddenly and took her hand off his cock and motioned for him to follow her to the couch. Justin followed his sister to the couch and after she sat down she pulled him towards her face and very slowly pulled down the zipper of his jeans and reached inside his pants and pulled out his warm stiff cock. When her soft fingers glided over his cock it jumped in her hands and a small smile came over her face as she pointed his cock straight up and softly kissed up the bottom of his shaft. Justin moaned softly as Rebecca’s soft lips went up and down his cock tantalizingly slow as if to torture him to the point of breaking. Just as he was about to grab her head and force her down on his cock, Rebecca quickly took his full length to the bottom of her throat and swallowed. Justin let out a deep moan as the warmth of his sisters mouth and milking of her throat drove him over the edge, his whole body shook as he held onto her head and let out a deep moan as the hot liquid busted from inside of him. Rebecca let it slide down her throat and she held still while her brother finished then pulled her head back and let his cock come out of her mouth with a soft pop. She looked up at him with a smile and licked up the rest of his cum and then put his cock back into his pants and zipped him back up.

“There that should hold you over for a while,” she said with a grin and patted on the couch next to her.

Justin nodded and sat down next to his sister and pulled her to him and whispered, “That will only hold me for so long you know that right.”

Rebecca smiled and nodded as she cuddled with her brother. The snow outside had completely stopped now and from the looks of it the snow had began to melt which sadly meant czech estrogenolit porno that Rebecca would be able to go home soon and Justin didn’t want that to happen. The sun had started to go down now and Justin knew that this would be the last time he’d get his chance, so he started gently kissing his sister’s neck and softly squeezing her breasts. Rebecca started to moan and bent her neck to the side so that her brother would have better access to her neck. Justin started nibbling on his sister’s neck and slowly unzipped her hoodie to free her firm perky breasts. He started to play with her already hard nipples as he softly bit her next, Rebecca moaned deeply and reached her hand back and took a hand full of his hair and held it tight as her back arched.

“Oh my god Justin!” she let out a gasp as he bit nearer to her collarbone.

Justin turned her around and started to hungrily suck on her on nipples and gently bit on each of her nipples. Becca shot back her head in both pain and ecstasy as her hands wildly scratched and grabbed at his back. Justin smiled at his sister writhing underneath him and he realized that he was in complete control of the situation and she would do anything he wanted. He backed off from his sister’s nipples and looked at her face, Rebecca was lying there with her hands by her head and her eyes closed tight her face completely red. She opened her eyes and he realized that her eyes were completely glazed over with uncontrollable lust as her thighs grinded together.

Rebecca squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples as she looked up at him and whined, “God don’t stop little brother. I need it really really bad, give it to me now!”

Justin grinned and shook his head, “I don’t think so sweet heart, you teased me so now I’m gonna tease you.”

Rebecca pouted and got on her hands and knees and crawled towards him, “God please brother, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to tease you. But I’m gonna go crazy if you don’t give it to me!”

Rebecca put her hands on the inside of Justin’s thighs and slowly caressed up towards his cock but he pushed her hands away and waged his finger.

“Then what do you want me to do brother?” she asked with a deep wine of near painful arousal.

Justin grinned and looked at her and said in a commanding voice, “Take off all your clothes and spread your legs wide and play with yourself now!”

Rebecca nodded; she’d do anything to please her brother and to get him to fuck her. Rebecca did as she was told and laid back on the floor in front of her brother with her legs wide open and her feet planted firmly on the floor. There was a deep red glow that outlined her as her hand traveled down her body to her overly sensitive pussy.Rebecca eagerly started rubbing her clit as she pinched her nipples and arched her back. Justin watched on as his sister laid there and pleased herself; His cock became hard as he watched her rubbing her clit and he finally just couldn’t stand it anymore. He took off his clothes and got between his sisters legs and stopped her hand and rubbed his cock over her gleaming wet pussy.

Rebecca jumped and grabbed onto his shoulders and the feeling of his cock on her wanting pussy sent waves of pleasure up to the tip of her already sensitive clit and pushed her into an orgasm. Justin smiled at the fact that it just took him touching her pussy with his cock to send her over the edge.

“My my, you really did want it didn’t you?” he asked already knowing the czech experiment porno answer to this question.

Rebecca nodded and reached for his cock but he stopped her and picked her up and brought her back to the couch and put her on her hands and knees facing the door and got behind her.

“You want it Rebecca?” he asked as he slowly moved his cock up and down over her pussy.

Rebecca moaned and ground her hips back towards his cock but Justin pulled away. “Now now, you have to answer my question Rebecca,” Justin said and gave her a gently slap on the ass.

Rebecca moaned and jumped forward a little and said quietly, “I…I want it.”

Justin leaned his head forward and whispered in her ear, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you, speak up.”

Rebecca pushed back against him and felt his cock press hard against her pussy and yelled, “I want you to fuck me!”

Justin smiled and grabbed his cock and thrusted it deep into Rebecca’s waiting pussy. Rebecca braced herself on the couch as her brother fucked her roughly from behind; Justin let out a loud moan and grabbed hold of her hips for support as he thrusted faster and harder. She kept letting out loud screams as her knuckles turned white with the grip she had on the back of the couch. While in the midst of this rough, lust fueled sex between these twins they never saw the door open and their parents standing there with their mouths wide open at this horrible sinful act that was happening in front of them. When their mother dropped the glass jar that she was holding her hand the twins looked up and stopped mid thrust with the look of oh shit we’re fucked.

The two twins quickly spoke together, “We can explain!”

Their parents shook their heads with disgust and slammed the door and left. Justin’s cock immediately went soft and he fell out of his sister’s wet pussy and Rebecca sat on the couch and covered her chest with her forearm and looked up at her brother horrified.

“We’re fucked aren’t we Justin….” She spoke in a soft and timid voice and didn’t take her eyes off him.

Justin sat down next to his sister and covered his cock with one of the pillows and softly stroked her cheek with the back of his hand and they sat there for a few minutes to let their nerves settle.

Justin softly kissed Rebecca’s lips and spoke in a comforting voice, “Now that our nerves have kind of settled down I have to say that I really don’t care what our parents think. You and I both love each other and nothing is gonna change that not now, not ever.”

Rebecca softly smiled and held her brother’s hand, “So what are we gonna do then?”

“Well Finals are a week away and I know that I’ll have no problems passing them and I’ve saved up enough money from my teaching that I could by another house somewhere that no one knows us,” Justin was happy with the thought of living with his beautiful sister and hoped she would like the idea.

Rebecca thought about what her brother had said and a big smile came across her face and she said happily, “So me and you will live together and not let anyone know they we are related.”

Justin smiled and nodded and added, “Plus I can open my own fencing studio and make a great living.”

Becca smiled and hugged her brother tightly and gave him a big kiss, “I’m so happy brother!” she squealed happily.



After passing his finals Justin and Rebecca moved to coastal Oregon and have a decent and comfortable living. Justin’s fencing studio is the buzz all around Oregon and he is constantly busy during most of the week but always has time for his wonderful and beautiful sister. They have had no contact from their parents and that’s just the way they like it. Five years have passed since they were snowed in and they have made plans on getting married in early spring.

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