Sophie Becomes Daddy’s Favorite Toy Ch. 01

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After finishing college I moved back home with my father. Mom left him while I was at school for another woman. It was a shock to both of this that mom had chosen this alternative life style. I hadn’t seen her since she left and visits to my Dad had been just holidays for the last 4 years.

But school was done for me now and I didn’t have a job lined up and truth be told I needed a little break. I arrived home in the middle of the day and knew my father was working. I took the time to unpack everything and get settled in and then made him dinner. I thought it would be a nice surprise.

We ate dinner and talked for hours and it was nice. We had always been close when I was growing up and the four years I had been away seemed to melt away. We had settled into a pretty normal routine. He would go off to work and when he came home I would have the house cleaned up and dinner waiting for him. One night he joked and said it was just like being married again without all the benefits.

That got me to thinking. It was just like a marriage. We shared everything except a bed. I pushed the thought aside, it was wrong to think of my dad like that. Even though he was just 20 years older than me and in excellent shape.

A couple of weeks later I came home after a night out with my friends and heard a noise coming from my dad’s room. Tiptoeing up I could hear him moaning and saying my name. I felt a shock of desire shoot straight down. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one thinking about us in that way.

The door was latched and I pushed the door open just a bit to see my father lying in the middle of the bed, a porno played on his TV and he was stroking his incredibly long cock. I had been with guys at school but all of them had just been average. My Dad on the other hand had to be at least 13″ long and thick. The thought of having that in my mouth and my pussy made me cum where I stood.

I didn’t make a move however, instead I stood there and watched and listen to him beg me to suck his cock. The more he used my name and said those dirty words the more excited I became. But I knew I could just walk in there, he would push me away for sure.

Closing the door I headed back to my room and stripped off my clothes, and reaching for my toys. I needed some release and quick.

Pulling out my favorite dildo I closed my eyes and allowed myself to wonder what it would be like it was my father’s big cock sliding in and out of my pussy. With each stroke I seemed to get more excited. Just the thought of that big cock pounding my pussy pushed me into my own orgasm. I knew at that moment, I would have my father. He would fuck me and with any luck it would be soon.

Waking the next morning I slipped on an old t-shirt of Dads and walked from my room. To my surprise I heard him in his room again. This time he sounded more forceful and the language had gotten stronger.

“That’s it suck my big cock, you little whore you like having Daddy’s big cock fucking your mouth don’t you.” teen porno

I was shocked and even more determined. His words were so excited to me. I had never told anyone that I had always wanted someone to talk to me like that. Don’t get me wrong I liked to make love, but I loved the thought of having someone say those dirty words to me and letting me say them back.

I didn’t move as I watched him slide a finger into his own backside, his moan was loud as the stimulation from his finger pushed him over the edge. Without my realizing hand had made its way between my legs and I was furiously frigging my own pussy. It was just too much to take. I knew I couldn’t wait to have him. It was going to be tonight.

Getting my shower I dressed and went shopping to get what I would need for tonight’s encounter. I knew that even though in the confines of his room he fantasized about me, didn’t mean he would go through with actually fucking me.

Driving a few towns away I went into an adult bookstore. Walking to the back wall I smiled finding what I would need. I bought a vibrating butt plug, anal beads, and lube and before I walked out the door I saw a very nice cock ring. I was about to make my father my fuck slave. He would never want to fuck anyone but me. Not to mention the fact that I had learned how to hypnotize people while I was at school and I would hypnotize him.

The more I thought about it the more excited I became. I had never had anal sex before, but that thought of it was getting more and more excited. I arrived home with several hours to spare so I thought I would experiment.

I didn’t make it to my bedroom and instead found myself dumping out my purchases on the living room floor. Popping in a porno I stripped off my clothes and sat on a blanket and watch the couple on the TV. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter and taking the vibrating anal plug I lubed it by sticking it my pussy. I covered it with my cum and then slowly pushed it into my ass. It was slow going, but once I got it in I held it there growing accustom to it. Reaching down with my other hand I began working my clit. Rubbing it furiously as I turned on the plug. The sensations were new and to my surprise better than anything I had ever imagined. With my eyes closed I worked my pussy and turned up the vibrations. My thoughts were of no one but my dad and how good this was going to be. With my third orgasm approaching I started talking out loud.

“That’s it Daddy, fuck you nasty little girl. I love your big cock in my little pussy.”

With the words out my orgasm came harder than any other I had ever had in my life.

Realizing the time I got up and cleaned up the mess I had made and took everything into my father’s room. Since this would be where we would have our first sexual encounter.

Hearing the door open I yelled out to him that I was in the kitchen. I heard his gasp of surprise when he walked through the doorway. I was wearing a black lace tricky masseur porno bra and black thong panties. Looking over my shoulder I smiled at his stunned look.

“Hi Daddy, how was your day?”

“Umm it was fine Sophie, but where are your clothes?”

“Well I didn’t want to get them all messy while I was cooking. So I took them off.”

“Honey I don’t think I should be seeing you like this. It’s not right.”

“Daddy, do you want to fuck me.”


“How long has it been since you’ve had sex?”

“Three years.”

“Have you ever been fucked in your ass?”

“No, but I like to finger it sometimes.”

“I can’t believe I just told you that.”

“Would it help if I told you that I watched you masturbate this morning and I know you want to fuck me and I want it too?

He looked at me in surprise and I walked to where he sat and saw that his cock was already hard. Without another word, I reached down and undid his pants. He acted like he was going to stop me but didn’t. Straddling the chair, I pulled my panties aside and slid forward and taking his cock in my hand guided him inside of me. It was the most delicious feeling I had ever had. I worked myself down slowly savoring our first time together. I heard his moan of pleasure as I began to move.

“Oh Daddy your cock it so big, it feels so good.”

He didn’t say a word inside he stood up and walked down the hall to his bedroom. There we fell onto the bed, still locked together. He began moving inside of me.

“Oh Daddy, does it feel good to have your big cock inside of me.”

“Yes, baby girl, I have wanted to do this for so long. I’m afraid it’s not going to take Daddy long to come this first time baby, it’s been a long time since he’s been inside suck a hot tight pussy.”

“I want you to come in my mouth Daddy. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”

He groaned in appreciation and pulled long stick out of my pussy and shoved it in my mouth. This time when he said the words he meant them.

“Oh yes Sophie that’s it. Suck Daddy’s cock. You like my cock in your mouth don’t you, you little slut.” I moaned my delight in hearing his words. Hearing it he picked up his pace and holding the sides of my face in his hands he shot his load down my throat.”

“That’s it you little whore swallow all your Daddy’s cum.”

He fell back on the bed beside me panting.

“Oh God Sophie, right or wrong, I have never experienced anything like that before.”

“I know Daddy I came three times just sucking you off.”


I felt him move and watched as he slid a hand between my legs. I was soaking wet and it was all because of him. Neither of us spoke for a long time, he just rubbed his hand back and forth over my pussy then teasing me by slipping a finger inside.

“I went shopping today.”

“Really for what?”

“Look inside your stand.”

He rolled on top of me and I felt his cock twitch türkçe alt yazı porno as it came in contract with my moist pussy.

“What is all this stuff?”

“Well, I know you like anal stimulation so I got you a butt plug and I got some anal beads and lube. Oh and my favorite, a cock ring. This will make your cock stay hard for a long time.”

He looked at it a long time, but I insisted he wear it. Once we had it on him, I looked down to see that his cock seemed even larger. It was wonderful. I handed him the anal beads and rolled over to my stomach pushing my ass in the air. It seemed that Daddy didn’t need any instructions on this one. I moaned as he pushed each one inside of me. To my surprise when he pushed the last one in I came. This was more than I could take.

“Daddy, I need to feel your big cock inside of me. Please fuck me Daddy please.”

“How do you want it baby girl. Long and slow or fast and hard.”

“I want it fast and hard. I want to feel your cock slamming into my cunt Daddy. Please now fuck me.”

Feeling his cock head push inside of me I started to push back. He grabbed my hips and stopped me. Then in one fast hard motion he rammed his cock inside of me. I was in heaven. As I squeezed his cock as it slammed into me I could feel the beads in my ass and it was more than I could take.

“You like it don’t you. Have my cock in your pussy.”

“Oh yes, it feels so fucking good. I have wanted to feel it for so long.”

“You’re my slut now aren’t you?”


“No say it, you little slut.”

“I’m you’re slut Daddy, I’m you’re little whore.”

With those words he smacked my ass and pulled free one of the beads. I had started to cum and now I couldn’t stop. I was pushing myself back against his cock begging him to give me more. To bury his cock deep inside of me. His thrusts we hard and fast and there was no end in site.

“I want to fuck your ass baby. I want to bury my cock deep inside of you.”

“Oh yes fuck my ass. I want your big cock in my ass. Give it to me Daddy fuck me and make me yours.”

He wasted now time leaving the remaining anal beads inside of me he pushed his cock inside of me. It hurt but felt good at the same time. He started moving inside my tight little whole and moaned with each thrust as the anal beads were rubbing against his cock.

“Who knew Daddy’s little girl was such a good fuck. I think your uncle would enjoy fucking you too. Would you do that Sophie? Would you let me and your Uncle Josh fuck you.”

I was so wrapped up in what the sensations racking my body I agreed.

“Sophie, Daddy needs to cum.”

“Lay down Daddy, I want to feel you fill my cunt with your hot cum.”

“Oh Sophie, I love hearing all those dirty words coming out of your sweet little mouth.”

With my Daddy lying on his back I removed the cock ring and slide down on his pole. I started working at a fevered pitch to take him inside of me. We didn’t stay that way long. Before I knew it he had me on all four and was slamming his cock inside of me. Faster and harder than I had ever been fucked before.

“Oh that’s it Daddy it feels so good, fuck me. Fuck your whore daughter and fill me with your cum.”

He didn’t say another word instead he filled me with his cum.

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