Spanking Little Sister Ch. 02

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Author’s note: The characters depicted in this chapter are eighteen years of age. I appreciate all the feedback I received on my first chapter and have taken it to heart. I hope you enjoy. As always, feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any feedback. 🙂


When Rebecca Todd opened her eyes, the world was back to normal. She was safe, warm, snuggled into blankets and could barely remember what she ate for lunch at school that day. The pressing weight of pending homework due the very next day was what motivated her to sit up and fling her comforter off of her legs. She was in full ‘fuck everything I hate school’ mode up until she slid herself to the side of the bed. The moment her feet touched the floor and her ass rubbed against the firm ridge of her mattress, she winced. Then froze. Then held her breath.

It all came coming back. The fight with her twin. The way he pinned her down to the counter. The unrelenting smacks of his powerful hand as it spanked her over the ass. The hard, insistent bulge that pressed against the backs of her thighs. Her stomach twisted into knots and dread hit her like a sack of bricks. This couldn’t have been real.

The fact her body responded to the memory with a surge of arousal along with the stinging ache of her butt let her know it was very much a reality. Skin crawling, Rebecca stood up and rubbed at her arms. She felt tense. Uncertain. Scared.

So why was there a hidden part of her that felt. . . Thrilled? Why did the memory of being held down and powerless to her brother’s whims excite her to the point her clit gave an eager pulse that made her thighs clench? It wasn’t as if they were even that close. Despite the fact they were twins, Rebecca had never really bonded with Jason. Some part of her had always resented him.

Glancing toward the closed door leading out of her bedroom, Rebecca let out a slow breath. In that moment all she wanted was to be wrapped up safe in someone’s arms. It was an alien desire. Rebecca had stopped being the cuddly, lovable little girl by the time she turned ten. Her parents considered it a special day when she willingly gave either one of them a hug. Something in her just didn’t want to be touched. So why did she want to be held all of a sudden?

A sharp knock sounded at her door, leaving Rebecca’s pulse racing with unease. There was only one other person in the house with her and she wasn’t sure she could handle being around him.

“‘Becca?” The questing voice of her brother was muffled. Rebecca held her breath and hoped he would assume she was asleep when she didn’t answer.

The door eased open and Jason poked his head in. The strawberry of his hair was slick and damp suggesting he had just taken a shower. His green eyes were both soft and concerned. He had never looked at her that way before and Rebecca wasn’t sure if she wanted to bristle or if she wanted to cling to him. The memory of the way he had held her, pressing chaste kisses to the top of her head while comforting her in her emotional state warmed her in a way that felt strange.

He’s the reason you were even crying in the first place, a dark voice reminded her. The slow melting sensation in her belly stopped immediately. Her eyes hardened.

“The fuck do you want?”

Jason sighed quietly and stepped inside the room. Despite the fact he had always been taller than her, Rebecca found herself much more aware of the fact. He loomed in a way he hadn’t before and it made her take an instinctive step back. Jason hesitated and then held out a clear, plastic tube of Aloe Vera. “I shouldn’t have spanked you. I’m sorry. Put this on your…” he paused, realizing he had no idea what word to use to describe his sister’s ass. He didn’t want to come off as crass or make her feel uncomfortable.

Rebecca steadied herself and glared. “My what, exactly?”

After an awkward pause, Jason cleared his throat. “Your butt. Ass. Whatever. It should help take the sting away and make it so it’s not as sore tomorrow.” When Rebecca continued to glare at him without saying a word, Jason shrugged and tossed the tube of Aloe onto her bed. He drew himself to his full height and crossed his arms over his chest.

“I still want to be very clear, Rebecca. You need to stop hitting people over small things. It’s abusive and it’s not okay.”

“Oh please. We both know that’s a fucked up reason to spank your sister and rub your hardon all over her ass. I’ll hit whomever I damn well want.” She glanced to the Aloe Vera. “And how did you even know to use this?”

Jason could feel heat rise to his face and wasn’t sure if it was because he could feel himself getting angry or because he was embarrassed as fuck that she called him out for perving out. Probably both. Despite the blush that colored his cheeks, izmir escort bayan his eyes never left hers.

“I researched while you were sleeping. Some people liked to get spanked and they like to post stuff about it online. Apparently there’s a deal called ‘Aftercare’ for the spanked in which the spanker rubs lotion or aloe vera on their ass so it doesn’t bruise or hurt so much.” He omitted the part about how rock hard he had been while researching. Apparently he was a kinky freak and hadn’t known he was into that kind of stuff until his unfortunate little sister brought it out in him.

“Either way, I stand behind what I said. I hope you’ve learned your lesson and you stop hitting people. Since you refuse to acknowledge anything I’m saying or that you’re in the wrong, I’m also standing behind what I said would happen. You’re grounded.”

Rebecca made a low, disgusted snort that was equal measures disbelief as it was shock.

“Ground me?! You can’t ground me! We’re both eighteen. I’m a fucking adult.”

“I’m the man of the house. You heard dad. I’m the more responsible one so I call the shots. As long as you’re in this house until they get back you’re not allowed to go out anywhere with your friends. We’ll be going to school and then going right home after until they get back. I’ll let them decide how to deal with this when they get back.”

“Did you miss the part where I said you can’t ground me? I’ll go out if I damn well want to.”

There was a dark, edgy gleam to Rebecca’s eyes that let Jason know she meant what she said. He sighed loudly and rubbed at his face in frustration. “Nope. You’re staying right here. Now put that shit on your ass and then come downstairs, I made dinner.”

Rebecca scoffed and whirled around. She stormed over to her closet and yanked it open to snatch a jacket and her purse. “Fuck that I’m going out.”

Jason watched as she yanked on an olive green jacket over the white tank top that she had worn to school that day. The snug denim of her shorts had ridden up her thighs a bit, exposing the faintest stretch of pale flesh. It wasn’t all that revealing of an outfit considering how horribly hot it was even if it was nearing the evening, but something in Jason bristled at the idea of her going out looking like that. The idea of anyone else looking at her like he was looking at her. . .

That’s your fucking twin sister. Stop being gross, he mentally chided himself.

Rebecca’s lips eased in a scowl as she marched right up to her twin and shoved at him. “Move.”

Jason was at a crossroads. He could either admit defeat and step aside and let his sister out of the house…. or he could forcefully restrain her and keep her there against her will. The idea sickened him and made him feel like a seedy villain. He didn’t want to go there.

Then there was the idea of stepping aside and suffice to say didn’t sit well with him. If he let her win, she would learn she could walk all over anyone and it wouldn’t help her attitude. What if she bit off more she could chew and pissed off the wrong person? What if she got seriously injured?

With a frustrated sound, Jason made up his mind. He grabbed hold of her wrists and held her still. His eyes locked with hers. Sister stared at brother with outrage and anger. Brother stared at sister with grim determination. It was a battle of wills now…. and Rebecca would learn nothing was strong enough to sway him once he set his mind to something.

“You’re not going anywhere. Take the jacket off and put the purse away.”

“What the hell is your problem?! I’m going OUT-“

The rest of her angry shout was muffled by a swear when he suddenly shoved her back and took a step forward. His jaw was clenched and his eyes had a dark burn that set her pulse racing in a mix of nervousness and something else. Something…forbidden.

“I’m only going to say this once, Rebecca. Either you take the jacket off and put your purse away, or I make you. Trust me when I say you really don’t want that.”

Rebecca smirked and simply stood in place. If her brother wanted to tussle he was going to find out just what she was made of. She didn’t say a word to him.

Jason surged forward and grabbed at her wrists. Rebecca yanked back and darted around the bed. Jason calmly prowled after her. There was something eerily focused in the way he stared at her. Even if his hair was slick with moisture and he was dressed in an oversized white t-shirt with matching baggy pajama pants, there was something unmistakably predatory about her brother that made him seem… Powerful.

As his footsteps carried him toward her, Rebecca panicked and launched for the bed in an attempt to bypass her brother and lurch for the door. No sooner had she landed on the soft mattress did she feel strong fingers encircle her ankle and yank. Rebecca squealed in frustration and kicked out. Jason swore when her bare foot escort izmir smashed into his face. The pain fueled his anger and with a low growl he yanked her again until her body slid off the mattress and collapsed in an awkward heap onto the floor. He quickly yanked her toward him and straddled her thrashing legs, determined to keep her in the room,

Rebecca bucked and writhed beneath him. Her angry squeal turned into a frustrated cry. How could he be stronger than her when he didn’t do anything remotely athletic?!

In the span of several heartbeats, Jason pinned his little sister down as she fought, thrashed, swore and bared her teeth at him as if she were a rabid animal. There was something primal in her struggles and it turned him on to the point he felt that familiar rush sweep him up. He felt indomitable. Strong. Euphoric.

He watched as Rebecca struggled in a desperate bid for freedom. Her face was flush with exertion, eyes bright with anger and something else. His breath stilled at what he saw in his sister’s eyes. Somewhere in those green depths, Jason saw a plea that had nothing to do with him letting her go. Was she as turned on as he was?

Rebecca finally ceased her efforts to get free and took her self imposed respite to pant for breath. She couldn’t help the frustrated tears that welled up in her eyes. Brother and sister stared at each other. Sister defeated, Brother triumphant.

“Good girl,” he soothed in a gentle praise. Rebecca’s heart skipped a beat.

“Lift your arms.” Despite the calm, quiet way in which her brother spoke, there was no mistaking the authoritative edge to his voice.

Rebecca thrashed under him anew and glared. “Fuck off.”


The open palmed strike landed on the exposed flesh of Rebecca’s inner thigh. She yelped in pain and jerked again.

“Lift. Your. Arms.” There was a bite to Jason’s voice that set Rebecca’s heart racing. She bit down on her lower lip. What was this electrifying feel? Why did she suddenly feel giddy?


Jason glared and slapped her inner thigh two more times. Each smack carried a bite of pain that made her wince… and yet as the pain eased into a warm glow she could feel herself growing wet. The more she struggled against her brother, the more turned on she became. Her swollen clit throbbed eagerly, making her hips give an instinctive rolling motion upwards.

Jason damned near groaned out when he felt her crotch grind against his. He could see the way her pupils dilated with lust and the way her breaths came out in strained pants. Just as he was about to cave into the dark pressure building in his chest demanding she submit to him, his heart stopped when she relaxed under him and eased her arms up and over her head.

it was a simple enough gesture. It certainly wasn’t something done to be sexy and yet Jason was ablaze in lust. He wanted to lean in and bite her throat. To rake his nails along her exposed thighs. Something in him wanted to devour her. Wordlessly he grabbed her jacket and yanked it off her body, damned near ripping it off her arms in the process. Rebecca gasped a low, throaty sound that made Jason clench his teeth.

He tossed the garment on the bed, trying to draw in a slow, calming breath. His cock was rock hard again, tenting out in a proud jut from beneath his pajama bottoms. He felt no shame in the small dollop of wetness that eased over the fabric, courtesy of the clear, sticky pre that was oozing from the tip.

Rebecca bit down on her lower lip a second time and Jason lost it. He leaned down and fastened his lips to hers in a hungry kiss that a brother shouldn’t be giving his twin sister. Rebecca’s mouth was soft against his. Pliant. His fingers found their way in her hair and fisted there, thick digits curling all that dark, inky silk. Rebecca moaned into his mouth, the sound as urgent as he felt.

In a haze, Jason continued kissing his mouth even as his fingers fumbled at the fly of his sister’s shorts. With only one hand to work with it was an awkward affair. When he unfastened them, his hand plunged down past the hemline of denim and the elastic band of panties both. What he touched there made him rumble deeply into her mouth. It wasn’t just the soft curls of his sister’s pussy that excited him. It was how fucking hot it was. Her warmth heated his open palm, damned near scorching him…and when a single finger slipped past her swollen lips to dip into that forbidden crevice the heat only increased.

She was so damned wet he could feel her thick cream generously coat his finger the moment he slipped between her folds. Rebecca gasped and broke from his kiss, arching in a needy gesture against his hand.

“Jesus ‘Becca, you’re about to burn my fingers off. Fuck you’re so wet,” he hissed down at her, his hand wiggling so his thumb could roll over her throbbing clit. There should have been a thrill to be felt at the fact he izmir escort was touching his first pussy… but it was overshadowed by the stronger thrill in knowing that it belonged to his twin. That she was wet and wanting because of him.

Rebecca flushed a vivid red at his words. “You- ohfuckJason,” she gasped as his thumb rolled over her clit. No one had touched her there before and she felt as if she were about to shatter into a million pieces of sheer delight.

Jason smirked and continued to roll her swollen pearl. There were no soft, slow circles to build her up. He was relentless and desperate to touch her so that thumb rolled and stroked in swift, vicious circles. Rebecca didn’t stand a chance. The tension of her arousal both when being spanked and now, pinned under her brother, finally had an outlet.

“I’mgoingtocumJason,” she gasped out, causing Jason to stop immediately.

Rebecca swore and writhed in frustration, tears building in her eyes.


“Do you want to cum, Becca?”

“Fucking DUH.”

Jason couldn’t help the grin that formed at her outraged response.

“Ask me for it.”

“Ask you for what…?! Jesus Jason you’re killin’ me.”

“Ask me to cum. Beg me for it.”

Rebecca stared wide eyed at her twin, hips giving a needy grind into his palm. What had gotten into him? This side of him was intense and a little frightening… and yet something in her was excited by it. Blushing, Rebecca glanced down.

“Please… can I cum?”

The sincerity of her plea and the flushed state of her face had Jason’s head swimming with lust. His hand resumed its circular motions against her heated snatch, his fingers slick with her tangy heat. He could hear the wet, sticky sounds of his thumb rolling, pressing and grinding that swollen, hidden nub she seemed so eager for him to pay attention to. His cock gave an eager throb that was borderline pain.

Just when he was wondering how he would even know he got her off, Rebecca let out a strangled cry. Her head slammed back and smacked against the floor as her entire body locked up. Jason couldn’t help himself. He leaned in and snapped his teeth over her shoulder as his fingers slid further down. Had he been of a sane, rational mind he would have avoided going anywhere near her hole. He had no idea if she was a virgin. As his thumb continued to roll her clit around beneath it, hIs fingers speared eagerly into her tight, clenching heat. He could feel himself tear past a barrier in the process.

Rebecca thrashed and writhed under her brother yet again, gasping as his teeth clamped over the flesh of her exposed shoulder. As the pleasure tore at her and swept her up she was brought back down by a sharp, stabbing pain that made her cry loudly out. Before the pain could fully register, she was tossed back into pleasure as his thumb stroked her jerking, spasming clit. She was dimly aware of feeling full in a way she hadn’t ever felt before.

Jason released his hold over her shoulder and peppered it with soothing kisses as his sister bucked and ground her way through her orgasm. When she settled down, Jason kissed his way up her throat and to her ear.

“You’re still grounded.”

Rebecca sighed heavily in exasperation despite the fact she wanted to grin at how absurd he was being. Hazy eyes peered up at him.

“Seriously? You just got your sister off and that’s all you’re going to say?”

Jason grinned. “Just wanted to be clear.” His eyes heated as he stared down at her. “You’re fucking hot when you cum.” His hand eased out from under her panties and slipped out of her shorts. He froze when he saw his fingers were coated in a thin, shiny film of blood and juices.

Rebecca’s eyes widened. “Wait! Did you just pop my cherry?!” Alarmed, Rebecca shoved at her brother so she could sit up. He allowed it and slid back, the lust in his eyes replaced with concern. He watched as his sister’s hand disappeared into the waistband of her shorts and created a bulge at the crotch. His cock throbbed eagerly. He barely refrained from rubbing himself at the sight.

When Rebecca pulled her hand away, they were equally smeared in blood. She wasn’t sure how she felt about this. Her eyes met his. He reached for her, only to grimace when she scrambled back and stood to her feet.

“Don’t touch me.”

There was poison in her tone and it made Jason tense up. “Rebecca wait, I didn’t mean-“

His little sister snatched up the aloe vera on the bed and stormed out of the room. Jason scrambled up to his feet and rushed after her. She swept into the bathroom and slammed the door closed. He heard the rustle of the lock clicking into place, followed by the sound of the shower starting.

“…Damnit,” he muttered quietly to himself, lowering his head. Turning, Jason headed down the stairs and back to the kitchen. He couldn’t explain the pang in his chest, or the way his heart hurt. He didn’t want his sister barricaded from him. He wanted to soothe and comfort her. She was upset and understandably so.

He turned his attention to the dinner table and pursed his lips. Dinner was going to be awkward.

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