Spring Break In Ch. 02

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My Dear Readers,


What I write is fiction/fantasy/fairy tales for adults. None of my characters are real, no one was injured during the production of my stories and just like on T.V., they all get up when the scene is over, have a beer, remove the makeup and go home, ready to return in the next chapter, all the boo boos healed.

Some spelling and grammatical errors are mine however some are intentional. Which is witch I leave as an exercise for those anal enough to care.

Votes and comments are as always gratefully received. E-mail will get a personnel response if you remember to leave me a return e-mail address.


Dom Woolf

Spring Break In: Part two

College was over and done with, I was back home with my newly minted and signed degree in my sweaty hand ready to face the world of opportunity that college promised. Only I must have read the brochure wrong or something because job opportunities were few and far between with what seemed like half the country out of work and looking, companies had their pick of people with degrees and many with a lot of real world experience to go along with those degrees.

So I became the oldest joke in the world, an out of work twenty something living back home with his mother. Not that Mom minded, two years ago during my spring break Mom and I went through an experience with a bunch of hoodlums that brought us as close as a mother and son could get. Many would say we got way too close, but so far it has worked for us.

Three punks broke in to Moms house and just for fun and revenge (I had smashed one into a wall and broke his girlfriend’s nose) tied us together nude, force fed me an overdose of Viagra and let nature take its course.

Mom and I never discussed that episode, but it has made us stay a lot closer than a many families. My dad died the winter before the break in and it’s been just mom and I in her big old Victorian house ever since.

I graduated mid year so by what would have been spring break I had been job searching for a couple of months with little result. I was sitting in the breakfast nook drinking coffee and reading the pitifully short want ad section when Mom came down stairs.

Mom turned forty two that year and was in great shape physically. She was still a yoga teacher in town three days a week and between that money and Dad’s retirement that will be paid to her until she dies and the house dad had inherited from his parents that was fully paid off, money wasn’t a concern to her, even so I felt a bit like a leech living off my mother like a bum.

“Not a big want ad section.” Mom smiled as she poured her usual cup of hot tea. “Don’t worry honey it’s not like you aren’t trying it’s just a bad economy, besides I appreciate all your help around the house more than you will ever know.”

The house was a huge old Victorian that had seen better days although we had been doing repairs and painting and remodeling for the last two years when ever I was home from school and now pretty much full time.

I laughed, “By the time we finish with this old place I can get a job doing remodels and will have the real world experience to go along with the resume.”

Mom sat across from me at the breakfast table, unnoticed by her the robe she wore had slipped open affording me a nice view of her large and freckled breasts. The gap was so wide that a nipple was on the verge of peeking out; it was all I could do not to stare. I remembered those breasts from the time the thugs had pulled aside her wife beater tee shirt and from them hanging just in front of me while we were tied together. I remembered the soft fullness and the taste of her sweat, the feel of those hard nipples rolling on my tongue…

“Guess I better get started,” I jumped up from the table turning to hide my rapidly growing bulge. “Lots to do today.” I half ran up the stairs to my room and into the bathroom where I spent the next few minutes dealing with my problem and my memories of fucking my mother’s hot bod.

Okay, I have been having some trouble dealing with the memories of that day. Thoughts of my mother naked and tied up, memories of how hot her pussy, ass and mouth felt wrapped around my stiff cock invade my mind almost every time I see her. Mom’s habit of wearing either tight shorts or those leotards she does her yoga in, coupled with the wife beater tee shirts she favors around the house don’t help either. Every time I see her in that tee makes me want to pull the sides in tight, expose those tits and frame them in torn white cotton. I want to pull those tight blue shorts down slowly and expose those round white cheeks, spread that glorious ass and plunge my dick into that tight brown hole. I want to see her tied up, pussy exposed and wet, awaiting my hard shaft to plunge into her heated wetness until I explode and fill her cunt with my steamy spunk.

To put it mildly I got it bad for my mother. I just bahis firmaları want to fuck her silly, fuck her until she screams in orgasm, fuck her until she begs for more and then give it to her…

See what I mean.

Getting dressed in my work clothes I returned to the bedroom on the third floor we were refinishing. Throwing myself into work I sanded and painted and just generally tried to work myself into exhaustion. Some days it even works.

I can usually get her out of my thoughts when she’s working in another part of the house as she was today. I had prepped several rooms and mom was hanging wall paper while I kept busy getting the next room ready.

I had just shut off the floor sander when I heard the crash from downstairs. I figured it was a ladder tipping over and was flying down the stairs before I even realized what I had heard.

“Mom?” I was shouting before I reached the room she was working in, from the door I could see the twelve foot ladder down on it’s side and the thought of her lying there injured or worse leapt into my head.

I could see her hair sticking out from under the tarp, I damn near went sprawling myself leaping over the tools and stuff strewn across the floor. I yanked the tarp away expecting to find her broken and bleeding lying in a puddle of her own blood. What I found instead shocked me to the bone. It was my fantasy’s come to life. She lay there hog tied and helpless, her breasts exposed, her shorts down around her knees, bare ass gleaming in the sunlight from the window.

I admit the sight froze me in place, my mind refusing to process what had happened, how she could be lying there like something right out of my most lucid fantasy.

The gun stuck in my back however brought me right out of my shock.

“Hello lover, miss me?”

It was the hoodlum’s girlfriend, the one whose nose I had broke defending my mother. The one who had threatened to cut off my balls and … “Aren’t you supposed to be in prison?”

“Over crowding, I got a reduced sentence. Still I figure I owe you for the two years and the busted nose.”

It was déjà vu all over again.

The bitch had me strip of my shirt before she tied my wrists together behind my back. She looped and tied my elbows and pulled until they almost touched behind my back. The strain on my shoulder muscles was incredible and the pain continued to build long after she was done with her knots.

She tied me down on my mother’s bed looping a bit of rope around my neck and tying my ankles to the foot of the bed. She brought my mother into the room hopping in small steps making her breasts bounce, her shorts dropping around and getting tangled by her ankles.

Her body was streaked with dust and dirt from her sweaty body being dragged through the construction debris. Her hair was a mess of tangles, full of tiny bits of this and that, she looked a mess; yet despite the mess and our situation my cock began to stir at the sight of her naked and restrained body.

Our captor noticed as she got this ugly little smile on her face as she shoved my mother onto the bed.

“You know I got cheated last time, Slim was in such a hurry to fence the crap we took he made me leave before I could enjoy the show. Now I could have you tell me every intimate little detail, how you shagged your mother riding that Viagra high, how warm and wet her pussy felt wrapped around your big hard cock or I could just hit replay and have you do it all over again.”

Both my mother and I struggled against the ropes that held us to absolutely no avail. The bitch might be a skank but she knew her ropes. We couldn’t move an inch.

Her hands pulled my belt free and unbuckled my pants pulling them down around my knees. She shoved my mothers head down next to my semi ridged cock and yanked the gag from her mouth.

“Now Mrs., I want you to suck your sons cock and get it nice and hard else I’m gonna cut his little dingus off and stuff it up your ass.” My mother glared at the bitch for a few seconds until the bitch popped a switch blade waving it towards my cock. Mom turned her head towards me and slowly sucked my dick into her mouth.

I could feel her tongue working its way around the head of my cock; she used the tip to tickle the ridge of the head then began pulling and sucking, the shaft sliding in and out of her lips.

Regardless of the pain in my shoulders, my cock filled with blood going from semi erect to full raging hard on buried deep in her hot wet suctioning mouth. The bitch was laughing as she wrapped her claws in my mother’s hair and began pushing her head deeper onto my shaft. Soon mom was gagging each time as her head was forced down, my head of my dick pressing against the back of her throat.

I hate to admit it even to myself but the sight of my mother, bound, semi-naked, being forced down on my shaft with drool pouring from her mouth making my cock wet and glistening as her red lips pressed against the skin of kaçak iddaa my pale engorged flesh was making me more engorged than even the Viagra overdose had done.

I wanted so much to be the one guiding her head, my hands being the ones gripped tightly in her hair, my strength forcing her to deep throat my cock. I couldn’t help it, couldn’t stop it, couldn’t even control it, I spewed my spunk deep into her when my cock was pressed against the back of her throat. The nasty bitch held her in place, pressed hard against me until I had shot every drop, jerked every bit of cum into her mouth. I came so hard I screamed and the skank laughed.

Once my mother quit choking we both got gags tied tightly in place and extra ropes to keep us on the bed. The skank left the room closing the door behind her. We both just lay there for a long while recovering from the ordeal, wondering what was coming next. The day moved into late afternoon, the shadows growing longer across the room, the light fading into twilight and still we couldn’t hear a sound from the house. Mom and I struggled against our bonds getting nowhere; if we were going to get free it would have to be with outside help.

We both jumped at the sound of a door slamming somewhere in the house. It was the first sign we’d had in hours that there was anyone nearby. The door to mom’s room opened and in the doorway was the skank dressed in new jeans and a low cut and obviously expensive blouse. She tossed a bunch of packages on the floor and fished a bunch of shiny metal cuffs from her purse/shoulder bag.

Ankle cuffs with a small chain between them went around my ankles and a set of solid hinged cuffs went around my wrists. Next she cut the ropes holding me and blood long denied went racing to nerves that went from numb to screaming agony in seconds.

So much for big brave me, I screamed into my gag like a little girl. Mom’s cuffs went on in the same manner but her ropes hadn’t been pulled so tightly so she wasn’t in screaming agony.

“Up you go, momma slut,” she pulled mom to her feet. Using her blade she cut the rest of mom’s clothes off, but I hardly noticed my shoulders were literally on fire. She pushed mom into the bathroom and I dimly heard the shower start.

She came for me seconds later and helped me to my feet. She brought me into the bath and tossed me in the shower next to my wet and dripping mother. She uncuffed my mother and refastened them in front.

“Wash him,” she ordered “and then yourself. I want you both nice and clean when you’re done.”

She stood back and watched giving short curt orders if she wanted more time spent on washing a particular body part. She was especially concerned that we got our hair washed squeaky clean. Then she tossed a razor into the shower.

“Shave yourselves clean. I don’t want to see a single hair on either of you below the chin.” The shower had long run cold before my mother finished shaving every hair off both our bodies. I had never shaved my crotch before and while I’m not bear hairy, now I was as hairless as a newborn baby, I’m sure my mother had never shaved her pussy before, now it was smooth and bare as a young girls.

Little Miss Slitch recuffed mom behind her back then grabbed her by the back of her hair arching her back. Her other hand slid down her belly and covered her newly shaven cunt. I watched as her middle finger parted my mother’s pussy lips, proceeding to rub and tease her clit. It slowly began to grow erect as the polished nail teased it.

I watched as the finger slipped lower down and curved inside her vagina parting her labia as it disappeared inside. She played with my mother dipping inside then rubbing her clitoris until my mother was a quivering mass in her arms. I could actually see the muscles contract as my mother went into orgasm. Mom gave a deep throat rasping groan as she came and collapsed against our captor.

She allowed mom to slide down to the floor of the shower and rubbed the wetness on her fingers across the top of my lip right under my nose so with every breath I inhaled my mothers scent, the juice of her womanhood, her essence.

It was that and the fingers of my captor warm around my cock as she stroked me to full hardness once again. She bent down and kissed the head of my dick, giving the end a little lick.

“Oh yes my boyo, you keep that big prick nice and hard cause I got lots of places your gonna shove that shaft. And momma’s got lots of nice holes.”

She herded us naked and chained down to the kitchen where she locked mom to one of the solid wood kitchen chairs. She cuffed me in front so I could cook all three of us something to eat while she sat behind mom playing with her body, twisting her nipples or her cunt. She made mom lick her fingers clean of moms own juices. Occasionally she would slap mom’s tits or cheek when ever she thought I might be getting up to no good.

Not that I had a plan, between being distracted by what she was doing to mom kaçak bahis and our situation I don’t think I had two coherent thoughts in a row. I managed to cook a pork chop a piece, scramble some eggs and nuke some tator tots for dinner all while watching and listening to Cece sexually assault my mother.

I finally remembered the skanks name from the article in the paper when the trio was arrested. Slim, Chet and Cece had been caught trying to fence stolen goods to an undercover fence. Slim was a two time loser and this was his third strike. He would be in jail until he was sixty five. Chet made the mistake of fighting capture and was doing twenty to life for injuring a cop. Cece got three to five and was released because hers wasn’t a violent crime, she was just the lookout. The cops didn’t know she was the violent one of the group because my mother never reported the assault just the robbery.

After dinner Cece left us tied to the dinning room chairs and went somewhere else in the house.

I caught my mother’s eye and tried to apologize for not protecting her and for the way I reacted upstairs.

She actually set up straighter thrusting out her breasts and wouldn’t let me take the blame. “It’s not your fault, darling. You couldn’t help yourself, not with her forcing us and me sucking your beautiful cock. No man could!”

“To be honest Mom, I didn’t even try. Once you started I just wanted to fuck you like a man, like your husband.” I couldn’t look her in the face. “Mom I have wanted to make love to you ever since they forced us the first time.”

“Glad to hear that sonny boy,” Cece was back leaning on the doorway to the dinning room. “Cause a whole lot of fucking is just what I have in mind.” She stood there smiling that wicked smile and wearing nothing but a large rubber dildo strapped in front of her pussy.

Cleaned up Cece wasn’t a bad looking woman, a little thin for my tastes, but with a bit larger than average tits and a well rounded ass. She had dark brown hair cut short and tats down both arms and across her back. Both her nipples were pierced with bars running through the nipples, her tongue was pierced with a ball and she had a small diamond piercing in her left nostril. Her blue eyes stared at my mother like she wanted to eat her and maybe she did.

She moved us to the living room where she had been doing some redecorating, the furniture was up against the walls, a small mat was in the center of the floor with eye bolts drilled into the hard wood floor at each corner. I soon found myself spread eagle on my back fastened at each point. She had my mother crawl between my spread legs and proceeded to issue implicit instructions.

Mom was on her hands and knees, legs spread, ordered to lick my balls. Cece squatted over my face pushing her exposed pussy and anus down on my mouth and I was ordered to start licking.

I guess I was a little to tentative at first because I heard a slapping sound and heard my mother cry out.

“You better perform better than that boy, cause what I don’t enjoy I’ll take out on your mother.” I stretched my neck and pressed my tongue into her pussy, licking and tonguing to the best of my abilities. Mom’s attentions to my cock and balls didn’t make it easy to concentrate but I did the best I could. Soon I could see that my efforts were having the desired effect as the bitches pussy was getting wetter and her clitoris was engorged.

She ordered me to tongue her asshole. I hesitated just a moment until I heard another slap land on my mother’s body. I pressed my tongue in, poking and prodding her brown ring until I finally got it wet enough to push in just a bit. It had a slightly sour acid taste but really wasn’t that bad and I could feel Cece getting off on the experience.

Cece’s voice was muffled since I was literally enveloped by her thighs and ass. I guess she ordered Mom to move because I suddenly felt hot wet pussy pressing down on my cock and me sliding into my mother’s womb.

Cece moved off my face. I found myself looking into my mother’s eyes as she fucked my cock, her big breasts rubbing my chest. Moms eyes opened in a big way and her mouth became a big O as Cece began fucking her ass with the dildo.

I could feel the hard rubber pressing against the thin membrane between her ass and her pussy, rubbing along my cock as we both fucked my mom. I watched as mom’s breathing got harder and harder, her head thrown back as the waves of sensation hit her.

Cece’s hands kept grabbing and twisting mom’s tits and each time mom would give out a little “Oh” sound. It wasn’t long before my mother climaxed tightening her pussy around my cock and milking it like a suction pump. I exploded deep in Mom’s pussy shooting wave after wave of cream deep inside her. Mom looked down at me and mouthed the words “I love you.”

Cece played all sorts of sex games that night. She had me fuck her while mom was forced to fuck my ass with the strap on, she had me fuck mom’s ass as Mom was made to eat out her pussy. She even fucked my mother’s pussy with the dildo as I sat on Mom’s chest and fucked her tits, cumming on those beautiful breasts and spraying her face and hair with my seed.

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