Step-son Comes Home Ch. 01

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My husband and I divorced several years ago. However I had helped to raise his children and they often called on me when they were having hard times. So it was no surprise when the phone rang and it was my step-son Dewey. He and his girlfriend were splitting up and he needed someplace to go. His real mother had nothing to do with him and his father was out of the country. I had no problem with him coming and staying with me. It was the house he had grown up in and he would be comfortable here.

I wasn’t used to having people in the house however. I had lived alone for three years and could do what I wanted when I wanted. At 40 I was in excellent shape. My 5’9″ frame was just as thin as ever, my boobs weren’t as perky as they had once been but they still looked good. I loved my body, my boobs were round and firm a little larger than a grapefruit, my flat stomach made them look bigger.

Dewey had been back home for about three weeks now and quite honestly he was home so rarely that I forgot he lived there most of the time. I had gone to bed early, and was watching one of my favorite videos. I had been horny all day and need a little relief before I went to sleep.

As I watched the girl in the video get double teamed, I started playing with my own pussy. Wishing it was me. That was something I had always wanted to happen, but my husband had been a bit of prude in the bedroom. I had always loved the thought of getting double drilled.

I had turned my vibe on low and was slowly working my pussy and I guess I was moaning. I hadn’t realized it though and I was surprised to hear a small gasp.

“Mom what are you doing?”

“What does it look like?”

“Well…it looks like you’re enjoying yourself.”

“Oh, I am. It feels good.”

“I should go, I shouldn’t be watching this.”

“You want to watch though don’t you? That’s why you’re still there.” I don’t know why I said that to him. I should have told him to leave.

“It’s so hot to see you doing that. I’ve thought about it a lot over the years. I mean it’s not like we’re related and I didn’t know if it was really wrong to have these fantasies about you.”

Some might have thought it was but I didn’t. I thought it was sexy that my 25 bahis firmaları year old step-son thought I was hot and thought about having sex with me. How much more flattering of a compliment can you get.

“You want to fuck me?”

“Yeah and so do all my friends. We’ve always talked about how hot you were. It’s not like you didn’t want us to look, the way you dressed.”

“Let me see how much. Take off your clothes.”

Without reservation he removed his clothes and stood before me. His cock was bigger than his fathers; I knew now why all the girls were after him. His cock was 13″ long and had a nice 4 or 5″ girth to it. A woman who could take all of it would have to be proud.

Seeing it, I couldn’t help but lick my lips. It was hard as a rock and begging for attention.

“How many girls have taken all of that monster?”

“None, I’m sure someone will someday.”

“Tell me what you want to do to me.”

“I want to fuck you fast and hard. And all night long.”

Now having been without a man in such a long time what was I to do? The only sex I have had was with myself. And I wanted a cock, I craved it. I didn’t say yes or no, but I kept working my pussy letting him watch. He would steal glances between me and the TV. The moans from both were filling the room.

Once I had cum, I stood and went to my closest. Inside I had a video camera and a tripod. I was going to record this so I could have it to look back on. It didn’t seem to intimidate him instead it excited him. Once the camera was set up, I plugged it into the TV so we could watch the action as it happened.

Taking him by the hand I led him to my king size bed. Our first kiss was a little awkward, but then it changed quickly and before long he was kissing me hard and passionately. Our bodies were rubbing against each other and I was enjoying the feel of his solid body. I lie down on the bed and spread my legs inviting him in. He lay down on top of me with his cock resting between my legs. But I was getting the full treatment; if I was crossing the line I wanted it all.

I gently pushed on his shoulders until his face was between my legs. When his tongue made first contact I thought I would explode. He sucked kaçak iddaa my clit between his teeth and nibbled on it and before long I found myself humping his face. He was relentless. Licking and sucking on my clit, his fingers pounding in and out of my pussy. I was going crazy and we were just beginning.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. I love it.” I moaned. We hadn’t discussed what would ruin the mood for either of us. But I didn’t think that would.

“Mmmmm you like that?” he said against my now soaking wet pussy.

Before I could answer he was working his way lower with his fingers. He had started working a finger into my smallest hole and was working it wider. I hadn’t stopped cumming. It was more than I could take.

When I came back to my senses, I reach over in my bedside table where I had an array of toys. The internet was a wonderful place for anonymity. You could buy anything you wanted and no one knew.

Now it was his turn, I pushed him on to his back and with his eyes closed, he waited. Inside my drawer I had several toys; if he wanted to play I wanted to see how far he would go. Lubing up an anal plug, I moved between his legs and started to suck his cock. Teasing the head, before taking more of him into my mouth.

“Oh Mom that feels so good he moaned.”

I hesitated before starting again. I was waiting for it to feel wrong but it didn’t. So I continued. I started taking more and more of him into my mouth. Taking hold of his legs I push them back and as I moved further down on his cock, I started to insert the plug. He resisted at first, but I persisted. I just kept taking more and more of his cock in my mouth and with each inch that disappeared, he seemed to relax and allow more of the plug. By the time I had his cock almost completely down my throat the plug was all the way in.

“Oh Mom that feels so fucking good.”

“You like what Mom is doing to her boy?”

“Oh yeah. It’s so fucking hot. I want to fuck you so bad.”

I had a few more surprises for him. Reaching the drawer again I pulled out some anal beads and ask him to do the honors. He did so with great excitement. Once they were in I reach inside for one final treat. I had a cock ring. The kaçak bahis anal plug, and the cock ring had vibes in them and I was anxious to see how he would be able to take it. With the cock ring in place, I reached between his legs and turned on the plug. His moan of pleasure filled the room. Then I turned on the cock ring and I think he would have exploded right then and there if it hadn’t been for the ring.

Climbing on top of him I slowly worked my way down on that gorgeous cock.

“Oh Dewey it feels so good.”

“You like my cock, Mom? You like having my big cock in your pussy?”

“Oh yeah it feels so good.”

“I never knew my Mom was such a cock whore.”

I didn’t say a work; I just started working my way down on his enormous cock.

I wanted to have all of him inside of me. When I felt the vibrations of his cock ring getting closer and closer to my clit, I had to do it and taking him almost all the way out of me I plunged back down on him. Taking him all inside of me. The moment the egg on his cock ring make contact with my clit I came and came hard. I stayed still for a couple of seconds, but then I was being rolled over onto my stomach. He was still inside of me, and was pushing me to my knees.

“Oh Mom, it’s time I showed you want a good son can do. That’s what you want isn’t it. You want your only son to fuck you good and hard.”

“Yes son, show your Mommy how it’s done. Fuck me son, fuck me hard.”

My words seemed to spur him on, and before I knew it was pounding his cock in and out of me. He wasn’t talking to me, but he kept saying how hot it was to be fucking his Mom.

He wouldn’t wait to tell his friends what a hot fuck I had been.

“That’s it son fuck me, it feels so good.” I moaned.

“If you like my cock, Mom wait until I get Shawn up here.”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, but I didn’t care, he had started to remove the anal beads and I was again in another state of mindlessness.

“Fuck me son, show Mommy what it’s all about.”

Again my words seemed to turn him on. He pounded me harder and faster and finally I knew he had removed the cock ring as his moan filled the room.

“Here it comes Mommy, I’m filling you with my cum.”

I felt squirt after squirt of his hot liquid fill me. We collapsed on the bed panting.

I didn’t think this would ever happen again. But it didn’t matter if it did. I had the video tape and I would have it forever to look back on.

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