Still Hot! Ch. 05

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Chapter 5 : Carmen & Mom

I sat up in the bed with my mom. She looked at me in surprise, but not shock. We were both expecting this to a degree. Carmen had to know and we were just in denial until that time.

“I’m going to go for a swim.” I told mom, who nodded her head as she laid back in the bed to continue with her sleep.

Realizing that it was now Monday I remembered that mom would be going to work. I called my boss and explained my situation to her. She wanted me to take as much time off as needed. I think part of it was that she wanted me. Her flirting was pretty obvious, but only done when the two of us were alone.

Standing in the kitchen naked I looked out to the pool where I saw Carmen was skinny dipping. The sun was beginning to rise but it was already warm enough to be in the water. I went to the downstairs bathroom and grabbed a towel from the pile. I hurried up to the french doors and opened them. I stood on the deck for a moment admiring Carmen’s beauty from behind without her knowing. I ran across the deck and dropped the towel on it at the last moment as I dove into the pool.

When I surfaced Carmen looked at me in shock. She splashed me in the face and laughed as she turned to try and swim away. I grabbed her leg and pulled her toward me. Our bodies met and we stopped laughing. She felt my cock nestle in the finely trimmed bush of hers between her legs. She adjusted herself and put her arms around my neck. We kissed.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve been with a man.” She stated.

“Why?” I asked as I looked into her eyes.

“Nadine keeps telling me how good sex with women is and I figured it wouldn’t hurt to experiment. I have a girlfriend, actually she’s my roommate. She loves to eat pussy and when she finally tried to seduce me when I was drunk one night, I let her. It was good.” Carmen said.

“So you don’t want this?” I said as I rubbed my cock up between the moist lips of her pussy.

She breathed deeply, shut then opened her eyes.

“I didn’t say that.” She said breathlessly.

“Tell you what. If you want it cum get it.” I said as I swam toward the shallow end of the pool and got out.

I sat at the edge of the pool with my legs in the water. I watched as Carmen swam toward me. She got between my legs and started sucking on my cock with urgency. No words were said as I brushed the wet hair away from her face. Just slurping. She pulled away from my cock and jumped up out of the pool. Her body automatically hovered over mine.

She reached between our legs and grabbed a hold of my cock. Looking into my eyes she thrust it up into her pussy and gasped as she did so. She licked her lips in a full circle as she began rising up and down on my cock. She picked up speed as her pussy loosened enough for her to go faster on my cock. She leaned in and kissed me as she continued riding my cock hard and fast. She sucked on my tongue as my hands reached down and caressed her ass.

My balls were slapping against her loudly as she rose and fell. Her tits bounced up and down. The rising sun reflected off of them allowing me to see how hard the nipples were, as shadows fell across other parts of her body. I leaned down and licked the side of her neck, tasting the saltiness of her sweat. I licked up to her earlobe and sucked on it and teased it with my mouth as I continued thrusting in and out of her. Carmen was a very active participant in our love-making. She rose up to meet each of my thrusts.

“Oh fuck me baby! Give it to me good!” Carmen screamed out.

I tried to do all that she asked and more. I kept glancing toward the house in case if our mother would look out, but did not see her. A part of me felt disappointed because I did not want this to be a secret. Carmen might know about mom and me and mom might know what happened between me and Carmen last night, but Nadine would not know any of this, so I felt there was already enough secrets in the family.

I felt Carmen’s pussy actively squeezing my cock and releasing on my in and out thrusts. She sure knew her body very well. My fingers pinched her nipples as she bit down on her lower lip.

“Fuck me! Oh Mike! Give it to me good, baby!” Carmen shouted out.

I looked toward the house again as I continued fucking her at a fevered pitch. I saw mom standing at the french doors watching us fucking. Her hand was on her stomach and her mouth gave away her surprise. She looked ready for work. I noticed then that the sun had already come out revealing that we had been at this longer than I thought. My mom reached down and touched her pussy through her work skirt. She rubbed it a little and looked very turned on. She looked back up at me and smiled. She blew me a kiss.

“Oh I’m cumming baby! Cum for me! Cum inside me! I want to feel it, oh yeah.” Carmen moaned and whimpered as her orgasm took her over the edge.

“Fuck! I’m cumming!” I shouted out as I filled my sexy sister’s pussy with my hot cum.

Mom watched and gave a thumbs up. She blew me a kiss and turned on her bahis firmaları heels and headed to the garage so she could get to work. I laid there on top of my sister for what seemed like an eternity, but in reality was only a minute or two. I got up off of her and saw a few drops of my cum dribble off my cock and land on her stomach. Her pussy was overflowing with my cum and it dripped down her pussy to her ass and fell to the deck below her. I offered her my hand and she grabbed it and we both pulled her up.

“Damn, if I knew you were that good of a fuck I would have done you a long time ago!” Carmen said mixing a compliment with what she really meant.

“Same here.” I said smiling.

She smiled back at me. I grabbed my towel as she grabbed hers. We both walked to the house without using the towels. No neighbors were close enough to possibly see or hear anything. The woods between the houses would have absorbed any of the sounds of our morning fuck.

“I think Nadine might be arriving tonight.” I mentioned to her.

“Oh, does that mean we have to be more discreet or do we just join mom in her room?” Carmen asked wickedly.

“Very funny.” I replied.

“Really, how did it start with you and mom? You can’t deny it anymore. I saw her riding you this morning. She looked like it was the fuck of her life.” Carmen said.

I shut the french doors behind us and locked them, force of habit.

“I don’t know really. It just kind of happened. We were flirting and then it went a little too far and next thing you know we were doing it.” I said.

“Kind of like us, huh?” She asked.

“Yeah, kind of like that.” I answered.

“Maybe if you seduce Nadine you could get all the women in the family. Mike’s little harem.” She said laughing as she whipped the towel on my ass.

“Now you went too far!” I said and chased her.

She ran into the dining room but I caught her at the table. She was bent over and my cock had grown erect again. Without hesitating I thrust inside her. I picked her up and put her on the table face first and left her legs spread wide for my invasion.

“Oh yeah! This is so fucking hot! “Big brother” fucking me on the table. Am I a bad girl, Mike? Do you want to spank me? I think you should. Spank my bad ass!” Carmen said seriously.

A part of me wanted to laugh but a bigger part of me, namely the part thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy, was more turned on by her words. I started smacking her ass and she whimpered with each contact of my hand. I felt her pussy become wetter with each slap letting me know she wasn’t just saying those things, she really wanted this. Her body shook against the solid oak table and her big tits were flattened against it. I became as turned on by slapping her perfectly round as as she was.

“Fuck me baby! Fuck my ass!” Carmen said as tears were coming from her eyes from the strength of my thrusts.

I never knew my sister was into pain sexually. In a way it turned me on because even though she was the wild one, she was also very feminine like mom and Nadine were. I took my cock out of her pussy and she looked back over her shoulder.

“Do it! Come on baby!” She urged me on.

I put my cock to her ass hole and thrust in hard. I grunted and she screamed in pain. I didn’t want to give her a chance to back out so I fucked her ass hard and fast. I knew I wouldn’t last long as I saw her hand come down and rub her pussy hard. She spread the lips and put three fingers in and plunged them deep.

This time I was the first to come with grunts and moans. I shot my first three sprays of cum deep into her ass and pulled out and shot the rest on her ass cheeks and back.

“Oh my God!” Carmen shouted out as her body convulsed.

She reached back and rubbed my cum into her ass. She wiped what she could reach from her back and made a point of being obvious when she lapped the cum off of her hand. She scooted down from the table and sucked my cock dry. I just realized how nasty my sister really was seeing her suck my cock that was just in her pussy then in her ass,

We went upstairs and took a shower together. She made a point of washing me and playing with my cock which was soft. She sucked me even though I had trouble getting an erection after all of my recent sexual activities with her and mom. Despite myself I grew hard in her mouth and was surprised to know that I could cum yet again as she swallowed my load. I washed her body, doing away with a washcloth and just using the bar of soap. I was reminded that this was the first time I had been in a shower with her since our early childhood.

Washing her body was a more intimate act then just fucking. I felt every part of her. Her nipples remained hard throughout the shower and she closed her eyes and leaned against me or the wall much of the time. She gave up total control to me, which was unusual for my sister since she loved to be in control. even with her men.

We went to her room afterward and laid on her bed. She napped while kaçak iddaa I watched her.

10:25 AM

I drifted off sometime while watching Carmen nap. She looked so peaceful and innocent. Even though I knew her better than to go by her appearances, I loved her every bit as much as I loved mom, or Nadine for that matter. I always felt protective of all three of them and loved all three with all my heart.

The phone woke me and I had to gain my bearings before answering.

“Hello?” I asked sleepy.

“Mike?! I was just calling to let you know my flight had been delayed. Apparently there was some problem with a passenger and they had to land. The next four flights are sold-out so they have to put me on a late flight home. I won’t make it until tomorrow. They said I could get free transfers for the trouble they caused me, but you know how I hate flying. I guess I won’t be home until late at night or early in the morning.” Nadine said.

I sat up listening to her. Nadine was usually quiet and shy, but she seemed talkative for once. I wondered if there was any truth to what Carmen said about Nadine having a crush on me.

“Sorry to hear that Nadine. Will you need someone to pick you up when you arrive?” I asked her concerned about her late night arrival.

“No. One of my friends from college lives in mom’s area so she is willing to drive me home. Mike……….I’m sorry about Marissa. I know you must be hurting. If it makes you feel any better I think you deserve better than her.” Nadine said.

I was genuinely touched by her comments. I know how shy Nadine is and how hard it is for her to open up, even to her own family.

“Thanks, baby. I guess I’ll see you when you get in tomorrow morning.” I said.

“Ok. Mike?” Nadine said.

“Yes?” I responded.

“I love you.” She said and listened for my response.

I felt my heart twitch some at her surprising comment.

“I love you too, babe.” I said and hung up the phone.

I laid there and put my arms behind my head looking up at the ceiling. I then watched as my sister tossed and turned in bed next to me. I put my hand on her bare back to comfort her in her sleep. Apparently she was having a nightmare.

After she woke up we got dressed and played board games for awhile. It was fun playing with my cunning sister. She played Monopoly better than anyone I knew. We talked about various things and laughed throughout our game. Not trusting her word I took to reading the rule book on more than one occasion.

“So it’s finally over with you and Marissa?” She asked.

“Yeah, the divorce is a done deal. I knew she would fight me on it if I didn’t let her have the house and frankly it was more hers than mine anyway. If I ever do get another home besides this I want more of a say in things. I settled for what she wanted too much and put aside my own desires.” I said.

“Well it is good you are rid of her. What about Tony though? I know you two were close since elementary school.” Carmen said.

“Another mistake of mine. I could do better in the friend department as well.” I said while collecting $200 in the game.

“At least you have a loving mom and sister who will support you.” Carmen said and flashed her tongue at me as I landed on her property and had to pay up the $200 I collected.

“Yeah and the great thing about my mom and sister is they are amazingly beautiful and wonderful lovers.” I said as Carmen glanced up at me before rolling the dice.

“Speaking of lovers, I want to see you and mom go at it again, I only caught a minute of your action this morning. I want to see more.” She said.

“Take it up with mom. I can’t speak for her, but I won’t mind if you watch. Only if you earn it.” I said.

“Earn it? How?” She asked as her eyebrows arched,

“Hmmm. I don’t know. Maybe if I saw you eat mom out it would get me in the mood to fulfill your fantasy of seeing me and mom go at it again.” I said.

“Eat mom out? You think she would go for it?” Carmen asked curiously.

“I was mostly kidding, but you would go through with it?” I asked.

“Sure! Mom is sexy. She is still very hot. I’d do her. Only if you do her after me.” Carmen said giggling.

“Well, I think the best approach would be to seduce her. If we give her a chance to back out she might not have the nerve to go through with it.” I said.

We continued playing the game as we plotted out what to do when mom got home from work.

5:38 PM

I hear the garage door open and shut as I look over at Carmen. She is wearing a miniskirt so short it left nothing to the imagination, especially considering she wore no panties. Her shirt was wet which shower her nipples prominently. It was all a part of the plan. Mom walked in and dropped her purse on the kitchen counter while checking the messages on the answering machine.

Mom smiled at me and I returned the smile.

“Where’s Carmen?” She whispered.

“Upstairs taking a nap.” I whispered back to her.

She walked toward kaçak bahis me seductively. Any man would have fallen on his knees seeing this beautiful woman, this lady in every aspect of the word, walk like this toward them. She kissed me on the lips.

“I have been so horny all day after seeing you and Carmen fucking. I had to take my panties off at lunch because they were soaked.” She said.

I laughed but she gave me a serious look and glanced back at her purse. I followed her eyes and saw a pair of lacy white panties sticking out of her purse,

“I want you! I don’t care if Carmen catches us. She already knows and it isn’t like you two haven’t done the deed as well. Tell me, how was she?” Mom asked.

“Good.” I answered as I saw Carmen sneaking out of the downstairs half bathroom where she hid when mom came in the garage,

“Just good? Is she as good as me?” Mom asked.

“Yeah. I’d say you two are about even.” I said as I saw Carmen had paused in her tip-toeing to listen to the answer.

I saw Carmen and mom smiling in response to my answer. Mom kissed me on the lips again and rubbed her body up to mine. Carmen got behind her and put her hands over mom’s eyes.

“Surprise! Guess who and you will win something.” Carmen said.

“Ummmm. I don’t know who it could be. Carmen?” Mom said playing along, knowing full well who it was.

“Yep!” Carmen said releasing her hand from mom’s eyes as mom turned to her and they both laughed.

“So, what do I win? A vacation? A trip to the spa?.” Mom asked half kidding half serious.

“Nope. You win this.” Carmen said dropping to her knees in front of mom.

Carmen quickly lifted mom’s work skirt and began eating the already wet pussy. Mom moaned and looked down at her in surprise. Her knees became weak and she leaned back into me for support. My cock became hard through my jeans and I pressed it back into her ass. Carmen devoured mom’s pussy with relish. She lapped on it loudly and thrust her tongue in and out while playing with mom’s lit. We had to lay mom down on the kitchen floor because she lost all strength in her legs to support herself.

“Oh my God! Carmen baby!” Mom shouted with wonder and excitement.

From mom’s reaction I could tell this was the first time a woman did this to her. She obviously never had a woman before. Mom was too straight to do that. Yet, she didn’t seem to mind Carmen doing this and soon got into the rhythm of her oldest daughter eating her pussy. I took out my cock and put it in mom’s mouth. She sucked on it greedily. Just as Carmen was eating her alive. I thrust in and out of mom’s mouth slowly. The urgency was gone after all my recent sexual activities with mom and Carmen.

Mom still moaned around my cock and let it fall from her mouth on occasion as Carmen expertly ate her out.

“Oh Carmen!” Mom shouted which caused my cock to twitch in mom’s mouth.

There is nothing as sexy as seeing your hot MILF of a mom and stunning sister get it on while your mom sucks you off. Trust me. It took all my willpower not to fill my mom’s mouth with cum just then.

“Oh. This is just so…………………..oh……………Carmen!” Mom shouted at a loss for words as Carmen picked up the pace eating mom out.

I picked up pace thrusting in and out of mom’s mouth trying to match my sister’s timing. As she retreated from mom’s pussy I thrust and vice versa. Mom let my cock fall from her mouth and lay on her face as her moans increased. She didn’t resume sucking me which told me she was approaching her orgasm.

She pulled her blouse open and pushed her bra up and played with her tits and nipples as Carmen spread her legs wider. Mom’s whimpers turned into loud moans.

“Fuck, I’m cumming Carmen!” Mom shouted.

Carmen looked up at mom’s face but still continued licking, sucking, fingering and playing with mom’s pussy. I saw clear pussy juice come out of mom and spray Carmen in the face and mouth, it dripped down Carmen’s chin back onto mom’s pussy. This was too much for me. I was jerking off and shot my cum all over mom’s face and exposed tits. I took my cock and rubbed the cum in her face and tits. I ended up laying down next to mom and Carmen laid in between mom’s spread legs, resting her head on mom’s pussy, as my exposed cock rested on mom’s face.

“That is so fucking sexy, mom!” Carmen said.

“Thank you sweetie, what were you referring to?” Mom asked as she was out of it mentally.

“Just tasting you. You taste so good. Seeing you cum. I never saw a woman squirt before. To have you do it in my face and mouth is just so…………Oh God it was great!” Carmen exclaimed.

Mom didn’t respond but held Carmen by the back of her head as she laid her head down over mom’s pussy. Mom turned her head sideways and kissed me some. It was weird tasting my own cum.

“Mom, Carmen wants to see us fuck.” I said.

“We can’t. Nadine could be here any minute. In fact, we shouldn’t be doing this knowing she could be here at any time.” Mom said wishfully.

“Not a problem. Nadine called and said her flight has been delayed. They had some kind of passenger problem so she was re-booked for a late flight tonight. She won’t be in until the morning. Her friend is driving her here from the airport.” I said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32