Stockroom Satisfaction

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I hear the door close and the lock click. I don’t turn round, it must be you, no one else knows that I’m alone at the store today. We’ve talked about this a few times but you’ve never acted on the idea before. My stomach flips in anticipation sending pulses of pleasure down between my thighs.

In four long strides, you are behind me, I try to take a deep breath but inhale the familiar woody smell of your favourite cologne instead. The recognition has barely registered in my mind before you grab my shoulders and pull me roughly through the nearby stockroom door, kicking it shut behind you.

You don’t bother switching on the light and although the high grimy window prevents it being completely dark, I blink a few times trying to adjust to my dim surroundings. Without uttering a word you spin me and press me against the closed door, keeping me in place with the weight of your own body and forcing my legs apart with one knee. I try to struggle and push back but you grip both my wrists and pin them to my back, effortlessly holding them there with one hand.

I know you’re yenimahalle escort hard already, I can feel your cock straining against me as you lean in and wrap your other hand tightly into my hair. Jerking my head back you sink your teeth into my neck making me whimper,

“Quiet slut” you hiss into my ear. You know this won’t be an easy instruction for me to follow, and you give my neck one more bite to test my compliance before releasing my hair.

Your hand snakes around my waist and the cool air hits my skin as you swiftly unfasten my jeans, tugging them down my thighs and taking my underwear with them. I manage to stifle a cry but instinctively attempt to twist away from you as you spank me three times across both cheeks of my butt.

“Don’t move” you command “I won’t tell you again” I immediately still, doing my best to ignore the stinging heat now prickling my skin.

My breath catches at the sound of you spitting on your fingers and I fight the need to squirm against you as your hand reaches between my legs. You firmly circle eryaman escort my clit, mixing your saliva with my own wetness before sinking two fingers into me, making me gasp as I desperately try to contain the moans that are rising in my throat.

In one swift move you drag me across the dingy space and bend me over a grubby table in the corner, the cold surface making my sensitive nipples pucker under the light fabric of my uniform t-shirt. You position yourself between my legs, one hand pressed between my shoulder blades, ensuring I can’t move. Your free hand briefly fumbles with your belt and fly and then a low grunt escapes your lips as you roughly push yourself into me.

I can’t help but groan at the sudden feeling of fullness, each deep thrust stretching me and making me throb.

“You’re enjoying this aren’t you slut” your panted words a statement not a question “But I told you to be quiet” you add through gritted teeth as you yank my head back and clamp your free hand over my mouth. Catching my own scent on your fingers, my muscles ankara escort tighten around your swollen shaft, bringing me to the edge of orgasm.

You increase the speed and intensity of your thrusts, pumping into me a few more times before growling your release, my own climax quickly follows and I bite down hard on my lip in an attempt to stay silent.

Still buried inside me, your body slumps over mine, our erratic breathing echoing around us.

Recovered slightly you step back, pulling out of me and adjusting your clothes, watching as your warm juice begins to trail down my thighs. I start to straighten but jump at the sound of your voice.

“Did I say you could move?”

I know you’re not expecting an answer so I lower myself back onto the table top in response.

Your eyes still on me, you slowly glide your middle finger up my inner thigh collecting some of your cum and making me shiver.

Holding it to my mouth, you chuckle as I wrap my lips around it, sucking greedily, not wanting to lose a drop.

You indulge me for a moment then move your hand, stroking the hair away from my dirt streaked face,

“Good girl” you soothe. Feeling me relax beneath your approving words and gentle touches, you quietly disappear through the back door, leaving me to recover my thoughts and hastily tidy myself before resuming my busy work day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32