Strip Search Pt. 03

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Alice March

Kim’s phone beeped, indicating she had a text message. It was from Rachael at the chic shop.

“Just wanted to let you know the events were recorded. I sent you a little clip. Feel free to watch it with your son if you want. I know how close you two are.

Anyway, I’ve decided to make you and young Ryan my interns. It’s a non paying job, but unless you want the full length version of this clip to go viral, really, what choice do you have? Come to the shop after it closes on Saturday and bring Ryan with you. Ta ta.” And then she laughed.

Kim watched the clip. It was clear it was her and Ryan and what they were doing was obvious. It was Tuesday already, so she needed to do something fast. She got an idea and started making phone calls.

Kim and Ryan got to the shop an hour before it closed on Saturday.

“What are you doing here now?” Rachael demanded. “I said after we close. I have an important meeting with my attorney.”

“Oh you did say that. I’ll just look around. Maybe do some more shopping,” Kim said.

Just then the bell went off and Dan Shapiro walked in.

“Hi Rachel. Hello güvenilir bahis ladies,” he said to Brandi and Nancy. “And you must be Kim.” He shook Kim’s hand.

“Wait. You two know each other? What’s going on?” Rachael asked confused.

“Remember when I told you someone was interested in buying the shop? Meet the new owner.”

“No. No way.”

“I’m afraid so, you husband already signed. And as you know, it only takes one of you to sign,” Dan said.

After Kim signed the papers Dan had brought, she had him read an amendment she added.

“It says that you, Nancy and Brandi will be interns here at the shop for no less than one year, but no more than three years from today’s date.”

Kim pointed out something on the paper.

“Oh, unpaid interns,” Dan corrected.

When Rachael verified that this was true, she didn’t know who to kill first, her husband or her attorney.

“Brandi, go lock the door please, we’re closing early, then join us in the office. Dan, you’re about to get that bonus I told you about.”

Once everyone was in the back, Kim said, “Rachael, pull out your tits türkçe bahis and let Dan see then.”

“What?” Cried Rachael.

“What?” Asked a shocked Dan.

After some arguing Kim said, “You’re my intern and you’ll do as I say. Really what choice do you have?”

When Rachael’s top was off, Kim encouraged Dan to touch, pinch and even suck on Rachael’s breasts. He did and soon it became obvious that he was enjoying it. Then she made Brandi and Nancy take turns sucking his cock until he was ready to come. Then she reached out and jerked him until he exploded all over Rachael’s boobs. Then, while he was getting dressed, he watched Nancy and Brandi lick his come off Rachael’s big boobs.

Ryan then took a very happy Dan to the front and let him out. After relocking the door, he came back to the office.

When he walked in the office he found his mom spanking the other three women, who were all nude, including his mom. He soon was naked also and they took turns spanking the three women, though not too hard.

He licked and fingered them all to orgasm while they were still bent over the desk. Then he had güvenilir bahis siteleri them take turns sucking his cock while he played with their breasts. His mom was looking for something, but he wasn’t sure what, until she gave an excited little yelp.

“I knew it!” She said, holding up a vibrator.

Kim and Ryan then played a twisted game with the women. Ryan would fuck them in the ass, while Kim used the vibrator on their pussy’s, then, just before they came, they’d stop and move to another girl.

Finally all three women were begging to come and when they let them, all three had a huge orgasm.

Then Ryan fucked his mom in the ass, while Nancy and Brandi sucked her tits and Rachael used the vibrator on her cunt. She too had a massive orgasm while Ryan filled her ass with his come. Then, as Ryan got dressed, he watched the three women lick his come from his mother’s asshole.

Then the three women left.

“What do you think about adding a plus size section. Maybe even wedding dresses too?” Kim asked her son.

He was getting hard just thinking about it.

“I guess you like it,” she said. He nodded.

He got on the floor and she got on top facing him. Soon his finger found her asshole and they came together.

On the way home they both had the same thought. It was going to be a fun one to three years.

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