Summer of Freedom Ch. 3

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The day finally arrived. The long awaited trip to Pittsburgh and my cousin JoBeth’s wedding. Mom got me up at 6:30 so we could have breakfast with Dad before he left for work. It was the last time we would see him for a week.

I decided to wait till after breakfast to take my shower so after brushing my teeth I threw on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt and headed out to the kitchen. Dad was already sitting at the table and Mom was at the stove fixing some eggs and bacon. I took a seat next to Dad at the table and we began our usual nonsensical banter. Sometimes I thought that I was probably born down the street to another family and they had given me to my parents to raise me. There was no connection between us. Almost like we were from different planets.

Dad was lecturing me about staying out of trouble while at my cousins and reminding me of the last trip where me and my “bad” cousin Joe got in trouble for smoking. If I weren’t sure he would kick my ass I would have smacked him!

Mom came over to the table and I noticed that she was still wearing her robe. It was a grey flowered robe that came to just below the knee. Sine my favorite pastime of late was sneaking looks at Mom I snuck a peek as she bent slightly to set the food on the table. Nothing! I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her tiny titties as she leaned down. She had the robe tied tights around her waist. She did have a sexy chest though! I loved how the exposed area above the “V” of her robe looked. She had extra nice skin or something. It was very taunt being that she was so small and thin. It looked so soft! I especially loved how her collarbone looked, and the texture of her skin going up her neck. I often imagined kissing her there. When I was really feeling horny and nasty I imagined jerking off and shooting my jizz right there on her neck. That thought had brought me to orgasm on more than one occasion!

For being in her late forties she sure did look good. Her stomach was still flat and her waist was tiny. She had these wide hips that made me horny every time I noticed her in something tight fitting. As she walked back to the counter I watched and noticed how the robe fitted her extra tight in the “back.”

Are you listening to me? He grumbles more than spoke. He admonished me to take good care of mom and again to stay out of trouble as he got up and headed to work. I watched out of the corner of my eye as he only gave Mom a half-assed kiss on the cheek and went out the door. I was actually glad to see him go.

Mom turned back to the stove to get the rest of the bacon and as she returned to the table my eyes almost fell out of my head! For some reason she no longer had her robe tied. It was wide open and all that she had on underneath was a sheer, knee high nightgown that was fairly transparent. My eyes bulged, my mouth fell open, I quickly looked her up and down and then I looked up into her eyes. She was looking right at me. Embarrassed, I averted my eyes down to my plate of food.

I noticed when I looked at her that she did not seem to mind that I had just been looking her body up and down. She sat next to me at the table and chatted casually as if unaware that her son was just lusting after her. I should probably explain. Other than an occasional accidental glance of stocking clad thigh, or maybe bra and panties once when I was a little kid, I had never seen my mother in anything revealing. As I said before, she was VERY conservative. She always wore librarian clothes to work. Not that those cloths are not sexy looking! To this day I get the hots for any woman who wears her blouse buttoned up to her neck and her skirt just below the knee. There is something just so hot about that.

In the next moment I realized that I was about to have the best summer of my life. As we sat together at the table I could not help myself from looking her over. She sat there chatting away as though everything that was happening had happened a thousand times before. The more she chatted away, the more I looked.

We had one of those “modern” kitchen sets and man was I glad. The tabletop was made of glass. I could see her from head to toe. Within a minute of stealing bahis firmaları looks at her I was hard as a rock. Unfortunately for the moment I had only thrown on shorts and not underwear, so my cock was tenting out in a big way. I had to pull my tee shirt down to try to cover up – as best as I could.

Mom was sitting there with her robe wide open. Her body was hot. Most guys my age liked girls with big boobs but I was far more attracted to girls on the “smaller” side. (I wonder now how much my sexual urges towards mom had to do with that). She was sitting with her legs crossed and her nightie was about four inches above her knee. But that didn’t matter. The material was thin and it just clung to her. I could see her body perfectly under the material. She started to “bob” her leg up and down as she talked about the trip and I almost came right there, just from looking!

And her tits! I could see them perfectly through the material of her nightie. If I wasn’t so hard I would have bolted for my room because on my own there was just no way that I could stop from looking. She was superb. Although I had always know she was practically flat-chested, what I did not know was that her nipples were huge. And right now they were hard as rocks. The nipple itself stuck straight out over an inch! Better than that was the area around the nipple. It was puffed. It looked like her small tits were mostly nipples!

Although my Mom was blessed with fantastic legs, her best feature as I saw it right at the moment was her sweet breasts. Milk. Huh? Milk, I said “will you get me another glass of milk”. Everything went dark. I was instantly panicked. There was no way I could get up from the table without her seeing my raging hard on. I was in a jam and I couldn’t think of what to say. Just then she crossed her legs the other way. Her nightie rode up a few more inches and I got even harder than I already was, if that were possible.

I was trapped. I decided to play it cool and try to walk sideways to the refrigerator and back. Of course it didn’t work very well. When I got back to the table with the milk I came to her side and as she was reaching for the milk I heard her say “oh my”! I had been looking away, as though that would hide me better, but it apparently had not worked. She touched my hand and said, “it looks like you’re having a bit of a difficulty there.” As I looked at her I followed her gaze down to my fully extended cock that had my shorts bulging out like there were two cocks in there. I started to stammer and stutter and got all nervous and she touched my hand again. As she sort of giggled she told me to sit down.

I took my place at the table and sort of looked at her out of the corner of my eye. She had uncrossed her legs and turned her chair to face me. Now her hot legs and the cause of my hard cock were out from under the table and in total plain view. I was doomed. She asked me what was going on to get me so aroused. I muttered the cry of the trapped “I dun know.” As she began explaining to me that I shouldn’t be so embarrassed she reached out and touched my arm as if to comfort me. What she didn’t realize was that as she leaned slightly forward I could see just a little down the top of her nightie and could even see part of her nipple. There was no hope for me now.

She told me that she was my mom and that she understood the urges of a teenage boy. She said I was lucky because some moms are uptight about sexuality but she understood perfectly. She said that she actually wanted to thank me for the other day in the laundry room because I had reminded her of something that she had long forgotten. I asked her what she meant but she just said that when I was a bit older I would understand.

As hard as I tried I could not help but steal peeks at her. Here she was trying to comfort me and I felt like a total pervert for trying to steal a look down the top of her nightie. And her legs, I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. “What is it that has you so aroused during breakfast”? She asked. “It’s O.K., you can tell me. It’s just the two of us here”. “No one will know’.

As I was trying to stammer out some sort of answer, but really just kaçak iddaa mumbling … she caught me eyes on her legs. She looked down at her own legs and then again into my eyes and I immediately turned bright red. “Are you looking at my body”? She asked. The red went to crimson. … I was caught. I thought all hell was going to break loose but instead she smiled and sort of laughed and then asked me “Is looking at your old Moms body making you hard like that? Oh God. If it were possible to disappear I would have done so right on the spot.

I looked down (but still couldn’t help stealing one more sideways glance at her legs. Her nightie was now mid thigh and her legs looked perfect. I loved to see them when she had them crossed but right now as she sat there with her legs slightly parted at the knee she looked better than I had ever seen her before.)

She squeezed my arm and asked the question again but went right on talking without waiting for my answer. “Of course if you are aroused by me that’s O.K”. “I am a woman and you are a healthy young man, and of course we do love each other but you have had girlfriends, and, … and, … all the girls at school are so young and pretty … I am sure you would rather look at them than at me”. I sat there in silence and with my hands in my lap. I was trying to hide my cock from her view but in truth I was getting even harder from the friction of having my hands touch my cock through the thin material of my shorts. By this point I was so turned on that it seemed to be alive and it was throbbing and pushing back against the side of my hand.

She looked me in the eye and asked a third time. “Are you excited like that from looking at me”? I knew I had to answer her. “But Mom, I said, you are just as pretty as any of the girls in my school.” She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. Like she was trying to figure something out. She looked at me and then she looked down at her own legs. I followed her gaze and it seemed like I was drinking in the sexuality of her skin. She looked back up and then she smiled. Then she looked at my lap and realized that I was trying to cover myself. She smiled again and then reached out and took hold of me hand. “There is no need to go to all of that trouble”. “Especially after what happened down in the laundry room the other day.” “It’s not like I haven’t seen it before”.

As she spoke she pulled my hands back so that my erection was in full view, straining against the fabric of my shorts. “Oh, dear, you are certainly going to make some young thing very happy with that!” she said as she allowed her eyes to freely take in the bulge in my shorts. “Actually, I am quite honored that you would look at me that way”. “I thought the time had passed long a long time ago when a handsome young man like you would be interested in looking at my body”. “The girls these days are so pretty, and they walk around half naked all of the time.” “Did I really make you get that hard”?

Hearing her say those words to me felt like having sex! I was so turned on I almost just started jerking myself off right then and there. Mom, you’re very pretty. I didn’t mean to … I tried not to look … but …. It was obvious to both of us that I was no wordsmith. As I tried to explain I noticed that she had crossed her legs again and in so doing she let her nightie ride up another inch or so up her thigh. I was looking and imagining touching her there and I guess I got lost in my thoughts because I didn’t hear her say my name until she repeated it the second time.

“Michael, what part of my body do you like to look at? Do you like looking at my legs? All I could answer was “I don’t know”… I felt pretty ackward and I was acting pretty lame. Mom stood up and took her robe completely off. For the first time I was realized that her nightie was see through enough that I could see her panties. As she turned to throw her robe over the other kitchen chair the light from the window behind her made it possible for me to completely see her tits. I reached down and gave my cock a squeeze. I couldn’t help it.

Mom sat back down and leaning back in the chair, she stretched her legs out towards me and crossed her feet kaçak bahis at the ankles. “You must know if you like to look at them or not” she said as she raised the hem of the nightie till it rested at her panty line. “Well” “Do you or don’t you? She asked.” I just stared at her legs. This was the first time that I had ever seen her thighs completely exposed. My eyes wandered from her knees to the top of her thighs, and back, over and over again. Every once in a while I would look up at her breasts but mostly I just sat there staring at her firm, milky white thighs. God she was so hot! I think I was occasionally giving myself a squeeze but I am not sure.

“Honey”, she began, If you enjoy looking at me I do not have a problem with that as long as it stays personal, you know – between you and me only. Do you understand? I nodded my approval. I am really quite flattered that you would think I am pretty, and I am your mother after all. I suppose it is better that you are looking at me if you want to, than some dirty magazine … or worse. I really don’t mind. I enjoyed seeing you in the laundry room the other day as well. Do you do that very often? She asked. “What”? I couldn’t talk freely. Christ, at this point I could hardly breath!

Stroke yourself. You know … make yourself cum. How often do you do that? I answered the only three words that I still remembered. I – don’t – know. “Well” she started. Do you do it every day? I looked up into her eyes and nodded yes, then let my eyes slowly move back down her body. I lingered on her breasts, and then looked down at her thighs. It seemed as though my eyes were actually making contact with her skin! I rubbed my cock a few times right out in the open. I didn’t even try to hide the fact at this point.

Well sweetheart I just might let myself wear more comfortable things around the house when your Father is not at home if that is what you want? As she spoke, she uncrossed her ankles and keeping one leg straight she bent the other at the knee and planted her foot firmly on the floor. This gave me a clear view all the way up her legs, and I saw her panties for the first time. She lifted the nightie up in the air fully exposing her panties for a second as she let it settle down about mid-thigh. Do you want me to? She asked again.

Oh yes Mom.! I think that would be great. I think you are very pretty and sexy and I would love to look at you every chance I get. As I spoke I was looking from her tits to her face and then to her legs, and I was openly stroking my cock. All pretense was lost.

O.K. then it’s settled. As long as this stay’s between us, and as long as you promise to let me know if you are ever uncomfortable with anything than I guess it would be O.K. for me to be just a little less modest around the house when we’re home alone. As for you, I want you to feel comfortable being nude around me if that is what you want to do. A woman my age doesn’t get much chance to enjoy a strong young body like yours very often. If you wan to be around the house nude, or if you get the urge to release the pressure down there, I don’t want you to fell as though you have to go and hide yourself away to do it. Besides it is a very natural and beautiful thing. Agreed? Mom? I asked.

“Yes Sweetheart” was her answer as she reached out and touched my arm. Would it be all right if I released the pressure right now? She smiled and sort of giggled, and said “I think you better wait till later.” We need to get packed and on the road. Besides, since your uncle Paul and Aunt Peggy are staying at Joanne’s with their kids I told her to get a motel room for us for the week. I’m sure that it would be pretty hard to avoid seeing each other in such closed quarters for a whole week”. She pointed to my cock and said “why don’t you take care of that while in the shower while I clean up here and we’ll get on the road?

I headed into the bathroom and was grateful that I had agreed to take the trip with Mom. I was glad that she didn’t get mad at me because I wanted everything to be nice for mom!

Next: The Trip begins!

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