Summer Surprise Pt. 13

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Chloe and Matt reveal Dianne’s submission to the rest of his family, offering the slaves services to anyone who wants them, including Roz to René, the chef. They all partake of slave services. Rosilyn is made to ask for permission to cum in the restaurant where Elaine and Georgina work. This chapter contains oral, anal, lesbian and public sex, public humiliation and multiple partner sex. There is no COVID-19 or STD’s in this fantasy world. My thanks to JohnnyGalt for his editorial expertise, for catching mistakes I don’t.

Pt 13 – Madison

Chloe stood behind Dianne and ran her hands up and down her body. “When your brother was in town, Ethel, Dianne became enamored of Evelyn’s submission. She thought she might like to try it for a few hours. Several weeks ago, I set something up for her for a Sunday. As it turned out, Dianne enjoyed it so much, she decided to become my permanent slave as Evelyn is to William. This collar is locked on her neck and I’ve thrown away the key. The only way it can be removed now is to cut the lock off. As you can see from her naked display, Dianne has both a tattoo and vaginal piercings. The Chinese characters on her Mons Venus stand for ‘my pleasure slave’ with my initials. The jewelry also says she belongs to me.”

“Oh, Matt,” Georgina said, her hand over her mouth.

“It’s okay, Mom. I agreed to this. Let her finish.”

“Matt and Dianne are not breaking up. Dianne has surrendered some of her sexuality to me, but I can’t restrict Matt’s access to her. She’s not going to follow me around the country when I graduate. We still anticipate Matt and Dianne will get married. I’m not taking her away from Matt and in some aspects, he gets something out of this as well. Dianne can never refuse him sex again for any reason.

“In fact, Matt tested that on the drive down. Dianne fucked him in the back seat on the freeway. As my slave slut, Dianne will remain naked in your house all the time. She cannot have sex with any other men, but Matt is allowing her to have sex with other women. I’m including any of you in that offer. You’re free to ask her for sex if you wish it. She can’t refuse.” Chloe ran her finger through Dianne’s slit, making her moan. She showed them the fluids glistening on her fingers. She then licked them clean. “As you can probably tell by the pussy juice on my fingers, Dianne is both aroused and humiliated to be treated like this, thinking she may have to serve you the same as she does Matt and me. As a side note. I told Dianne she would never be required to do anything I wouldn’t do, so if you want to ask me for sex, I’m also available to you, as is this other slut, who I’m sure you remember from when your ‘nephew’, Karl, was here.”

“I told you, Mom,” Beth said. “Things are getting weird. Elaine is no longer the strangest bird in the flock.”

Chloe ran her hand up and down Rosilyn’s body, sliding a finger through her too, even thrusting up into her, causing her to orgasm. Chloe fed Roz her cum coated fingers.

“Rosilyn, who used to be a lesbian despising stuck up bitch, is now my other slave, though not permanently so. She has turned into quite the nice little cunt licker, though she still likes a nice cock every once in a while. Feel free to use her any time you wish. On Thursday, Bill is sending his jet to pick us up and take us to New York. We’ll attend a couple of Broadway shows so I can show Slut, who Roz is now known as, how to act. She’s going to be in my next performance which will be the tale of how I turned this bigoted bitch into my pussy pleasing slut. Other than Broadway, my primary purpose in going, is to learn more about Dominance and submission from your brother. I want to ensure I do an adequate job of protecting my slave from any physical or mental harm both for myself and Matt.

“This other fine female who’s standing here today is Sophia Robinson. We met buying sex toys in a sex toy shop for my new slave. Since I’m going to be leaving La Crosse at the end of July, she will be my stand-in for Dianne in terms of corporal punishment. We’re all moving into her house at the end of this month. Since Beth wasn’t coming to La Crosse, we needed to arrange for new living quarters for Dianne which would allow her to practice her submission without problems such as finding new roommates who accepted a naked, collared slave. Dianne will remain at Sophia’s until she graduates, so I’m sure you’ll be seeing her on a frequent basis if you come visit Dianne and Matt if he’s not living here when he finds a job. I thought you should get a chance to meet her and interact with her since she’ll be a large part of Matt’s and Dianne’s life through her graduation. It’s possible that Sophia will take over Slut’s submission when I leave town. That’s between Sophia and Slut. There’s other news which I’ll let Matt address. Take over, Matt.”

“I know this is all a little sudden and not something you were expecting,” Matt said. “I’ve got ankara evi olan escortlar to tell you though, it’s been amazing so far. To a certain extent, it’s an extension of what we were already doing. We’re all still having sex together in a polyamorous relationship. It’s just that Chloe is no longer merely a plus one in my relationship to Dianne. Chloe is more involved than she was before, firmly taking one leg of our three legged stool. Why don’t we have a seat before I tell you the rest.”

“You might want to give the two slaves towels to sit on if you don’t want your furniture ruined,” Chloe said. “Both of them are randy sluts who leak frequently.”

“Why do we need to sit down?” Georgina asked. “Is it bad news?”

“I don’t think of it as bad news. I don’t know if you would or not, but it might take some time to explain, and it’s probably better if you’re not standing.”

Ethel and Georgina looked at each other before heading to the living room. Ethel grabbed a couple towels from the laundry room on the way and handed one to both Rosilyn and Dianne. Ethel sat down in a love seat with her fiancée and held hands. The others found seats, then waited for Matt.

“There’s a twenty-five percent chance I’m going to be a father.”

“With Chloe or Dianne?” Ethel asked. “And why a twenty-five percent chance?”

“Neither one. This is where the explanation comes in. Chloe had some of Dianne’s classmates looking after her at school because she was dressed provocatively and being led around on a leash to her classes as part of her submission. This was to ensure no one would try to take advantage of her. In return for their help looking after her, a party was held for all of them at Sophia’s house. It involved sex for everyone provided by primarily Slut and Erin, and Dianne for any woman interested, but everyone got involved including three of Sophia’s friends. One of the friends, Gretchen, was trying to get pregnant with her husband. As it turns out, he’d had a vasectomy before their marriage and never told her. The day the party started, he came home, served her with divorce papers and told her he was leaving her for another woman, and that he’d been clipped and didn’t want children. That was the primary reason she’d gotten married; to have kids one day. There were four men at the party, me and three of Dianne’s guardians. She asked all four of us to attempt to give her a child. All four of us volunteered. She doesn’t expect child support; she’s got plenty of money. If we want to know who the father is, she’ll tell us, but if we don’t, we’ll never know as she won’t ask for a thing.

“Dianne thinks, and I agree, that if she doesn’t remarry in the future, it would be nice if the child had a male influence, like an uncle or something who visits occasionally and provides that male influence. Regardless of whether the child is mine or not, or what the others want to do, I’d like to be that uncle figure. We’re both okay with it. It hasn’t been decided yet, but it’s possible I and some others would provide the same service for Sophia if she wants it. She was married to a serial cheater and is divorced now. She’s reaching an age where if she wants to have a child, it needs to happen soon. Again, she doesn’t require financial support and neither of us has a problem with it. Sophia hasn’t made up her mind, but if it’s something she wants, we’re inclined to give it to her. We thought you should both know. But there’s more, and it might be even stranger.”

“What could be stranger than that?” Georgina asked.

“We’re strongly considering giving Chloe control over Dianne’s reproduction. Nothing would happen until we’re married, but once I tell Chloe how many children I want, she would decide when we have them. Dianne would go on or off birth control at the behest of her Mistress and I wouldn’t know when until Dianne got pregnant. Another thing that’s been discussed is Monica was planning to have one of Chloe’s eggs implanted so she could have a child which would be part Chloe. Dianne is thinking of doing the same thing. The egg would be Chloe’s, the sperm would be mine. This was just discussed for the first time yesterday. We haven’t discussed all the implications of such a move yet, such as would Chloe raise the child or would we. Would we tell Chloe’s parents they have a grandchild? Again, this is not something on which any decision has been made and it would be a few years before one had to be made. Chloe did not ask for this nor expect it, but is something Dianne wished to do for her Mistress. We’ll certainly listen to any input you might have on any of these issues, but the choices will be ours and no one else’s.”

“Is this something you truly want, Dianne?” Ethel asked. “All of this craziness?”

“It is, Ethel. I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed my submission. I’m as happy as I’ve ever been. Except for the death of my husband, I’ve had a relatively good life. I’ve never been depressed or morose elvankent olgun escortlar generally. But it was like I had blinders on, keeping my eyes focused in front of me. Being Chloe’s sex slave, because that’s what I am, has taken the blinders off and opened up a whole new world. I wanted to do this with all my heart which is why I’m thankful Matt could see his way to letting me do this. I love him and didn’t want to give him up because I wanted to be a submissive.”

“And that includes having sex with us, his family?” Georgina asked.

“Everything I do at the behest of my Mistress gives me a thrill. The fact that it’s Matt’s family Chloe expects me to service is both a delicious humiliation and a huge turn-on. I’m so wet right now, if I didn’t have this towel, I’d be ruining Ethel’s furniture.”

The two women looked at each other again.

“I, for one, wish to test this out,” Elaine said. “Dianne, please come with me to my room. I haven’t had any sex since Monica’s Memorial. When I was a cock sucking whore, I very seldom got sexual gratification. Having someone else in the position of having to provide me with sex without my doing the same is going to be a welcome change, especially since it’s Matt’s girlfriend.”

She held out her hand and Dianne stood up and took it, smiling, accompanying Elaine to her room. Chloe called out after them. “Her safe word is Chocolate Sprinkles. I don’t anticipate her using it, but you should know what it is.”

Matt smiled and didn’t say a word as his girlfriend disappeared with his older sister.

Beth said, “Fuck this. I already tested Dianne. I’ll try out Slut and see if she’s any good. Heel, Slut.” Beth headed to her room and Roz jumped up and followed behind her.

“Oh, my,” Georgina said. “Things seem like they’re going to get very interesting.”

“I’d like to mention that I’m not here just to be introduced as Dianne’s Dominant stand-in and as a potential mother to your son’s child,” Sophia said. “I’m a bisexual who enjoys sex with both men and women. I’ve been having regular sex with these three since I met them. That may make me seem like a cradle robber, but I’ve greatly enjoyed their company. They’ve added a lot to my life since I went to buy a replacement rabbit at the sex toy shop. Their craziness has been infectious and I’ve enjoyed the best sex I’ve had since I was married. I’m perfectly willing to expand my circle of sexual friends and acquaintances to you.”

“Why did you get divorced?” Ethel asked.

“I didn’t realize it when I married him, but my husband was a serial cheater. He fucked two of my bridesmaids prior to the wedding and fucked around on my honeymoon. I didn’t discover this until three months after I was married. I was divorced three months after that. I’ve dated a few men since, but nothing seriously. Hard for me to trust men since the ex. I mostly got by on a vibrator and a few like-minded neighbors. These youngsters have added so much to my life, I’d do anything for them. Your whole family is attractive and I wouldn’t mind having sex with any one of you should you feel uncomfortable testing the submission of Chloe’s two slaves and would appreciate a more mature body. I might have another suggestion. I notice that you have a number of servants. You might wish to give them some time off, as Chloe does put both of her slaves through their paces. We’re all available to help with any housekeeping chores while we stay here. Cooking, cleaning, you name it. I’m not above getting my hands dirty and Chloe’s slaves are good for more than sex. They can be used domestically as well.”

“That does sound like a good idea, Ethel,” Georgina said.

“If you have one servant who you trust implicitly, we might want to keep him or her around,” Chloe said. “Some of Dianne’s and Slut’s most arousing episodes of slavery has been being made to perform in front of relative strangers. Dianne had to masturbate in front of the pizza delivery person. Her orgasm was explosive. She squirted after being kept on edge for an hour. If the servant is male, Slut can be made to serve him. If it’s a female, both of them will serve. Sophia is taking us all out to dinner tonight at the restaurant where Georgina and Elaine work. You’ll see what I mean when I talk about public humiliation. We pulled something similar at The Waterfront a week ago.”

“If you give me the name of the restaurant, I’ll make reservations now,” Sophia said.

“Both Elaine and I have to work tonight. We’re off tomorrow. I’d prefer you did whatever you planned on a night we don’t work, so it’s not so associated with employees,” Georgina said.

“That’s fine,” Sophia answered. “I can understand your caution.”

“Listen, there is one other thing I should tell you, Georgina,” Chloe said. “You know how the love and affection your family provided me, perhaps kept me alive after my family rejected my sexual orientation?”

“Yes, dear,” Georgina said.

“After etimesgut sarışın escortlar Monica died, I was ready to die too. The only thing holding me together was getting through the funeral and Memorial. Dianne and Matt taking me into their bed kept me going a little longer. I might still have committed suicide soon thereafter if Dianne hadn’t come up with the idea of trying submission. It gave me a renewed purpose I didn’t have after Monica was killed. It gave me someone else to live for. I love Dianne in a way unlike how I loved Monica, but just as strong. Being her Mistress gives me a renewed purpose beside just my work or career. The love we share can’t be quantified, but it is real. It’s not the same as the romantic love I had with Monica, but I have incredibly strong bonds with Dianne. I obviously can’t marry her. I’d never do that to Matt. But this is something that will hold us together for a long time. Matt’s willingness to share his girlfriend with me in this way has saved me again. So whatever else you might think of them and this whole crazy idea, it saved my life.” Chloe started crying.

“Oh, Chloe. Come here, child,” Georgina said, holding out her arms. “I’m sorry life has been so hard for you.”

Chloe rushed to Georgina and sank into her arms. “I feel everything so strongly,” Chloe sobbed. “Love, hate, despair. I think it helps me with my acting, I feel every emotion like it was my own. Monica grounded me. She was my bulwark against everything in the world I felt. When I lost her, I lost that defensive shield she raised around me. Matt and Dianne give me some of that back. Their love is so unconditional. They can tolerate the craziness and still love me.”

“There, there, dear,” Georgina said. “It’s okay, really. As long as you’re all happy, it doesn’t make any difference what anyone else thinks, even me. As long as Matt is happy, I have no grounds for complaint, no matter what you do. Knowing your children are happy, honest, and live a good life is all a mother can expect.”

“I’m happy, Mom. I’ve always cared for Chloe. No, care is too mild a word. I loved Chloe and would happily have married her. I now have two amazing women in my life in whatever this cockamamie thing is. We love each other and do so well together. I can’t complain about any of this. I haven’t lost anything and regained something I thought I lost. The reason I remained friends with Chloe after we broke up is I wanted her to remain a part of my life. She’s a bigger part now than she ever was. The sex is absolutely amazing. All the things we’ve talked about the last few days seem like they’re going to bind us more closely. I don’t see that as a bad thing at all, no matter how crazy it sounds. Chloe consults with me any time she wants to do something different with Dianne. She doesn’t want to come between us at all.”

“I know you’re going to get married to Ethel,” Chloe said. “I see how much love you have for one another. I know you’re from a different generation which values the commitment you share and fidelity towards one another. My offer may be meaningless to you for that reason. I know you have no need for whatever I or my two slaves offer, but if you want it, it’s there. The choice is yours. We will withhold nothing from you.

“For whatever it’s worth, Monica and I sometimes had sex with other women when we were apart. It wasn’t common and we always talked about it ahead of time. We both agreed that expecting total fidelity from one another for the next fifty, sixty years might be unreasonable. I knew that if I reached my life’s goals, I’d be traveling frequently to different movie sets, leaving her home alone to look after our home and child. I’d be engaged in nude scenes with other actors and actresses. We’d both be tempted during those times apart. Rather than promising never to stray, we’d instead tell the other one we were interested in sex with another person and get their approval instead of going behind the other one’s back. It would never happen when we were together, never with mutual friends, and never more than once or twice. I’m not going to say we had a superior relationship because of that, but it worked for us.

“Before Monica died, when she was here in Madison for the rally, she told me she met someone she wanted to spend the night with. I loved her, but I didn’t begrudge her that. I don’t know if she did, because we never spoke again after that, but knowing she might have had a night of pleasure before she died while she was away, made me feel better, not worse. To think she would have been alone her last night on earth would have been so painful to me. I merely offer that information so that you know I don’t think your commitment to each other is any less valid if you should take advantage of what I’m offering you. I think you’re two of the best people I’ve ever met. I know you’ve gotten hit with a lot of information and have a lot to talk about. If it’s all the same to you, I’m going to go to my room with Matt and Sophia and fuck my brains out.”

She kissed both of them and taking Matt’s and Sophia’s hands, went to the bedroom set aside for her use.

“Oh, dear,” Ethel said. “That was quite the revelation.”

“Would you like to partake of some young flesh?” Georgina asked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32