Summer Suspicions Ch. 04

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The day dragged on slower than any day of my life. Lacy and Lisa left me home, probably not wanting to see me after my comment about my cock. I pretty much sat around the house, worked out and pleaded with the day to end.

Finally it was dinner time and Lisa and Lacy came home. Mom invited Lacy to stay over another day which she gladly accepted. Everything was going perfect. I commented how tired I was and was planning on going to bed early. Up in my room I prepared the webcam and left my light on next to my bed on purpose so I’d have a better picture. Hopefully they wouldn’t turn it off when they came in to fuck me tonight. The only problem with the light was they would see the latex on my arms easier and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise. Leaving my room I found my mother.

“Mom, I’m going to leave my light on so I can see better tonight, but I need you to put the patch on my arm so Lisa doesn’t see the latex.”

“Okay, I’ll make sure I’m the first one in. You seem very excited, Luke.”

“That’s an understatement.”

“Well, don’t go and blow your cover before Lisa’s cumming or she might freak out and run from the room. Like I said I don’t know how she’s going to react with you seeing her naked and… well, knowing you’re doing her.”

“I’ll manage.”

“Good. It won’t be long now. They were very aware of you going to your room early. We should be in as soon as your fathers asleep.”

“So Dad doesn’t know anything about this?” I asked.

“No, we contemplated using the patch on him but I knew your young body would be better suited for what Lisa and I had in store for you.”

“Dad’s getting old, huh?”

“He’s only fifty, that’s not that old. He still gets it up and it’s hard during, he just doesn’t have the potency he used to. Pretty much once a night is all and maybe twice a week.”

“What would he do if he found out about you and Lisa.”

“Knowing him he’d want to fuck both of us, just like you, but again… Lisa’s the rub. She was more interested in using you than Dad.”

“So Lisa’s been the big unknown in all of this. Well, I guess we’ll find out what she thinks tonight.”

“Yep, so don’t blow it and grab Lacy’s boobs before Lisa’s cumming or all this might be ruined.”

“You know me so well, Mom,” I said, grinning.

She smiled back and I headed to my room.


Mom was right, my door opened much earlier tonight than previous. Dad must have gone to sleep soon after me and they had taken advantage of it. I peeked to see who it was and thankfully it was my mother. She came over to my bed and put the patch on quickly.

“They will be here any second now. Don’t worry about the latex I can hardly see it,” she said bending over and kissing my forehead.

A minute later Lacy and Lisa joined her.

“He’s out,” Mom said.

“Already?” Lisa asked.

“Yep,” Mom said, shaking me.

“Good, this is going to be fun with three of us.”

Hell yes it was! And I was recording every second.

Again my cock was already throbbing and hard when they pulled back the covers. Mom instantly inhaled it and sucked me down to my balls and Lisa explained to Lacy how to do it. I had to be really carful with the light on if I peeked but I still did because I wanted to see Lacy and her incredible body in the full light.

“He left his light on. Should we turn it off?” Lisa asked, grabbing my cock from Mom.

“No, he’s out, it won’t matter.”

Lisa engulfed me as well while Lacy ran her fingers up and down my abs and chest.

“He works out a lot, doesn’t he?” she asked.

“Yeah, he’s all fit and muscly if you like that.”

“Oh I do, a lot.”

“I just like this part of him,” Lisa said, sucking me deep again and going to town on my cock.

“Let me help you out of your clothes, Lacy,” Mom said.

I watched eagerly as my mother pulled Lacy’s shirt off revealing her large perfect breasts.

Mom grabbed them, making Lacy squeal and jump back.

“Mom! Lacy’s not really into that as much as we are. She barely has any experience touching another woman let alone being touched.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, Dear… you’re mainly here for Luke, then?”

“Yeah, I hope that’s okay.”

“It’s fine, but I hope you’re open to experimenting. After all a woman knows best how to make a woman feel her best.”

Mom and Lacy joined Lisa on the bed, each fondling a different body part of mine before taking turns sucking my cock. Lacy was so tentative, much less experienced but it felt amazing still, probably because I had it so bad for her. By the time Mom was done helping her, Lacy managed to get a little over half of my shaft in her mouth before having to stop.

“Good effort, I think you did better than me my first time,” Lisa said.

“I don’t know how you guys do that, he’s so long and wide.”

“Just the way we like him,” Mom said, taking over for Lacy.

Sweet heaven! The attention my cock was getting from these three women was more than fabulous. canlı bahis All three of them were completely naked now and Mom and Lisa were touching each other when they weren’t sucking me. Lacy’s body in the light of my lamp was phenomenal and I notice she was a natural blond since her carpet matched the drapes. The little breaks between women kept me from cumming and I think they sucked me for a good forty-five minutes before it was time to decide who got to ride first.

I’ve got to hand it to my mother, she convinced Lisa to let Lacy go first and I was all for that. I soon found out it wasn’t for my benefit, but for my mother’s and Lacy’s. Once the darn condom was on me again Lacy hopped up and sank down onto my ragging cock, moaning as I entered her. She began to move like yesterday and was even more aggressive. But it was what my mother did that was the most surprising. She did what I wanted to do; she started touching Lacy as she rode me. First it was her hair, then her shoulders and back as Lacy got more and more turned on and aroused. Soon Mom was fondling Lacy’s large breasts and pinching the nipples to the cries of her approaching orgasm.

“Yes…. see how good it can feel. Just give into the pleasure, let Lisa and I take you further than you’ve ever dreamed.”

It was so fucking hot. Both my sister and mother began to work on Lacy; mouths, hands, fingers, exploring her body as she kept a steady rhythm on my cock. She was putty in their hands and by the time Lacy came she was so worked up she practically exploded with pleasure. Her pussy was exquisite like last night, maybe more so because of what my mother and Lisa were doing. I couldn’t imagine anything better than how my cock felt, tightly wrapped in the most perfect sex I’ve ever felt. To watch my sister and mother helping Lacy climax was utterly sexy and brought me to the brink as Lacy convulsed, screamed and gushed on my cock.

She fell forward onto me, I reveled in the feel of her round orbs smashed on my chest as her body shook and vibrated. I had the perfect woman cumming on my cock and smashing her body against mine.

“Good, he didn’t cum,” Lisa said, ruining the effect of my perfect world, by checking my cock and pulling my balls lower.

Lacy remained collapsed onto me, actually snuggling into my chest now until Lisa said, “Okay, enough, there are others that want a go. No snuggling and falling asleep.”

“Sorry, that was just…. Well…. that was… perfect!” Lacy exclaimed. “I’ve never experienced anything like that… with his penis and what you were doing to me… I can’t describe it.”

I had to agree. I wanted nothing more than to wrap my arms around her and hold her to me. I almost did until I saw the look from my mother who knew I was peeking. I had to wait. I had to wait until Lisa felt like Lacy did seconds ago.

“We’re glad you enjoyed it and were open to the experience,” Mom said.

Lacy finally rolled off of me, letting my dick flip out of her exceptional hole and spring up my body hard and ready for Lisa. She made quick work of getting on top and soon was bouncing like a crazy woman on my cock. I think big sister was jealous and her competitive streak had surfaced. Mom slapped my balls, knowing I was close with Lacy and would never last with Lisa riding me so aggressively soon after. It didn’t feel good, not one bit but I knew it had to happen even after Lisa tugged on them. I had to get my sister to cum before I could reach up and grab her tits. I couldn’t wait to see the expression on her face.

Big sister was crazed, I think she wanted to cum like Lacy and and feel like she had. Mom began to help and even explained to Lacy how she could as well. Of course I had my eyes locked on Lacy’s body and everything she did to my sister as my cock got ridden like a horse that was put away wet. Mom watched me carefully, making sure Lisa got off before I did, which was the plan. I only had to endure one more yank of my sack before big sister was ready to burst. Her body was glistening with perspiration from her efforts and from the look of her she was making it worth it, bringing a large orgasm to the surface she’d been working on for a while.

I prepared myself, deciding on what to do as she came. I debated on sitting up and rolling her over to pound down into her as she came, or just reaching up and grabbing her nipples as she convulsed on my cock. I had to make a decision and fast because Lisa was cumming, the time had arrived.

Problem was her body tightened up so much on my cock that it took me over the edge as well and I began to cum hard and powerfully into the condom. My body shook and went into spasms as we both climaxed.

Lisa screamed out, “I’m cumming!”

“I’m cumming too!” I screamed, opening my eyes fully and pulling my sister down on top of me.

Lacy screamed, Mom cheered and Big Sister and I shook and cried in pleasure as the euphoria engulfed our bodies. I held her tight as she shook in my arms and we finished cumming together. Her round breasts smashed bahis siteleri against my chest as she snuggled into me and whispered, “I love you, Little Brother.”

“I love you too.”

Finally she realized what was happening and pulled away from my arms and sat up on me.

“What the hell! You’re awake!”

Mom started laughing and that gave it all away. “You knew he was! This whole time you knew! Did you even put a patch on?” Lisa asked grabbing my arm and seeing for herself.

“You did, but how….”

Then she saw the latex and punched me hard in the chest. My cock was still stuffed fully in her pussy as I began to laugh.

Lacy looked horrified and was now covering her body the best she could but her plentiful breasts spilled over her one arm as she tried to cover her pussy with the other. I was worried she might bolt so I reached out and pulled her toward me.

“It’s okay. I want you to know how awesome you were and how much I wanted to hold you.”

“This is crazy! Were you awake last night as well?” she asked.

“I was, and it was really good as well. I really like you, Lacy. Don’t freak out, this is a good thing.”

It took her a few minutes but she relaxed and sat on the bed next to me thanks to Mom helping to reassure her. Lisa finally got off me as my cock shrunk and fell out of her.

“It all makes sense now. The last few days you have been different I should have known!” she said hitting me again.

“It was better with me awake and you know it. Just think how good it will be with me as an active participant.”

“He’s right, trust me I know,” Mom said.

“You, you planned this with him. But how did you find out?”

Mom explained what had happened earlier and we talked for a good while about everything. Lacy stopped trying to cover up and actually put her hand on my chest and I put mine on her leg, slowly rubbing up and down her thigh. It had worked out better than I had even imagined.

“So what now?” Lisa asked.

“Nights still young don’t leave now,” I said, sitting up and putting my arms around Lisa and Lacy.

“Mom’s the only one that hasn’t cum,” Lisa reminded us.

“True, but I had him all to myself this morning.”

I knew what she was doing. She told me I would have free rein on the two younger women to make up for the deception of the last two months. Mom was trying to make good on that promise, which was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to touch, lick and fondle every inch of Lacy’s perfect body as I sat with my arms around her and my sister.

“So are you passing?”

“Like he said, the night’s still young, maybe later.”

“You think he can manage? We don’t even know if he can go twice yet.”

“I’m awake, remember? I can hear you?” I said.

“I know, Little Brother. What do you think? Can you perform again?” Lisa asked reaching for my cock which still had the full condom attached.”

“One way to find out,” I said standing up.

Lisa smiled, dropped onto her knees and helped Lacy to the floor as well, or rather pulled her. I think she was still a little nervous with everything.

“Don’t need this,” Lisa said pulling the full condom off and tying it.

She tossed on the ground, turning back to inhale my soft cock. Life returned to it quickly, as she slurped the long hanging flesh, cleaning the cum from the head. Blood began to inflate it as my heart rate increased. My down time was over and the need for more took hold of my body.

“Help me out, don’t be shy just because he’s awake,” Lisa said to Lacy.

Tentatively she reached out and took hold of my shaft as Lisa sucked my head back into her mouth. Seconds later I was throbbing again as big sister took me deep and Lacy played with my balls. I looked up at Mom and she had a large smile on her face, watching the two younger women worshiping my cock. I mouthed the words ‘thank you’ and she mouthed back ‘you’re welcome’. She walked forward, sat down on my bed next to me, before laying back and to begin finger herself as the duel blowjob continued.

Lacy was sucking me now, and I think her inhibitions were finally gone. She no longer cared about being naked or knowing I was awake, just the opposite she was trying to outdo my sister in pleasing me. The two competed with my cock, both with much different styles but both excellent. Watching their separate heads bob and suck my cock was like a dream I expected to wake up from any second. Finally after fifteen or more minutes, Lisa sucked hard, letting me out with an audible pop and looked up at me.

“I think he’s plenty hard, let’s see what he’s got when he’s not lying on his back out cold!” she said pushing me hard in the chest, making me fall on the bed.

“No, I don’t think so,” I said reaching up and pulling her down and rolling on top of her. I pinned her hands over her head and began to kiss her neck, down her collarbone to her breasts. She squirmed a little before giving in when my mouth found her breast, sucking her nipple gently and teasing bahis şirketleri the tip with my tongue.

“Oh…. Luke…. That’s nice,” she said. “Maybe you are more fun awake.”

I sucked both breasts until her nipples were hard as a rock and shiny wet. I continued down over her ribs and her flat toned stomach to her sex. She was very wet and her lips fell slightly open at the bottom of her pussy. Using my tongue I started low, spreading her wide open only to suck her clit hard. Big sister squealed with pleasure, grabbing my head and forcing my face deeper into her sex.

“Okay, now I have no doubt, Little Brother. You’re a lot more fun.”

“Hey, what about me?” I heard Lacy ask and the bed move as she sat down next to us.

I lifted my head looking to my right to see Lacy lying there looking amazing. I wanted to touch her and play with her phenomenal breasts but before I could move over to her, Lisa grabbed my head again and pulled me back into her sex.

“She can wait, finish what you started.”

Looks like I needed to get Lisa off before moving to Lacy. Not that I minded, she tasted amazing and one of my favorite things to do was munch on a hot wet pussy. As I was licking and sucking my sister I felt the bed roll again and opened my eyes. Looking up I saw Mom was playing with Lisa’s breasts while I ate her. The added stimulation got Lisa moaning louder and her legs began to vibrate the faster I worked her little nubbin. She arched her back lifting her pussy further into my face and grabbed the sheets on the bed with both hands.

Big sister was ready to explode, just on the edge waiting for something to push her over. Pinning her clit between my teeth and flicking it with my tongue fast and hard, sent her into convulsions and screams of ecstasy. She shook and thrashed on my bed, making me let go of her clit and hold my entire mouth over her quivering sex to suck and thrust my tongue into her flooding tunnel. Her tight little body rose up as her legs shook under the pleasure of her climax. It was fucking hot.

“Impressive, Luke, I believe Lisa cumming already,” Mom said with a laugh.

“Ya think? Holy…. Shit!” she screamed out. “Luke… wow… you’re really good at that.”

“Thanks,” I said, lifting my wet face off my sister.

I turned to see Lacy, helping herself out while watching my sister cum. Her nipples were hard and she had both hands gridding down on her shaved pussy with her legs close together. I took the opportunity to reach for her breasts and she welcomed my hand. Her erect nipple felt incredible on my palm as my large hand barely covered her plentiful breast. She didn’t stop playing as I pinched her left nipple and caressed her right breast. A moan escaped her lips, she was closer than I expected all on her own. I helped her out, pinching both nipples and rolling her large orgs in my hands. They were so firm for being that big and I was amazed at how perfect they felt.

My cock was oozing all over my bed with a string of pre-cum falling to the sheets as I knelt next to Lacy and watched her play as I fondled the most perfect pair of tits I’d ever seen or touched. She was a goddess; I found no flaws on her body and was perfectly content just touching her. She wasn’t though, and reached out, grabbing hold of my throbbing cock and pulling me onto her as she spread her legs.

“Fuck me, I want your cock again!” she said.

“Oh snap! Lacy’s a potty mouth,” Lisa said, giggling.

I turned to look at her and she and Mom were having their own fun. Turning back to Lacy I eased myself between her legs and fed my cock into her wet hot pussy still on my knees. I lifted her long sexy legs up and out, shoving forward again and again. Her pussy clung to my shaft, feeling like hot wet perfection. It felt better than anything before and it was then I realized they hadn’t put a new condom on me. I was fucking Lacy flesh to flesh and wasn’t about to say shit. Leaning over I had to sample her large breasts with my mouth, just as I shoved more of my cock into her.

“Ohhhhhh, Fuck Yes!” she screamed, as my long shaft slid in to my balls.

She had really gotten herself wet and ready, it felt incredible, wrapping my cock in bliss and making me moan as well. I sucked hard on both of her breasts and began to thrust in and out while biting her nipples and pushing her breasts together with my hands. My perfect world was happening right then and there. My room was filled with moans of four of us having sex and I had a hard time deciding on what to look out. Between my sister and mother in 69 munching each other or watching my cock slide in and out of Lacy’s exceptional body. I was so glad I was recording all of this and could watch what I missed later.

I had Lacy cumming in less than two minutes with the sexiest face I’ve ever seen on a climaxing woman. Her eyes were glassed over with her lips parted slightly as her body tightened and shook before melting into my mattress. I kept up my rhythm all the way through her climax and was amazed that the sensation could get even better than what I was already feeling. Without the condom, I was close as well and locked on her climaxing body, looking nowhere else until my sister got my attention.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32