Sussy Ch. 06

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After returning from overseas, still in the Army, we got assigned to Fort Ord where I worked for Gene, a 33-year-old Sergeant married to a gorgeous German lady named Karen. We got into the habit of going camping after work Fridays and coming back on Sundays.

Gene and Karen owned a large camping trailer and we had a small tent that we would pitch next to their trailer. We had lots of fun fishing during the day, making a bon fire in the evening before going to bed. Sussy said it was getting kind of boring as she wanted to have sex more than anything else and wondered where we could find a fine specimen of a man to get that deep satisfaction of an MFM threesome.

She knew that she was free to express her sex desires and fantasies as they turned me on more than she could ever imagine. During the night we could hear Gene and Karen fucking each other through the thin walls of the trailer and they as well must have heard us but didn’t mention it to each other.

During one memorable night, we stayed up listening to them fuck each other with Karen screaming for more. Sussy surmised that Gene, although he was only 5’5 and not a great catch that we could see, must have had a big cock that Sussy also wanted, and was going to get to it through Karen. I told her not to be reserved on my account and go for it. She immediately formulated a plan.

The next day she started getting physically closer to Karen really invading her private space when doing ordinary things like fixing breakfast and just talking. When Gene and I went fishing in the morning she later told me that she really put the squeeze on Karen getting closer to the point where, for most of the day we were gone they were practically touching each other, she used the intimacy of the trailer to justify being so close.

Sussy made excuses to walk past Karen in the narrow hallway of the trailer and would put her arms around her waist and once “slipped” and her arms and hands went higher grabbing her boobs, Karen who like most Europeans was very liberal, started welcoming her advances and did some of her own like staying inside the trailer more than necessary to create close quarters, trying on tiny bikinis for Sussy, and changing in front of her.

Sussy walked up to her and putting her fingers on the bikini bottom elastic ran her fingers all around it touching all around her hips with the back of her fingers. Karen had a child and had light stretch marks that I thought made her even more attractive as I have always loved imperfections and mature bodies.

That was too much for Karen who gave Sussy a still smaller bikini for her to change into doing the same round the body move on her and slowly walking around her making comments about eryaman otele gelen escort how delicious she looked. They quickly embraced and started making out like old lovers.

She never did make it with Gene on that trip as Karen took up all her free time, Karen and Sussy seemed to have a contest of how small a bikini they could wear, needless to say, Sussy won that one hands down with a black G-string with pearls around her nipples and pussy which brought out her bumpy pussy and puffy nipples with the pearls highlighting her pussy and nipples without covering them up.

All of us agreed Sussy had the best outfit. We could not believe Gene’s package when they were done modeling for us. I told Sussy that I would do some reconnaissance since Gene had invited me to go to the gym with him a couple of mornings a week and I had been declining. I would try to find out if his cock was worth pursuing.

The first time at the gym we played racquetball for a while and went to take a shower. I then understood why Karen’s screams could be heard so well outside their trailer. Gene’s cock was only about 6 inches or so in length, but what he lacked in length he certainly made up in girth. I would say his cock was the thickest I had imagined, at least three inches in diameter, about the size of a 12 ounce soda can. Yes, I thought to myself, he could keep Sussy busy for hours.

I noticed that Gene was easy to get hard, to test my theory I started talking about Sussy’s pearl bikini and his rod immediately went up, as he was circumcised his thick dick touched his stomach and he apologized but said that Sussy was such a slut and a tease that he would do anything to fuck her. I responded that if she was for it, I wouldn’t mind at all.

I asked him point blank if he had ever made it with another guy and he said casually that of course he had. I then asked him if I could touch his cock and he said “be my guest” so I jacked him off for a couple of minutes and his cock got even thicker, by the time he came I had to use both hands as one wasn’t making it around his thickness.

When I went home that day I gave Sussy my full report, she of course got horny and wanted me to fuck her immediately asking me to pretend to be Gene and fuck and spank her hard, she wanted to stop after several orgasms as she said she had to save the rest for Gene. She was sure it would be OK with Karen and would proceed to ask for her permission.

Sussy went to it very direct since she had been making it with Karen almost daily for over a week since we came back from camping, plainly asking her if she could fuck Gene. Karen gave her the go ahead immediately as long as it didn’t interfere with their lovemaking. sincan escort Agreed.

In order of expediency, Sussy wanted to arrange it ahead of time, so they could go back to their affair or continue down the other path with all of us in a foursome. Karen said she had been wanting a younger guy and my 21 years worked for her. They were in their mid 30’s.

The next evening, we went to their house for drinks, we talked about our jobs and they asked us if we wanted to go to a swinger’s club, Sussy responded nervously that we could do that and after a brief discussion of what to expect we accepted their invitation. Both Sussy and I had never been to a swinger’s club and we were reluctant but nevertheless accepted.

After talking for a while Sussy took charge in a stern voice and asked Gene if he could fuck her before she went nuts. I thought it was a good tactic to go with, comfortable enough to battle her nervousness of the swinger’s club by being dominant.

Sussy took Gene by the hand and to the bedroom where they started kissing and touching each other. Gene ran his hands from her shoulders down her back to her tits and back to her ass. Sussy was interested in one thing and that was Gene’s dick as she had heard good things about it from me and Karen.

Later she thank me for the reconnaissance work as she couldn’t believe how thick he was and felt for Karen who in spite of fucking that thing, by right should have a pussy the size of a football, she was relatively tight, she had to talk to her about how she kept it that way, since after Sussy got done with Gene her pussy stayed loose for several days. She then took him to the bedroom when Karen asked me if we could watch them for a little while. I agreed, and we sneaked up after them.

Sussy changed gears as she wanted to get to the point grabbing Gene pushing him on to the bed rather roughly and told him his clothes were coming off. Gene seemed to enjoy being told what to do, as she believed all men have that fantasy, and in no time was naked as a jaybird with his beautiful thick cock pointing at the ceiling.

Sussy as well undressed and seeing Gene’s cock and on his back with his thick cock pointing up she put both feet besides his hips and squatted on top of him with his thick cock being trapped by Sussy’s pussy, all at once putting all her weight on it, letting it go as deep as she could get it.

Gene’s cock didn’t seem to reach her cervix but the thickness of it and the fact that she shoved it all at once into her pussy made her jump, then she started moving round and around, her pussy must have been stretched to the max so she was still for a couple of minutes before she started giving instructions to elvankent escort Gene to move so she could feel his cock stretch her pussy as much as he could, she didn’t make any position changes as she was into her orgasm zone having them in a wave, Karen was mesmerized by her orgasmic ability.

Then it was Gene’s turn who turned Sussy around on her knees with her ass up in the air and pounded his cock hard into Sussy, when she screamed and called him an asshole but told him if he took it out she would beat him blind. It took Gene about 20 minutes to cum with great stamina and control. Sussy seemed to have dozens of orgasms strung together.

I never did make it with Karen that time, as half an hour later she jumped on the bed and started making love to Sussy eating her pussy and Gene’s cum, I told her to leave some for me to lick as she invited me in. Then she fucked Gene who although didn’t cum with her his dick was still semi-hard and still thick.

Karen had observed how Sussy had been giving instructions to Gene and how he was following them to the letter, so she started practicing asking Sussy point blank if that was the way to do it. Sussy told her that if he disobeyed, she could punish him and told her how.

I didn’t feel bad that I was the odd man out and when I was ready, I came all over all of them especially on Karen’s face who wiped my cum with her fingers putting them in her mouth and swallowing.

Now I knew where we stood, and it would be fun to go camping next time having another more exciting activity that Sussy and Karen could participate in in addition to fishing. Karen invited us to stay with them in the trailer rather than our tent to have easier access to each other.

Sussy showed me her pussy when we got home and what I thought were 3 inches in diameter when flaccid, she said it was more like 5 inches erect, and she was deliciously stretched so much that my dick danced around inside her. When I came again, I licked her pussy clean inside and out, telling her I was eating Gene’s cum off her pussy to dramatize the fuck even more. Sussy’s pussy beginning to tighten, I could taste Gene’s cum even though Karen and I had slurped every drop.

I have always liked stretched pussies and Sussy remained so for a couple of days. In the coming days, Sussy explained to me that after fucking so many men in the service especially high-ranking officers, they were so easy to manipulate and had given Karen good pointers on how to mistreat Gene should he disobey her orders.

Six months later I was assigned to Germany but that was the period we had the most sex with both Gene and Karen. I was no longer holding back my bisexuality since Gene and I blew and fucked each other many times after racket ball. Sussy was a natural who never hid from her bisexuality, she knew she loved women and men but didn’t appreciate men that did not worship her or were discourteous. I, on the other hand never quite admitted openly my taste for both genders.

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