Sweet Amy

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“Would you fuck me, if you had the chance?”

I actually choked on my drink! The question had come out of nowhere from Amy, my sister-in-law sitting across the table from me. She was the wife of my younger brother Wayne, and they had been married for a couple years now.

Amy was an energetic, cheery, blue eyed blond beauty. She was 21, about 5’1″ with smaller breasts with a perfect ass that was most often flaunted in yoga pants that showed every curve. Despite being my brother’s wife, she had been in my spank-bank for a long time. I was 32, and had been faithfully married for 9 years. The last 5 of which were pretty much just two people living together, with no real spark at all. My wife Trish and I were out for drinks with Amy and my brother Wayne, who was at the bar getting drinks and Trish had gone to the restroom…

“Uh, I…” I struggled to say anything, I was so caught off guard. I’d never had any girl be so forward with me!

“I let Wayne fuck my friend Brandi, so he said I could pick one person to fuck too. I thought maybe you?” she said.

Just as I started to try to formulate an answer, my wife Trish came back and sat beside me.

“What’s up with you? Your face is red…”

Trish was a pretty brunette, about 5’7″, but spent a little too much time on the couch and was around 30 pounds overweight.

“I just took a drink down the wrong tube,” I said, as Amy stifled a giggle across the table from me. My brother came back shortly with drinks and we all settled into conversation as I tried to get my head around what I had just heard.

‘Did she really just say that??’ I thought, ‘did she really MEAN that??’ The rest of the evening Amy seemed to delight in keeping me flustered by sneaking me sexual gestures with her hands and mouth when neither Wayne nor Trish could see. I tried to pay attention to conversation and act “normal” but I had trouble hiding my constant state of arousal.

As we said goodnight, Amy hugged Trish then gave me a brief hug pressing herself tightly against me. She could feel my hardness against her and gave a light giggle that only I could hear, before breaking away and saying goodnight.

When we got home, Trish went straight to bed while I stayed up to watch tv. My cock was hard again thinking about Amy’s words earlier. As I pictured her naked I pulled my cock out and slowly began to stroke it. I imagined what it would be like to look down at her as I fucked her, with her gorgeous legs wrapped around my waist. It only took a few strokes before I was cumming as hard and as much as I ever had. My wife and I didn’t have much of a sex life, probably less than once a month and only missionary with the lights out, so to say I get pent up is an understatement!

Fast-forward about a month. I hadn’t seen my brother or Amy after that night but had since been consumed with thoughts of fucking my pendik escort little sister-in-law. It was a chilly afternoon and I was doing some yard work in prep for winter, when my phone buzzed. It was my brother Wayne texting to see if I had a some tools that I could lend him. I text back that I did, and he replied that he was at work until the next morning so Amy would bring his truck out to pick them up.

My pulse immediately quickened. I didn’t know what to expect when she showed up, as I hadn’t seen her since that evening. We had all been a little buzzed, so I hoped this wouldn’t be awkward. Above all, my cock was instantly engorged thinking of her tight little ass and gymnast like body. I tried to stay busy until she arrived and dug out the tool box and the tools from the shed. Amy pulled in about an hour later and jumped out to say hi, acting like any normal sister-in-law should.

I thought ‘does she not even remember what she said?’ I was a little relieved, maybe a little more disappointed, but I dropped her tailgate and threw the tool box into the back. She thanked me and headed back to the truck door. As she grabbed the door handle she paused, and turned to me.

“Where’s Trish?”

“She’s in the house watching tv, as usual” I told her.

“I see… so?”

“Hmm?” I answered.

“You didn’t answer my question, would you?”

“Umm, would I what?” I asked. She looked up at the house, probably making sure that we couldn’t be seen from any of the house windows, then smirked and walked up to me, putting her arms around me and pressing her body against me.

“I asked if you’d fuck me if you had the chance. Well? Now’s your chance.” I couldn’t even respond but my hands quickly ran down her back and grabbed her tight, sexy ass. She brought her gorgeous lips up to mine and we were soon in a deep hungry kiss as I held her ass and ground my cock into her. She broke the kiss, smiling sexily.

“I take that as a yes?”

“Fuck yes!” I couldn’t believe this gorgeous little bombshell wanted anything to do with me.

“Should we get in the truck? It’s a little chilly out here,” she said.

“Sure” I said, glancing nervously at the house. She got in the drivers side and I in the passengers side. I was trying to talk some sense into my self, but having a hard time finding a downside. Amy didn’t give me time to debate right or wrong, as she came across the bench seat and began kissing me, her hand immediately finding and fondling my cock through my jeans.

“I’ve wanted you for so long… Is this ok?” she asked. I groaned, the sensation of her hand caressing my shaft through my pants was unbelievable.

“Yes, god you are so sexy…” I said. She smiled at me and straightened up, using both hands to unbutton and unzip my pants. I lifted my hips and she pulled my pants and underwear down, my cock springing out, maltepe escort rock hard and throbbing. She looked at it, biting her lip while she caressed my thighs. As she looked me in the eyes, she gently wrapped her hand around it and began slowly stroking me.

“I want to taste your cock baby.”

Without wasting a moment, she dropped her head to my lap and I felt her warm mouth envelope about half of my cock. The sensation of her warm soft lips and tongue gently sucking my rigid shaft sent shivers up my spine. I reached my hand down under her pants to feel her curvy ass, gently squeezing her full, firm globes.

As she began really working my cock with her talented mouth and hands, head slowly bobbing up and down, I could feel an orgasm already building way too rapidly.

“Whoa Amy, I don’t wanna come yet!”

Amy responded by reaching under and massaging the base of my balls and sucking harder, using her tongue under my swollen cock head.

“Oh fuck!!” I stiffened up, my hips lifting off the seat and began to cum. Amy squealed with my cock still in her mouth and began to swallow, still stroking and bobbing, holding my balls as they pumped what felt like a gallon of cum out. As I finished my last spasms, she gently sucked and licked the last drops from the tip of my penis, giggling softly.

“That was sooo fun, mmm tasty too!”

“YOU think that was fun? My god Amy, you blew my fucking mind!”

She laughed. “That’s not all that blew, that was a LOT of cum! Poor guy, Trish must not be looking after you” she said with a pouty face as she used her finger to wipe a small trail of cum from her bottom lip into her mouth. “Think you’ve got any more in the tank?”

I nodded at my cock, which was still rock hard. “It sure feels like it,” I said.

“Good, I want to feel every inch of you inside me.” She sat up then lay back on the bench seat, lifting her hips to pull down her pants, leaving a sexy white lace thong in place. As she lifted her feet in the air to peel her pants the rest of the way off, I looked down at her barely covered mound. The crotch of her panties were now semi-transparent from being so wet, and I could clearly see her beautiful pussy. She then shuffled over and straddled my lap, as she kissed me, she began rubbing her slick, panty covered pussy up and down my shaft.

“This is so bad, it’s going to feel sooo good…” she gasped as she glanced over at the house. She was trembling as she ground against me. Amy leaned back against the dash, lifting her hips slightly, and reached down pulling her panties to the side. She was completely shaven, her swollen pussy lips glistening and delicious looking.

“My god” I rasped. “You are so fucking sexy…”

“I want you to fuck me now baby” she said as she slowly rubbed her now exposed slit back and forth on my cock. She paused as head of my kartal escort engorged penis began to spread her tight slick pussy, and leaned in to kiss me again, slowly, holding my face in her hands… and then slowly, deliciously lowered herself in one steady movement until she had my entire 7″ inside her. She just sat there kissing me, only slightly moving her hips in tiny slow circles.

“Do you like that baby? Having you’re brother’s little wife sitting on your cock?” she asked softly.

“Fuck yes, you’re so fucking tight…” I told her.

She smiled “you feel so good inside me, I just want to fuck you again and again.” I slid my hands up under her shirt, lifting it with her bra and pulling it over her head to remove it. She was now naked except for her thong panties that were so sexily pulled aside. The sight of my cock buried inside of her was intoxicating. As she leaned back again and began to gently thrust her hips back and forth, the reality of it hit me hard. This was my sister-in-law, my little brothers sweet little wife… naked other than the thong, and writhing, and I was balls deep in her sweet, hot little cunt!

I began to thrust in time with her, and slid one hand up to her perky small breast pinching her nipple. She gasped and grabbed me by the hair on either side of my head, pushing her hips hard against mine. I began to lightly rub her beautiful clit with the thumb of my other hand. It was slippery with her juices and puffy and sensitive.

“Jesus Christ!” She said and began to buck her hips rapidly, leaning even further back to the dash.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum! Fuck!!” Her hips were nearly a blur now, and the sensation of her on my lap rocking back and forth, up and down on my cock, coupled with the sight of her flushed face, lithe petite body and her bald smooth pussy swallowing my cock over and over, pushed me over the edge…

“Oh my god Amy! Don’t fucking stop… Holy fuck…” I grabbed her by the hips, thrusting as hard as I could. She released my head and grabbed the overhead handle with one hand and grabbed her right breast with the other, squeezing until her knuckles were white. I thrust a few more times hard and began to cum. I pulled her tight against my hips as my cock jumped and throbbed inside her with every contraction. Amy was shaking and soaked with sweat as she collapsed against me, my cock still pulsating inside of her.

We stayed in that position for several minutes, before realizing that we were still in my brother’s pickup, still in my driveway, with my wife only 50′ away in the house. Worried that a neighbor or passer-by may have heard us, she quickly climbed off of my slowly softening cock and began to dress as I pulled up my pants and underwear. Once we were both fully dressed and breathing normally, I was beginning to feel guilty. I had just fucked my sister-in-law and cheated on my wife… Amy looked at me and giggled, reaching over to give my cock a squeeze through my jeans.

“Holy fuck that was fun big bro! Think we can do it again sometime?”

“Well…” I said, “I gotta get my tools back sometime…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32