Taking My First Virgin

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It was one hot summer day when my girlfriend Tina and I went out for a walk. We decided to go over to her boyfriend’s house. When were walking, we were talking about how we would love to go swimming in the lake it was so hot and we would love to take the men with us. Then after that we could go and have dinner at my house. The walk was about an hour and a half. We were sweating and the entire temp was up high that day. 98 degrees we saw on the outside clock. We had finally arrived to his house.

Tina went and knocked on the door. I stood there and I knew my boyfriend Rob was not there. I didn’t see his truck, so that made me a little upset. Tina and my boyfriend are best friends and so were Tina and I. We knew each other since high school.

Tina’s boyfriend (Scott) opened the door and was surprised to see us there. He told us to come in. We walked in and I sat on the couch while Tina and Scott started to kiss each other. I stared at the TV. When they was done smooching. I asked Scott if Rob was coming over.

“He was supposed to be here at 1pm today” Do not know where he is Leanne.

“No I wouldn’t be asking you if I knew?”

As the time went by Tina and Scott wanted to go to the swimming hole where we always hung out. Of course we Tina and I was thinking about it all day now all I have to do is wait and see if Rob turns up so he can go with us also.

We started to get ready. I told Tina and Scott that we had to stop at my house so I can get my swimsuit on. They said, “Ok” as we started to walk out the door. Scott opened his car door and let us in. And drove to my house. I went inside while Tina and Scott waited for me.

I started to get undress so I can put my swimsuit on under my clothes. I heard the front door open and I thought it was Tina. I went out to see what she needed and to my surprise it was my baby. He was standing there with his lovely smile.

I quickly went and grabbed my robe.

“Oh don’t put that on”

I wink at him, “why not babes?”

“Cause I like what I saw.”

I started to blush. I walked over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek.

He slides his hands under my robe feeling for my nipples. He takes his finger and traces them as he passionately kisses me hard on my lips. Taking a quick breath, I looked up at him. Letting the softest words come out of my lips.

I hear the horn beeping outside.

“Rob we have to get our Asses moving. We have to finish this later.”

“I can’t wait for later on to come then.”

Rob left and went outside, while I went and finished packing a few things to take with me.

I thought this would be a great day for my sweet Rob.” He has never been with anyone else and I will be his first. I hope I can teach him things that I have learned over the years of dating. A smile swiped across my face at these thoughts.

“Leanne you done, they want to get to the lake before it gets late Hun”

“Yes babes, I am done. Coming now.”

As I walked out the door, they all said “Finally.”

I asked Rob if we were going with them or were we going in his truck and he said, “We are riding together in my truck and Steve wants to take his.”

“Ok.” I couldn’t understand why. We were all going to the same lake, but no matter. I get to be in the front seat with my baby anyway.

We got in the truck and started to drive to the lake. I asked Rob how was his day.

“Leanne slide over to me. Sit closer please babes”


I moved over closer.

He reached over and took my hand and held it while he drove to the lake. He started to say something to me but he was nervous and shy. I started to look at the scenery going by as we pass the houses and the farms. He turned on to the road where the lake was. In the distance I can see Steve’s car. Rob pulled up next to Steve’s car. I looked over and they were already out and down by the water waiting for us. I started to open the door. I heard Rob say something to me.

“Leanne can I kiss you again.”

“Yes babes you can kiss me again.”

He lowered his head and brought his lips to mine. Touching my lips softly he kissed me as I wrapped my arms around his back. I moaned. His kisses were so passionate. I took my tongue and started to part his lips open more. I wanted to taste him more. His lips parted open more as my tongue went inside, he started to shiver. I felt his body tense up as I grabbed his tongue and started to suck it lightly. I felt Rob pull away.

“What’s wrong Rob?”

“Leanne I’m just nervous you are making me so hot and excited. It feels so good that I have to stop Hun. I don’t want to go further yet not here in the truck.”

“Okay” I opened the truck door and I started to head to the lake. I was kind of disappointed.

Tina and Scott asked.

“What you been doing?”

I snapped and said “Not very much!”

There escort kartal was silence for a moment as Rob came over to us.

I started to take my cloths off. I looked up and saw Rob staring at me and I could see Tina’s boyfriend looking at me also. I felt guilty for a moment and then said to myself boy they must like what they saw for I had a strapless bathing suit with my cleavage showing and my ruffles on my hips that when I bent over you can see my sweet firm ass.

I started heading in the water my nipples became hard as the cold water flowed over my breasts. They strained against the thin fabric of my swimsuit.

Tina, “Leanne is you okay”

“Yes, why you ask?”

“Well, you and Rob seem distanced.”

I looked at her and told her what happened.

“Leanne give him some time Hun he is trying to do everything right.”

“Okay you are right.”

Scott started swimming over, and grabbing Tina, start’s to hug, and kiss her as they move about in the water. I watched. I could see Scott reaching down to Tina’s breasts. He started to caress them and Tina had her eyes closed and was enjoying her boyfriend’s hands. He pull’s her swimsuit top down releasing her firm breasts. He leans down and start’s to kiss her nipples. They looked so hard from the cold water. I started to get excited from watching and I decided to stop and I started to swim away from them. Scott looked at me and gave me a grin.

Rob came into the water and call’s me over to him.

“Leanne I love you”,

“I love you to babe.”

He reaches over and put his hands under my legs and held me close to him. My arms wrapped around his neck. I kissed him he kissed me back harder.

“You taste so good Leanne.”

I clasped my legs around his hips and leaned back floating on top of the water. He started to caress my breasts. It felt so good I closed my eyes, He started to move his hands down to my belly still caressing me softly. I could feel his hands sweep across my pussy and I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“You told me not now.”

“Well, I changed my mind let me explore you.”

I leaned back and said, “Okay.”

He gently massaged my pussy through the thin wet fabric of my swimsuit working his fingers round my aching mound tracing the outline of my pussy lips then gently circling his fingers round my hard aroused clit.

Moaning escaped my lips and I could feel his cock pressing against my legs he was so hard. I could tell he wanted to take me in the water, but I didn’t let him. My pussy was aching to be fucked. I wanted to hold out for now. So I controlled myself from letting go.

I pushed myself away, stood up, reached in the water, and grabbed his hard shaft through his shorts moving my hands up and down grabbing him over and over. He liked it his eyes closed as he leaned down and kissed me again. I started to reach inside his shorts. I could feel him better now as I started to stroke him.

“Leanne Oh god stop you’re going to make me want to fuck you right here and now.”

And I looked at him and took my hand out. I took my legs and lifted them up as the water was up to my neck and I said “Okay” I went under the water and moved back to him taking my hands and pulling down his shorts. I took his cock and pushed it in my mouth and started to suck for a min and them came up for air. He looked at me and said baby what are you doing to me.

“Nothing babes just wanted to give a nice quick sucking before I stop pleasing you for abit.”

“Oh Leanne.”

I started to swim away with a grin on my face. I wanted to get out of the water and lay out in the sun. Tina followed me. While the men stayed in the water together talking and playing around.

I untied the back of my swimsuit and let my breasts free. I looked over and I could see Rob had a grin on his face. I laid down slowly letting him take a better look at my breasts.

Tina and I lay out in the sun for a while the hot sun beating on us felt great as we sweated a little bit. Rob and Scott decided it was time for them to get out of the water. They came over to us dripping and wet. I could feel little drops of water hit my back and Rob stood over by me.

“Mmm” the water felt so nice on my back and legs.

The time was rolling by and it was time to pack up and get ready to head back to my house. I heard Scott say,

“Leanne and Tina, get everything together so we can head out.”

“Okay” Tina and I started to change into our regular cloths.

“Tina I want to fuck Rob so bad. I know he wants to get in my pants by the way he has been acting today. He is not being as shy as I thought he would be.”

“I know Leanne, I could tell how you are acting together.”

A smile crossed my face as we started to laugh. We heard Steve yell to us to get our Asses moving. I yelled at Steve and told him to hold maltepe escort his dam panties. Rob and Tina started to laugh by my remark to Steve.

Tina and I started to walk toward them. Rob came up to me and took my hand.

“Leanne, I want to fuck you so bad baby when we get back to your place. I want my cock in your tight pussy making you so wet and dripping on my cock.”

I looked up at him and said, “Rob that is the first time I heard you talk to me like that.”

“Leanne I can’t help it I been wanting you for so long now and I think it is time for us.”

He pulled me to him and kissed me so hard. I slipped him my tongue.

“Mmm” we continued to kiss my hands caressing his back and he caressed mine. I then pulled away.

“We need to get going.”

We started to walk toward the truck again and I asked Rob.

“What about Tina and Scott they are coming back to the house too with us?”

Rob didn’t say a word he continued to walk holding my hand tight. We got to the truck and climb in and we heard them tell us that they will meet us back at my place. Rob started the truck and we headed to my house.

We drove in silence on the way home. I looked out the window as he drove. Rob grabbed my hand and held it tight again. I looked at him and smiled. He started to pull in my driveway. I looked behind me and seen Tina and Scott coming in also. Rob parked the truck and we got out and went inside my house.

We all gathering in and I went to sit on the floor Rob came and sat next to me. Tina and Scott sat on my bed. I turned on telly and Scott took the phone and ordered dinner. We put on a cool movie to watch while we waited for our food to be delivered.

Tina and Scott were talking to each other while I was day dreaming in and out.

Rob moved his arms from his lap and told me to come sit between his legs. Holding me in his arms Rob started to kiss my neck softly.

“Mmm” it felt so good I could feel my stomach getting butterflies.

“Rob, what are you doing?”

“Leanne I want to fuck you.”

My body started to tingle from the way he had spoke to me. His hands moving up and down my hair. I leaned my head back for him to kiss my lips. His lips felt so soft. I brought my hand up to the back of his head and pushed lightly making him kiss me harder. I could feel Rob’s hands on my breasts caressing them making my nipples hard. I grabbed Rob’s tongue and started to suck on it.

“Mmm” I could feel him shiver against my body.

His hands started to go under my shirt undoing my bra from the front. Freeing my breasts. He continued to caress them.

Tina and Scott started to kiss each other. Tina lying down on my bed as Scott was lying close to her. I started to watch them. Scott running his hands on her breast like Rob was doing to me. Scott began to lift her shirt up taking her breasts out he began to suck on her nipple.

“Mmm” her nipple did look good to suck.

He continued to trace her nipple with his tongue. Still watching them Rob began to lay me down. Taking my nipple in his mouth he began to flicker it with his tongue. My hands moving down to my semi wet pussy. I wanted to rub to get myself wetter for him. My clit so aroused and so hard from my caressing I began to moan. Taking my fingers and tugging at my clit Rob whispers

“Yes Leanne make that pussy wet for me.”

I took my fingers away from my pussy and brought up to his mouth.

“Taste Me,”

He brought his mouth to my fingers and began to suck. Licking my fingers up and down. “Mmm baby” he said,

Tina was moaning louder. I could hear her wet pussy as Scott was doing something to her. I couldn’t see.

I whispered in Rob’s ear to eat my pussy.

He smiled.

“Mmm” baby you want me to continue to taste your sweet pussy and have you creaming in my mouth.”

I moan softly and “Yes”

Rob moved to my pussy.

“Leanne spread your legs wide let me see her.”

I opened my legs wide for him; he leaned down and started to trace his tongue around my hard clit. Licking it gently driving me crazy.

“Oh yes Lick my clit!” I said. Moaning more as his tongue slide up and down with long slow licks.

“Leanne your pussy is so good baby and so sweet tasting.

“Mmm” I will be down here for a while.”

I started to play with my nipples arching my back up some. I can feel his tongue probing my pussy hole.

“Mmm” in and out he went and then with a quick response he slipped his finger in.

“Oh yes” I moaned loud.

Deeper he pushed his finger in moving it in faster and harder. I started to cream. He took his tongue and started to lick me.

“That’s it Leanne cream for me baby.”

Scott yelled.

“Dam Leanne”

I heard Tina let out a sigh sound.

I could tell he was more interested in me. I looked over and saw his eyes pendik escort bayan on me.

“Mmm” I have to say that made me hotter.

He gave me a wink and I saw Tina take his cock out of his pants. Stroking it slowly. Scott tried to guide her head down for her to suck him, but she wouldn’t do it. She hated to give men head she used to tell me she hated the taste, but me on the other hand loved it. I could suck on a cock all night if they let me. Right about now I would love to suck on Scott’s cock and give him the pleasure he wanted.

“Mmm” His cock looked so good.

He was so hard and so needing for a good sucking. Can’t believe I was thinking that when Rob was over here pleasing me.

I got up and told Rob to lie down. I took his zipper and unzipped his jeans sliding them down. I began to take his cock out.

“Mmm very nice baby”

He smiled. I began stroking him slowly making him nice and hard in my hand. Bending down I took my tongue and flickered his head.

“Mmm Leanne keep going.” he said.

I grinned a little. I then started to trace the rim of his cock. Around and around I kept licking. I finally started to run my tongue down his hard shaft reaching to his balls. I licked his sac. Taking it into my mouth as I sucked on it.

“Mmm” He tasted so nice.

Then ran my tongue back up his hard shaft. His head dripped with pre cum.

I looked over and saw Scott still watching me. He was fucking Tina’s wet pussy doggie style. He was enjoying watching me as he fucked Tina harder. Tina moaned louder and louder.

I started to take Rob’s cock in my mouth. I sucked him slow. I didn’t know if he would cum on me fast. He never had a woman. I was his first so I wanted to give him something to remember me by. Deeper I pushed his cock in my mouth. My tongue ran along his shaft.

I know he can feel the back of my throat. His breathing was getting faster.

“Leanne Do not make me cum yet.”

I took his cock out of my mouth. I got up and spread my legs over him.

“Rob, you want your cock in my pussy now?”

“Oh yes Leanne.”

I brought my wet pussy down towards his cock my hand, grab’s his cock, and starts to glide it in. I can feel my pussy lips stretch open.

“Mmm”, slowly I pushed him in me, my pussy lips opening. My cream started to drip down his shaft on to his balls. Leaning down more with my body I started to push him in farther taking it slow I still didn’t want him to cum. His breathing got heavier again.

“Oh God Leanne your pussy feels so good baby. Ride my cock baby.”

I started to ride him up and down grinding my pussy against his cock. He took his hands and tried to get my breasts. I continued to ride him harder. I rode him. My head leaning back as I moaned.

I heard Tina let out a loud moan. She had her orgasm. Scott let out a loud sigh sound.

Riding Rob, more I can feel my pussy juice running out of me. Mmm, I was getting him soaked.

Looking over I sees Tina and Scott watching me fuck Rob. This gave me more enjoyment.

I could feel Rob’s body tense up. I quickly slide off his cock. My juices ran down my thighs. I sat next to him and let him calm down for a moment. He looked at me.

“Leanne why you stop?”

“I want to calm your cock down from exploding I said, and have you cum in my mouth so I can taste you.”

“Mmm Leanne” he moaned.

I began to stroke his cock again. Looking at him with a smile. I brought my mouth down and began to suck his head.

“Mmm yeah” I went faster and harder.

I then stopped and ran my tongue down his shaft and back up. Flickering his head as his pre cum dripped. I then took his cock and started to bring it deeper in my mouth sucking it hard and fast. My head bobbing up and down. Moving my mouth all around his shaft. Pushing his cock in deeper and sucking him then lifting up to suck on his juicy knob.

“Oh Leanne I am going to cum!”

“Cum for me baby” let me taste you.

I began to suck faster and harder my hands stroking his cock. His body starts to tremble. His cock hard and ready to explode. Faster I kept sucking him.

“Leanne I am cumin”

He let out a loud moan and I could feel his sperm hit the back of my throat. Oh god, he tasted so good. I sucked on him harder to get all his cum. His body started to shake.

“Leanne you are amazing.”

“Rob you are no virgin no more.”

And we both laughed as he sat up and hugged me and gave me a kiss.

Tina went in the bathroom to clean up and Rob went and got dressed. I waited for Tina to get out of the bathroom so I could jump in the shower.

Rob decided to go to the truck to get something.

Scott came over to me and started to whisper in my ear and taking his hand and caressing my breasts. I looked at him.

“What are you doing?”

“I want you Leanne watching you fuck Rob made me want you, to fuck me and suck me like you have sucked him.

I looked away.

Rob came back in and I went over and hugged him.

This I will end it here. There is more to this story but I will write it some other time. So look for it soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32