The Assignment

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I had waited for a long time for a good assignment. I was so excited to be going to California to do a story on the Air National Guard. I was going to be covering their annual banquet and interview some of the men for the week leading up to the event. It would be their awards banquet. My magazine was interested in showing the public what it took for a young man or woman interested in such a career

I was leaving Sunday so as to check into the hotel and be ready Monday morning for my first interview. The commander said he would have one of the guardsman pick me up at airport and take me to my hotel. I had never been to Sacramento California before but was looking forward to seeing the Ocean. I had checked to see what kind of attire to bring so that I would not feel under dressed or over dressed. I began packing and had to plan attire for a week trip and a semi formal banquet at the end of convention. My black dress. With the scoop back was just perfect for such an occasion Was hoping that instead of the men and women looking at me as an interview that they would open up to me and I could get some good stories for my magazine.

I left early Sunday morning and drove to the airport I bored my plane and made my way to Sacramento with a lay over in Dallas. Enjoyed the plane trip and was ready to take the world on with my new assignment. It would be 2:00 PM in California by the time I arrived but knew if I rested on plane; I might be ready to see some sights when I arrived. I was worried a little; whom this Commander was sending to be my escort while I was there and hoped it would be someone cool. I laid head back and began to fantasize myself on the arm of the coolest guardsman in the whole division. Was almost to the good part of the fantasy when the flight attendant said we were landing and where the baggage claim would be. I straighten my hair and applied fresh lipstick

When I departed the plane a gentleman that looked old enough to be my Father was waiting with a sign that said my name. I walked toward him thinking “well isn’t this gonna be fun on the arm of my Father”. When he introduced himself he said his name was Randy I introduced myself and said I’m Linda nice to meet you. Randy and I went to the baggage claim area where we retrieved my luggage and out to the jeep we went. I asked Randy how long he had been in this branch of service and continued to ask questions until we reached the hotel.

Checked in and Randy helped me with my things As he was leaving I asked him what was on the agenda for this evening. He said that my escort would arrive around 8:00 to go to the orientation to the festival. I was so relieved that I wasn’t going to have to spend a boring time with my Father. He said a Sgt. Connor would be my escort but he was delayed in Long Beach and wasn’t to arrive in Sacramento till this evening. Randy would forward room number to him and he would be the one to escort me to the week long festivities. I wanted so much to ask randy if master St Connor. was a good looking hunk but I didn’t after all I was out there on assignment not to find a boyfriend.

I got settled in and the Commander called the room and explained the mix up but assured me that Sgt. Connor would be there to pick me up at 8:00. I asked him if it was a formal affair and he told me his wife was wearing a cocktail dress I thanked him for his advice and laid down on the bed and snoozed till around 5: 30 and then began to clean up from traveling and went to take a shower. I was undressed except for my garter belt and nylons and ready bahis firmaları to slip into shower when I heard a knock on my hotel door. I grabbed my robe and said who is it. I heard a mans voice saying it is St Connor. I opened the door and was very intrigued with who was standing in my hotel room doorway. I asked Sgt. Connor inside to sit. He explained the mix up and just wanted to introduce himself before this evening and apologized for being late. I just smiled at him and said things happen sometimes beyond our control. I knew St, Connor was starring a hole through my robe and began to think “well now don’t I have a live one here.”

I asked him to sit down as he moved towards the chair. I sat opposite him on the couch and began to have dirty thoughts, enter my head about this new man I had just laid eyes on. I giggled to myself and made small talk all the while watching Sgt. Connor glance up and down at my nyloned legs. I figured, “hey why not flirt some.” I crossed my legs as the robe slid open and exposed the top garter We continued to talk and was very much impressed with my escort, but, if I was going to be ready to be escorted to the banquet by 8:00 I needed time to get ready. He excused himself and said he would meet me at 8:00 I asked him if he wanted to meet me in the lobby and he said no he would knock on my door. I had no idea that he was in the same hotel.

I shut the door and leaned next to it and thought “this is gonna be fun “Besides having this great assignment my escort wasn’t bad himself. I began to shower and my mood began to change. I was having thoughts about Sgt. Connor that I knew I must stop. I didn’t even know if he was married for all I knew his wife would be with him. I showered and applied fresh makeup and remembered that he enjoyed looking at my nyloned legs and knew exactly the dress I would wear for the event. I unpacked my cocktail dress that was cut extra low in the back with a high collar in the front in one of those sweeping necklines. I wore black nylons, black garter belt and a black bra and topped the outfit off with my high heel black evening pumps. I glanced in the mirror and was very happy with what I saw. And having naughty thoughts hoped Sgt. Connor wasn’t married and his wife wasn’t along if he was.

I was startled back to reality when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and Sgt.Connor looked so handsome in his dress uniform I had always had a soft spot in my heart for men in uniform. I said give me a minute more so that I may apply my lipstick, walking away from the door as you stepped inside and closed it behind you. I went into the bathroom to apply the lipstick and you were sitting on the couch looking into the bathroom trying notto let me see you were watching me Thought to myself This interview was gonna be a fun one. I took your arm and down to the lobby we went.

Arrived at the banquet and I was enjoying all the different types of service people that were their and would ask you this or that about it all. / My family wasn’t a big military family so I found it interesting but I also found my escort very interesting. I turned the charm on and after awhile it was paying off, I had everyone trying to tell me his or her story. I listened and made mental notes on what they were saying but I was also interested in the stares I knew I was getting from Sgt. Connor. I glanced over at you and smiled as you returned my smile and a little wink in your eye. I smiled back and wished dinner was over so we could maybe get to know one another better.

Soon the evening kaçak iddaa was coming to a close and you asked if I was ready to leave and I said yes I think that the day is finally coming to an end. We rode back to the Hotel in silence almost both of us having thoughts of our own and trying to figure out who was gonna flirt first. You walked me to my room and I handed you the key and asked if you weren’t to tired maybe we could at least find out something about each other since we would be working together. We sat for a few minutes studying each other and then you said tell me Laura are you married? and I said no ” are you?”

We talked on exchanging stories of where we grew up and became very comfortable with each other. I looked at the clock and said Rob what time do we need to be there in the morning and we both realized it was 3:00 am and we had to be at the convention center at 9:00 I walked you to the door and snuck a quick glance at your ass, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM My favorite past time looking at men’s boodies!!!!!!!!!!!. Said thank you for the evening and reached to kiss you lightly on the cheek when you turned your head and we kissed on the lips. We stopped for a few minutes to see if the other minded and then kissed each other good night and said see you in a little while. Closed door behind me and ran to the bed and laid there wishing it had gone further. But after all tomorrow was another day.

We left the hotel Monday morning and headed to the conference, We still were talking on the way to the Convention Center, of how much fun it was last evening to observe what the military does in our lives. I slid in the car next to you and of course loved the way you watched my every move. By this time I was thinking was he waiting for me to make the first move or am he really not interested and just likes to look. Asked you if you slept well and you said were a little lonely in such a big bed. I smiled and said I will have to agree with that and would be nice to share with someone. We arrived at the convention center and for the next several hours Gary had classes to attend and I just moved around and interviewed several more men and women. Was lunchtime and we met and went out to get a bite to eat as Gary showed me different sites around the town. He had lived there before and was kinda glad to be home. I enjoyed his company Gary was such an easy man to talk to. He asked me if I had plans for the evening since the only event-taking place was a trade type show, not really was going to stay in room or maybe walk around some. Gary told me he didn’t have to attend the trade show so we could make a date for dinner if I would like. I said I would love to go to dinner with you. We got back to the hotel after a very long day and I asked what time would you like to start the tour and you said how about I pick you up here at 6:00, said fine and began to shut the hotel room door when you stopped me stepped inside and kissed me not a peck but a real nice kiss. I was taken aback at first but you continued to kiss me moving your lips to my neck then to my bare shoulders. I was enjoying your touches when I reached to touch your chest and began to rub my hands up and down your chest to felt your nipples begin to harden, Thinking to myself “I let him leave last night I’m not about to stop now.” I felt that he was thinking the same time cause we headed to the bedroom kissing and leading one another to the bed.

You stood on the side of the bed and slipped my dress off me, to reveal what I think you had been wondering all day what was underneath kaçak bahis that dress. To your surprise I had dressed very casual that day Had a pair of midnight blue panties, midnight blue bra which looked so cool next to my brown skin. I had also worn a pair of high heel mules and as you slipped the dress off I started to kick shoes off but you stopped me saying that heels were a big turn on for you and I smiled and said goody I love to wear them and especially to tease my men with. We lay down on the bed and continued to explore one another’s mouths kissing, looking, stopping, and just enjoying your touches on me. You moved slowly down my tummy with your strong hands and began to massage the tip of my vagina area and would ever so lightly be hitting the most sensitive spot on me. Moved into you so you could hit my clit with each stroke. Moved under your motion and was moaning some when you laid over and kissed me deep and kept kissing me down my browned body till you reached my mound. Then you spread my legs and laid one leg over your shoulder starring up at me and smiling and I placed the other leg over your shoulder. You began licking me with such skill as I opened my legs to receive your tongue into my pussy. I held your head in my hands and moved your head. You allowed me to move your head freely so that I could cum to a full orgasm. I was so hot and full of cum when all of a sudden a big gush of hot wet cum came on your face and into your mouth You stopped for a minute to rub my clit with your finger and I squirted cum all over you and the bed. You were so hard I pushed you over and began licking your cock in and out of my mouth I placed my bright red glossy lips onto your cock and moved them slowly to the base of your cock, moved my tongue around and around licking your tip then sucking the base of your cock, I placed your balls into my hands and began to massage them as I sucked your hard cock inside my mouth to the back of my throat feeling you swell as you pumped my mouth harder. I knew if I continued to suck and lick I would have a mouth full of cum I had never let a man cum in my mouth before. But for some reason I wanted you’re cum running down my face and on my lips. You said Laura I’m cumin I said I know baby give it all to me as I held your cock with hands and pumped you till you were almost soft. I pulled my mouth away and started to rub your cock again so as to make him hard I knew from this foreplay I wouldn’t be satisfied till I had you deep inside me. I lay on my back and reached for you to mount me. You laid down on top of me and began to kiss my lips tasting both of us become one and you moved first slowly in and out of me and then your pace quicken and then I moved under you like we had been together many times We both were so lost in each other’s feeling so hot and horny we came together and continued to pump in rhythm. I rolled you over on your back and climbed up on top placing my heels next to your thighs and began to ride your hot rod till I felt you swell and explode deep inside me as I opened my legs wider so I could feel you touch my cervix and rode you dry and soft. I leaned over after we came together and lay on your chest and listened to your breath. Neither one spoke and we drifted off to sleep. It was almost 6:00 PM when you woke first; you started rubbing my face with your hands as I opened my eyes I saw that I did have a great story to tell. But wasn’t sure who was gonna get to read it.

The rest of the week was filled with a lot of discoveries about one another. Enjoyed Gary’s company very much. We had planned to continue to talk long distance and see if anything developed. I had some very good stories to return home with. But the most favorite subject that I had enjoyed the most was my Master Sgt.

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