The Beginning. . . .

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Eva Lovia

It all started at a late summer board meeting. She had come, from out of town, to visit my chairman on the wrong night, jet black hair, wonderful Celtic Blue eyes, and a figure to kill for. She flashed a dazzling smile as we shook hands. Electricity flowed. We went out to dinner with the rest of the board. It was utterly boring, except that, by chance, I was placed beside her, our legs touched, then continued to play games. There was instant chemistry. We had difficulty getting through the meal. I said I would escort her back to her hotel.

We held hands as we walked towards my hotel, made a detour to see a house that she had once owned, and kissed. I was right, the electricity continued, my left hand undid the top three buttons of her dress, and I held a breast. A long nipple hardened into my hand, and our kisses became more intense. She felt wonderful, alive and feline, like nothing that I had ever experienced before. We broke free and walked on towards my hotel, stopping under each street lamp to kiss again. Our conversation was whether she would come to my room to stay the night. We finally decided that breakfast would be difficult, so I taxied her to her own hotel. We agreed to meet for tea the next afternoon.

Tea could not come too quickly. I walked into the lobby of a very famous hotel, and there she was, a picture, in a pretty summer dress, with tight waist and a flared skirt. Earl Grey, and stale sandwiches were hilarious, we could hardly stop illegal bahis laughing. Every other table was occupied by an old man with his young mistress. We learned quickly, about others, and ourselves! All too soon we were out of time, I drove back to her hotel, and we agreed to meet within a week.

Day after day I could think of nothing but a wonderful body that I had only touched, stroked and fondled, of the deep kisses, and reactions to my touches. It was an entirely new experience to be with somebody whose body language spoke volumes. Six days later I was only twenty miles from her home, with time to spare before my next meeting. I ‘phoned tentatively, worried what the reaction might be after six days of silence. She was just finishing a game of Bridge, the players were going, and twenty miles would take less than half an hour. It did.

She met me at the door with those flashing blue eyes, and an instant deep kiss. Within minutes we were on a couch continuing our explorations. I kissed, suckled, and pulled on nipples that I had only felt, drawing them from her breasts and pulling both from her body. She loved it. There were deep gurgles, and contented murmurs of appreciation. We both continued exploring.

Modern girls can be well protected, a “body” was unclipped, a new experience for me, tights slid down, and then there were panties. I love a full bush, the scent, the feel, the breakdown of a barrier, the final frontier, with the sense of adventure illegal bahis siteleri as you explore beneath. Hers was amazing, it curled out everywhere from the sides her tight, damp panties. It was full of erotic pleasure. I nuzzled her cleft, and pulled on individual silky black curls. She was in ecstasy as some came away, it was time for bed. We were slightly hobbled, clothing partly off, restricting movement, but we managed the stairs together, as though we were in a three legged race, and reached the bedroom without leaving too big a trail.

Strangely neither of us had ever completely undressed another before, so a new adventure began, each taking off an article of clothing, in turn, so that we were bare together. Now I am one for foreplay, for helping a girl to the point of orgasm, need, ecstasy, and entry, but this was not to be. We tore into bed. I started to fondle and caress, but we had been waiting six days. I gently eased myself to the entrance of a glorious deep, wet cunt, there was a single thrust, and we fucked with abandon. She was below me, offering her breasts with both hands. Breasts are my “turn on”. They were accepted, nipples were pulled, and sucked, and for my first time this was reciprocated. Mine had never been chewed, pulled, or sucked, before, and they connected directly to my cock. I do not think I had ever been so big. We reached an earth shattering climax together, and lay exhausted.

Later the adventure continued canlı bahis siteleri with her on top so that I could revel in that beautiful body. Her nipples were huge, like the teats on a babies bottle, completely hard, sticking straight out from her glorious firm breasts. They continued to be suckled by a big baby, little did I know that they would soon give milk, without pregnancy, but that adventure will come later. Our explorations and body language showed that her teats were wired directly to her cunt. We continued to another orgasm, then off the bed, and continued on the floor.

This led to the next discovery, and to the knowledge that we both loved to bathe. She had never been eaten out, and had to learn to suck to orgasm. We lay six nine, cunt juice and cum dribbling down my chin, as I sucked and chewed her erect labia. She began gentle, exploratory fellatio, but we had taken each other to orgasm three times in two hours.

We bathed for the first time before I left, exploring every intimate cavity, each kneeling bedside the bath so that one could clean the other, before sharing. Then we were close, spooned, like we were riding a motorcycle, her in front, with those glorious nipples still being caressed and pulled, as my arms encircled her body. It was to become a familiar position. Then we were facing, continuing to explore, but we were spent. I was out of time, but would be near her home in seven days, so we agreed to meet for dinner in a week.

This time there were ‘phone calls every day, intimate, gentle calls, usually lasting just a few seconds. They told more than either believed possible, then suddenly it was time for our next meeting……………….

I was falling in love.

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