The Family Ch. 04

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Loretta smiled as she looked out the kitchen window. From where she stood at the counter she could see Sam and Rosie splashing and play-fighting in the pool in the back yard. Soon after they had bought the house, when the children were still young, she and David had properly fenced their property and planted intensively. Now, many of the trees were maturing well and the yard was private, with a comfortable feeling of seclusion. None of their neighbours’ houses were visible and they all liked the feeling of being able to relax without fear of intrusion.

She was so glad school was finished for the summer. Her two children had taken their exams seriously and had studied hard. Now, they were enjoying some well-earned relaxation time and she loved having them around the house. She worked part-time, but Loretta was determined to make the most of them while she had the chance. She felt that Rosie had become almost distant and she hoped that they would get to spend some time together, maybe re-establishing the bond she had always felt with her only daughter.

Sam was still her lovely boy, caring and loving; so caring and loving that she and David still had the supreme pleasure of him being part of their love-making. Their threesomes together and the private times she had with Sam were something they all viewed with a mix of awe and delight in the fact that the simple act of physical pleasure could unite them in a feeling of such contentment and joy with each other. Loretta wondered if part of Rosie’s detachment was from detecting something she wasn’t a part of. She had thought about her daughter often, wondering about the possibility of initiating her with Sam or David.

In the delirious aftermath of deflowering Sam, she felt sure it could be just as enjoyable but she also knew it could be disastrous if handled the wrong way and she was scared of making the wrong approach. She shook her head, scattering the thoughts; now was a time for enjoying her children. She arranged the drinks and nibbles on a tray, carried them out onto the deck and made her way, barefoot in her swimsuit, down the steps and across the grass to the loungers, sun umbrella and small pool-side table.

“Drinks kids,” she called. Sam gave his sister one last dunking and splashed over to the steps and climbed, dripping, from the cool water. It was a cloudless day and the sun felt good on his bare skin. Rosie surfaced, blowing and splashing, and swam to the edge of the pool, not bothering with the steps. She placed her hands on the tiled pool edge and hauled herself out, dripping as well. Loretta sat back on one of the chairs and watched her two beautiful children happily.

“My two most favourite people,” she said “after you father, of course.” She smiled again and Sam grinned at her as he collapsed onto a lounger beside her. He took the glass she offered him and had a long drink of cold juice.

“I feel as if I’ve hardly seen either of you for months,” she complained.

“Humph,” snorted Rosie, taking another lounger closer to the pool. “You always seem to be able to make time for one of us.” Her voice was slightly bitter, almost stung.

“Rosie dear, what on earth do you mean by that?” Loretta straightened up in her chair and looked at her daughter. Rosie turned away and stared out over the pool at its still-undulating surface. Sam went still.

“Nothing” The reply was short, bitten off. The silence lengthened and became uncomfortable. Loretta cleared her throat.

“Rosie,” she felt unsure, hesitant. “Is something wrong? Have I upset you?” She began to fear that this was what it was, something she’d done inadvertently.

“You haven’t upset her mom,” said Sam quietly. Loretta turned to him and saw he was watching his sister closely. Her mind began working, turning over possibilities. Rosie was silent, sullen, a marked change from the mood she had been in a moment ago, laughing and giggling with Sam in the pool.

“It’s nothing you’ve done mom.” Sam looked at his sister and Rosie blinked, rubbing her eyes as if wiping away drops of water from the pool. As Loretta watched, Rosie’s bottom lip trembled faintly.

“Rosie, what’s wrong darling? Please, I want to help.”

Her daughter laughed, a hard, gulping sound and her shoulders shook.

“There’s nothing you can do. You’ve already done it…got what you wanted.” It was almost an accusation.

“Got what I wanted…? Rosie…what are you talking about?” Something began to gel in Loretta’s mind.

“Rosie,” said Sam in a warning tone “we talked about this. I told you, it isn’t safe.”

He was taking a risk now but he needed to head this off before it got out of hand. The discussion with her earlier in the week while they had been home alone, ostensibly studying while David and Loretta were at work, had been loud with uncontrolled bursts of crying. Loretta watched her daughter closely, suddenly seeing how upset she was; the trembling lip, her hands squeezed into her lap, the knuckles white they were so tightly entwined. Rosie squeezed her eyes shut and tears, sincan escort not water from the pool, began to run down her cheeks.

“Oh baby, what’s wrong?” Real concern filled Loretta’s voice.

“It’s not fair.” Rosie’s voice cracked and she began to cry for real, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed on the chair. Loretta moved swiftly, up from her chair and across to her daughter. She sat down on the lounger as Rosie pulled her legs up and slipped an arm around her, trying to give her a hug but Rosie pushed her away.

“It’s not fair.”

Sam knelt on the grass before them both, placing his hands on Rosie’s knees.

“Rosie, don’t do this,” he implored. “It’s just going to make things worse.”

“How? How can they be worse? You don’t love me.”

Loretta felt her jaw go slack as she watched Sam. A look of pain appeared on his face.

“I do Rosie, can’t you see?”

“Liar!” she sobbed.

Sam lowered his head, shaking it slowly from side to side.

“Oh God, not this again,” he muttered.

“Sam,” Loretta felt she had a better chance of getting sense out of her son “what’s she talking about?”

Sam heaved a sigh of resignation.

“She knows,” as he waved a hand at his sister. The tears were easing but Rosie still shook on the lounger beside her mother. In an instant Loretta understood. This was exactly what she had feared and she knew she would have to be very careful.

“Rosie,” she said gently after a moment. “Rosie…I can understand how this would be upsetting for you but you needn’t be. Please, I still love dad and I still love you. Nothing is going to change that.”

“But he loves you too,” her daughter gestured vaguely at Sam “and he doesn’t love me.”

“Rosie!” Sam sounded exasperated. Loretta made a calming motion towards him with her hand.

“What makes you say that dear?”

“Be…because…because he makes love…to you but he…he won’t do it with me.”

The words came haltingly, punctuated by gulped breaths. Rosie’s face was red and tear-stained. Loretta had never seen her look so vulnerable.

“Oh sweetie,” she murmured sympathetically. This time, when she put an arm around her daughter, Rosie turned and buried her face in her mother’s shoulder, the tears returning again. Loretta waited for a time and then, during a lull, she spoke again.

“Has Sam told you he doesn’t love you?” She knew what the answer was, but the question was intended to get Rosie to think about what she was saying.


“Has he told you that he does love you?”


“And you want him to make love with you?”


“Don’t you think that’s wrong?” She was testing now, trying to find out what her daughter was really thinking. Rosie sniffed. The talking, the thinking was deflecting her emotion.

“How can it be wrong? You and Sam do it…and…and you do it with him and dad.”

Loretta hadn’t realised she knew quite so much about the way their relationship had developed.

“Sweetie, you realise that the love that Sam and I make is…different from what happens between your father and me? Dad is my life partner; I’m going to love him forever and I’m going to love Sam forever too but what happens between us and Sam is something else. We’re making love, yes, but its love of a different kind. We’re doing it because we enjoy it; it’s fun”

“Well…why can’t I have it too? I want to be part if it, part of the fun. This is my family too, isn’t it?”

“Rosie, I told you. The only reason I’m comfortable making love with mom is because…”

“…because there’s no risk of pregnancy. I know.” Rosie interrupted her brother, finishing his sentence in an exasperated tone.

“Well, your brother’s quite right to be cautious Rosie. You can’t be mad at him for wanting to protect you.” She paused, frowning “But sweetie, aren’t you on the pill? We went to the doctor months ago…Have you been taking the tablets every day?”

Rosie nodded.

“Every day,” she said.

“And you want to make love with Sam?”

Her daughter nodded again, her large tear-stained hazel eyes looking at her brother where he knelt on the grass before them.

“Sam, would you like to make love with Rosie?”

“Of course but…”

“Well, there’s nothing stopping you.”

Sam blinked.

“You’re sure?”

“Absolutely” She was sure it was a trick of the light but Loretta was certain Rosie looked brighter. She bent her head and kissed her daughter tenderly on the forehead. “I’m so jealous of you. I wish Sam had been my first; he’s an excellent lover and he licks pussy like a champion.” She grinned at Sam who, strangely, blushed and looked at the grass, refusing to meet her eye.

“I know mom,” said her daughter with an enthusiastic smile. The tears had vanished in an instant and the spontaneous bubbly girl that was her daughter looked at her with love and laughter in her eyes “Sam and I have been…well…” she trailed to a halt uncertainly. Loretta began to laugh, a rich throaty sincan escort bayan chuckle that carried the two children with it, first Sam and then, haltingly, Rosie. As her mirth subsided Loretta struggled to her feet.

“I’m going to give you two some space. I get the feeling things are going to get a bit heated out here very soon.”

Unbidden, both the children started involuntarily.

“Oh mom, no.” said Rosie.

“No, wait…mom,” said Sam. Loretta stopped.

“What?” She looked at them, from one to the other. Rosie’s eyes implored her.

“Mom…I think…” Rosie glanced at her brother, saw he was uncomfortable with their mother leaving too “I think I…we…I think we’d like you to stay, don’t we?” She looked at Sam again and he nodded.

“We don’t want to chase you away into the house mom.”

“Really? Oh darlings, you want me here? I don’t know…wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?”

“It’d feel more uncomfortable knowing you didn’t want to share it,” said Sam with feeling. “Dad was there with us, after all,” he pointed out.

Loretta couldn’t believe her ears; to be present when her son deflowered her daughter, to watch, to…help, maybe…It seemed too good to be true. In the heat of the mid-afternoon sun she felt a warmth of her own begin inside her, love and a delicious flood within her vagina, turning her sex slick.

“My baby,” she whispered, stroking Rosie’s cheek tenderly. “What should I do?”

“Well,” Rosie looked around “You could just…be here…” She was beginning to have feelings of her own; finally, after all this time, all the waiting, the fantasizing, the masturbation, sneaking into Sam’s room at night for snatched moments of unimaginable pleasure, his cock, so hard and powerful in her mouth, his orgasms and the taste of his seed that she now knew so well. And at last, they would make love, right here right now. Her crotch began to tingle.



“Fuck me.”

Sam’s heart was thumping in his chest, so loud in his ears he was sure the two women would hear it as well. Now Loretta really did stand up, but not to leave. She shifted one of the chairs to the edge of the shade cast by the sun umbrella. The lounger Rosie was sitting on was smack in the centre of it, providing shelter from the direct sunshine but the day was so warm it was still quite pleasant. Sam and Rosie moved to each other slowly, gently, their hands touching, caressing. Rosie smiled at him as her fingers closed over his, placing it palm-down on the swollen curve of her chest. Her skin was still cool from the pool and his hand felt wonderfully warm through the fabric of her bikini top. She breathed in deeply as she felt him cup and squeeze each firm breast in turn.

Loretta watched, smiling. Her daughter had a wonderful full figure and, from the way Rosie closed her eyes and moaned gently as Sam lowered his head to kiss each triangle of fabric it seemed she enjoyed having them played with, just as she did. Sam slid his hands behind her and fumbled with the small catch between her shoulder blades. He grunted in annoyance but the clasp suddenly gave way and Rosie shrugged her shoulders until her breasts were bare in front of him.

The warmth in Loretta’s groin had changed to a throb and a hand strayed to the gusset of her swimsuit, rubbing, teasing as she moved on the chair, parting her legs quietly. Rosie’s hands moved to her brother’s swimming trunks and he moaned as she rubbed the growing bulge through the wet fabric in his crotch. She leant forward, stretching up on tip-toes to kiss him on the cheek.

“Can I help you with these?”

Sam watched as his sister slid her hands around his waist, pushing the elasticised band down over his hips, moving to kneel before him, slipping her hand down inside the front, closing over his manhood, easing it out from within the pants as they fell to the grass at his feet, moving closer, her lips parting. He groaned; after the cold of the pool her mouth felt hot, so hot and wet. Loretta caught her breath at the sight of Rosie enclosing his hard penis in her mouth. Her daughter’s eyes closed and she groaned as she felt the familiar hard smooth engorged flesh between her lips, exulting in the knowledge that she and Sam were taking the first step towards becoming lovers, of sharing the pleasure she’d longed for ever since the morning she’d accidentally discovered her mother sharing it with him. She moved her mouth on him, licking, teasing as her hands moved over his lower torso, rubbing against the cool firm flesh, pressing hard, feeling him beneath her palms, running her fingers through the curly pubic hair, teasing and tickling his ball sack.

Sam placed his hands on his sister’s head, stroking, feeling the long straight locks slide through his fingers, still wet from their swim. His breathing was slow and deep and he had his eyes closed too, in a close private world with his sister. Loretta watched the scene before her, scarcely able to breathe; the intimacy had caught her totally off-guard. escort sincan She had assumed that her children would simply take their clothes off and have sex in front of her. What she didn’t realise was that Sam and Rosie had already had months of pleasing each other and now that the moment had finally arrived, far from wanting to rush it, neither of them was in any hurry, preferring to enjoy every touch, every taste, every breath of each other.

“Rosie?” Sam said quietly.

She looked up at him.

“I want to come inside you…but I want to taste you first”

She pulled her mouth off him and stood up. She understood; there would be other times when she would be able to pleasure him fully with her mouth, but now they needed to save him because they were going to do it properly. He peeled the tight fabric of her bikini bottom down over her hips and she pushed it further, sliding it down her thighs and stepping out of the wet crumpled fabric, straightening up as her brother spread his hands over her swelling buttocks, squeezing, parting her cheeks and sliding fingers down into the warm cleft to probe and tease her anus.

She stiffened against him and moaned quietly, resting her head on his shoulder, enjoying being spread by him, touched by him. His strong hands moved to grasp her waist and he lifted her, moving to lower her on the lounger, which creaked as their combined weight came onto it. Rosie watched as Sam positioned himself and she parted her legs wide, bringing her knees up towards her head, hooking her arms behind them to hold her legs in place, positioning her hands either side of her sex, spreading, parting, opening herself for him, lifting her hips, her vagina with its crown of pale brown curly hair nestled in the soft creamy skin between her thighs, pink and tender and sweet as he slid his hands under her bottom, lifting and supporting her.

Loretta watched from the side, sitting in the sun chair; she was having trouble remembering to breathe as she watched her son lower his mouth onto her daughter. Rosie stiffened as he made contact and Loretta saw the skin on either side of her vagina swell as he pushed his tongue between her lips, forcing himself into her innermost place, sucking, drawing the pink flesh into his mouth, swallowing her fluid. Rosie reached out a hand to her mother and Loretta moved quickly to take it.

“What’s wrong sweetie?”

“Mom…oh mom, I love it when he licks me…” Her voice was soft, dreamy.

Loretta smiled, love welling up within her.

“I love it too darling,” she said gently.

“He makes me come…I come so hard. And…and I’ve made him come too…with my mouth. Have you done that for him? Have you made him come in your mouth?”

Loretta nodded, her eyes bright.

“Yes, I’ve made him come in my mouth. Did you like it?”

“There’s so much…I love the taste of his come…it’s…I never wanted to until I saw you with him. He fucked you and came inside you and…oh Sam that feels so nice…he came inside you and I watched. You took some of it…you took it in your hand from your vagina and you swallowed it. I’d never…I’d never known you could do that until then.”

Loretta could feel herself blushing.

“I’m sorry you had to see that,” she whispered but Rosie shook her head deliberately from side to side.

“There’s no need to apologise mom. It was beautiful to watch.”

Loretta could feel she was smiling uncontrollably and she blinked as tears welled up in her eyes unexpectedly. Rosie gave her a dazzling smile in return. She turned back to watch her brother, feeling the pleasure roll through her body, building slowly as he knelt between her legs and sucked and licked and swallowed, on and on, building, seeming to take forever but in reality…her eyes went wide and her head jerked up from the lounger.

“I’m going to come.”

“Oh Rosie” Loretta sucked a ragged breath of air and her hand rubbed her crotch harder.

“Mom,” Rosie’s voice was tense as her orgasm built quickly “mom, you should be naked too…with us…oh…OH! Oh yes… OH…!”

Sam gripped the soft skin of his sister’s inner thighs and pressed his mouth down firmly on Rosie’s slick opening. He had been licking and sucking gently, his mouth restrained and tender but insistent at the same time as her taste and the feel of her, the desire to have her orgasm, consumed him.

Since their first time he and his sister had pleasured each other often but now, as a prelude to what each of them knew was about to happen, the pure joy of being able to give his sister this moment was overpowering and his focus was only on the warm flesh before him, Rosie lying on the lounger with her legs parted wide and her vagina so warm, so sweet in his mouth. Rosie groaned and whimpered as she climaxed and Sam kept position as the musky sweetness welled within her and he swallowed it all, licking as deeply as he could, down into his sister’s opening, the warmth, the scent, the taste, the knowledge that he had given her this pleasure making it all the sweeter.

Rosie lay on the lounger, panting in the aftermath, smiling at him as she mussed his damp hair gently where he knelt before her, kissing the soft skin around her vagina tenderly, licking closer, gathering more of her nectar, her own wonderful loving brother and he grinned up at her.

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