The Family Dinner Party

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Seeing Rita quivering in her own kitchen, an observer might have thought it was because of the temperature. Especially as she was dressed only in a black lacy bra, black thong, suspender belt and stockings and three inch high heel shoes. She was wearing a small, white apron but it covered very little. It was not cold, however, which caused the shaking it was nervousness and excitement.

Three weeks earlier, one evening, 45 year old Rita had been talking with her husband, Ian, as they sat in the couple’s living room. Rita had said she felt guilty.

“What about?” asked Ian.

“I think I was insensitive and angry when Jane told me she was a lesbian and I was always too hard on her as she was growing up.” replied Rita.

Jane was their daughter. She was 23 and was now living with her partner, Helen, who was the same age as Rita. Jane was only 17 when she had told her mother she was a lesbian, only to be met with a torrent of abuse. Rita had also always been strict with Jane, frequently smacking her for the slightest infraction, as she was growing up.

“I also think that when I told Paul that Julie was not good enough for him, I should have kept my mouth shut. I was always telling him what he should and shouldn’t do.” continued Rita.

Paul was the 21 year old son of Rita and Ian. Paul had married Julie twelve months ago. Julie, who was a lot older than him at 39, did not get on well with Rita.

“To stop me feeling guilty, I think we need to arrange a dinner party for all six of us. However I will act as a waitress and servant for the whole evening. That will show me as being more humble than my usual behaviour. If you can explain to the four of them that I want to be humiliated at their hands to assuage my guilt, it might work for me. You need to tell them that it is their chance to get their revenge on me for all the times I was nasty to them in the past. That, of course, includes Helen and Julie not just our two children. Ian, you should meet them at the door and when they are settled in the lounge you should make it clear to them that during the evening any or all of them are entitled to strip me, spank me, fondle me or anything else they want to do for any reason or no reason.” explained Rita.

“You are making me feel uncomfortable. What about all the times I disciplined the children?” added Ian

“I want to take the punishment for that, too; a bit like the historical ‘Whipping Girl’.” insisted Rita. “Make that clear to our guests. In fact, make it clear that they can do things to me just for fun, if they like.”

The invitations were offered and accepted for the dinner party and now Rita waited in the kitchen, in her underwear. She heard the doorbell and began to quiver with anticipation.

When Jane arrived with her partner, Ian offered them wine and outlined Rita’s motives and how she would like her daughter and Helen to behave for the evening. A large grin appeared on Helen’s face.

“Wow, what a chance to settle some scores.” Helen smirked.

“I think I am going to enjoy this.” responded Jane.

“That is exactly what you mother wants. She desires to be humiliated sincan escort at your hands. Of course Paul and Julie are to help with the treatment as well.” replied Ian.

“That should be them now.” continued Ian, as they all heard the doorbell

When Ian returned from the door, he was followed by Jane’s brother and his wife. The newcomers greeted the lesbian couple with warmth.

Ian poured wine for Paul and Julie and told them to relax as Rita was putting the final touch to the dinner.

Conversation was solely directed towards what was to happen that evening and the four guests started to fell more comfortable with the whole idea. Paul and Jane overcame any hesitancy which they may have been feeling when they realized their mother actually wanted the humiliation.

Suddenly Rita, flushed in the face, entered the room in her sexy underwear. A silence descended rapidly as her children and their partners just stared at the comely woman.

“Well, that is a sight for sore eyes!” breathed Helen

“I am glad you like it. You will be seeing more over the evening and I hope you will take the opportunity to explore what you see by touch as well. I have behaved disgracefully to both Jane and yourself. My humiliation at your hands might go some way to balancing that.” responded Rita, looking directly into Helen’s eyes.

“I make myself available for you. You can do anything you like to humiliate me. I hope you will. If you think of me as your slave waitress and punish me for the slightest error or even just because you want to, it will make me very happy. The same goes for you, Julie and Paul. Please feel free to do anything you want to me. Don’t be shy.” sighed Rita.

Rita went to get the first course and the two couples and Ian sat at the table. It was obvious that the two men sported erections but all three women were also wet.

Rita had made a seafood starter with a separate sauce. She served Ian first and moved on to Julie. As she was drizzling the sauce over the seafood for Julie she felt her daughter-in-law’s hand stroke up the inside of her left thigh, across the stocking top, over the bare flesh, coming to nestle against the triangle of her damp thong. Rita tensed and spilt some off the sauce on the tablecloth.

“You have made a mess. You deserve a punishment, you dirty cow.” demanded Julie

“What ever is your desire.” smiled Rita.

Julie pushed Rita over the table and delivered two stinging slaps to Rita’s unprotected bum cheeks.

Rita straightened up slowly and moved on to Helen with the imprints of Julie’s hand showing in pink either side of the thong strap. Rita deliberately split sauce on Helen’s skirt. Helen stood up and moved behind Rita.

“That was very naughty, Rita.” Helen breathed into Rita’s ear

Rita still held the sauce boat and spoon but started to tingle as Helen undid Rita’s bra clasp, slid her hands into the bra cups and pinched hard on Rita’s erect nipples. Rita yelped and became even more wet.

When Helen released the nipples, she slid off Rita’s bra and threw it on the sofa.

As Rita arrived sincan escort bayan at Jane, Jane stood and looked straight into Rita’s eyes and said “This is not because of poor service, I just feel like doing it. Put the sauce down and lace your fingers behind your head.” Jane stared into her mother’s eyes as she smacked each of Rita’s tits.

“Thank you, Miss Jane.” whispered Rita. “This is just what I need and want you to do.”

The spanking, fondling and stripping continued throughout the meal. By dessert Rita was totally bare with red marks on her arse and tits. It seemed that all four of the guest never missed a chance to spank the waitress. All six adults in the dinning room, including Rita, were in a high state of excitement. The three women guests were all surprised at how aroused they felt.

At the finish of the meal Rita said, “Why don’t you all go and sit in the lounge. I will tidy up in the kitchen and bring more wine through.”

Both men did not try to hide their excited state as they walked to the lounge.

Jane stroked Helen’s bottom as they made their way and whispered in her lover’s ear,”I am so aroused, maybe we should try spanking as a part of our foreplay.”

“I would really like that. I have become wet imagining you doing to me what you did to your mum.” breathed Helen.

All five of them settled in the lounge. When Rita came in carrying a tray with wine and glasses, Ian and the others were surprised to see Rita had put on her suspenders, stockings and long black opera gloves. Rita’s attire served to emphasize her nudity and ramped up the air of eroticism.

“I have found four scarves if you wanted to use them to immobilize me. I thought you would like it if I couldn’t move to avoid anything you wanted to do to me. I also would respectfully remind you that you don’t seem to have exorcised any of your father’s actions. I particularly remember you being angry when he stopped you using your bikes for a year.” said Rita.

As Ian listened to this, he was firstly surprised but secondly pleased to feel Paul’s hand on his growing bulge. They were sitting next to each other on the sofa. Meanwhile Julie was fondling Paul in the same manner.

Jane stood up and walked over to her mother.

“Put the tray down and give me two of the scarves.” demanded the daughter.

Jane attached the scarves to Rita’s wrists and motioned Helen to tie the other two scarves to Rita’s ankles. Rita was then laid with the piano stool under her tummy. Her wrists were tied to the two sides of the piano and her ankles were tied to the opposite legs of the sofa. This gave the three occupants of the sofa a clear, and unobstructed view of Rita’s very wet pussy.

“If what is about to happen is what I think, I have put a ruler, a wooden spoon and my bedroom slipper on top of the piano for your use.” said Rita.

Jane took the slipper and straddled Rita’s back, facing her father, brother and his wife. Jane noticed that both men’s trousers were undone and their erections were now in the open. Her fathers eyes were half closed as her brother stoked his father’s escort sincan member. Julie was doing the same for her husband.

“This is for the hostility you showed Helen when you first met her, mum.” croaked Jane as she became more aroused and spanked her mother.

Helen had crawled between Rita’s arms and was sitting, holding Rita’s face, gazing into her eyes. As the blows descended on Rita’s bum, Helen leaned forward and French kissed Rita. Rita, enthusiastically, kissed Helen back. Their tongues started caressing and exploring each others mouth.

Whilst Julie’s right hand was engaged with her husbands erection, she used her left hand to stroke, fondle and explore Rita’s exposed cunt.

As the tenth smack of the slipper contacted Rita’s bottom, she shuddered and groaned into Helen’s mouth as she came to a squirting climax.

This action was too erotic for Ian. As Paul continued to stroke him Ian went rigid and the white fluid spurted up and onto his shirt.

In the warmth of the afterglow of the orgasm, Rita was turned over by the other three women and was re-attached with the stool in the small of her back. Her arms and legs were still spread wide. As this was happening Rita whispered to Helen that she had really enjoyed the kiss and that Helen could kiss her again like that anytime she wanted.

Julie now picked up the ruler and started to flick Rita’s erect, left nipple. Jane began to nibble her mother’s right teat. Paul stood and placed the tip of his erection against the lips of Rita’s wet pussy.

“You once called me a mother fucker. Let us not make you a liar.” declared Paul.

With that he forced his prick into his mother and started his first orgasm. As he ploughed in and out he used his finger to rub gently on Rita’s clitoris and with Julie and Jane working over her tits, Rita quaked and came again.

At this point Rita was released. She took a few minutes to recover but when she turned round she saw Jane, Helen and Julie sitting side by side on the sofa. All three of them had removed their skirts and knickers.

“Come over here and service us with your tongue.” demanded Helen.

“Certainly Miss.” replied Rita with a grin on her face, “It will be my pleasure.”

Rita brought all three of the women to shuddering climaxes just using her tongue. By the time she was finished her face was soaked with girly cum.

All six adults now sat back and rested. Jane looked at the clock and decided it was time to go.

“Thank you all. I think you have helped mum’s guilt feelings.” declared Ian.

“I hope you have some anger left though because I was thinking of holding another dinner party next week. With the same ‘menu’ of course. It was been wonderful this evening. I have really enjoyed it.” smirked Rita.

Ian and Rita showed their guests to the door. Rita, body still exposed as she was, took Helen’s face between her hands and French kissed her daughter’s partner. Helen luxuriated in the sensation and raised her hand to feel Rita’s left tit.

Jane laughed,”Do I need to be jealous ,mum?”

“Not if you will let Helen play with me again. You can watch.” smiled Rita.

As Julie left, Rita offered her the chance to practise spanking her.

“I will be round on Monday at 7 o’clock.” replied Julie, with a grin.

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